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Where did Chaldean Numerology come from?

This page offers what little is known about these mysterious people, and the connection between ancient 'rivals' in the world of science and philosophy: Chaldean numerology was complex, multi-leveled and required time and dedication to master (memorize), however, Pythagoras (the commonly referred to 'Father of Numerology' - Greek philosopher, mathematician, and astrologer circa 500 BC), came up with a number system was as easy as 123/ABC - literally.

Count the alphabet on your fingers and toes and you can follow this system, just as the ancient people did. It was presented by Pythagoras after he had studied the Chaldean system and realized that it was far too complicated for the people of the time to master, considering that any esoteric teachings or practises were frowned upon, to put it mildly...but he knew the secrets of language and vibrational energy, and this was the best he could do under the conditions of that time.

He knew that EVERYTHING is energy, and that we had then, and have now, an inherent ability to harness that energy to better understand ourselves, and then others. And to manifest our own reality once we understand the power of vibration - or, words. Speech. So this is really all about you, you who are reading these words so many centuries after he has passed.

All we need is knowledge, for knowledge gives us an 'edge' - or POWER - and your 'edge' lies in being able to ascertain what type of energy you want or choose to project and later, what the energies of others represent and how they affect you.

 I have spent many years using this system with clients and was (and still am) amazed at the accuracy this oracle presents. It is complex in its original form, but one of the main goals I held in mind while writing about this system was to remove that intimidating factor: to make it accessible and easily understood, so that anyone might benefit from this mystical knowledge.

(My book has simplified an otherwise rather complex system - and that is what the people of then and now share: a love of simplicity - for example, to remember the value and meaning of the number 2 and the letters it governs, I came up with the silly phrase: 2 Big Red Kisses...meaning that the 2 rules the letters B, R, and K...and the intimation is one of romance and all that goes with pairings of two, including conflict, compromise and compassion.)

The point here is to highlight the connection between the two systems and to dispense with 'which came first, the chicken or the egg' - there is no need to investigate an unanswerable question. The facts speak for themselves, as you will find upon discovering for yourself which system 'speaks to you'.

 Pythagoras agreed with the general number meanings, from 1 -9, but he did not look at Masters (double numbers, as in 11, 22, 33 and so on), nor were the meanings of the letters, or how energies change when one marries or changes their name for any number of reasons, included.

No wonder it did not work for so many people.

Once one married or changed their name, they could not use the Pythagorean system with any accuracy, since it did not reflect their current energies. That is the key to Chaldean: it measures your CURRENT energy, not the 'proper' name you were assigned upon entry to this Earth plane.

 And it looks much deeper than surface vibes - for instance,  Chaldean looks at common 'nicknames', such as Bobby, or Robby or Rob or Bob (Robert) - or Liz, or Ellie, or Lilly (Elizabeth)...it is, remember, the name you most commonly use and are known by that reflects who you are on a core level at the time of your analysis.

 So whether one system came first and the other later, each was suited to its time and gave the people a chance to study energy: to experience its accuracy and revelations in the form of numbers and letters.

Only now is society as a whole ready for the truths and challenges held in Chaldean Alpha-Numerology. 

A bold statement, perhaps...but what we do know is that we are all entering a time on this Earth that will make history: many things will change and some, dramatically.

So it is the time to know as much as you possibly can about your own energies and strengths and your weaknesses and challenges, and what will bring you satisfaction on a deeply personal level.

When you find your goal, your life will change. Simple as that.

Chaldean is, in and of itself, a CHAL-lenge (is it a coincidence that the first four letters of these words are matching vibrations?) 

Are you up for it?


This is the most straight-forward Alpha-Numerology system in the world - in fact, it is the only one that goes to such deep levels when analyzing the energies present in a name, a word, or a DOB.

There are other ancient systems, from which certain elements were incorporated into this system, like Hebrew mysticism (the chart for Hebrew teachings is the same as the Chaldean chart), Christian philosophy, Eastern/Indian/Asian/Kabbalah symbolism, and Babylonian teachings and beliefs...essentially, Chaldean became the core for the best stems and then went underground until the time was right to reappear...which is now.

And it is a welcome reappearance, indeed.


Have a look below at the original Pythagoras chart - this is the system that has been, until recently, most commonly consulted for Name Analysis.



As you can see, the chart above runs through to number 9 and the alphabet is laid in sequential order under the numbers.

This is the overly simplified system that Pythagoras came up with after studying the more complex Chaldean system...and the phrase above is the one I came to hear over and over again.

Folks just found Chaldean to be more accurate. This was/is no popularity contest, rather, it is a matter of brother against brother and lovers distracted in hot summer nights. The ancient system and its core structure spoke with a deeper and more personal voice - it was a blend of science and spiritualism that, once explored, was impossible to ignore. 

It was once said that to know a person's name was to have power over them. This archaic belief has resurfaced and is now very applicable to all of us: we all know about identity theft. Having said that...would you not take the time to steal a look into what your own name is saying about you?


Here is a little bit about the chart and system most commonly used in numerology analysis (until now, that is!) - it is attributed to Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician (circa 500 BCE pictured here), who ran the alphabetical structure in sequence under a graph that ran from numbers 1 through to 9.


This is a major departure from the original Chaldean method, which was based in sound (numbers) and symbol meanings (letters) and the energies and patterns they produced when combined and reduced to single number energies, with the Main Sub number also holding an important place in the read. What appeared was essentially an energetic 'blueprint' of the energy groupings (words) being studied and could thus be applied to ascertain the vibrations of people, which in turn, offered a unique and revealing divination system.

Pythagorean numerology does not adhere to this system, nor does it consider the individual meanings of each letter important...this despite the fact that many of these 'symbols', as mentioned, can be considered on par with Egyptian hieroglyphics: each one carries it own meaning or meanings - letters began as symbolic of oxen (A - sturdy and hard-working) or birds (freedom) or the Sun (life/prosperity)...and so on, so to ignore this essential element presents yet another major difference between systems.

The Chaldean system does not assign the number 9 to the graph: none of the letters are valued by this number although it can show as a final digit of a name or series of names (first, middle, last, Daily, Total).

Those who carry the 9 as a final number (especially as Social or Daily Names and the Lifepath) carry an unusual burden (assuming they are spiritual or at least open to new ideas), in that they theoretically have experienced the best and the worst of all previous number essences (1 through 8).

They are usually highly talented in art of any kind; music in any form; acting; writing...and are 'sensitive' and intuitive. Many 9 energies will find themselves working in the metaphysical world: healing, energy work, and even psychic fields and are kind, generous, helpful, intelligent, and compassionate but may have issues around (intimate) relationships as one of the more common points of connection form around abuse as children or young teenagers...it can come in any form and from any person.

It is said that this is the price that is paid in order to be genuinely able to relate to and therefore assist those who come to them for hope and healing and happiness.

One cannot truly relate to any horrific experience unless one has experienced the circumstance themselves...but it is a heavy load to carry and some will find themselves depressed and lacking energy or interest in life and ultimately seeking escape in any way available, whether through casual sex, drugs, alcohol...there is so much pain associated with this number that it is understandable that it is revered and not used in the Chart.

(I am not religious, although I have read the Bible and do believe there was a man named Jesus Christ who was a Magus; a Magician - how else could he turn water into wine or feed thousands with a few loafs of bread? Never mind walking on water - his name is a triple 9. When one reflects on the story of his life and the horrors he endured, more light is shed on the enigmatic and entrancing 9).

Number 9 is also the only number (that I know of) that can be multiplied by any other number and always reduces back down to its core number: 9. (Meaning 3x9=27/9 or 7x9=72/9 or 101x9=909/18/9). Suffice it to say that this is one special number.

However, Pythagorean numerology holds no special regard about this number: it is included in the chart and is assigned to the letters I and R.

Pythagorean numerology is about simplicity (as is my own modern look at Chaldean Numerology, but in an entirely different way) - the people of Rome were hungry for a new oracle that they could use from memory (in fact, Pythagoras did not allow transciptions of his teachings due to the Roman Catholic Church and its power of life and death when such things arose - anyone caught with 'occult' (from the Latin: 'that which needs to be investigated in order to be understood' - or simply 'hidden' will do) writings could literally lose their head under the heading (sorry, had to) of 'treason' against the Church.

So one needed to have a computer-like brain to retain all of this knowledge - literally - his students never carried books: all was retained in the brain - except for the many private/secret treatises that he wrote, which became a library of spiritual/astrological/mathematic/etc., which mysteriously burned at one point...a library is what he gave them.

A simple system that was based on numbers was fairly easy to remember - one merely counted through the alphabet in their mind and thus derived the 'number' of their names and birthdates. But it was a simplistic system indeed, for it did not investigate the link between the original alpha structure and the letter meanings...

Pythagoras was a fascinating man and brilliant mind who studied astrology and various other subjects...but here, it feels like he just wrote out the numbers and starting with A, simply followed through with B under 2 and C under 3 and D under 4 and so on: in other words, he sequentialized the letters under the numbers. Easy.

And my final observation about this system is that after this brilliant man studied the Chaldean chart, he knew that it was indeed special - and that it was well ahead of its time, so he formulated his own version of numbers: to sum it up, the Chaldean system existed before Pythagoras created his system.

But I also believe he had something to do with protecting this treasure until it could be actively and openly appreciated and used.


While the absolute origin of our current alphabet is lost in time, it is a commonly accepted theory that the birthplace of numerology lies in Sumeria, which is also often recognized as the 'cradle of civilization'.

Closely tied to this time and area are Babylon and Chaldea - hence the name Chaldean numerology. The ancient Chaldeans were mysterious even their original 'birthplaces' were unknown - although they are believed to have lived among the lush lands around the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

They came from 'nowhere' to overthrow and claim the Babylonian throne, where they stayed for 75 years (Nebuchadnezzer was one of their better-known Kings), but the spiritual beliefs and practices of the people remained as it had always been: they yearned to rise above the 'dull state of man' via spiritualism and spending time in helping others while the remains of the day where spent meditating, divining, sharing...) and their days and nights were tightly woven to the fabric of their lives. The Sun and the Moon were worshipped daily (and their symbol for this was the Moon snuggled into the Sun so they were seen as one).

The Chaldeans were known to have been immensely interested in astrology, mathematics, intuitive and spiritual guidance, oracles and predictions, the meanings of symbols and omens. They are generally credited with the creation of one of the first numerology systems and the original Alpha-Numerology system.

There is not very much in terms of written records of these people and once their time on the throne was done, they disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared. One wonders if the ancients were dispatched to the Cradle to deposit their knowledge? After all, where did their detailed and specific mathematical, astronomical, divinational, and many other 'ahead of their time' kinds of esoteric and functional abilities come from?

For example, in addition to the meanings of numbers, Chaldean numerology also focuses on the actual meanings of the letters or symbols which make up our alphabet - and what those symbols originally referred to: like hieroglyphics, each letter stood for a particular object, action or event: ambitions, physical traits/characteristics fell under the domain of letters while each number represented a particular kind of emotional energy (what really goes on under the surface - usually emotionally).

Long story short: we all carry those energies in our names, we embody and project those meanings and vibrations (whether we know it or not) and naturally attract those who either 'match' our own vibrations or those who 'challenge' our vibrations: have you ever said 'I just get a good vibe from him/her' or 'I don't like his/her vibe'?

That's because your energies were either in sync or contradictory, but you definitely 'picked up' this person's energy. Others also 'pick up' your energies which is where knowing your Chaldean numbers is the most valueable: practical vibrations ensure compatibility, lead to practical choices - but it is also spiritual in nature and also practical.  

Chaldean analysis does present (and reveal) the individual challenges we are here to face and hopefully, conquer, so that our time here is more fruitful and enjoyable and that we can 'move on' to higher things when we pass through the next incarnation door.

Chaldean numerology is the original and most accurate method by which you can find out what the letters in your name mean and what vibrational ENERGIES you are putting out there. How you affect others, to put it another way. And we all know how important that 'first impression' is, right?

The total number energy of any name reads almost like a description of a zodiac sign - in that a number 1 energy will have plenty in common with another number 1 energy - but their names and the letters therein form the individual. They set each of us apart and assign specific details to our personalities.

Names are not 'set in stone' and do tend to change for one reason or another over time...and this is yet another major difference in the accuracy of a name analysis: Pythagorean only looks at the birth name and nothing else: but we do not stay the same - many of us change our names through marriage or choice and/or are known by nick names rather than the name on our birth certificate...so this is an inflexible part of that system...whereas Chaldean only looks at the name you are currently using (which makes sense if you think about it: you vibrate to the energy you are currently 'connected to'). So if your name is 'Christian', but you are commonly known as 'Chris', then Chris is the name you will use for analysis.

Another huge difference between the two systems is how the Lifepath is calculated.

Pythagorean looks at the day, month and year total while Chaldean is more closely tied to the Earth and not to man-made 'years' (the only time the year is used is to calculate your Current Energy Phase).

Chaldean looks at the seasons: the natural energy shifts of our planet...so someone born in August, for example, will likely be someone who enjoys the heat of summer while someone born in March will not like the heat and will often prefer the cooler temperatures (absolutely true for me - I was born in March and despise heat and avoid the Sun [sounds strange? lol] and thrive in the cool rain). This most elemental of calculations is often cited as providing a more accurate Lifepath description than the other. 

The intent of Chaldean numerology is one of spiritual inspiration using sounds and symbols, however, it is not without its mysteries as well, which are undoubtedly the results of years of additions, changes and amalgamations. (The lower case alphabet was not even 'invented' until many years later to make business communications easier to write.)

The letters C and K, for example, are valued at 3 and 2, respectively, but both can be used for the 'hard' K sound...and the N can include a 'silent' K...there are some aspects of this system that cannot be explained: they just are...and since everything in this Universe has a reason, I expect there are a few that will remain mysteries...but after dealing with said mysteries, even silent letters have their place and explain themselves once read by the Chaldean system.

However, Chaldean numerology has, for thousands of years, retained much of its original essence and core rules. It is straight-forward, logical, factual, revealing, honest, informative -- and mystical, spiritual, inspiring and challenging.

As such, it has a voice of its own -- the things I have 'read' during sessions have provoked everything from tears to laughter -- essentially, Chaldean numerology is an oracle...it tells you what you need to know in order to improve your life.

Chaldean numerology allows you to see beyond the top layer of 'who' you think you are to the truth residing just below the surface. There you will find your 'hidden' talents, strengths and weaknesses.

You will understand the answer to 'Why am I here?' and come to understand what your Universal aim or goal is...what it is you are here to learn/be/do or become. In other words, Chaldean numerology analysis will tell you about you and your life and even your past. Cycles and phases you are currently in will expand on what you need to know/do NOW - like 'striking' when the iron's hot.

One might say that we are born with a hard drive that is programmed over time, particularly before age 7...sometimes, the 'programming' is helpful and little corrective work needs to be done, but more often, it is like we need to download all the programs from the past and re-program our hard drive with how WE want and need to see ourselves and our lives.

Chaldean is designed to assist you with this revelation and in the transition from living a life someone else taught you or expected from you to the one you know it the right one for you - and this is usually connected to something you have always truly wanted to try or do -Universe has your back if you choose to follow your dream.

No one said it would be easy (it took almost half a century for my book to evolve and grow into the lovely reality it is today - in Polish, French and English).

So nothing is impossible if you need it badly enough and want it just as much. (If want and need can be assigned to the same person, place or thing, you might just be in love - with the wrong person :0)

There are obviously many more aspects to this analysis...one of which is the ability to 'see' the number energies or vibrations of locations, people, things...for example, let's say you are thinking about buying a house and it is down to two different ones.

Do the numbers.

What is the 'energy' surrounding the houses you are thinking of buying?

An example: let's say that you are ruled by the loving, domestic and peace-loving 6 and are considering moving into an 8 ruled house. Since the 8 is primarily known as being attached to control, authority, power, ambition, logic, and material focus and gain, do you feel this would be a good match for you?

This rule applies to everything you do in your life -- does your mate match or compliment your numbers? Is your job a match for you or does it hold contradictory messages? Do you see and hear the options? Are you following the guidelines set out in your Lifepath? Do you feel like something is wrong or missing in your life, aside from the usual worries over daily issues...something deeper, something you have always wanted to try but never have?

Do you have Master Numbers in your name? Do you use those elevated energies? Here is where you will discover the magick and mystery of both the alphabet and the number scale - they are not just something you learn in school and use when calculating taxes and such...they come in all manner of forms and meanings and all you need to do to come to the truth of who you really are and what you are really here to do or learn or even to warn you of certain propensities you may carry.

Knowledge is power.


Or perhaps you (like almost everyone else), have noticed at one time or another that certain numbers keep reappearing...like seeing 11:11 (or triple numbers) once or twice a day, for example.

Knowing what the numbers mean will allow you to figure out what these messages concern, energy wise (and are easy to learn - 1 through 9 are the basics)...and even allow cosmic 'messages' to reach you. Whatever you do, don't brush these things off as coincidences, for there are no coincidences - there is only synchronicity. Those numbers are trying to tell you something.

Numbers are the central nervous system of us and our Universe and you are part of it...so here is an opportunity to learn more about your own level of energies and how to work with them or allow them to work for you.

Chaldean numerology is the Grand Daddy of all number systems and is currently experiencing a rebirth of sorts: it is, after all, the rightful leader in the metaphysical science of Alpha-Numerology Name and Lifepath analysis.

While you will certainly have a good idea of what your essences are after counting your numbers, the best way to tie it together to create the fabric of who you are and where you are headed is to either have a name analysis done, either by myself or by someone who specializes in CHALDEAN numerology.

(Do check out the system used by numerologists before ordering a report as many still use the Pythagorean system. I have also been fortunate enough to have seen examples of some such reports and they are seriously lacking in the explanation department, so be sure to find out which points are covered and to what degree - other readers will use both systems, which to my way of thinking is like trying to blend oil and water). 


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A mysterious book that included information on the long-lost oracle from Mesapotamia known as Chaldean Numerology came to me almost 25 years ago and I was immediately hooked. The message therein spoke directly to me (or so I believed then and now) and went something like this: "if you think you have found this book, you are mistaken: this book has found you. If you study and absorb this ancient knowledge, you are then obliged to share this knowledge with mankind".

Quite intimidating at the time, to be sure...but twenty-five years later, I have kept my end of the bargain and have transcribed all of the knowledge gained during those years of using the system...which has become my own book in which I have simplified the sometimes difficult system to the point that anyone can 'read' their names and numbers I studied and absorbed and learned...and hundreds of readings later, I can say without equivocation that this is the most accurate, inspiring, amazing, spiritual, and fascinating method of Alpha-Numerology I have ever seen. Not only do my clients agree, they often marvel at how long this method has been 'lost': well over two thousand years. Minimum.

The reason for this temporary 'loss' is quite simple, really: the system itself was too hard to learn, never mind memorize (writing was not as common back then for obvious reasons) and while (paradoxically) acknowledged as being the superior system, Chaldean faded into near-oblivion and the much simpler A through Z system Pythagoras created took over.

However, due to pioneers like Leeya Brooke Thompson and a handful of others, myself mystifyingly included, the original system; in all its guises and depths, is still alive. And growing stronger with every reader and with every chart ever created and translated.

Its original form was based on connecting symbols to sound and further, how certain sound-energies created positive or negative reactions in people, which was often subconscious. Energies rule our world, so your name is the most important title that describes you and your journey through life and what your 'goal' is during this incarnation.

Curiosity around this system has grown and continues to as its accuracy is re-established...and it also offers mystical/spiritual messages which inadvertently flow from me to my client during the process. This 'conduit' kind of feeling has happened before: when I was writing my book. Almost as though 'someone' was there with me, assisting my work.

I believe Universe is trying to send humanity a message...consider that Chaldean is all about individual personal growth, guidance, goodness and the soul.

It is about laying out a picture of who we really are and accepting what we see as we are exactly as intended. And developing caring and ultimately love for your own 'self' and then, for others.

Just imagine what the world would feel like if everyone shared this outlook.

I do feel the synchronicity here in that this knowledge is coming to our overly-civilized society right when it is most needed...and the irony here seems to be that it originates from what is often referred to as 'the cradle of civilization'. That one makes me smile. Talk about coming full circle, right?

I have learned so much in the twenty-odd years of working with this sacred knowledge and am just plain honoured to have been gifted with it in the first place. To see it grow through the response of the reads I have done warms my heart, it truly does. The Chaldean oracle speaks for itself: I just transcribe and document it.  

Though my main love is Chaldean Numerology and I regularly update and expand content of this nature, I still thoroughly enjoy working with the Tarot (and pendulums, candles, the Law of Attraction or positive thinking! and anything else that falls into the category of spiritual metaphysics), so I have also included other forms of energy and how they manifest or how to use them or work with them.

The Tarot and Chaldean Numerology are each magickal 'tools' which divine different levels and elements of our lives. They reflect the magickal flow and forms energies can take in terms of providing answers to our questions - of which most of us have many.

If you are interested in a Chaldean or Tarot Report, please visit the page for more information. If not, please just enjoy the site and check out the menu links for more topics covered here in the Reading Room.

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Namaste...and Cosmic Hugs from Heather.

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