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Earth offers crystals, barks, flowers...to be used in rituals, oils, healings, sachets...here are some of the uses and descriptives if you'd like to do some simple magickal work...or just look at some gorgeous pics.


In honour of Mother Earth, what follows is a brief snapshot of her gracious characteristics and some of her gifts to us. Like other things and people in our lives, she is sometimes taken for granted: I just wanted to shine a light on her beauty...the pictures speak for themselves. 

Uses of barks, leafs, flowers and crystals (including the meanings associated with each) follow this pictoral.

the ballerina tree     A tree of life               

       Rockie Mtns

   Beautiful Vancouver, B.C.. my home town.               

   IRELAND...and fields of...Heather!

This one deserves a full frame. The Blue Sea caves...gorgeous!!


And the mystical castle...in Ireland, of course....


   Check this out!!! Something like this probably met the Titanic...



Trees, flowers and parts of plants are used for perfumes, oils and as ingredients in healing creams and ointments. They can also be used in conjunction with crystals in healing work or as additions when working basic candle rituals. Or you can plant a few carefully selected varieties to bring their individual energies into or around your home.

     Trees of Life

Trees are an integral part of this earth, in that they cleanse and purify the very air we breathe. Trees provide wood for warmth and timber for homes. Some even provide food for us to eat. Many animals seek shelter amidst their branches and also find nourishment in the bark, leaves and fruits. The deep forest is a mystical place: one that holds ever-changing wonder and that thrives with life of all forms and sizes. The Tree of Life has connections all over the world to the beginning of all (as in the Garden of Eden), the way to God (Kabbalah) and as symbols of integrity and balance (Hindu, Celts, Babylonians). The branches of the Tree of Life are as deeply imbedded in Mother Earth as they are reaching up for spiritual truth and the oneness with God (as in the Sephiroth.) The Christmas tree is now an accepted part of the ceremony of celebration and hope...the Tree of Life is sacred to many and comes in many forms...but all are of the same family. If you are performing a candle ritual (see Simple Candle Magick on the menu bar), just sprinkle some bark or leafs or flower petals of your choice around the base of your candle to strengthen your request. (Read method of collection below!)

The apple tree is suggestive of temptation, wishes granted, magickal properties, love and youth and happiness: even immortality, as presented in the Garden of Eden. There is a certain devil-may-care essence attached to the apple tree...and an innocence as well. The apple tree may be included in ritual when a fresh start and innnocence of spirit are the focus.                                                                  

Birch (bark) as in the ballerina tree, is used for cleansing purposes and to encourage astral/dream travel.

Cedar is used to attract abundance and for purification and healing.


The cherry tree and its blossoms represent both beauty and sudden death. The cherry blossom is indeed fragile and beautiful, however, the blossoms die quickly and seemingly all at once. The overall sense of this tree is to enjoy it while it blooms, for the bloom is quickly over.

The Holly tree is prickly...and that is its best defense. This bush/tree is representative of protection and safety...it's sharp points are its armour. The red berries are often connected to the blood of Jesus. The holly is very durable and can withstand an enormous temperature range...but the berries are poisonous and the colour red is associated with the passions...of anger, bloodshed, accusation and even love gone wrong. If protection is needed, I would recommend using only the leaves: not the berries.

The Oak is known for its strength of purpose and fidelity in marriage. It signifies tenacity, bravery and physical strength. If you wish to tap into your own latent strength of purpose, use Oak shavings or plant an oak sapling.

 The leafs from the Willow tree are used in divination and love. (The fable of the Weeping Willow is that the male and female versions of the tree were separated at some point: that is why the remaining tree weeps...it longs for its lost love.)

Needles from a Pine tree encourage courage and brings reward. (Ever walked through a bunch of pine trees? It takes courage to keep going, especially if you have bare arms and legs...those points are stingers! So, if you make it through, by rights, you should recieve something for your efforts!)                                                                           

The branch from a Fern tree represents wisdom, health, luck and money!


The climbing Ivy represents protection, healing and the tenacity of friendship. This is energy that does not give up.


Mistletoe branches are obvious, yes? No? Okay...well, how about fertility? And intuition, health and safety. Hope and romance play into the picture here, too.

Moss is not a flower and not a tree...but it is worthy of mention here, as it is a 'binder', that is, it covers all and holds all in place, therefore it is valuable as a cohesive element in any undertaking. Or in a potted flower arrangement!


I have to start with the shrub bush-flower, Heather. You understand. For many years, I disliked my name...but now that I know that it is connected to rain (think about all the heather over in Ireland and Scotland - I read somewhere that if it was not for the stubborn and resiliant heather, many of the stone-based and treeless lands would have been washed clean by the rain), I am quite content as a heather. This weed is also good for protection (against violence) and is carried for luck. It comes in three colours: purple being the most common (spiritual fortitude and psychic tendancies), pink and white (being the most fortuitous.) 

The Daisy is an innocent bloom...indeed, think of a 'daisy chain'. It speaks to youth, innocence, peace, simplicity and harmony. The daisy brings an element of sweetness and purity to any surrounding or undertaking.

Marigold is a funny flower. It stinks; has litle variation in shape and is unflowerlike, to me, anyway. However, its meaning makes sense. It relates to business, practicality, legal affairs, unbending attitudes and health, both psychological and physical. It is also connected to dreams (maybe it wants to be a prettier flower...?) and also to the afterlife and the potential for happiness there. Marigold is used when practical matters are at hand and require a firm hand.

The Rose is another obvious one. It is all forms of emotional connection from friendship (yellow), to fondness (pink) to outright passion and love (red). What may not be so obvious is that it also pertains to opening the heart chakra so completely that a new level of awareness is attained. As such, it relates to the 'third eye', psychic awakening and divination.                            

The Carnation is also connected to protection and healing and is a lower manifestation of the Rose..meaning it is used for friendships, caring, aid and kindness. It is also connected to the love of Mom - many pink carnations are given on Mother's Day.

The Water Lily floats gently and promotes peace and serenity. It is harmony and casts a level of calm over all, especially over the emotions.

Chamomile is already widely known as a soothing flower that is excellent for use in teas...it settles upset stomachs and lower intestinal/gyno issues. It is used in a variety of health and beauty applications, from blond hair rinses to soothing muscle creams.

The Lilac flower smells wonderful and promotes the idea of beauty and that is what it stands for: beauty, love, safety, protection and the guidance of the intuition.

 Lavender is respectfully known as the 'old lady' scent...but it is so, because the 'old ladies' have persevered: they have 'lasted'. Lavender is about the strength to keep going. It is soothing whether in teas, in the bath, worn as a scent, or dabbed on your pillow. It's main influence is to calm.

Dandelions bring to mind youthful days when they blossomed into snowball-like, puffy globes and were wished upon and blown upon until they fluffed off into the sky. If the fluffy particles went up, you would get your wish. If they floated down, well...try again! As such, they are connected to youthful dreams but also divination and the unexpected. Dandelions are about bringing back a certain level of playfulness and lost dreams.

Buttercups were used in my day to find out if someone liked butter: the flower was held up to the base of the chin and if your chin reflected the yellow of the flower - you liked butter. Childish. Cute. And that is the meaning of the buttercup. (He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not...remember? Pulling off the individual petals while chanting this verse was supposed to tell you if that guy you had a crush on felt the same towards you!) Buttercups hold a similar meaning as the Dandelion: to bring back a touch of innocence and playfulness.

Snapdragon...I think the name says it all. I used to play with these: you could pinch the base and the mouth would open. Kind of scary. So, these flowers look very graceful and delicate, but also represent a certain level of untrustworthiness. These flowers are connected to all-is-not-as-it-appears and deception. If you need to bring out your own 'shadow', or defensive side, or need to root out the deception of another, try the snapdragon. But use it sparingly and with clear intent. You don't want it to backfire on you!   

Foxglove is a very common flower, found almost anywhere. It's tall stalks are usually purple, white or yellow...and it can be very, very good - or very, very bad. Digitalis is made from its leafs and we all know that this drug can be helpful in the right dose and harmful,even fatal, in the wrong. Foxglove is used to heal, expecially the heart. This one is only for ultimate good and as a last resort.              

I once lived on a 5 acre spread with trees of many names and flowers of many colours...I would collect leafs and petals and dry them, to be used alongside candle burning rituals. Nature adds elements to any ritual, however, care must be taken when collecting specimens. Ripping a piece of bark from a tree would be like ripping skin from a person...it is just not done. So here is what you do. If there is fresh bark or petals that have already fallen to the ground, those are free for the taking. If you need to take a leaf or bloom directly from a plant...silently speak to the plant of your need, be gentle, do not take more than you require and apologize! The plants of this world live too...they are as alive as we are. (Are you familiar with the idea that a Mandrake root will 'scream' quite audibly as it is pulled from the earth?)

You may think I am a little touched, but I also used to leave 'offerings' at the bases of all of the plants and trees I cultivated...I am sure some gardener will eventually come across my many and scattered crystal gifts on that 5 acre estate and wonder about the previous tenant...


   I am a Piscean who was born in a rain forest along the west (wet) coast...suffice it to say, I am drawn to water in all its forms, especially to the 'other world', the other 'reality' which co-exists with our own: the ocean and all of its mysterious and sometimes alien inhabitants. Earth's Magick comes in all shapes and sizes and in different places. Some treasures of the seabed can be held in your hand and used in energy work: for example, jet is old wood that has undergone carbon compression in salt water under the sandy seabed for literally thousands of years. I have a square piece, like a large dice which is as light as chalk and it works well for 'grounding' and fielding negative energy. Obsidian, which is shiny, deep grey or black volcanic glass is not of the sea, but is created by the sea as the heat of the lava meets the chill of the ocean and also is great for absorbing heavy or negative energies and for grounding. I also have a large chunk of Obsidian...both the Jet and the Obsidian rest atop my two most often used tarot decks to absorb excess negative energies and to protect against same. 

  Coral is another underwater beauty and since it grows...it pertains to creation, circulation, expansion and foundations. Its colours are brilliant and many and relate to the static meanings of colours...pink for love, red for passion, orange for activity and so on. (See further down for crystal colour meanings.)

    Fire meets water...

    Coral is used as a positive stabilizer                 volcanic glass grounds




                  Nice teeth...                                              

I would love to be a fish...umm. A BIG fish, for just a little while...just to experience this other world. Well, you say, learn to scuba dive. Well, I say back, I would, but I am afraid I'll forget to breath. I am an armchair diver. Most of us take the existence of the creatures of the sea for granted in a way, which is to say that most of us don't really give the reality of the world of the ocean and the lakes too much thought. It simply is there. But imagine if it wasn't.                                         

Needs some SPF 75. Maybe some funky shades, a tropical drink with a tiny umbrella...a sunhat on his belly...can you see it?

 (Have you ever heard these guys talk? Hilarious!)


 And here is yet another view of our earth...the frozen part.


And the breathtaking natural beauty of the sun and the sky...               

    and pollution....that is an ingredient in the colours created...the dust particles in the air...                            

 Rainbows are representative of God's promise to Noah that He would never wreak such destruction (the Great Flood) upon the Earth again. The Rainbow speaks to God's protection and is considered a sign of good fortune and blessings.


 Double rainbows are considered a good omen...



 And now for something soft and furry...these three kitties are doubles for my own three kitties: Monkey, Kato and Jazzie. I am still fairly computer challenged and haven't figured out how to make them fit into the modem.


I love cats. I consider them to be a major part of Earth's Magick...they are curious, independant, affectionate, highly intuitive, beautiful and smarter than some folks give them credit for. They are also connected to the magickal realms, as in familiars to 'witches' (a derivative of 'wise woman') and are symbolic of Halloween and anything spooky. My cats know when I am coming home, even when I am still miles away. They each have their own distinct personality and voice and they 'talk', as well. They know when I am ill, they know when there is something off-kilter (I once lived in a 'haunted' suite - aside from other odd happenings, it was my cat who first brought this spirit to my attention) and they understand phrases and certain words (any self respecting dog or cat knows the word 'treats'!) that go beyond the norm.  Back in Egyptian times, cats were considered sacred animals and were treated as such. They can bring incredible love and comfort to those they live with.

   they are related...?     

     bad hair day 



 looong day    pretty...  

no comment

 A tiny detail.         


This is how Mother Earth's DNA sometimes looks in my world. Of course, I want all things looking even  remotely similar.                                 

And, they come from here...           

          A mystical, magickal world few of us will ever see...

Stunning, isn't it? Here are some of the forms and shapes these treasures take when they come to us: 


            ...yup...it's a shoe...                                                                                            

Colours and uses of crystals 

Although I am hardly an expert on crystals, I do know what works for me and here is a short list of the general colour associations and applications of crystals as I have experienced them...also, you might notice that the meanings of colours is static...therefore, if you were to, for example, burn a pink candle (see Simple Candle Magick), you could place a pink crystal nearby...

Pink crystals, like rose quartz, are about love and kindness, both to the self and others. It draws positive, soft energy and repels negative and dark. These colours are generally placed in the heart area, or chakra.

Light blue crystals, like aqua,  are about communication and the ability to speak one's truth. They are used in the throat area. All blues relate to truth and intuition.

Dark blue crystals, like lapis, are used for deeper communication with the self...like the Hermit in the Tarot, this color is soul searching and intense. It is also connected to the intuition.

Black crystals, like hematite and jet are good for grounding the self and also absorb and dispel negativity. They can be placed between the ankles if lying down to ground and clear or simply held in the hand for awhile. (I once let a client hold my large piece of hematite and when she gave it back, it was so hot, I was amazed. It certainly drew alot of negative/stress energy out of her!)

Clear crystals, like herkimer or clear quartz, are multi-purposed. They can be used in place of any other stone, like a white candle can be used in place of any other colour when performing a candle ritual (it can be symbolically helpful to burn a candle to release something...after all, candles have been used in ritual ceremony for thousands of years) and pertain to peace, purity, tranquility, freshness and new starts. Clear crystals also intensify, or boost, the power of other crystals being used.

Purple crystals, like amethyst, are connected to all things magickal, mysterious, psychic and other-worldly. Purple relates to the crown chakra, or the 'third eye' and is generally placed on the forehead. Spiritual growth and awakenings of all types accompany regular use or contact with purple crystals. Since spiritual growth does not combine well with sensory overload, purple amethyst is also known to combat drunkeness! (Many leaders of religious or spiritual communities wear purple robes to indicate their connection to the Divine.)

Orange crystals, like carnelian and citrine, are connected to lively, social and creative energies. Sexual fire, adventure and energy are the domains of orange and it is usually placed around the digestive or reproductive areas when used in healing work.

Green crystals, like adventurine and peridot, are the colour of nature and growth, and so pertain to balance and progress in all things. They are used in the heart area as well, since all balance, or lack thereof, is usually heart-centered.

Yellow crystals, like amber or yellow citrine, are connected to the sun and as such, represent personal power and confidence. Lack of yellow is like being immersed in the darkness of the winter: we need the sun to brighten us. Yellow is good for depression: it lifts the spirits. The liver (LIVEr) is a good placement in energy work.

If you like, you may carry a particular crystal with you, or wear it against your skin (best direct transmission). Prior to doing so, you must cleanse and program the crystal (much like programming a computer crystal chip). A few easy ways to clear crystals (be careful about this though, some crystals, like selinite, will 'melt') are to soak them overnight in sea salt water (buy sea salt at any supermarket) and then place them in the sun to dry, or to lay them in direct moon or sunlight for a few hours. If you live near the ocean, perfect! Just run them through the ocean to clear. Failing all of these options, run the the crystals under clear tap water for a few minutes. Some say this does not work and is not considered good for the crystals due to additions in the water, however, some cities, like ours, are fortunate enough to have decent tap water. If your water sucks, go buy some bottled spring water and use that!

Then hold each crystal separately in your receiving hand (the opposite one than you write with) and 'program' it. What do you want this crystal to bring to you or do for you? Or allow you to do? For example, if you are holding a rose quartz for love, you might say that you wish this stone to open your heart chakra, to allow love to reach  in and touch your heart while allowing your own heart to accept and return this love. However you wish to word it, speak from your heart, no matter which crystal you are programming.

Invest in a small pouch, or make one, and carry your crystal (s) with you. Remember to regularly cleanse your gems to remove accumulated negative energies.                                                 

And remember...everything is as it should be...relax!













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