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The Enigmatic and Enticing Energy of the E is sibling to the Alpha placement and Attitude of the Ambitious A, which is sibling to the Omnipotent O, one of the more vastly Open energies in the alphabet. The Secretive and Sensual vibe of the S is Sensually grounded...like a Snake. The H, on the other hand, is a ladder that can take you to Heaven or Hell: it depends which direction you choose. All belong to one family and like a family, all are unique and individual...mysteries and magick which form what we call 'spelling'. Have a read...and think about that observation. 

Choosing a letter to write about is always interesting since I have so many yet to choose from - but this time, it was easy - this is is one of the most frequently used letters in the whole lot. It is also one-of-a-kind, literally. And it is a personal favorite, so here's the scoop on the most-used magnificent E.

The percentage of names containing this letter is fairly high, so chances are good that you have one in your name or know someone who does. Obviously, the more Es in a name, the more E energy that person or thing will contain and emit.

This character is about as electric as a steel guitar: it causes implulsive risk-taking, rash decisions, extreme behaviors, and actions (which can lead to regrets later). This letter is freedom, excitement, enthusiasm, stimulating the senses, charm and adaptability, and matches its numerical mate almost exactly: the 5 is all of these things and more, so the meanings are intensified. Both of these elements are truth-seekers.

The placement of the E (or any letter) within your name is important as well. If it falls in your first name, it will be part of your 'public' persona: the social aspect of your personality.

If it falls in your middle name, this will comment on the 'secret' you: the true you, if you like.

If it falls in your last name, it will refer to your domestic, or family history and is of the least import as it pertains to the male hierarchy that you joined, either by being born into it or by joining it through marriage. However, it is still looked at, as energies and experiences are certainly passed on while under any name energy influence.

The letter E is pure, unadulterated energy and is the only letter of its kind. Its presence transforms a mere interest into eager enthusiasm, a quiet balance to excessive extremes, a kind generosity to exorbitant extravagance and bad behaviour to plain old evil.

Think of Einstein and his theory of relativity: E=Mc2, then take that thought further until you reach the atomic bomb. The structure of the E stretches into the future and yearns for advancement: the top arm is the brain or mouth or both, the middle arm is, quite literally, the arm and heart and soul and the lower arm is actually a leg and represents moving forward. In short, the E exaggerates and energizes.

The E's numerical ruler is the 5, which is governed by the desire and need for freedom, change, independence, challenge, communication and sensory satisfaction. This combination sets the stage for some rather electric energy, does it not? Yikes!

The more E energies in a name, the more likely that the holder will be drawn to unusual elements, attracted to extremes and unusually exposed when it comes to the vulnerability of their senses. Having said that, the E loves beauty, whether it be found in a painting, a silk sheet, the sound of a wind chime or the arrangement on a dinner plate.

The unrestrained and multiple E can easily become overwhelmed by its own search for excitement or for an explanation of existence and can fall victim to the imagined escape offered through alcohol, drugs or any substance or action that alters, or takes them away from cold, hard reality. The E can just as readily become a workaholic as an alcoholic.

As indicated by the extension of the upper arm, the E is a progressive thinker and a great communicator and as such, makes a skilled orator, writer, singer or anything having to do with expression.

The E does not hold onto the past, or bear grudges...it reaches for the new and untried, the odd and the mysterious and the next experience around the next corner. The E may require editing at times; it tends to speak without forethought and act without consideration of consequences: in short, it can be impulsive.

The middle arm tells of a heart that is dedicated and true. If an E commits, it commits completely. The trick is to get the E to commit in the first place.

But due to its expansive nature, the E is very attractive to others and when in social settings, is lively, friendly, charming, creative, enthusiastic, adaptable and entertaining.

In private, however, the E is endlessly curious and this can lead to unstable relationships, jobs, homes and lifestyles...the E can change focus in a heartbeat: it does not respond well to situations or relationships that are based in routine or rigidity. Trying to control or dominate an E is like trying to hold water: it is a losing proposition, for this energy does not take kindly to force or cages. It is, at all times, its own boss.

The lower arm, or leg, propels the E forward. This is what will bring about all manner of movement, from travelling to domestic changes to taking chances or running away. There is an eagerness to 'get moving', to get where one is going, to achieve, to attain.

So despite the tendency of the E to change almost everything in their lives from time to time, paradoxically, this progressive aspect is one that can actually bring success and even fame to one with a preponderance of this energy in their name. The legs keep moving forward, they persevere...and if the E has an interest that is embedded deep in the heart and brain, nothing will stop if from emerging.

I also feel the need to point out that because the essence of the E is so open, it is very affectionate, tactile, whimsical, loving and sensually oriented. I suppose it goes without saying that the E is also a potentially exciting intimate partner. But since I did say it...the E puts the erotic and exotic into sEx.

Not boring, the E. (As an example of the E energy exemplified, remember Elvis? Or Elvira? Or how about the Garden of Eden and Eve?) Ahh, I could go on...!

But first, let's go back to the beginning to understand the first building blocks Alpha and Numeric energies are built upon - the A and the 1.

The first letter in our alphabet is also ruled by the number 1, its description and form will offer the foundation for all the other letters and numbers to follow. (Just a suggestion, -- if you would like to explore the fascinating art of analysis via this ancient system, a good idea would be to read my two previous articles on Chaldean Numerology here, where I describe some of the more elemental aspects of looking at your name and your lifepath.)

Anyone with one or more As in their name(s) will, hopefully, enjoy the following revelations, for the A is truly one-of-a-kind and is acknowledged by ancient script as an 'Original Force', which makes sense when one considers its position in the 'alphabet' (first letter) and that the alphabet as a whole offers an entire world of expression and communication.

In addition, the A is ruled by the number 1, another starter energy, which intensifies this original force and creates an energy which is potentially formidable, indeed. A person with 2 or more A energies in their name will be someone who will not give up; has great force of will and is decidedly determined to make something of their lives, sometimes despite great odds.

Take a look at the structure of the A. It stands solidly, with its legs spread wide, arms firmly crossed and reflects balance in its form. It also has a pointy head, but we won't go there. (What the heck: ancient symbolism addresses the A as the pointed phallus and the source of creation while the V is that which receives the A. There are quite a few V words that would fit into that illustration!) The A is sharp, penetrating and powerful: it blasts open the path and paves the way for all energies to come.

The A will do what needs to be done and will do it by themselves if need be. The traditional meaning of the A is that of the 'Survivor': this is a person who is able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and do it all again, or keep going, or try another angle, or pick up and move clear across the country. Or to another country entirely!

Typical A energy is adventurous, ambitious, active and interested in all manner of things, places and people. This is the go-getter, the pioneer, the one who is not afraid to take a risk or attempt the (apparently) impossible. As such, the A person often garners quite a bit of admiration, if not awe. However, despite the outgoing energy of the A, it is, as mentioned, an alone energy; it addresses the 'self' and is sometimes subject to its ego, although this is not necessarily negative: it is just part of its nature.

Due to the fact that it is first and no other has come before, it can sometimes find connecting with others on an intimate level somewhat distracting. It may regard such closeness with ambiguity and find itself maintaining rigid control over its emotions: this is natural for the A: it is the first breath, the first movement, the first experience, the first touch, the first kiss...everything is new to the A and it is endlessly curious about the next encounter or situation or thing, therefore, its attention is centered around itself and tends to be subjective rather than objective.

The A is also capable of applying force or power to anything, be it to the preceding letter in a name, or the intention of a word. For example, it is not someone scribbling notes in a journal, it is the author of the best selling book. It is not the dabbler who paints by numbers, it is the recognized and respected artist. It is not the employee in the department, it is the administrator who keeps things in line. It is the astronaut sending data to Earth and the architect designing the new space station. It is the animal instinct, the aggressive salesman, the attentive nurse.

In keeping with the accepted concept that everything has an equal and opposite side (up/down, wet/dry, light/dark), the A also has its negative manifestations as in addictions which can lead to accidents which can lead to arrests which can lead to arraignments...you get my point, right? Its force can lead to anger, to arguments, to abuse. (In a strange twist, someone with a preponderance of A energy in their name will sometimes find themselves in negative and even abusive situations or relationships, which is all part of the multiple A accepting and owning their own power and individuality.)

Since this letter is 'the beginning', it is open by design to all other energy forms. In other words, it is accommodating and accepting of alternate ideas and its aspirations are progressive and focussed on achievement. Anything that passes before the A will be acknowledged, assimilated and assigned its place.

When I say the A is a force to be reckoned with, I am not exaggerating! Consider the beginning of creation suggested in the name Adam or in the word atom...and the beginning of the end suggested in the word atomic. (Of course, the concentration of the A, as with any letter energy, will be affected and altered by surrounding letter energies...the complete picture is only revealed by a complete analysis. But as a separate ingredient within any name, the A is a 'force' unto itself.)

The power held within words is truly amazing. The A is just the start.

By now, you likely know that all letters hold a series of specific meanings and energies and can be divinationally 'read' (a practise called alomancy).

This time around, I am going to expose the 'O' for the omnipotent, omnifarious ovoid that it is...this one has so many meanings and layers (like an onion) and connections that it is almost ridiculous. But I shall give it my best shot.

The O encompasses everything and nothing. It is the inside and the outside. It is the pea on your plate and the pie in the sky. It is the clock on the mantel and the sun on high.

It is the wheel on your car and the coin in your pocket. It is all and it is nothing. It is the pregnant woman and the tiniest cell. It is the snake eating its tail and the ouroboros of the Milky Way. It is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end: life and death.

It is the kaleidoscope, the telescope, the camera and the portal. It is infinity and it is the never ending circle of existence. And it is a choice. Open the door or close the door. In or out; all or nothing.

Okay. You're clear on this, right?

The O holds such a vast expanse of meanings and potentialities that it can be difficult to grasp. The bottom line is that 'openings' are presented and it is up to the name holder to take a step beyond their comfort zone and experience all that this energy presents.

The letter O is ruled by the number 7, which is all about logic, practicality and intellect but contains an alternate challenge, which is to use the intellect to explore the enigmatic and esoteric. When the incredible orbit of the O is meshed with the mystical powers of the (protected occult) energy of the 7 - well, let's just say that anyone with an O in their name will be an interesting person, indeed. That is, if they are not caught up in the center of the circle and unable or unwilling to step out of routine and into the unknown. If this is the case, and most unfortunately, it is so with many Os, frustration and a sense of confinement and dissatisfaction will be almost palatable in the holder's life.

The O demands expanse, or, a widening of the lens, so to speak. The O is an open eye that wants to 'take in' all that it can, experience everything, investigate, stimulate and accommodate all aspects of this reality while remaining open to the mysterious and intangible.

A well developed O energy will be receptive, curious, engaging, charming, fearless, adventurous, entertaining and interested in subjects ranging from cerebral to silly, mundane to extraordinary and fundamental to cosmic.

Since the O is also the open mouth, it will love to eat, speak and perhaps even sing. Its expressive talents can create outstanding artists (Tony Onley, Georgia O'Keefe, Yoko Ono), musicians (Roy Orbison, Gilbert O'Sullivan) and public figures (Barack Obama, Oprah).

The O character is social, intuitive, adaptable and independent and due to the brainiac influence of the 7, spends a great deal of its time thinking, planning and projecting. Its desire to know more is constant: once the O has understood that objectivity and wisdom are its tools of trade, it will step into its true power and nothing and no one will stand in its way.

Which leads me to the next point. As everyone knows, there is always the 'other' side , or the negative aspect of any energy. The O is no exception. If this potent force is denied and subjugated, the holder will feel frustrated, bored and even angry. They are, metaphorically, trapped within their own 'circle' and bound by restrictions they have set up themselves. Understandably, this type of O energy may well be ornery, opposing, obtuse, odd, oblivious and just plain oppressive. It would be safe to say that this kind of temperament would also be stuck in the logical side of the ruling number 7, which would create a suffocating sense of obligation within a rigid structure, a combination that would only aggrandize the level of frustration and sense of 'missing something'.

The O is naturally the seeker: one who desires to find and explore the various dimensions of existence beyond the norm - it's natural inclination is to cover great distances and effect many people in many ways. When this desire is contained and suppressed, it will build up and compress over time, often erupting into impulsive actions like quitting a job, leaving a spouse or hopping a slow boat to China. (Or worse - consider Lee Harvey Oswald or O.J. Simpson.)

The wise O does not allow this energy to become their jailer: they slowly recognize and acknowledge their subconscious longings and eventually find the strength to follow their dreams and to go where they are pulled. Or pushed. To free themselves and follow their path, the O must have faith (in a higher power), heed their inner voice and learn to take risks. Monotony is their worst enemy. (And look at all the Os in that word!)

In closing, I'd like to go back to the word omnipotent. To me, this word carries an ambiance of divine unrestriction, a sense that all things are possible...this is exactly the essence and definition of the positive O.

It is the Cosmic Door...and God is knocking.


Of all the letters in the English alphabet, the S is the only one I might view as slightly schizophrenic in tone and meanings. While it is strictly ruled by the senses of man, it is also open in structure: the upper hook reaches into the future and the lower hook reaches into the past.

As an ancient symbol, the S is connected to the snake, or the Kundalini (the support system of the spine) and is the symbol of success, so it spends its time perpetually seeking satisfaction through the senses, but is usually unaware that what it seeks is not available through the traditional five senses of man.

The lesson for this letter (which is supported by the number 3 - physical and mental activity) is to awaken to the sixth sense. The S is truly the student who looks outside of itself for answers that lie INside the self and are made available through the INtuition (again, the 6th sense). It seeks the serenity of spiritual stillness, but is often caught up in the endless outside search.

The S is very 'switchable' and contains a series of opposites as inherent to the whole. It can start or stop, sink or swim, speak or be silent. It can dress up as Santa or dress down as Satan, can appear smart or stupid, sober or skunked. It can be as sweet as sugar or as sour as sweat. With so many potentialities, contradictions and forms, the S can leave one spinning, slipping, sliding or just plain stumped. To put it succinctly, this character can be the saint or the sinner.

The sinner can be slick, sneaky, shallow, and sublimely scintillating. It can sparkle and shine so seductively that it can become virtually hypnotic to others who find its sexy, secretive and soporific style irresistible.

The soft, shy and silky S can be a cover for almost anything, from the S&M scallawag who loves the tickle and slap, to the slimy scoundrel of a businessman who is exceedingly shrewd, sharp and slick or even to the despondent slave to the senses, the one who surrenders to the siren call of sensory addiction and slips into the shadowy world of self-medication, suffering, shame and sorrow.


The saint, on the other hand, will be solid, steady, secure and safe, although it might still seek stimulation of the senses through more acceptable outlets, like sports.

The physical S may like to ski, scuba dive, skate, skydive, sail and play shuffleboard and snooker on the side. And have sex as dessert.

The developed S is open to the higher plane and is aware of their soul and intuition. They are still hypnotic, but for different reasons that have more to do with spiritual connection and growth. In the last scenario, this energy elevates from the saint to the serious and studious sage. But what does all of this mean to someone with an S or two in their names?

First of all, most S energies are a blend; a balance between the saint and the sinner. Which is to say, they are normal manifestations of this letter vibration and thus will be highly susceptible to their senses and naturally attracted to anything that stimulates the eyes, ears, nose, mouth or touch. Pleasing art or scenery, music or sound, smells or scents, food or sustenance, touch or sensation will be seductive and appealing.


A strong S (someone whose name begins with an S, or someone with two or more S energies in their entire name) will be very active, either in the brain or in the body or in both, which will usually lead them to success at some point in their lives.

Since the S is open to so many influences, its attention span can be sporadic and prone to shifting as new elements are constantly entering its realm, but that openness also provides for a good memory and a nonjudgmental attitude as well as adaptability, a charming social persona and an understated eloquence.

Often artistically talented, the S may be an outstanding singer, musician, visionary, illustrator, speaker or actor. It works best on its own and truly does seem to sing and dance to its own tune.

Like a snake, this energy will take whichever approach deemed necessary to achieve its goals, whether they be romantic, business or otherwise.

And also like a swift or stealthy snake, the Sssss is capable of camouflaging itself; of blending into the background until it is ready to strike.

Due to an overall appeal to the opposite sex, a strong S can easily become involved with more than one paramour at a time...which can cause sticky and sad situations on the home front.

The S is an intriguing combination of sensuality, sensitivity, spirituality and secrets...when the imagination, intuition and alternate levels of reality the 6th sense represents are assimilated and used, this letter can herald success (which is a word loaded with S symbols and is also the base for the $ sign) that is quite apparent to others...consider Susan Sarandon, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg and Sharon Stone....or the sensual seductress of 1001 Arabian Nights, Shahrazad.

The S speaks for itself...but one needs to listen very carefully to its story, for it contains the past and the present, the silence and the scream and the subtle hiss of the slithering snake...

And all of that in the letter S. Who knew.

One of the more direct letters in the alphabet is the H, which looks like a very short ladder -- and according to ancient Chaldean numerology and script -- that is one of its meanings (the other being an open window, which carries the same message - an open window lets the fresh air in and provides an exit, while a closed window produces stale air and no way out).

At some point in their lives, anyone with one or more ladders in their name(s) will have the opportunity to ascend or descend its rungs...or to Hem and Haw, Hedge and Hesitate for so long that the opportunity will pass them by.

The choice for holders of the H, especially when it is the first letter, is both a both a spiritual and physical one: climbing the ladder leads to healing, hope and highs that are spiritual in nature while descending the ladder leads to harmful habits, heavy hearts and hazards that are physical in nature.

Valued by the number 5, which seeks freedom, independence, communication, changes and most importantly, stimulation of the senses, the H is vulnerable to the need to experiment or escape and as such, sometimes resides at the lower vibration of addiction and toxic relationships until the strength is found to attempt, once more, to rise above itself.

The H/5 is all about success and failure and the decisions made leading to either. What is available to this letter energy is success, health and harmony. What is also available to it is failure, addiction and chaos.

As a person, the balanced H is friendly, fun to be around, quite Humorous (Ha-Ha), intelligent, spiritual, nurturing, intuitive and empathic and open to anything that quickens the senses, whether that be good food, drink, music or art...an openness that also includes (perhaps unfortunately) a predisposition toward realizing the ideal manifestation of love -- when the H 'falls', it does so with its entire being, or, its 'wHole Heart' which can have dramatic repercussions if the H does not heed the need to look before it 'leaps'!

A large part of the H is influenced by emotions, therefore it is susceptible to hurt feelings, insecurities and self-doubt that can easily lead to self-destructive patterns and behaviour. If someone should 'shake their ladder' until the H loses its grip, so to speak, the risk of depression, backsliding and reversal of gained ground is possible...but that is all part of the journey encompassed in the symbol of the ladder. Luckily, holders of the H energy will usually have strong friendship bonds that will kick in when slippage occurs: helping hands will often become their saving grace.

If, like me, you have an H or two in your name, know this -- there is a built-in safety feature in this character that gives us the resilience to keep climbing: it allows us to see the top of the ladder, even when we are standing at its base.

So the next time you feel the urge to follow your heart -- even if you're afraid of heights -- go for it. The only direction is up.



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