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Every day is usually stressful on some level, even to those who strive to live a spiritual life...so we all need to mellow and enjoy life at least once a day. On that note, please enjoy lovely Carol Cox and mellow out with a few things that tickle my funny bone. For more fun and informative info etc, please check out my Never-ending Newsletters...there are cached pages and current, so check them both!

Here is a tribute to my lovely friend and client, Carol Cox, a talented singer/ songwriter who recently won

**The Best of B.C. Artist Award (2011)**

 for her song 'Wasted' (see below).

This is a woman who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside as her main focus is a spiritual one and her songs, meant to stir our souls to reach beyond our individual and collective potentials.

Following is an excerpt from an interview she did with Lliam Easterbrook of 'The Runner' on Sept. 27/11: 

 ''..I want to reach every single soul around the world with my music. Not everyone necessarily has to like it—we all have our tastes—that’s what makes us so different and so human—but [my music] does have messages. It’s not just pop that’s talking about “bling-bling” and materialism. It’s about creating unity and community worldwide. My other vision is to start the charities and amnesties and foundations that I know I was born to, and help my brothers and sisters who might not necessarily be able to help themselves."      ~ Carol Cox

used with Carol's kind permission


I have a few things that really tickle my funny bone, and one of them is signs that don't quite come across the way they were intended...but in the following cases, I can't even figure out the original intent...consider the following...and then make sure you follow instructions. Carefully.

This one leaves me scratching my head. But am I allowed to do that? Is scratching my head forbidden? What if I want to disobey this sign - will I get in trouble? And how do I disobey, exactly?

Are the Sign Police going to come and arrest me? (You know - like the Library Police? They come after you if you have overdue library books.)

I wonder what I would be charged with? Dis-obedience?

Okay. So like the OBEY THIS SIGN sign, is this what they do with them when they are...umm...not being used?

How would the Sign Police know where to put them? Do they have special areas for signs like this? Why is this sign? I mean, what is its purpose? Why does it exist?

Oh, do guys in jail still make signs, do you think? Perhaps this one slipped past Quality Control? (Actually, I think they just make license plates, but I could be wrong.) I mean, why do you need a sign if you don't need one? You see what I'm saying? 



Since I like to obey, generally speaking, I have kept this one to the...right? No, this is to the left, right?

Do you think there are many fender-benders at the locale of this sign? What if there is a deep ditch in the direction this sign is pointing?  

Does this remind anyone of anyone? (George W. Bush once remarked that the 'left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing' [while emphasizing his points with the wrong hands]...do you think he had a hand in making this sign?)

And yes, there are a few more...I can't resist a good sign, like I said:

(So I'm guessing the Sign Police were out on patrol when this happened?)

Maybe they were all out ticketing people who were turning left when they should have been turning right and therefore had disobeyed the sign? The one pointing left, I mean? And the other one, come to think on it?


Now this one is not only a scary sign, it is also a bit over the top, don't you think?  I mean, if you touch it, you fry like an egg - so to add insult to injury (well, death, actually), they have the b***s to send you a BILL?? Wassup wid dat? You'd have to be dumber than a box of nails to even go near that thing!  


Oh, wait -- THIS is where all the Sign Police were when their toilet was stolen!

Friendly little town, eh? (I'm Canadian: we're supposed to say 'eh').

The fine print put the last laugh on this one: 'And will be reported to the authorities'...how funny is  that? I don't think this one really needs any commentary...you?

I wonder if a person gets a ticket from the Sign Police once you've been reported? For noticing the Notice, I mean?

Right. Enough of that. But just one more...it is not really a sign, more an advert, but I had to sneak it in somewhere. The following is courtesy http://www.http//thehottestgadgets.com/2009/01/19-weird-and-wacky-gadgets-001985 and is described on their site this way: Read your news while you’re in the restroom, and then put your news to good use when you’re done.

What has the world come to when you can READ your TP before using it? Is this 'throw away' news? (Not a bad idea, actually.) Or is it a commentary on the quality of news these days? Considering what you use it for? Supposedly?

And 'unlimited feed subscriptions'? What does that mean? Your TP never runs out? Or you can stay in there for hours? Or both? Puts a whole new spin on reading the morning paper, doesn't it? (Wonder if they print the classifieds, too?)

What does 'random mode' mean, anyway? Is that like the news on your toilet paper jumps from one subject to another? Like from world news to the funnies? (That's what us old farts - oops - used to call the comics.)

And see the fine print at the bottom? It says a 'biometric user ID' is 'included in the deluxe package'. Does that mean that the Sign Police (or even a higher branch known as the Federal Bum Investigators, or the F.B.I.) knows who's, ummm, in the biffy, what they read, what they think of the c**p they read and how long it takes them to do all of that? On average?

Okay, I'm done. I'll stop now. But I mean, really. Is nothing sacred anymore? I wonder if it comes in different colors...? I like pale green, myself...

Ahh...one more that I think we can all relate to - myself, I am not walking a lot more: living on the top of a mountain kind of puts the kibosh on that one. Walking is out of the question. I'd never make it back up again. Not on one leg, anyway. *grin*

And finally, this is one I took myself. Here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we really care about our toads. As you can see...but seriously, my mountain (yup, they named it after me) is pleased to host these critters as they migrate across the road: thousands of these critters take the same migration route every spring and they DO need help or they'd be flat as pancakes and then we'd have no...toadstools? Real traffic-stoppers, these guys. Heaven help you if you live down this road, 'cause this is the only one in and out. There IS no 'alternate route'! And thousands and thousands of them -- it's like waiting at the border, for Pete's sake!

Update: this year (2012), for some reason (like so many other weird changes in migrations lately - gee, I wonder why?), our precious toads decided to take another route. Dang. I was going to take an actual pic of the toads but they never came. Hopefully next year.

Okay, now I am really confused (and it doesn't take much)...how does one tell the difference between garbage and trash? Is there a rulebook? Like, do I put the garbage in the trash or my trash into the garbage? If anyone knows the truth behind this secret, please let me know...I don't want to disobey the sign.

NOW THIS ONE IS REALLY DISTURBING...and I have no suggestions. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All true. My MEMORY is going, going, going....what was I saying? Oh yeah, the memory thing. RAM took me years to understand and truth be told, I am still trying to figure out how much I have left.

I also went through hundreds of APPLICATIONS (and worked in places like 'Sweet 16' and 'Bus Stop' -- anyone else remember those stores? I am young yet - at least in terms of dinosaurs - but I no longer have to fill those out, thank goodness), and I was only allowed to watch the Partridge Family and Star Trek PROGRAMS on the television (luckily, we had graduated to a colour TV - quite the trip after the black and white we had for years) once in a blue moon. So this last August, had it happened in my youth, would have been one of those times. (August 2012 featured two full moons.)

(For those of you who don't know, the term 'Blue Moon' came about after an ancient volcanic eruption which left dust particles in the air and caused the moon to appear 'blue' - something that didn't happen all that often - hence, 'blue moon'. This was cemented when the term became linked to the relatively rare instances when one month featured two full moons. This can only happen if a full moon appears at the very beginning of the month, and again at the very end.)

And Lord help you if you disobeyed the NO CURSING rule in our house. You'd be sent downstairs where the biggest spider WEBS and their builders hung out - they were the biggest spiders in the WORLD - those things were the size of tarantulas, trust me. (Funny, I always used to say - and still do - that a WEB of that size, one that spans the entire globe must have one HELL of a big spider hiding somewhere...and when it makes its appearance, woah....RUN!)

(But I am still a spider-rescuer: here is a great method for those of you who care lol - find yourself a rather large plastic cup/container that you can see through and a flat piece of firm paper [cardboard or thin magazines will do].

Guide your spider onto a wall or flat surface, place the cup overtop of said creepy-crawler and slide the paper underneath, making sure not to catch a hairy leg under the paper or lid of the container. Then slide your hand underneath the paper, holding it firmly against the top of the cup and carry it outside. Do NOT dump down toilets...very bad karma: spiders are actually one of the most creative creatures God/Universe ever made. Just watch one build a web: it is fascinating watching them weave their silken homes/garden...I actually don't mind these hair-raising babes [as long as they don't  climb into bed with me], and treat them with the respect they deserve.)

At least this WEB has interesting corners to investigate. And some not-so-interesting. Hope my corner isn't one of them. I try.

But the worst part was the KEYBOARD: my mother insisted I play on one of these ancient contraptions and I tried - but I hated every second of it. HATED HATED HATED KEYBOARDS. Oh, did I forget to mention that she was also my teacher?

Well, all I can say is let's not get into...MOTHERBOARDS! I could write a book on that one...hey. There's an idea - from non-fiction to...non fiction. Well, I would take artistic license, so I could call it pseudo-fiction. Or 'sort of' non-fiction, but not really. You see my dilemma?  

And I have the flu right now...a VIRUS, you know? The old-fashioned kind. That prevents you from thinking straight or accomplishing anything of note - hence this little tribute to the humorous corner of the web.

Now, I think of CDs as Compact Discs, not something to do with banks. I don't really care for banks...but that's another story for another time. Still, it means something different to me, so it fits.

Somehow the HARD DRIVE wants to link with the 3 1/2 INCH FLOPPY...what's up with that? I shall leave that one to your imagination. Although a 3.5 floppy...well. Must live somewhere really small...like a MOUSE PAD.

Here's a bit of fun -- you can figure out the energies that surround you at any given time by doing the following bit of mathematics (just kidding -- you just need to add a few numbers). It is otherwise known as calculating your Personal Month Energies:


Ever wonder what type of energies surround you this month? It is a very simple process that involves your month and day of birth and the current year, in this case, 2012.

Let's say your birthday is January 17 and it is March, 2012. To find your Personal Month, start with your day of birth, then your month, then the current month and finally, the current year.

So your numbers would look like this (Day of birth = 1 + 7, month of birth = 1, current month in this example is March = 3, and current year 2012 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = final number and reduce until single, unless you come up with a Master Number like 11, 22, 33...those remain as is...see the number page for the meanings of the number you come up with:)

1 + 7 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

Your Personal month is 8, which is a number of control, balance, power and success. (You can read more about the meanings of numbers on that page and glean more insights into any number energies.)





Have you ever seen the laundry commercial about the old lady who lives in a shoe with 387.9 kids? Did you wonder if that shoe-boot was real? Well, the long and the short of it is right here.  













No more NASA, but what about this puppy? Looks like lift off could happen at any time...or the legs could go out from under it and test the metal of these cars...? A very odd garage, to say the least. (See the tent in the background? What's up with that? Is this where they leave the aliens? Or us? Who knows, maybe WE are the aliens. Hmmm.)

What this is supposted to be, I haven't a clue. Reminds me of a weird pinecone wearing sunglasses for some reason...? And it is on Erie Ave (Cincinatti)

And finally, a welcoming house...and I mean no disrespect to the others...it's just that this one seems to want to embrace its visitors - and then stick its tongue out...can you see it? Who knew houses could have so much character? 


So take that extra moment to pay heed to your words, whether they are formed in your mind, spoken out loud or repeated daily, for those energies will bounce back to you as surely as shouts echo back from a cave...and remember: 

 Namaste...more later!

Rest in Peace, my beloved Jazzie (1997-2011) MLU


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