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Reply JaimeLiell
11:14 AM on January 18, 2017 
Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!
Reply Sam
8:00 AM on November 4, 2016 

Hi MrsLagan,

i love your website! i tried to send you an email through your contact form, it did not go through. When i click send the message shows up" This site does not currently have a form installed." Can I email you to some other address?

Many thanks


Reply Heather Lagan
12:35 PM on March 29, 2016 

Christy says...

And forgot to say I bought your book and love it!

Thank you so much!  xox

Reply Christy
9:41 PM on March 14, 2016 

And forgot to say I bought your book and love it!

Reply Christy
9:40 PM on March 14, 2016 

Hi Heather, Trying to work out my new business name and was wondering what numerological vibration '&' belongs to. Ta!

Reply Lon Spector
10:26 AM on May 30, 2015 

Dear heather,

Casey Anthony intends to go public and give an interview.

Will she suceed and have a better life? She was born on 3/19/1986.


Reply StoneWhisper
3:37 PM on July 27, 2014 

Heather, I just wanted to find out how your friend is doing as to how the "Negitive Vortex" she unknowingly created within her home and that it was slowly drawing the life from her.. 

Reply Lon Spector
12:52 PM on February 18, 2014 

I just found out that Amanda Knox's middle name was Marie!

So, Amanda's inner name is 13! No wonder she's got problems!

Reply Lon Spector
4:18 PM on January 8, 2014 

Dear Heather,

Thanks a million for responding to my last query about

whether the woman who runs the SociopathWord.com is a

true sociopath. She IS a Mormon, so that MIGHT explain why

she is a "high functioning" sociopath, IF she is one. She seems

to live by some moral code.

In your response to my last letter you mentioned lexigrams.

I have heard the term before, and that it was associated with

Chaldean numerology. This pertains to taking a person's entire

name and constructing intelligable sentences by rearranging the

letters. They say that lexigramming contains clues to a person's

character and might even be used in solving mysteries.

Heather, I have made Casey Marie Anthony my life's study, so I

can test the validity of various personality systems. Needless

to say, Chaldean numerology has come out tops, in acessing her

personality. I have attempted to use the lexigramming method

to solve the mystery about whether she actually murdered her

daughter. The "numbers aspect" of numerology tell us that there

is a 99% probability that she is guilty of murder, for reasons we

discussed previously; but what does lexigramming tell us?

Her daughter's name was Caylee Marie Anthony. "Caylee" is

contained within Casey's entire name. I have attempted to

construct intelligable sentences that point to Casey's

involvement but had no luck. Could you string together a couple

of intelligable sentences from Casey's name to either confirm

or cast doubt about her involvement in the crime? Thanks a lot!

Reply Heather Lagan
12:18 AM on December 18, 2013 

Lon Spector says...

Dear Heather,

How have you been? O.K. I hope. Myself, I'm just trying to

add to my knowledge in typical 11/22 manners.

I have a question about a person who proports to be a

sociopath, but I see no evidence of this and would like to ask

your opinion.

The person in question runs a blog called SociopathWorld.com

She wrote a book on sociopaths and claims she is one.

Her pen name is M.E. Thomas. Her real name is Jamie

Rebecca Lund. I don't know her birthdate. I tried to analyise

her name through the Chaldean Numerological method.

Useing this method she does NOT appear to be a sociopath to

me. Her first name comes out to 12. 12 can't be sociopathic

can it? Her middle name comes out to 21. That's certainly not

sociopathic, and her last name is 9. This all adds up to 42.

Not sociopathic by any defination. She wants people to believe

it for some reason. She is a lawyer. (That would account for

cornerstone J.) And she is a colledge professor. That would

account for numbers 12 and 21. Could she actually be a

sociopath? I thought sociopaths were 13, 11, or 22!

Hi Lon!

I replied to you, but my own post was too long for this forum, so check out the answer to your interesting question on the Neverending Newsletter, 2013.