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I love a good article...and here are some interesting ones that include everything from the power of the Tarot, body language, the Annunaki, Crop Circles, the Akashic Records, the Law of Attraction and even 2012 and beyond...be inspired or informed or intrigued...or all three! Enjoy and check back as I am always adding! (More of my own articles, too, as the online mag I had been writing for awarded me Diamond Status after 29 articles - and then pulled me from their records once I became a published author...but it was a wonderful way to brush up my writing skills!)

 Words Really Do Speak a Secret Language

You have undoubtedly heard that your name speaks volumes - often in a language few of us truly understand - it is one thing to be told that names and words hold power: it is another to actually see that power illustrated and in 'action'.

Ancient Chaldean numerology assigns number vibrations to the combined sounds of the letters in a word or name - in other words, how your name sounds when it is spoken becomes a 'hum' or vibration of sorts and affects both you and others who hear it. (The different letters that compose each name dictate the different characteristics, patterns and even event phases held within that 'hum').

Following are some examples of words that carry their number vibrations quite overtly. Consider these words  and the 'feelings' or 'energies' they project -- those words total to the number under discussion. They encapsulate the energies of a particular number: for example, 'creation', 'power', 'President' and 'Judge' all total to number 1, so these words reflect the power of the mind, body, political status and even the big cheese in the courtroom.

If you find yourself wishing you had more of this quality or that energy -- look to the number that matches your wish...and maybe, just maybe, it's time to change your name!

Number 1 Original Force

This 'first' energy is obviously unique and singular and will manifest through outgoing, powerful, self-sufficient, self-confident and ambitious traits. Above all, the number 1 is the Survivor.

 There is sometimes an element of ego and pride involved here, too, as the 1 is, as mentioned, a 'force' that can take both positive and negative forms (which is true of all number and letter energies - and the negative aspects grow just as the positives do). So the overall sense of the number 1 is creation, force, and fierce fortitude...think of those energies in the following phrase: 'The President and Judge have faith, passion and soul - they will battle the devil to the death using their combined power.' Can you feel these original forces fairly explode off the page? Simply put, the words president, judge, faith, passion, soul, battle, devil, death, power, origin, forces and explode are but a few words that each total to the number 1 and indicate the original force held therein. Anyone whose name totals to a number 1 will share some of these energies/qualities.

Number 2 Duality & the Peacemaker

Now let's look at a softer energy -- the kind, gentle, peaceful and domestic vibration of the number 2. Simply put, the 2 is the second person (or thing) added to an existing 1 that brings another element to the picture, the result of which is a need to share, compromise (and hopefully, care) for another (after all, it takes 2 to tango and 2 to have sex). Perhaps you are the loving 2 energy or would like to bring more of this into your name energy? If the following phrase appeals to you, then the 2 might be your number: 'Our king is friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced and calm...a very parental figure'.

Can you feel the softness of this energy? Simply put, the words tango, sex, king, friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced, calm, parental and softness are but a few words that each total to the number 2 and the suggestion of duality (as in the Queen to the King, agnostic to spiritual, rude to tactful, father to mother as parents...and partners required in physical activities!) as well as the gentle energy associated with the peacemaker. Anyone whose name totals to a number 2 will share some of these energies/qualities.

Number 3 Activity in all its Forms

The number 3 brings much more activity than the first two energies -- activity that can involve anything: the mouth, the hands, the legs, the brain -- and it rules the creation of everything from babies to art to magickal occurrences (3rd time lucky; 3rd time's the charm, 3 coins in a fountain, click your heels 3 times if you want to get back to Kansas). If the natural progression of 1 person joining with a 2nd person is followed -- nature's response is often a 3rd person -- a child. Keep that child in mind when thinking of the constant activity surrounding the 3 which is energetic, entertaining, articulate, adaptable, inspirational, curious, charming, cheerful, flirtatious, innocent yet manipulative at times, and an energy which rarely seems to need sleep.

 Do you need to bring more action and excitement into your existence? Does the following image do anything for you? 'Our nurse is activity on legs -- an administrator and a comedian -- an entertainer! -- she exerts so much vibrant energy, she's like a magic love hurricane!' Simply put, the words action, nurse, activity, administrator, comedian, entertainer, exerts, vibrant, energy, magic, love and hurricane are but a few words that total to the number 3 and indicate the high frequencies that rule this vibration. Anyone whose name totals to a number 3 will share some or many of these energies/qualities.

These are but a few examples of the mysteries hidden in the words we use every day -- doesn't it make you wonder what your name is saying about you?

Next up will be 4 to 10!

Heather Lagan - Author of Chaldean Numerology for Beginners - How Your Name and Bithday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path...now available in English, French and Polish.


©  By Ashleigh Stewart

Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot library

Like many women I often dreamt of how wonderful it would be if I could leand do something much more exciting and rewarding, but as most of us do, I found too many excuses not to.

Despite the fact I was frustrated and unfulfilled in my job, I simply could not find the courage to leave. Thoughts of 'stable income' and 'security' always convinced me to stay, yet my heart yearned to be free of the monotony.

Then inspiration came in October 2000 in the form of a fund-raising trip for The Children's Society to Macchu Pichu in Peru. The sense of freedom and excitement I felt on that trip gave me the motivation and courage to hand in my notice on my return to work. I have never looked back or regretted that decision.

I believed that if I had the self-confidence to ask for a higher daily rate for my work as a franchise development consultant, I would be able to work part-time on a freelance basis, and gain much more freedom with my time.

It was liberating to experience the freedom of working for myself, and I found great satisfaction knowing that I had proved to myself that having the courage to follow your dreams can pay off.

Early in 2001 I decided to take a course in Tarot reading, as this form of divination had brought me comfort and reassurance for many years and I felt a natural affinity with the cards.

Esoteric and philosophical subjects have always held an interest for me, and as friends and associates often sought me out as some kind of 'agony aunt', becoming a Tarot reader seemed a natural progression. As soon as I picked up my first Tarot deck, I felt that I already knew the cards, and their messages seemed clear and obvious.

Then I experienced the magic of synchronicity; where the universe conspires to create events and opportunities in your favour (most of us call this phenomenon coincidence!) A chance phone call, led to a chance meeting, which led to a happy and successful partnership, which in turn created www.lotustarot.com

The last 12 months of my life have felt like a dream come true. I always wanted to focus more on my spiritual and esoteric work, but could never see how I could make it financially if I did. Lotus Tarot has provided the answer, and whilst I won't be ordering that new Mercedes just yet!, I can now focus on my life work, what I love and what brings me fulfilment and fills my life with passion - using my gift with the Tarot to help and empower others.

There are so many women I know personally who are clever, talented and truly amazing. Some, like me, found the courage to follow their dreams, but many alas have not.

It's understandable; it takes a degree of daring, determination and confidence to venture from the familiarity of our established lives and step out into the unknown, but taking that risk often brings amazing opportunities and people into your life.

Once you get a taste for letting go and embracing the adventure, life will never be the same again. Dare to dream - dare to live.

By Ashleigh Stewart courtesy http://www.free-tarot-reading.net/



If you're familiar with the Law of Attraction, you probably know how it's supposed to work. You visualize the things you want in your life, and doing so will attract them to you. If that's all it takes, why are so few people successful with it? Let's look at one of the biggest reasons.

If thinking about and visualizing something will make it manifest in your life, it stands to reason that this will work for both good and bad things, right? If you're constantly thinking about everything that's wrong with your life - how you're in debt, your spouse doesn't love you, you're overweight, or whatever it might be in your case - what do you think you're going to attract into your life?

That's right - more of the same. More debt, more problems with your husband or wife and more weight.

The key to making the Law of Attraction work for you is to think about and visualize the positive things, while putting the negative ones out of your mind as much as possible. Easier said than done, I realize, but that really is the key to attracting the life you want.

Stop dwelling on all the things you don't like about your life, and start thinking about the things you do. Spend some time every day thinking about what you appreciate about your life. Think about the things that are going well and how thankful you are for them.

You can even use tools like a vision board or a mind movie to help you visualize both the things you want and the things that are going right in your life.

This might seem like some kind of positive thinking exercise, that's designed to help you ignore the bad things about your life. But that isn't the case. What you're doing is appreciating the things that are good, while visualizing the things you want. You're not going to ignore the problems, but you're also not going to think about them constantly.

The great thing about this process is that once you start to see some results in your life, you'll find that it gets easier and easier to stick with it. And the more you do it, the better the results, so it's a bit of a snowball effect.

Once you get that snowball rolling downhill - and the Law of Attraction is doing its thing in your life - it gets going faster and faster, until you couldn't stop it even if you wanted to.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Richard_McLagan



I couldn't pass this one up as I am a native Canadian and have been to the lake often...still waiting on Ogopogo, though!

  British Columbia, one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada is also home to a monster. Locals jokingly refer to the beast as Ogopogo, but the natives have known the creature as Naiaka for hundreds of years.

Ogopogo makes his home in Lake Okanagan. This scenic lake located in the heart of British Columbia is both deep and wide. It covers an area of nearly 350 square km. It is here that, Ogopogo has been sighted swimming by hundreds of people throughout the years.

The very first sightings of the monster in the lake came from the local natives. They have been seeing a creature in the lake for perhaps hundreds of years. According to their legends, a long time ago a man became possessed by evil spirits and in his rage and delirium, he came across an old and much respected man by the name of Kan-he-kan. In his rage, the demon controlled-man killed Kan-he-kan. To pay for his sins the gods transformed him into a lake monster, so that he would live forever in the lake to suffer and atone for the crimes he had committed.

Natives first named the creature in the lake Naiaka or N'ha-ha-itq. Translated, this name literally means sacred creature of the water or lake demon. To appease the creature, natives who had to cross the lake would bring an offering, which they would throw, into the water. They believed that if an offering was not given, the beast would rise and kill again.

Ogopogo did not receive much attention until he was sighted by Mrs. Allison in the 1870's. She saw a strange creature swimming in the lake while she was on the shore. Since that time, there have been hundreds of sightings of this mysterious monster. People who have seen the creature described him as being long and serpent like with a horse like head. The length of the monster varies between 50 and 100 feet and the color varies between grey and blue.

One of the strangest sightings occurred in 1926 when more than 26 cars filled with people all related seeing the same thing. The witnesses were all at Mission Beach. Another strange account tells the tale of a man trying to cross the lake with two horses. The man was slowly making his way across the lake when something began to pull his horses under the water. He struggled to get to shore with his horses, but was forced to cut the ropes between him and the animals as they were dragged under. The two horses never made it to shore, and no traces were found.

There have been many theories surrounding the monster. One theory suggests that he is a brachiosaurus, which is a type of prehistoric whale. Another, theory suggests that people have only misinterpreted what they have seen. Skeptics, claim that what these people saw was actually floating logs, other common lake animals, or debris on the surface of the lake. It has even been suggested that Ogopogo might be a type of large fish, perhaps a sturgeon. Whatever the case Ogopogo remains as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. If however, you are like many others who believe in the legend of Ogopogo, do not try to chase or hunt this monster. The government of B.C. passed a law in 1989, stating that it is illegal to harm, capture, kill or disturb him in any way.

If you want to see the monster be quiet, careful, pack your camera and remember that if you do try to cross the lake, bring an offering...

For more information and videos of lake monsters and other paranormal topics, visit ==> Paranormal Videos

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jane_P._Long  



Talking with a very interesting person the other day intrigued me; let me tell you about it. Consider and accept that in death there is an afterlife. This place is where your and my soul will eventually return, to unite with that master plan we agreed before our incarnation upon the earth as a human being. We agreed with other entities what our soul was here to do on earth when it was born into a physical body at a particular time, place and date upon the earth.

To keep an eye on us and keep a connection with our soul's purpose we apparently have guides, those other entities I mentioned earlier. These spiritual mentors and higher beings are with us, looking after us, while also fulfilling their own spiritual callings in the process of their spiritual evolvement. We have what is said a main guide to keep with us from our birth through to our death on earth, as well as other guides who are with us just for a period of time during certain episodes of our life development. Their assistance can be practical or spiritual.

When we are born into our present incarnation it is said we go through some process of amnesia. Those past lives and past life development previously learnt, although with us, are not normally able to be recalled like some past memory of some previous experience in our current life.

We are here in this life cycle to learn our lessons upon the earth and our spirit guide can only honour and help us accomplish and achieve the purpose that we set ourselves before being born. They cannot interfere with our free will. Once the rules and purpose set, we and they have to abide by them.

However, our guides can direct thoughts through moments of intuition, dreams, symbols, signs and such means to stay on track with our soul's purpose. So if there is something to accomplish you will find support from your spirit guide in that endeavour. It is as if the right people, situations, opportunities, resources can come into your life and come along to help you reach your goals. A crucial point to recognise in this mission is your spirit guide will only help you accomplish and achieve the purpose you set yourself before you were born.

Being in touch with your spirit guide does not require you to be of a psychic nature. They perceive you even if you do not perceive them. Address them out loud with an intention and they will pick up on it.

Even though you might have agreed beforehand what to learn in this incarnation and what assistance may be needed, your guides will not interfere during your time on earth until you ask them. Because to do so will violate your free will. Remember you have come to earth at a particular time, place and date, to be born into a set of situations in order to learn what was agreed for your soul's purpose.

So with all this in mind if you were to ask for things too specific it is likely not to be granted. But ask a more open-ended solution then the resources you need arrive through ingenious and creative ways.

As way of example, to ask for a raise in wages at work to pay off a debt would be thought the wrong approach. However, if you were to ask in this manner, I would like to pay off 100% of my debt by the end of 3 months please align me with the resources and opportunities to make this happen. Then this approach will bring just the right set of situations to make this happen, in effect answering that age old maxim, ask and you shall receive.

About The Author

Join Willoughby Bedford as he takes a journey around Great Britain in search of ghostly experiences and learn about how to conduct your own paranormal experiments. Follow Willoughby Bedford Blogs.

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Soon everywhere you turn people will be talking about the end of the world predictions for 2012. Do you know everything you need to know? Read this article and find out the 4 most popular theories relating to the 2012 end of the world predictions that exist.

Hollywood has even gotten on board and released a movie depicting very graphically through special effects mass destruction on Earth. One can only assume that as the time draws closer to the predicted end date of December 21, 2012, people will be taking a closer look and wanting to know more. You'll likely want to be know what everyone's talking about so I've put together the 4 most popular theories relating to the 2012 end of the world predictions. They are as follows:

Mayan Long Count Calendar: Ancient Mayan culture studied mathematics and astronomy and were very successful in predicting events following the stars. The Mayan calendar established the beginning of time on Earth and predicted that the world would end, or at least enter a new era on December 21, 2012. The Aztecs also later concurred with the Mayan time frame and used December 21, 2012 as the end date in their calendars as well.

Biblical References: The bible, in the Book of Revelations, discusses the "end of days". The bible never gives a specific timeframe but describes in great detail the sequence of events that will lead up to the apocalypse. In contrast to many other prophecies, the bible very specifically states that we will not know the hour or day of the end. This has given many skeptics reason to believe that December 21, 2012 will come and go as a non-event not unlike January 1, 2000 after the Y2K scare.

Nostradamus: Nostradamus was a philosopher who over 500 years ago made numerous predictions many of which unfortunately have come true. Many believe he predicted the rise and fall of Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He has also predicted that the world will end on December 21, 2012 with the Winter Solstice.

Solar Storms: Scientists are warning us of the potential for catastrophic solar storms. Storms that are so massive they will likely disable our infrastructure and economy. We would be unable to use cell phones, the internet, or have electrical power at all. Based on the scientific research and the study of the solar system, many believe that this theory is the most likely one to occur. It has already been reported that solar storms have damaged our satellites and disrupted power grids. Given that these storms are much weaker than the ones that are predicted to occur in 2012, we could be facing some dire times indeed.

Many other theories are circulating about, and you have a choice to make. Will you get informed? Or will you bury your head in the sand, cross your fingers and hope for the best?

There is a lot more information available to educate yourself and prepare yourself so that you are not caught in the rush and hysteria that will likely occur as December 2012 draws near.

If you're like me you'll want to know what they are saying about the 2012 end of the world predictions so get and stay informed by going here http://www.2012doomsdayprediction.info.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ashton_Mouton

October 3/13 Edit to add: While we have seemingly made it through the 2012 date, what few realize is that this astrological transitioning takes years to complete and that the 'Gate' to the Age of Aquarius is just beginning to open...so many trials and tribulations still lie ahead for mankind before the Mayan prediction of the Golden Age will occur. That means negative people will do increasingly negative things before it all comes to a head. It is only then that Mother Earth will be appeased and willing to host humans again.

 As of yesterday, the USA is without a government and this feels to me like part of the Domino Effect begun in Egypt and spread to other countries. Syria is suffering at the hands of her leaders and various European countries are bankrupt.

 The chaos and mass murders are merely a breath away from the US if the 'politicians' ever begin to take their own powers and responsibilities seriously. Social unrest and 800,000 people out of work overnight is not a good omen: the guns may turn into the destructive things they are and I hate to think where that might lead. Who would have thought that Civil War could happen again?

Mass shootings, murders, racial tensions are ramping up and the odd return to things of 'old' and 'simple' are becoming more and more popular - from clothing styles to tv shows - like Swamp men and Duck guys who have lived off the land for centuries and continue to do so today...it is almost as though the PTB are readying the people for exactly that: make it on your own.

The MSM tells us nothing about anything they have been told not to - and CNN has changed from a 24/7 news source to a news source with specials and other shows. No one knows what is really going on anymore, so they are attempting to bury their collective heads in the sand.

But they will have to come up for air sometime...Namaste and I wish you all well. Light and Love from Heather 



Among the many interesting paranormal concepts of discussion, there is one that has always been a topic of priority for many - Akashic records. It is basically a theosophical term that refers to a universal recording of filing systems that keeps track of every occurring action, thought or word. The term theosophical basically means or refers to religious philosophy or speculation about the nature of the soul based on mystical insight into the nature of God. The records are said to be filed or impressed upon a subtle substance referred to as the Akasha (otherwise known as Soniferous Ether). According to Hindu mysticism the Akasha is considered to be the nature's primary principle and from which all the other four natural principles namely fire, earth, water and air are said to be created. Also, these five principles are taken as a representation of the five senses belonging to a human being.

According to some, the Akashic collections are similar in nature to a Cosmic (also referred to as a collective) consciousness. Different names are used to refer these records namely 'the Universal Mind', 'the Cosmic Mind', 'the collective subconscious', or the 'collective unconscious'. Others however feel that the Akashic collections enable clairvoyance and also psychic perception.

It is said that the events or content recorded upon the Akasha can be comprehended or read by some in certain particular states of consciousness. These states can be induced or brought about by weakness, drugs, meditation, illness and sleep. This means that not only the mystics, but ordinary persons can and in many cases do perceive or understand the Akashic record. A few mystics claim to have the ability to reanimate or simulate the contents as though they are turning on a celestial TV set. Yogis or Mystics believe that the Akashic records can be well perceived or understood only in certain specific psychic states.

Certain people in their subconscious states do read and perceive the Akashic collections or records. This phenomenon is explained through the fact that Akashic collections are actually the macrocosm of an individual's subconscious mind. They both are very similar in functionality - they collect and possess thoughts that are never forgotten. It is the responsibility of the collective subconscious to gather all the thoughts from each of the subconscious minds which can in turn be read or understood by other subconscious minds.

A well known example who claimed to have successfully read and understood the Akashic records is Edgar Cayce, a late American mystic. Edgar Cayce used to perform his readings in a trance or sleep state. Dr Wesley H. Ketchum used Cayce for several years as an adjunct in his medical practice. He believed that Cayce's subconscious was in a direct contact or communication with all the other subconscious minds and was capable of interpreting and imparting impressions belonging to other subconscious minds. It is also believed that Cayce had well mastered the art of interpreting the total or collective subconscious mind much before Psychiatrist C.J.Lung presented his concept or theory on the collective unconscious.

Abhishek has been practicing Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming for the last 15 years. He has got some great Astral Projection Techniques up his sleeves! For step-by-step instructions on how to successfully Astral Project, download his exhaustive and powerful eBook, "Astral Projection Underground", from his website AstralProjectNow.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Abhishek_Agarwal 



Thinking of playing the Ouija Board? Here are 7 real dangers that you should do your best to avoid in order to ensure that your experience with the Ouija is a positive one for everyone involved.

Asking the Ouija Board about details of your death is generally considered a no-no. Why? Well it can seriously effect the mood of a seance, especially if the board provides you with an answer that you might find plausible.

Playing the Ouija on your own can be problematic, especially if it's your first time. That's why it is important to use the board with a group of like-minded individuals who are generally after the same type of experience. Besides if the session turns nasty, it's good to have people to turn to who experienced exactly what you did.

It's quite easy to become addicted to playing Ouija. That's why it's crucial to set yourself strict guidelines on how often you'll play it and to stick to these rules. When you become addicted to the Ouija, your inhibitions decrease and you are much more likely to ask questions that could leave you in trouble at a later date.

Using the Ouija Board in cemeteries is one of the worst things you can do. Not simply because it's very disrespectful to the deceased loved ones, but also because it's an open play field for spirits waiting to seize control of the session.

Never conduct a seance when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This increases the risks of channeling negative spirits that could overwhelm any of the players within your party. You need all of your critical faculties about you when playing the Ouija.

Never set fire to the Ouija Board after the seance, especially if the session has not been closed properly. This has been known to release spirits into the adjoining area, which can be extremely troublesome if you're in contact with a sinister spirit.

Do not ask for protection from any spirit over the Ouija Board unless it's the figure head from your religion of choice i.e. Jesus Christ, Mohammed or Buddha. Without realizing you could be asking a malicious spirit to play a more active role in your life.

Finally here's a weblink to my church advisor's Ouija Board dangers blog which could prove helpful.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kenneth_Watson




For many years, I have heard stories about an alien race descending to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as I am sure you have...and I was of mixed opinion on the subject. In fact, I might have even rolled my eyes a little. But I was younger then, and rather ambiguous on the subject of aliens. Having said that, I now wonder myself if this is true - and wanted to share it with you so that you might wonder, too.

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4

As the story goes, approximately 450,000 years ago, a planet outside of our own solar system known as Nibiru or Planet X, 'died' or suffered a grave misfortune which forced its inhabitants to flee for their very lives. One might feel some empathy for these guys, until the following is revealed: this was a race of supremely intelligent 'super-beings' who dabbled in bio-medical, genetic and technological mysteries and who, despite their physical "golden Nordic' beauty and impressive (giant) height, were reputed to have been excessively arrogant, tyrannical, cannibalistic and sexually perverted. Their eventual reputation could be described in one word: evil.

Due to their advanced technological knowledge, these beings were successful in escaping their doomed planet aboard several spacecrafts and set out to establish colonies on suitable planets, including our own and Mars (which is supposedly evidenced by the D&M pyramid). In the event, the Anunnaki overpowered the existing earthlings, or apemen, enslaved them and used them as subjects in their ongoing genetic experiments...thus altering the state of man while also creating more slaves.

At some point, this race was forced to flee Earth as well -- the reasons cited vary -- but they came back, albeit many years later, at which time they were appalled at the advanced stage of culture and society and the success of the 'Remnants': the 'lesser', half-breed Anunnaki who had been left behind.

Determined to re-establish their supremacy and hold over Earth and her inhabitants, it is suggested that by using sound technology, the Anunnaki caused massive flooding, thereby destroying many developed cities and towns and leaving only massive architectural monuments like the Sphinx and the pyramids relatively intact. Fearful that pockets of Remnant rebellions (like the Maya, Inca, Aztec and Egyptian cultures) would grow into overwhelming opposition, the Anunnaki quickly chose a new stronghold into which they poured all of their knowledge and technology. This chosen place was Sumeria (ironically, the birthplace of my own study of the ancient art of Chaldean numerology), which, when translated, refers to the 'land of the (local, noble) lords'. The 'lords'? How curious is that?

This theory may seem outlandish to some, but it does seem to explain a lot. If it is simply a bunch of malarkey, we are left with the same old questions and a few new ones.

Why is it that ancient people had such a fixation on those who descended from the heavens, or the stars...and viewed them as gods? Why do many ancient inscriptions depict helicopter-type spacecraft and large males with wings or helmets? Does the genetic manipulation of the Anunnaki explain the half-man, half-beast monstrosities of old mythology? And how the heck DID they move those tonnes of rock to build the pyramids? Stonehedge? Easter Island? Why can we not duplicate the process even TODAY? Exactly how were the Nazca Lines formed when humans were not yet airborne and could neither see what they were doing nor appreciate the results? And what was the point of it all?

How is it that the Sumerians, while being recognized as the first 'civilization', were so advanced? Aren't first civilizations usually fairly simple and only progress after many hundreds of years? Why is it, then, that Sumeria is acknowledged as the rather sudden and unexpected birthplace of advanced language, numbers, geometry, mathematics, astrology, law, usury/monetary, culinary, medical, homeopathy, art and social structures? How'd that happen?

Why is the name, Anunnaki, of Sumerian origin? And does anyone else find it odd that the translation is 'those who came down from heaven to earth'? And why is a derivative of the word, along with a description, mentioned in the bible?

"And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come out of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight." Numbers 13:33.

If we accept this story as true, then the next conclusion would have to be that there are direct and indirect Anunnaki descendants all over the Earth! And that some would be in positions of ultimate control. Perhaps they are awaiting the return of their masters while facilitating the introduction of the 'New World Order' as some believe...I do find it curious and slightly ominous that many presidents, including Bush and Obama, as well as high powered politicians the world over now use the term casually and often: what was once viewed with suspicion and dread is gradually becoming integrated into the human psyche.

If it is true, you might be an alien. Heck, I might be an alien! Hmm. That would explain a lot, too.

Heather Lagan



A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about crop circles and received an overwhelming response from readers of our member newsletter Ancient Mysteries. When I started the report, I was truly ready to show what the aliens were trying to tell us. Unfortunately, the hard facts revealed that most crop circles are manmade. But, let's take another look at this interesting topic.

The number of circles reported varies from approximately 2,000 (according to the International Crop Circle Database) to an estimated 10,000 sightings worldwide. The first patterns were simple circles and rings in wheat and barley fields. Recent patterns are elaborate geometrical designs, including some fractals! Patterns range in size from just a few yards across to huge designs that can only be seen fully from the air.

Theories on how these are made vary. Some propose that whirlwinds or plasma vortexes cause them, others suggest earth energies and magnetic fields, and some say microwave transient heating causes these circles. But, the most popular belief is that extraterrestrial forces create crop circles. As I reported in the first article, initially, the circles were thought to be landing impressions left by alien spacecraft, but now it is believed that the patterns are messages from aliens to us.

In 1991, two elderly, retired Englishmen, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, confessed to creating hundreds of crop circles, beginning in the early 1970s. This led most media sources to proclaim that all crop circles were hoaxes. Some crop circle supporters pointed out that these two men couldn't possibly have created all the circles, particularly those outside of the U.K. Yet, some crop circle artists, such as Circlemakers, suggested that Doug and Dave started a trend that was picked up by others worldwide. These artists consider crop circles a creative challenge and continue to make new and more elaborate patterns. We can even learn how to make our own at their Web site.

Interestingly, in 1991 Doug and Dave stated that they would make no more circles. But English researcher John Macnish claims that a year after they said this, he filmed them making the famous East Meon crop circle of 1992.

Gene Pool, a crop circle Web site, gives the following story as an example of the present state of mind surrounding crop circles: "When a large crop circle showed up Hungary, it created a great deal of attention. Two crop circle experts were called in to solemnly declare that it was a genuine construction by extraterrestrials, and could absolutely, positively not be the work of humans. A few months later, two seventeen-year-old students from Budapest introduced themselves in front of a T.V. audience and announced that they had created the circle themselves. Furthermore, they had extensive proof in the form of photographs and videotapes, including before and after shots."

Pool points out that several newspapers sent reporters out with a few crop circle makers to make new circles in secret. In each case, a day or so later, the reporter-assisted circles were hailed as genuine by all of the "experts." This experiment was repeated several times by several journalists. One well-documented, manmade design even ended up on the cover of a book on crop circles.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists claim that Doug and Dave's confession was staged by the British Ministry of Defense in collusion with the CIA to keep the secret of alien contact hidden from the public.

Most crop circle fans concede that some circles are manmade but believe that others aren't. The following evidence is presented to support the position that some crop circles are not manmade: huge and intricate designs appear quickly, stalks are bent above ground level (this is very difficult to do by a man), and electromagnetic anomalies are found within some circles.

Those who believe that all crop circles are manmade put forth these points to support their case: wet crops bend easily without breaking, and it would take only a few minutes of math, a tape measure and a compass to make a design that would look complicated. Some humans understand fractals so well that they could easily make them using simple tools. Finally, it didn't take long before schoolchildren across the U.K. began drawing complex circles in contests. If schoolchildren can do these, why do we so quickly attribute the circles to aliens?

Despite all of this, many people find crop circles to be a fascinating and uplifting phenomenon. Whether they are made by humans or aliens, they have a magic to them that cannot be overlooked. They lift human imagination up from everyday earth life to artistic, heavenly feelings and thoughts. Alien or domestic, crop circles are having a profound effect upon humanity.

John Van Auken is a Director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He is considered an expert in spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mysteries, and rejuvenation of the body, dream work, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and Edgar Cayce concepts.

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Body language is something which everyone makes use of, both intentionally and unwittingly, in order to ascertain or measure how much a person is really interested in them. Being able to command and take over your non verbal communication and making sure that your body language is appealing could help you make a great and fabulous and very crucial first impression.

Most individuals do not realize what they are trying to do themselves, nevertheless, when it comes to romantic body language. By following these easy and simple hints, you would be able to take command of your non verbal cues in order to provide you with the best and favorable results as possible.

In the long run, you might also know and understand all those "hidden cues" of someone you are speaking to.

1. Try to Position Yourself Toward Them. There is really nothing wrong with trying to talk to the side of one person. When opening your body up to someone you're talking or discussing to, you are trying to give off that romantic body language which could help the individual to know that indeed, you are interested (or attracted) to them.

2. Stand closer, but not very close. Body language is very significant, and it considerably depends on just how close you are to a person. By checking yourself to make sure that you are at the right distance apart, you could be sure that you are showing and exhibiting the right kind of vibe.

Yet, it is still possible, nonetheless, to get so close to somebody, but wreck the chemistry or "spark" altogether. Well, there is actually a particular rule that is easy to follow; if let's say, if you're more than one arm's length, then you are too far from that person. and being too far from someone gives off that aura that you're not interested at all.

Likewise, also keep your distance and know when you're already too close for comfort. Personal space is absolutely essential, so be very certain that you strike the comfortable balance between too close and too far. Being somewhere just halfway is often a good call when you want to radiate that romantic body language.

3. Create Eye Contact, and Blink Frequently. Making that eye contact is by far one of the most effective of the romantic body language signals ever. When you initiate that eye contact, you are channeling that vibe that they become aware that you're into them, and that you're listening and...very interested.

When you blink more often, you're showing that what is deemed as instinctive signal.

 4. Mirror Their Body Language To Some Point. Unknowingly, a person who is very interested in another would reflect their own mannerisms. By imitating someone's non verbal cues to some extent, you could be certain that you'll send signals which would attract your target without being blunt and crude.

But you must not recreate each single gesture they make; that would be perceived as rude. If you just mimic a few body language cues, nevertheless, like the smiling, the closeness, you could demonstrate that you're as interested as they are to you.

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