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Dec. 21, 2012 has come and gone - but that was just an indicator that the 'Gate' is opening and we are moving into the Age of Aquarius...many changes will affect all of us - and Mother Earth might just shake her crust a bit to remind us of who's Boss. Or send wild winds and baking sunrays or floods - it is the Shift...and it will take time for the Gate to fully open...so things may become...interesting from here on in, both personally and for Mother Earth...keep the faith and you will do fine.


December 1, 2013

This is the end of one way of living and the beginning of another, more open and advanced way of living.

However, before the full transition can be made, the Gate must fully open, which has yet to happen.

The focus last year at this time was on the Mayan calendar and its supposed 'end' date, but a few things were not disclosed...

What was not explained or understood is that the Gate to Aquarius began to move into alignment back in the 90's - this is a slow process that can take years to fully transit: the approximate mid-point was Dec. 21/12, and while many thought this to be the end times Day - it IS an 'end times' - but not in the way we might have expected - time does not exist in Universe, at least, not the same kind of way. So that day passed like so many before it...but it was significant.

Cosmic events are still as unpredictable as always - recently demonstrated when a completely unexpected comet slammed into Russia. This does give one pause (what if it had been bigger?), especially when considering the most recent development in the form of a large comet named ISON which was discovered to be entering an orbit around the Sun...supposedly ISON was NOT expected; but it was announced that it would burn up in the heat of the Sun.

What they did not expect was that it would not burn up - not much would be able to withstand the fiery appetite of the Sun.

So ISON lived - which by rights, it shouldn't have been able to do. But it did - or something did - and it began to re-assemble and established its own gravitational pull and is now slowly regaining the mass it lost to the Sun. 

 (Imaged is ISON'S path as it headed into an orbit around the Sun - and it's potential slingshot path back toward Earth...but no one can accurately project what it will do, since it was not even supposed to come back out).

The fact that none of the thousands of amateur and professional astrologers the world over had found neither comet prior to their sudden appearance tells us how vulnerable we are to the cosmos...and that we have lived with a false sense of security, at least as far as objects falling from the sky goes.

But here on Earth, I can easily (along with millions of others) see an overall 'ramping up' of fundamental issues and frustrations: from losing jobs, homes, families: - the financial break down, racism that we thought was gone, greed, survivalist games, all play into the energy phase Earth is in and that is something that will not just 'go away': people the world over are too deeply invested in living their 'normal lives' to reliquish them without a fight...which will lead to more confrontations and then...to a FEMA camp?

We will continue to see a rise in the dissatisfaction of society in general - and not just in one country, as this phase began in Egypt and spread from there, leaving mass murders and laws behind - it seems to have a domino affect. And tangled communications between power countries is not helping.

There are stages that will occur more often and become much more dangerous - like the extreme weather patterns  (HAARP?) and noticeable changes to the power of storms and natural disasters (as well as the ones we make ourselves, through playing with deadly nuclear weapons/reactors and facilities and careless or accidental oil or poisonous ocean spills, etc.) and the rise in Earth's activities, especially around the Ring of Fire.

And let's not forget the mass of nuclear wasteland that is heading for the west coast of Canada and the States - and has already poisoned thousands of mammals and is in the air and thus in the rain that falls onto our heads - all over the world. And that Fukishima has not yet reached critical mass - but it will. There is simply no way to 'fix' it.

So this is all part of the 'waiting game'...and understanding that a change of such magnitude (loving the self and others as represented by the 'Golden Age') must take time and must have foundational reason for changing the way people think and feel now, at this level of our development.

One need only look at the various periods in our history (like the Renaissance) to see that advancements took time to develop, they did not happen over night. Same in this case.

Today, however, we can look at the last 25 years, and be amazed at the progress made in basic ways but most importantly, in the world of technology - it's almost like Babylon - where the first 'civilization' came up with things they couldn't have at that time, like knowledge of the stars and the mathematical essence of astrology and astronomy, the rules of law and how to apply them, how to plot, clear, plant and harvest...one must wonder where such advanced knowledge came from - it is generally agreed that the folks who made up this first group of nomads who decided to pull together and live as a 'society' rather than endlessly wandering were not well educated, that was just a fact.

So where did this advanced knowledge come from? We know the Chaldean numerology system is credited to Chaldean people (who were of this area but were also surrounded by mystery at the time - no one really knew their historical background, nor where they went after leaving the throne), but how did they figure out that sound carries frequencies that can be measured and even divined to look into the heart of the self or another?

One might wonder the same thing about our own astounding developments and advances over the last two decades, from cell phones to tablets, computers, lifelike games that you can 'holograph' yourself into...cloning, chipping (don't ever allow anyone to 'chip' you for you are then 'plugged into the matrix' and ANY program can be uploaded into your chip), which may sound crazy, but do some research at the link just below and you will find something that might shock you:(http://www.ehow.com/about_5435995_microchip-implants-humans.html) - they are already 'chipping' young children in the name of safety, so the parents never have to worry about where their kids are (which then clears the way for 'chipping' to become as normal as the smack on the bum for newborns for the next generation).

Society is becoming more segregated - a group of kids will sit together, but none talk to one another: they communicate via their cells.

Socializing is a thing of the past - social media has taken over. So the human element is once again removed and distanced...we exist more and more in a computerized world, and quite frankly, that scares me. We cannot learn the lessons as a civilization if we separate from one another even more than we already have.

And the sad part is that humanity will have to go through a 'cleansing' before the 'Golden Age' can begin. This will essentially boil down to a battle between good and evil.

So while the Gate is opening, it will take time until it is completely finished and that means that there is more ahead for mankind - this will be necessary before we will truly grow into the spirits we are and this will take as long as it takes...but there are still a lot of interesting information about this alignment and what this shift into the Age of Aquarius will bring.


So the world as we know it is still here. Thankfully. The only major difference is that we have passed 2012 and are moving quickly through 2013.

There were all kinds of preparations being made - everything from building underground bunkers to investigating where the best place on the Earth would be in the even of a massive event...folks were very concerned about the possibility of a planetary flip, coronal mass ejections (which we are experienced as projected; the closest near miss occurred in the the last week of July, 2013), and alien landings - you name it.

But this Universe is billions of years old and time is not measured the same way, as mentioned, 'out there' as it is 'down here'...so galactic movements can and do take years to complete.

This is the case here, so if you hold the faith that Universe knows what it is doing and that we, like all other species on Earth, are still evolving, then we will allow the change to pass more smoothly: one might say resistance is futile. ;-)

We only use a small portions of our brains - perhaps we will begin using more of our gray matter as our DNA ramps up to equal the 5th dimension. (Does anyone remember the song from the 70's, which spoke of the Age of Aquarius? 'Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding....no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions...'and I forget the rest, but you get the point, right?)

The energy 'shift' is what most people were hoping, I think, to promote an 'awakening' that would affect mass consciousness and kick start a more spiritual way of living and looking at life, but without dramatic and destructive earthquakes and such.

The Age of Aquarius is marked by balance, but more importantly, the sign itself refers to a man pouring fresh water over the Earth - this means the World and her inhabitants will be awash in new and fresh understandings and knowledge. (One can see the figure of a 'stick' man who holds a container, from which he pours waters over the Earth).

The Age of Aquarius opens the heart and leads to the next 2,100 year phase, which is known as the 'Golden' age...so if we can deal with the hurdles presented NOW, the potential for mankind is nothing like we have ever known...serenity, peace, love, spiritual awakening, sharing and caring like one large family...this is what we have all been waiting for and the irony is that we get to choose what kind of water is poured...dirty or clean.

Below is a descriptive of the galactic alignment we are moving into and some of the facts and legends around this Gate opening...now is the time and that is why the next few years are so important, for they will suggest which way the pendulum will swing.

Love and blessings to you all...Happy 2013!  And 2014! Namaste, HL




Over twenty years ago, I experienced a series of 'flash messages', for lack of a more descriptive term - that simply became part of my reality.

These messages took a variety of forms but seemed to join together to produce an undeniable conviction: a 'feeling' that something in our world was going to shift, change, alter, and in the not-too-distant future (but which felt like a million years at the time), that would mark the beginning of a new way of living and existing on a spiritual and material level.At that time, however, this concept was not widely acknowledged, much less openly talked about.

Whenever I spoke about this phenomenon, (and granted, with a certain amount of veracity, I mean, this was real to me, you know?), I was the given the 'rolling eye' tilt of the head (the 'fish eye' or 'hairy eyeball' lol) to indicate I was slightly 'touched' more often than I care to remember - people thought I was off my rocker and had little or no hope of ever finding it again.

The form this conviction took was that something intangible: something I could not quite put my finger on was due to shake us up as a whole, but it was never something I could adequately express. It was just a 'knowing' - something I could not explain but that was absolutely real to me. 

Maybe it was the mark of something wonderful for mankind, maybe it was the mark of something dreadful for mankind, or a blend of the two...it is a sad fact that we as a race do not learn to change or progress in positive ways unless there is a noticeable trauma or destructive event that forces us to sit up and take notice. We might just need that kind of wake up call, or perhaps Universe will be gentle with us and allow improvement to occur naturally.

Along the way, I was fortunate enough to come across a few people who knew what I was talking about and who even filled in some of the blanks for me, for example, the fact that the Mayan calendar was due to end in 2012. Aha!

Once I had a sense of direction and did some research, I felt validated, however, there is still a part of me that is ambiguous about the form this shaking up will take - many dates in history have been hailed as the 'end of the world'...12 midnight, 1999, for one, although this was more of a potential technical bamboozle - which never happened, like many other doomsday predictions.

So this qualifies, but what is unique here is that factual astrological changes are taking place: ones that have not happened in over two thousand years (each Zodiac Age runs around 2150 years).

While I hesitated at the time to say that something catastrophic would happen, there will be an additional and incredible astronomical line up (explained below) that only happens once every (approx) 26,000 years, so we as an 'advanced' race are to experience something that is new to us: this has never happened in the recorded history of mankind...so this, in and of itself is worthy of note - but there is still that feeling that we are about to enter a new phase of life on Earth, with or without a unique astronomical line up.

It would appear that my fervent wish for something 'of the light' (positive) will occur and affect mass consciousness in a way that is undeniable and that this will herald a new way of thinking and living and relating...perhaps it will be something that could even change the way our very bodies and senses exist on this Earth plane.

So either way, I do see something basic and important changing us, however, I cannot say if this involves changes on the Earth or changes in US. Maybe a little bit of both.

At the very least, this whole 'awareness' of the Mayan calendar and its possible portend of the end of the world through violent means may have prompted some folks to begin to think differently about how we treat others and ourselves. Maybe that was and is the whole lesson.

we are colourswe are energies         We are magickal beings just waiting to evolve...

(This is my original observation article regarding the End Time predictions being made prior to the end of 2012).

Nowadays, it is fairly common knowledge that the Mayan calendar came to an end on December 21, 2012 and that a collection of other events were/are also lined up to occur on that day as well, leading to all manner of theories about what might happen here on Earth.

The opinions ranged from complete and utter destruction (which has not happened...should I say 'yet'?) of Earth to a more psychic, metaphysical level of shifting that will fundamentally alter 'life as we know it'. This shifting would be connected to the opening of a Gate known one leading to the 'Golden Age', one filled with unconditional love, no wars, no hatred and terror - just peace, and spiritual awakening that would last over 2,000 years. Here are a few factsand legends about what will occur on or around 21/12/12. There is no way of actualizing times, dates and places...time is a man-made concept, after all.

So although I would hesitate to place an exact time on these events, I would say that the general time FRAME would put all of these events fairly close to one another or, at least, in the same ballpark...and now, I can look back and say I believe these changes have already begun: the Earth is in turmoil; wars rage; genocide is ignored; some conspiracy theorists/topics are being taken more seriously; the Greenland Ice Sheets account for around 1/3rd of the glacial melt and Mother Earth is being 'fracked' and poked and polluted with oil and nuclear waste...we are actively destroying our own beautiful home. How sad is that.

Also, certain projects like HAARP are coming under scrutiny in regard to its potential to move weather systems (which begs the question as to why the entire midland States in the U.S. were left in drought conditions for months during the summer months of 2013 until the crops were dead - could HAARP not have directed a few storm/rain clouds their way?) and is even suspected of being able to aim those (radio/or?) waves down below the surface crust of the Earth to the tectonic plates.

This has been brought up in conversations as being the reason for the earthquake in Japan (which caused the reactor disaster - one that is still very much a threat because one or more reactors are still vulnerable to collapse, which would result in the disposal of more radioactive rods, water pools, and the reactor itself into the sea, which would reach worldwide shores as the first one already has, but in more diluted amounts - a distinct possibility but one that is never seen on the mass media anymore) and even for the most unusual recent 'Perfect Storm Sandy' that devasted the eastern United States...and it took almost a month for some in NJ and NY to get their electricity back? What was that about?

Addition: January 29/13: Correction - it took almost 3 MONTHS for this area to regain their electricity and heat - this in the middle of a freeze that even showing water from water hydrants freezing as it gushed out of the hydrant...again, what the heck is that all about?

(HAARP itself is rather spooky: the facility itself is one large square in the middle of 'Nowhere', Alaska and is fenced in with security so tight, even Governor Jesse Ventura was not allowed in - see 'Conspiracy Theory' with Jesse Ventura - TruTV).

Things are changing, folks, and not in a good way. So now would be almost the ideal time for some kind of mental/spiritual change. It is never too late for that - I believe everything happens for a reason...so this has a reason, too.

Here are some points of interest in connection to said date. Some are fact, like the planetary alignment (the fear here is about pole shift/slips, solar flares, gravitational pull, the failure of Earth's protective magnetic field - think about the 'holes' created at the poles due to the loss of ozone - and they are just getting bigger - if the fields fail, everything will...fry. Literally. But we haven't slipped as far as I know and solar flares seem to be minding their manners, so....so far, so good.)


1) The Mayan calendar ends.This is the oldest and most astronomically correct calendar ever created. The end seems to reflect that someone either ran out of space for inscription...or just lost interest for some reason. Or it was at 'attention getter' - which worked.

2) The Earth completes its full transit through each sun sign (or zodiac sign): 'ages' that last around 2100 years each to total approximately 26,000 years...this is the ending of one Grand cycle (Mayan) and the beginning of another (Mayan - the 'Golden Age). This 26,000 year cycle is the base for several ancient calendars and is known as one Galactic Day.

The Sun is in the center, followed by Mercury, Venus and Earth (and her moon) and so on...the Galactic Day refers to how long the Earth takes to transit all of the Zodiac Sun Signs.


3) The Milky Way completes a 225 million year rotation cycle (which is approximately how long the entire Milky Way takes to complete an entire revolution in the sky).

The Milky Way rotates like a slowly spinning plate. (Lots of rotations going on up there!)

4) The winter solstice (December 21 - shortest day of the year) concurs with the Reversal of the Sun's magnetic poles (not unusual in itself: this occurs fairly often) which can increase the Sun's magnetic pull on the Earth.

We have obviously survived the Sun's pole shift many times, however, when this event is combined with the end of the 26,000 year Grand Cycle AND the possible switch of the EARTH'S magnetic poles (see below) as well....let's just say that the hypothetical presence of such energy (gravitational pull/magnetic forces) could cause vibrations the likes of which humanity has never seen. (Thankfully, not so far...)

Solar flares come in all shapes...one of which is a loop of sorts through which the Earth could pass with thousands of kilometres to spare.

      The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis colours are caused by the Sun's continual emissions of positive ions which tend to be drawn to the Earth's magnetic poles. Without getting too complicated, the electrons that are knocked out of our atmosphere's atoms are captured by gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen which create green, blue and red lights respectively. Just thought you might like to know.

5) Something you may not know...every 750,000 years or so, Earth's magnetic poles also shift. Currently, we are about 30,000 years overdue. I don't think I need to point out the potential negatives presented with this probability, except to say that the magnetic shield that protects the Earth from the radiation of the Sun will be interrupted. Forget sunscreen. The good news is that there is a strong opinion that this 'switch' could take up to 5,000 years to complete...which might account for the strange and dramatic weather patterns we have been seeing recently - ones that will increase in severity over the next few years.

NASA illustration of the chaotic energies present during a pole shift - the fanning and diffusion of the positive/negative poles during a shift creates disruption in the magnetic field protecting the Earth. During such a re-alignment, holes will appear in the magnetic layer that protects the Earth from the Sun's radiation.

6) The Sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way (our home galaxy) and with the larger central galaxy, which occurs every 5,000 years or so and results in a higher level of activity on the Sun that produces 'sunspots' or Solar storms. This activity can wreak havoc on the earth since it is already rotating on an angled axis and can be 'pulled', resulting in anything from earthquakes to eruptions to tsunamis...you get the picture. (The scientists are still scratching their heads).

7) December 21, 2012 converted into numbers is 12 21 20 12 which is obviously formed primarily with the numbers 1 (Original Force) and 2 (Duality/Balance). Translated, this reads as an incredible amount of Force interacting with or affecting the Balance of all things. Further, the total energy of this number is an 11 - or, Master Psychic/Visionary/additional mystical presence (the intuition or ?).

Looking at the meanings of the sets of numbers (12 21 20 12) offers another way of looking at this day's energy: 12 is the number of completion: like 12 grades in school that complete with graduation; 12 inches complete a foot, 12 buns completes a standard measurement, and obviously, 12 months complete a year, so this indicates the completion of a 'phase' or a 'Grand Cycle'.

Further, the number 21 indicates 'coming of age' or being 'legally recognized as becoming adults', and is the number of 'Blackjack' if one is a gambler.  As below, this is also a 'force' (number 1) that emanates from or around the Family of Man (20).

So read together, this is 'completion of a phase and coming of age for the family of man', but since the 11 rules the imagination and visions, the change centers around another force that comes through our senses and levels of 'awareness'.

The 11 indicates advancing to a higher energy level that includes spiritual advancement and enhanced intuitive abilities...this vibration is a Master Number and since all things under the Sun have equal opposites, this Master, if manifested under a negative vibe, it can bring destruction, chaos, hate and fear - which could easily also be the result of this day/ongoing energy phase - people are fearful and that emotion in and of itself can create mass havoc, rioting and looting and even worse realities...(and we have already shown our potentialities for rioting and looting, so it is a small jump to make should something major affect the Earth and cause mass panic).

But the positive Master 11 energy is described well by a word I am not necessarily partial to due to its misuse in general (psychic) - but it does indicate the type of energy present, which is that of a higher level of thought, manifestation, imagination, intuition and forces originating from a metaphysical level.

The energy here is one of unusual events, telepathy, creation using the higher planes of imagination and tapping into the 'third eye' - the Master 11 is 'off the scale' in terms of regular, daily routine and normal experiences, for it 'joins' the 1 of man with another 1 - of another. Another what? Normally an energy; a force; but this time, this energy could come from another place, another dimension where Visionary energies combine with the force of mankind.

As mentioned, everything has an equal and opposite energy value and that the number 11 is a higher vibration of the more sedate 2, a negative manifestation of the Master 11 would bring chaos, destruction, war, disease...you name it.

A series of other connections make the 11 more connected and increases its...mystical appeal and strength: the winter solstice will occur at 11:11 Universal time...we will be in the Age of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac...the average cycle between 'sunspots' or solar flares is 11 years...the Sun reverses poles every 11 years, the code 11:11 is connected to all manner of events (Sept. 11, Remembrance Day - the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...) and codes (double helix strand of human DNA looks like an 11), phone number prefixes for all kinds of help or information is reflected by: information at 411, repair at 611, emergency assistance at 911 (and now, in Canada, health assistance at 811)...the number 11 is deeply rooted in our past, present and future.

More and more folks are becoming aware of the numbers 11:11 appearing, whether it be on their computer screens, clock radios, microwaves, cell phones...this seems to be a universal occurrence that is growing....and seeing other double or triple or quadruple single digits has risen dramatically, as well - reports of seeing 11:11, 222, or 7777 or 1212 or 44/444/4444 - any of them are seen and often. What does it mean?

Could it be that something is trying to catch our attention? I would say yes - and the answer to the question about repeating numbers is both personal (what does the number you are seeing have to do with your personal life? And, look up the meaning of the number and see how it connects to the phenomenon of 2012 and beyond...but look the closest at the number as it pertains to your own life....and remember that the more of the same number that appear, the stronger that energy becomes).

As a footnote: by definition, 1 is alone. When more 1s are added, it signifies that one is no longer alone, but is rather part of a bigger picture that is of a grounded and structured form...4x1=4.

Four relates to the four corners of a house, the four seasons, the four directions and the traditional four members of a family and represents strong foundations upon which to build. Therefore, the code 11:11 could be reminding us that we are not alone and that we are all part of a larger family or structure, which we will be reuniting with...soon.

Double 11 columns on a courthouse represent firm decisions that are based on logic and history.

Ancient structures display the same form. This awareness of the number 11:11 is nothing new.

 NASA skipped along to number 11 when aiming to put men on the moon. Rather telling? A mystery investigated - one that had been imagined for many, many years...

And this is just silly. Must be for bicyclists speeding. You'll likely get an $11.00 ticket, too.



8) Various prophesies by the Hopi (and other Native American Tribes), Egyptians, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet) all forecast some form of shift for this time frame (although some say there are no such recordings), the most common seemingly attached to something falling from the sky to the Earth, or a shift of the Earth's axis. Nothing that hasn't happened before (consider the disappearance of the dinosaurs) but something that hasn't happened in a long while.

One might say, from a strictly logical point of view, that we are overdue! 'Course that doesn't mean that it is inevitable.

The mystery of the Maya and the others like them scattered around the world, (seemingly as a result of the changing territory of the land itself - Atlantis sank?) has always fascinated me...where did they come from? Where did they go? How is it that they and others had such an advanced grasp of mathematics, geometry, law, monetary systems, social structures, architecture, tooling, divining and astrology? Where did this advanced knowledge come from? Did it just drop from the sky? Literally?

Okay, now that I've given you the basic information...here's what I think all of this means.

There is much more to the story of how we humans got here and developed into the cement tower dwelling species we are now (well, most of us - I live in the mountains in a forest).

We made the first fundamentally wrong step when we began to alienate our neighbours, and ourselves from Mother Nature. Also literally.

We grew into this civilization and social structure but lost touch with Mother Earth along the way. The early people lived on, off and with the Earth: now, we grab something from the fridge/drive through or pop something in the oven.

We talk on those 'talk boxes' (the ones they used to use on on Star Trek - the original series) instead of to each other (I have seen people doing this - they are together but say nothing - they talk via their tablets - hmmm...tablets...I used to take those for headaches), and buy a 4 wheel drive SUV to go for a drive in the mountains...once a year, maybe.

Then the vast majority of folks settle in to watch the 'idiot box'...often wondered about that name. That was when I was a kid and they had just made the first black and white ones...and they really are idiot boxes: unless you know where to look (like documentaries or the like), it is proven that the comforting drone of the television does indeed place our brains in a trance-like state...think about that for one second.

Sorry, off topic. I wanted to point out that I do believe there were others here before us, more advanced in many ways and less advanced in others.

Anyway, the incredible buildings and the scriptures on stone walls and all the amazing knowledge that came out of one place which had been called the 'first' civilized group to live together (society/Mesopotamia), they were hardly equipped with the know how to come up with the intense mathematics, astrological, scientific, and other advances they possessed...but I do believe that the Hopi and the Maya were very aware of the spiritual journey of Mankind and the Ages that man would have to pass through in order to understand the ultimate truth of their existence. So there is so much more to the mystery of history that has yet to be uncovered.

We have just passed the so-called 'Blank Space' that lay between Ages 5 and 6 and it is while we were in this 'Blank Space' that we, as a people, decided or prepared for the manner in which we will welcome the Shift. Which is pretty scary when you look at all the shootings and other horrific events of late...and being in a pointless war for 14 years...does not bode well for us.

We know it is pointless and it is killing young men and yet it still goes on. We know the govern - ment(al) is messing with us and our minds/habits/beliefs in a nasty way, but we say nothing. We try to protest, but go home when it looks like we might get into serious trouble. The Govern - ment is exactly that: it is a group that controls the masses through governing what they think and do...governing their mental states.

The 13 year spread between 1999 and 2012 is, according to Mayan belief, the time we have had to ponder our past actions and patterns and to look deep inside our souls to ask if this is the way we want the Earth to be treated (Nuclear waste, Japan, Oil Spills, the Gulf, fracking and drilling, even in the Antarctica, where a fresh water Lake Vostvik has existed for millions of years undisturbed - before the Russians decided to drill down into it...and God knows what the results of this will be), the animals to be treated (ie. Dolphins and sharks mass murdered every year in Japan), our children (thousands of whom die every day from malnutrition)...but the first place to look is in your own back yard - another way our children are being treated is abusive and the time has also come for us to open our mouths and say NO when it is appropriate.

We must take responsibility for our world - our home. No one is going to do it for us. Our Home and our Earth...and everything and everyone who lives here is our family.

The time of transition is upon us. We have passed the 'red' mark...but I wouldn't let my guard down just yet. This is a longer shift than folks understand, so keep yourself and yours protected and keep some extra food and water and batteries and toilet paper - the basics! Just in case, you know? It is always best to be prepared anyway. This world is a strange place and I hope we see positive change...I will pray for it. Perhaps you will, too.

As mentioned, the Gate we are in is one of transition: it is from strife to the 'Golden Age' and promises peace and all that a Golden Age implies. But there is a 'cover charge' and hopefully man will have the good heart to pay it.

We have, as humans, travelled through various stages of both positive and negative developments, the most recent being one of the most genuinely surreal and sometimes crazy-fast advancement in all manner of technology (thanks to Age of Pisces) and less regard for the planet, the destruction and pollution of our home, separation of family and connections and the corresponding upsurge of disease, ecological disasters and stress and anxiety in general.

The youth of this generation have come into this world with their soul's journeys already sensitized to the coming shift. They are extremely psychic or intuitive, often withdrawn, highly creative and 'different' in nature and conduct from those who have come before.

Society did/does not know what to do with these unusually creative, smart but distant children: consequently they were/are labelled. And often put on medication for all manner of acting out/being too quiet/not paying attention - like kids will. Like we all did (those of us who have seen the big 5-0 go by).

We all behaved like that at one time or another...but no one ever gave us a pill for our behaviour. We just got the belt or a wooden spoon applied to our backsides.

These are the 'Indigo'...or 'Crystal' children and they do not need medication...they are already subconsiously 'prepared' to assimilate the coming changes as natural to them. They are the children of the 'Golden Age'. And since their introduction some time ago, they have grown to become young adults...just in time?

An indigo child's aura.

We have all experienced the odd sensation of 'time speeding up' (where did the day go?) and this is actually confirmed by scientific calculations known as the Schumann Resonance, which, for hundreds of years has been calibrated as the 'heartbeat' or pulse of Earth at 7.83 cycles per second. However, since 1980, this pulse has been rising, quickening...and is now at around 12 cycles per second. Think about that one for, ummm...a second. Time's up.

During the last twenty years or so (known by the Maya as the Katun), changes have been occurring on an individual basis, which is necessary to 'morph' on a larger scale.

Even as technology introduces the next gadget, we wonder if there is something more. We are turning back to ourselves, seeking inside for that which we tried to find outside. Look at the thousands of books available today on spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

But it was not always that way - just a short period of 20 years allowed the spiritual and esoteric topics to manifest and be available to the public, largely due to a lady by the name of Louise Hay, who was one of the pioneers of the so called 'self help' and 'new age' movements in the early 80's with 'You can Heal your Life'.

She was a pioneer who based her first self-published book on her battle with cancer during which she followed her own set of affirmations...and beat the cancer. She is now in her 80s and still very active - and her company, Hay House, is one of the largest and most successful in the world of metaphysics and spiritualism.

My own book on Chaldean numerology was written for this express purpose: to allow folks to 'be-friend' themselves and to recognize their own unique powers and gifts or talents.

We need to learn to heal ourselves before we can heal others...or the Earth. It would seem a lesson is in order, since most of us haven't learned to love ourselves yet...self-acceptance is key as is understanding that we are all here as students - therefore we are hardly expected to be 'perfect': we are EXPECTED to make mistakes...how else will we learn?

But class has been in session for thousands of years and we still have not learned the base lesson, which is to accept ourselves and others as perfect in our imperfections.

However, many people are seeking the spiritual, are opening to their own 'intuitive' instincts and are actively pursuing healings through the modalities of energy (reiki) work, essential oils, crystals and messages through the modalities of Intuitive channelers, mediums and lightworkers.

We are once more looking to the stars for guidance and answers (like our ancestors did) and for a deeper meaning to our existence. The idea of this next level or phase or Age is that we leave behind the material, the money, the power, the technology, the greed, the anger, the frustration, the hate and the lower manifestations of human nature and rise above the human condition - to become the 'spiritual beings' we truly are. 

What we are stepping into is a new way of being/believing. This is accepting our additional senses, using more than 1/3rd of our brains, releasing negativity, and welcoming the higher power available to us all.

It involves mass consciousness and it is unlike anything ever experienced by man...perhaps the closest example I could give here as a comparison lies with the continent of Atlantis... however, they did not quite get the message. They had not assimilated the gift they'd been given with complete respect, acceptance and gratitude: remnants of the ego-ruled human brought them back down to earth, as it were. Or, in this case, to the bottom of the sea.

And we must never forget that crystals are as popular now as they were just before Atlantians aimed too much energy at once into one area (again, HAARP comes to mind, as does fraking) - likely an experiment gone very wrong: I believe they created their own demise and down went Atlantis and up went world-wide tsunamis, which would ultimately result in a world-wide flood.

The biggest challenges inherent to this shift are the ability and willingness to release control:  relinquish the ego or id (or to at least come to understand its true purpose) and to understand that we are evolving as a race (even now) and will no longer be the 'people' we once were. We are changing.

I hope it will allow us to finally and truly 'get' the message behind the saying "we are spirits having a human experience: AND we are humans having a spiritual experience." 

Everything has another side - all is duality, so the above makes sense - we cannot be one without being the other at the same time.

So whether or not this shift comes in a physical way, a destructive way or a passive and gentle and spiritual way seems to up to us - and we will experience the results in both spiritual and human ways. So looking back over human history...even recently...do you think we've learned anything?

If we resist the natural course of change and growth and advancement, we will create all kinds of roadblocks for ourselves. Then we are being 'too human' (stubborn = ego).

On the other hand, if we welcome change and move with it instead of against it, I believe the transition can be one of warmth and wonder and delight. Then we are being spiritual (faith).

But I also believe that we must accept this shift as a unit; as a group; as a whole for the underlying theme seems to be one of collective consciousness rather than individual and therefore alone energy. It feels like a case of 'why fight it'...it's coming either way. We can make it hard on ourselves, or we can make it easy. Or easier. Our choice.

Something occurred to me while I was writing this...one of those things that seems to point out a subconscious pattern that I have followed since I was little.

It has to do with circular shapes, like the flower of life, the mandala, the Spirograph! Remember those? I had one as a child and used to spend hours in the basement, absorbed in the mystical designs that grew from under my coloured pencils.


As an adult, I published a line of greeting cards that were 100% hand drawn - meaning I did not use any devices to center or balance my illustrations...two are shown below.

I did not pay too much attention to why I was drawing these intricate patterns: I just did it.

Later still, I became fascinated with fractals, which seemed to follow the same circular formation.

Then I began to see a connection - the same circle of life, of creation and of flowering had been buried in my psyche since I arrived here and when given free reign, it just naturally lead me from one manifestation of the cypher to the next.

This one is also mine...a bit more diamond-shaped, but the center is where I began, as always...my early years of searching for the Source manifested in many ways...

 As in the zero and the letter O (here pictured by an eclipse), which popped up when I began studying Chaldean numerology and the meanings of letters.

If two of these round circles were stacked on top of each other, we would call it the number 8...but when history reveals the true meaning of the symbol 8 as the Lemniscate, which is the symbol of eternity and spiritual/material balance, it puts a whole new 'spin' on things...but more people need to become aware of the other side of what we call 'reality'...and be brave enough to go behind the curtain. To face the mystery there...and it is not what you might expect.

Seek out the hidden or the 'occult' (occultus – Latin for 'beyond' or 'behind' meaning that which we can not see unless we 'open our eyes and heart'), and you will find the truth.

Start in a metaphysical bookstore: it's that simple. This is the time for self-honesty more than any other time in history.

The Mayan calendar in colour.

Oh, and by the way...? When you are stressed and feeling like flying to the Moon just for a change of pace, remember you can not out-run your 'self' any more than you can out-run your shadow... so just kick back and relax because everything is exactly as Universe planned.

And this is true every minute of every hour of every day. You are me and I am you: together we are the world and together, we CAN make a difference: when we accept and love ourselves, we send that energy into the net matrix of energy that surrounds our planet and that love vibration will bounce off the atmosphere and right back at us: all living things included.

Everything is energy. Energy is life. We are alive, so let's make the best of it.

Seems such a small thing to do: to accept that we are all here for a reason, even if we live the most trying life or find ourselves in the most drastic times. We are here to learn unconditional love and that begins at home. Here. On planet Earth, our home.

And the most amazing thing to me is that we are alive to witness these times, good and bad, for they are historical and most certainly NOT mundane.

Enjoy and remember that love goes a lot further than hate. Like a smile is lighter in energy than a frown or laughter is more healing than complaining.

Everything passes: even you and I...so let's try to live life with thanks to Universe and with gratitude to all who make our life full and happy.

Hugs from Heather            HOME