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Master numbers hold, like all others, dark sides...and Michael Jackson had them all: 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55. The positives were fantastic, but he also had to deal with the negative sides of these frequencies...he is one of the only people I have ever found with so many Masters...and here  is what can happen when Masters slip into negatives...

Along with the positives in every number/letter energy, there are also the requisite and balancing dark or negative or destructive energies and the Masters, being the higher frequencies of the elementals, will be stronger and require careful attention and management, or the balance of a life can shift, resulting in all manner of over-the-top behavior and actions.

Michael Jackson had his share of the darkness the fully developed  Masters can bring...so while my last look at his energies was pretty much focused on the positive qualities and characteristics of the many Master numbers found in his name, this time, we'll have a look at how Masters can also turn into negatives.

All of Michael's name energies are Master numbers, which is extremely rare, yet somehow fitting when one contemplates his spectacular career, some say bizarre lifestyle, mysterious personality, accusations made against him, his difficulty in maintaining 'normal' relationships and his sudden and equally mysterious death.

In order to understand the potent energies that are attached to Master numbers, it is helpful to view the regular number scale of 1 through 9 as 'Elementary and High School' energies, which prepare the way for the 'College and University' energies of the Masters: 11, 22, 33, 44 and so on: the subjects offered in these advanced grades of learning are unusual, often difficult and specialized...they are also mandatory for anyone who holds these energies in their names and the risk of taking wrong turns or missing them altogether is quite high.

Another detail in regard to Masters is that since they are so high on the developmental scale, there are dues to be paid even before the lessons begin.

This usually translates as some form of childhood abuse. abandonment, mistreatment, force of negative words, actions or rituals, memories that become suppressed: so while the Masters offer wonderful rewards or opportunities, they also usually involve (partial) payment up front, and as a child, this normally manifests as mental, verbal, physical or emotional mistreatment - all are 'classes' that need to be taught in this particular soul's life lesson.

Several Masters makes this almost a certainty - and Michael himself claimed abuse at the hands of his father. His middle name is also his father's name and thus places his father's energy square into the middle of Michael's inner self -- I should not be at all surprised if Michael's deepest wish was to please his father, or that his father's influence, whether for ill or good was a major one in Michael's life...that is how I would read any chart with this structure.

If the father's energy was one of being hard to please, Michael would be left standing on very shaky ground: the empire that he built was upon shifting sands rather than firm foundations, which would carry an ominous and destructive undercurrent, because the one thing he wanted, he would never have - from all apppearances, his father was impossible to please. The love Michael showed to his fans and his children was his own: he pulled it from his own heart, not from the love of his father.

Born on the 29th (11 - Master) of August, Michael began his incarnation under the influence of the Master 11. To strengthen this influence, his soul essence (or secret inner self as found in the middle name, Joseph -- a connection to his father who also had a driven 'vision' of success for the Jackson 5) was also an 11.

The vibration of this Master number is one of imagination, fantasy, mystical longings and psychic or intuitive impressions...indeed, the Master 11 is often referred to as the Visionary, for it is able to see beyond what some might call reality...he was unique and his thoughts were unique, as well.

Living inside the self, privacy and daydreaming...and sometimes illusions...are the key words when describing this energy, although its idealistic goal is to heal the world, a dream which is often expressed through art, music, drama...these types are highly creative but are equally critical of their own talents.

Often dismissed as unrealistic and impractical by others, the Master 11 is so emotionally sensitive that it has difficulty relating to the harsher elements of life and prefers the haven of an escapist 'dream world'.

When forced to deal with the harsh realities of life, the 11 will perform its duties with grace, but will often disappear at the first opportunity.

There are usually two distinct and different sides to the 11 (due to the two separate 1 values) and Michael was a perfect example of this paradox as while he burst into life on stage, he became almost painfully quiet and shy off stage.

Dislike of the harsher realities of life is common with the 11 and when events transpire that require long visits to this reality, the health and mindset of the 11 can suffer. This could explain the reports of his considerable use of medications and his sometimes fragile appearance (which increased before his death): perhaps the experience of being out of his comfort zone manifested as toxic pain in his physical body. As I said, the 11 likes to live in a place of peace and love, if only in their minds.

His first and last names each total to Master number 22, the Builder or Architect. This number energy can take the visions of the 11 and translate them into reality on this Earth plane.

This vibration can amass great fortunes and material successes, which can present a tricky temptation for one with such a vivid and expansive imagination: the lure to use financial power to bring the components of fantasy to life can be almost impossible to suppress: consider the 'Disneyland Zoo' in Michael's backyard.

His Neverland Ranch was complete with gigantic cartoon characters, playland rides and animals of all sizes...and even a train that ran through the grounds, with a train station that looked like a mansion, itself.

The capacity to manifest that is the 22, combined with the wealth and connections to do it and the limitless potential of a fantastical imagination would have allowed Michael to have practically anything his heart desired -- from indulging the wish for physical perfection, to living a Peter Pan life that society was not have viewed with the same innocence of the mind that created it.

This would be a good time to point out that one of the main caveats attached to the Master 22 involves a warning against immoral or unethical behaviour -- a definite possibility when someone is in the position to have whatever they wish -- and already have more than anyone could possibly want.

A pre-existing sense of 'boredom' is often responsible for the continual search for 'more': a search that often leads either to areas of the life that are unfulfilled (a healthy childhood free of abuse) or outside established and accepted boundaries of normal behaviour and habits (admitting to allowing young men to share his bed - this feels completely innocent on Michael's part: like a 'sleep over' that he was denied as a child - just my take on it).

Michael's highly publicized trial centered exactly upon such established boundaries...whether impropriety occurred or not is not my focus, rather it is the energies that are present in Michael's name that certainly could set the stage for this potentiality.

In keeping with my view that the first (social) and middle (soul) names are of most import when analyzing a name, Michael's first and middle names total to another Master number: the sacrificial number of 33.

What this number energy does, or attempts to do, is to aim its own activity at benefiting the masses: this leader will make (sometimes unclear) sacrifices in his personal life to allow his focus of love to fall on the world...in other words, the world becomes his family and his goal is the help others to stand in the light of love. (3 plus 3 equals 6, which is the number of love).

These energies are selfless and giving, honest to a fault and their motives are often completely misunderstood by others. A perfect example of this dichotomy is Jesus Christ, who served humanity as a whole, offered them the chance to stand in love and was sacrificed by (and for) those same people - at the age of 33.

The downside of the Master 33 is its almost phobic fear of losing the respect it has earned which would lead to extreme depression and a sense of hopelessness...which in turn could lead right back to addictions or over-the-top behaviours or lifestyle choices.

As an independent unit as seen by society on the whole, the name unit of Michael Jackson totals to the Master number 44.

This number energy refers directly to what he did and created while here on the Earth plane: he used his music and lyrics and dance to affect the mood of his 'family': to uplift, to cheer, to validate, to touch, to heal, to transform...like the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly.

That, in fact, is the meaning of the Master 44 -- the Healer desires to transform haters into lovers...meaning love on a larger, familial nature.

This is the therapist to the human race, who will use whatever means assigned to him to accomplish his goal. Michael even sang that making a change begins with the 'man in the mirror'...he wanted to Doctor humanity but needed to heal himself first...which did not happen, but this was part of his Lifepath, so there is little he could have done.

The negative side of the 44 is a massive one: since the number 4 represents fundamental issues and is connected to the earth itself, the double number energy (remember that the higher the Master, the stronger the negative energy) can cause a literal 'earthquake' -- a shakedown of all that is held dear: a career can fall into shambles, a reputation can collapse, material possessions can disappear and personal relationships can be torn apart.

Look at the last decade of so of MJJ's life. He was not performing, he became the focus of alleged wrongdoings with young men, he was reputedly broke, and he had few honest friends - people who just wanted to be his friend - with no ulterior motives, for almost everyone around him was either an employee or wanted something from him.

And while nothing has been proven so far -- the suggestion of foul play in his death is beginning to surface. The 44 can herald complete destruction. (Addition: His doctor was found partially responsible for Michael's death and served 4 years in jail for his lack of attention in the scenario that lead to Michael's passing - another link to the 4).

Yet another Master number is revealed when MJJ's entire name is totaled: the Master 55.

Michael has often been referred to as a 'genius' -- which is exactly what the Master 55 indicates -- the Master Genius.

This person will have an exceptional talent in the brain -- in figuring out how to fix something, or at least, how to try. So the 55 represents someone who is much more intelligent and deeper than anyone suspects - it is a balance of intuition and intellect and is gifted with a natural sense of right and wrong...this innate knowledge and understanding allows for insight that is beyond 'normal' when making financial or legal decisions or, perhaps, writing lyrics to a song that is actually a love letter to humanity.

The down side of the 55 is that since the 5 primarily rules changes, communications and often fame...this name energy could suffer a fall from grace...from fame to infamy.

Another Master 55 is Queen Elizabeth who was, rather obviously, 'crowned' the Queen of England. She has held the throne for over 60 years (and still does as of this writing), has weathered good, bad, and very bad times and still maintains her regal and dignified power over her 'people' - but more importantly, she has succeeded in holding the family together through some of the worst events (Lady Di's death, Camilla and Charles' affair, the fire in the Palace and many other traumas).

The reason I mention this is that Michael was also informally but just as validly 'crowned' the King of Pop...but he did not weather the storms this vibration can bring as well as the Queen, and was gone before he could even match her years on her throne. The point here is that the negative aspects of the 55 can easily take 'crowns' away.

However, since the Master 55 is also known for fairness and justice, I suspect there will be dealings with the justice system pursuant to his passing...and in all fairness, his crown will be returned. (Addition: and it has - his net worth is more now than he might have ever had while he was alive and the court did become involved and may still have civil suits pending).

In closing, I must point out that living with so many Master energies would be extremely taxing on anyone -- especially on someone who lived his life under a microscope of never-ending scrutiny, evaluation and judgment. It is a burden only the strongest can carry.

For all that, I don't think MJJ will ever be truly understood, although I do believe that the one thing that will be understood is that he truly earned the title of the King of Pop and that is something no one can take away from him.

I believe, along with millions of others, that he was a man-child who loved from his heart, in an innocent and pure way, and that he was a great father to his children. Their reactions to his passing says it all.

Michael did the best he possibly could with the talent and Lifepath he was assigned. That he was one of the gentlest souls on Earth, I have no doubt...and that he had both a wonderful and a tormented life.


Written by Heather Lagan for Ezine Articles.