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A little bit about my policies and Code of Ethics.


Until very recently, being known as a psychic, tarot reader, astrologist, palm, tea leaf reader, or numerologist did not sit well with the general public and was not considered a valid profession. In fact, there are still some areas in the world where such practises are viewed in a very negative light and indeed, are still illegal.

However, there is also a movement afoot...while technology and progress is, for the most part, a wonderful thing, it is not filling the need people have for a certain type of knowledge: a deeper understanding of themselves and the reality in which we live...and they are searching. As a result, visits to lightworkers (who divine using a variety of methods) are increasing and it is up to us, as a whole, to regulate ourselves in a field that has no regulations.

Unfortunately, when such a wide-spread influence (similar to the internet) is not controlled, unscrupulous energies will try to take advantage of the innocent or the uninformed and thereby paint all workers in the field with the same black brush.

In the spirit of clarity, I have laid out my policies and Code of Ethics as I have formulated them over the years.


The privacy and confidentiality of my clients is paramount. While I do require certain information from clients in order to complete a reading, under no circumstances will this information, or the content of any session, ever be released, sold or shared with anyone at any time under any circumstances.

The integrity of my readings and sessions with my clients is also extremely important.  I will pass on messages as I perceive them to be presented to me and will not deliberately misread or mislead. I do not 'scare' my clients or engage in fear mongering or 'spell casting or removal.'

I am here to confirm my client's intuition; to hold the flashlight in the darkness; to act as the guide through the maze. I am not here to judge. I am here to serve as the connector between my client's energy (or higher power) and the messages seeking delivery.

My main intent is to enlighten, empower and encourage my clients. Even through trying times, there is always good to be found. There is always a choice. There is always hope. My goal is to point out the choice, validate the hope and lift up the spirit...and to instill an understanding of calm acceptance.

Sometimes there is work to be done by my clients. I do not shrink from the delivery of such messages as they are positive inspiration sent by Spirit.

It is always understood that my clients have free will and can choose for him/her self...I do not make decisions for my clients.

In the event that professional medical or therapeutic assistance is obviously required, I am obliged to suggest this when appropriate. I am not a psychologist, nor a therapist and my services are not a substitute for professional treatment. 


While this website is obviously intended for anyone to use and enjoy, I do not accept online orders for anyone under the age of 18, as previously stated on the order page. Since I am unable to confirm the age of anyone placing an order, the honor system applies here!

Any order placed online will be responded to within 24-48 hours, but in the event of a computer meltdown or some other unanticipated event, orders may be effected, but will be delivered. If there is a technical glitch, I will try to post a message to that effect, but rest assured, your reading will arrive, even if it is a little late. If this should happen, I ask for your patience and understanding. And your faith!

It should be understood that the messages received through Tarot readings are not intended as directives or absolutes. Change is ever-present, as is free will. I am simply the conduit for the messages that come through to be presented to the client. What the client chooses to do with the information is their choice and their responsibility.

It should also be understood that the messages received through Numerology Name readings are commentaries on the energies present in a series of letters and while current phases and propensities are presented, these are not intended as forecasts and again, what the client chooses to do with the information provided is their choice and their responsibility.


The level of my customer's satisfaction is all important to me. I truly give my all to every client.  Chaldean reports are as work-intensive as email reads and require energy and commitment on my end...that said, I do not issue refunds on email Tarot or Chaldean readings or reports.

Emailed readings are stored for short periods as proof of delivery, then are erased.

If you have any concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Heather Lagan


And remember...everything is exactly as it should be...relax!