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Different ways you can do readings, from using the Pendulum, heeding your inner  voice (intuition), and learning to divine using other methods (which are explained here).


We all must learn to listen to our intuition: here is an example from my own life (preaching about heeding the intuition, among other things as a Tarot Interpreter and consultant) as I was working at a metaphysical shop and had been for a few years.

I loved working at the shop - it was a good experience and I met some lovely people and even heart-warming friendships were born...but things were changing: my intuition had been telling me so for months, but I successfully ignored that niggling but persistent voice.

It was telling me that my time there was coming to an end. I did not want to accept that, so I pushed it away: consciously ignored it. Quite funny, really, because it will come to pass, whether it is wanted or not.

One day, the ceiling fell in. Literally!

The very chair I always sat in was destroyed (a cement block sat in the seat cushion - which would have been the area of my head had it happened one day earlier). 

My Reading Room was destroyed. Water had poured from the ancient roof into my corner and the owner had completely removed the window dressings, my entire room had been decorated and had been inviting and cosy - however, when I came in to work the following Monday (this happened on Sunday - the day I did not work, but had I been sitting there...), I knew I was lucky and that my time there was up.

I remember the shock, but also the final and deliberate message from Universe: it was time to move on.

Shortly after that, I left Canada and had the most amazing and life-changing experience...which never would have happened had I stayed where I was.

 It was one of the riskiest things I had ever done, but it had good results.

 I would not have moved on had the roof not fallen in.

The Universe is full of such messages, if we are only open and wise enough to pay attention to them and absorb their meanings, even if we would really rather not hear them.

Even people who are 'open' to their intuition will sometimes bury their heads and ears in the sand...learning to listen and to heed the intuition is a life long process.

Suppose you have a distinct feeling about someone or something...like a wariness in your gut.

Like waiting for the 'other shoe' to drop...a sense of discomfort or a need for caution but you are not really aware of what exactly is making you feel this way. Trust me: your intuition is trying to tell you something! You will know what it is when you hear the 'thunk' of that other shoe.

And it will suddenly make sense. Your most likely thought will go something like this: 'I knew this was going to happen'...or, 'I had a feeling about her/him!'.


The above images are of the intricate neurons in our brains...

When any of our senses (all 6 of them/intuition) are stimulated, the neurons fire in our brains and travel to various and sundry areas of our bodies.

The intuitive sense is no different: we get a 'funny feeling' about a person, place or thing and as that sense is processed, it produces that same 'funny feeling' in your gut.

This feeling can manifest as an emotion of anxiety, fear, insecurity or disbelief or it can produce a strong 'knowing'...a knowledge, or certainty of the direction certain events or situations are taking.

Heeding that weird sensation can save you lots of trouble - and can even save your life if the situation in dangerous in some way.

The intuition is our 'warning system' and kicks into high gear when we are considering or actually entering into a dangerous action or surrounding.

The connection between the Universal power and us is manifest in this 6th sense and is a gift which is often ignored, stuffed into hidden corners or talked away by logic and reason.

There are many incidents on record about folks not getting onto planes, or boats (like the Titanic), or trains at the very last second because the intuitive sense of doom was so strong they simply could not ignore it. And in some cases, it even saved lives.

Almost everyone I have ever asked has acknowledged that they have had 'funny feelings' about something/someone at some point in their lives...and that their 'feelings' proved accurate.

So while most folks are aware of this odd 'sense'...not everyone recognizes it for what it is, or listens to it.

I will admit that it takes practice and awareness and consistency/persistance to open to these messages, but it can be done and all it requires is acceptance and attention.


There are a variety of ways to hook into this alternate level of sensitivity and one is to become aware of the symbols which surround us on a daily basis. I am talking about street signs, window signs, signs on the sides of trucks, license plate numbers, and activity that catches your attention for whatever reason.

If you are walking down the street, deep in thought about one thing or the other and you catch a snippet of conversation from a passing couple which, oddly enough, seems to 'fit' in with your train of thought...pay attention! There is a message for you in there, I guarantee it.

If you are driving down the street, wondering why a certain project is just not moving forward and you see a huge sign reading 'suspended stages'...maybe your project needs to be 'suspended' for while. Do you see where I am going with this?

There are communications for us everywhere: some traditional and some not so much. Astrological and 'star' signs; all kinds of notification and traffic signs:

what? ?

signs that we are in love, or engaged or approaching a 'dead zone':

which, of course, does not mean that the two are connected, it's just the way my mind works. Here are a few more signs/symbols just because it's fun:

So if you saw the above signs, and someone has just asked you to marry them, do you think you might stop to think about it...just for a sec? Especially if you knew things like this don't 'just happen'?

So now let's take this symbolism thing one step further. Supposing you saw the following images over the space of two days:

and these types of signs kept catching your eye:

would it occur to you that perhaps Universe is trying to tell you something? Like take extra care and attention when driving for the next little bit? Or have your brakes fixed, oil checked, whatever...? (you will usually have that funny feeling that something's up with your car and may even have a hunch as to what it is).

Incidentally, your car represents your control over the direction of your life and your physical body and what is going on in both. So seeing those rather dramatic events and the signs...if you knew about symbology, you certainly would take meaning from these 'messages'.

Maybe something simple, like putting on make-up or trying to light a smoke or find the right DVD or CD while you are driving needs to be addressed.

There may even be a small but connected warning, like you drop your wallet, lean down to grab it before it sneaks into that damned spot under the front seat that NOBODY can get to - and the next thing you know, you come 'this close' to slamming into the car in front of you.

The point is that there is a message for you in what we might call 'coincidence' (which doesn't exist)...anything that strikes you as being 'out-of-the-ordinary' is worth taking note of.

If you begin to move with the tide instead of against it, you will find life just 'flows' a bit more smoothly.

Here are a few more examples.

If you phone someone repeatedly and the line is busy, busy, busy (an oddity in and of itself these days) or your call goes directly to voicemail, don't get frustrated. Hang up, leave it alone and go do something else.

Not being able to 'connect' with someone means that you are better off not connecting with that person at that time and you do not need to know why.

Just call again later. (And when you do and hear about the horrible fight this person was having with their son? brother? plumber? right when you were trying to call - she had all lines on and was engaged in a multi-line arguments...I promise you you will be happy that you did not persist! Negative vibrations and all.)

If you are trying to travel somewhere and everything that can go wrong does go wrong...you can't find your luggage, you lost the address, the tire on the car is flat, the phone is not holding a charge, you argue, you have the trots, you name it and it happens. Oh, and you can't find your purse or wallet.

Would it cross your mind that maybe these are 'Roadblocks', and that perhaps, just maybe, you should consider staying home?


If something you are attempting to do or create demands extra-ordinary effort; keeps meeting opposition, involves any kind of technical issues or breakdowns, scheduling issues or anything else that presents problems – consider this.

There is probably a darn good reason that you should stay where you are - and you may never even know why. But what if you hear of a massive, miles long pile up on the very freeway you were in such a rush to get to? You might shake your head, right?

Things that are meant to be and those that are for your highest good and benefit will slot into place with relative ease. This leans into the SYNCHRONICITY energy.

The exact opposite is true for things that are not meant to be; that are not for your highest good or that hold danger or negative repercussions for you - Universe will throw everything it can in your way in an attempt to block or stop your progress.

'Roadblocks' or 'stop signs' (which is what I call them) are indications that you are going the wrong way. Your inner voice will likely confirm this.


Symbology is simply being aware of the shapes, or symbols that communications take when they are sent to you.

They may appear as two birds (togetherness), a couple arguing (beware of the potential for an upcoming quarrel and take actions to avoid it when recognized), the roof falling in (umm...speaks for itself) or hearing from three different sources that their furnace blew (check your furnace just for the fun of it!)...hearing with more than our ears leaves us open to other dimensions of communications.

Dreams are also a vast informational forum. Some say they do not dream, however, we all do...we just don't remember all of them.

If you dream of a flood, look at your emotional circumstances, as water represents emotions. Is there somewhere you are not expressing yourself? Are there pent-up words you are not releasing? Are you in love? Are you angry? Most importantly, what was your main EMOTION that you felt upon waking? What was the main element or theme of the dream? Does it mimic something in real life?

Perhaps you dream of running, a common theme. The obvious question is what are you running from? Or to? Who or what is chasing you? What are you afraid might 'catch up' to you? What would happen if you stopped running and confronted your fear?

The symbols in dreams are very personal. What a fish means to me might not have the same meaning to you...and so on.

Look at the core symbol of your dream, then focus on your emotion during the dream.

Were you happy? Sad? Confused? Worried? About what?

The feeling of your dream is very important and will tell you more about its content.

Remember that you are the writer, director and actor(s) in all of your dreams...it is all about you.

So consider the dream from all angles for additional povs.

It really can help to leave a notepad on your nightstand or in the bathroom (you never wished you had had a pen and paper so you could have taken a note about a dream that you couldn't remember in the morning, but the emotion of which is driving you crazy?).

In my life, I often notice phases when every car I see seems to have my complete or partial set of initials on its license plates. Very strange, I must say.

However, over the years of watching this phenomenon, I have noticed that this happens just before something major shifts in my life. It is though the Universe is trying to catch my attention and prepare me for it. This has yet to be proven untrue. coincidence?


I am sure that you also have noticed odd 'coincidences' (which aren't really) and SYNCHRONICITY (which is when a goal or project slots into place with ease - when something you want or find beneficial to you happens with ease - that is synchronicity) in your life.

Think about it for a second. Anything like this ever happened to you?

Someone you are thinking about rings you at that exact moment, or walks through the door or sends you an email.

You type an unusual word and someone says it at the exact moment on tv or while passing. This can happen quite often.

You talk about a celebrity or subject that is not very common and that very night, there is a special on tv about that very celebrity or subject that night, and you get that channel.

Maybe you have missed having a pet and are mildly entertaining the idea of getting a cat...and out of the blue, your friend drops by to say she got 'that' job, has to move and cannot take her cat - you have met her cat and love her already.

There you go: perfect cat fix. Just like that.

Everything in the Universe is connected and the main connector is Energy – thus, this world is intended; it is perfectly designed and all is just as it supposed to be. Even if it doesn't look like at certain times.

We are all linked to a 'higher power source' (or spiritual/energy matrix, if you prefer) whether we accept it or not...so when you have been thinking about calling your uncle for three days and he calls you, seemingly out of the blue...that is synchronicity.

It just means you both tapped into each other's projections (or thought shapes) and followed the most logical method of contact.

Looking at the world from this perspective is sometimes thrilling and sometimes not so thrilling, to be honest.

When a long suspected (intuited) component or likely event becomes reality, it does confirm your trust in the validity of these unusual messages but it can also become somewhat of a downer as confirmation of 'bad vibes', for one, can indicate misplaced trust, loyalty and the presence of rose colored glasses.

Nevertheless, the entire process is worth it as the whole goal is to align and open to the mysteries of existence. Nothing is perfect. But it can be pretty darn good...especially when you realize that you have opened up to your intuition!


These are some simple methods of divining that you can do for yourself. All you need is a pendulum (that you can easily make yourself), a book that you like, a glass of water, a couple of pebbles, a set of cards or even your computer!

There are, as you know, quite a few ways of assessing the energies present at any given moment, whether one uses traditional methods, such as the Tarot or more unusual ones such as casting coins or sticks (I Ching) or runes.

Some of us look for patterns in the clouds or in the calm surface of a lake or a crystal ball (scrying), or use dowsing rods, or study the planet's positions in the Universe...everyone has their favorite way of 'tapping in'.


One suggestion, especially when seeking a 'yes' or 'no' response is something that anyone can do. It requires no specific training or 'gift' and is surprisingly easy and accurate.

 PENDULUMS My pendulum is very similar to the amethyst one shown here. Pendulums can be purchased (or made) and can be of many different materials and many different shapes, but they are commonly made from wood, crystal, silver or brass and are generally pointed at the tip.

You can also make your own, using a ring on a chain, or a charm on a ribbon. The only important thing is that the weight of the pendulum is not too light nor too heavy, for it must be able to move freely, yet not be affected by a breeze or slight movement of the body.

Hold the end of the chain or ribbon between your forefinger and thumb (as in the illustration) and either brace your arms firmly on your knees or on a table: the idea is that you keep your arms steady.

Let the pendulum hang and place your left hand in a cupping motion directly beneath it (optional), making sure to leave enough space to allow the pendulum free movement. (If you are left handed, hold in your left and cup with your right.)

Now focus on the pendulum itself. Silently ask it to 'show me YES'. The pendulum will start to move, either in a circle, or a straight line towards you or from side to side.

Determine which direction the answer 'yes' indicates for you and your pendulum. (There are no set directions in terms of answers...these will be personal to you and your instrument).

Say 'thank you' and wait until the pendulum has ceased to move. Then repeat the process, this time asking it to 'show me NO'. Again, the pendulum will move, this time in a different pattern than before. Note the direction it takes when saying 'no'.

If the answer to your question is 'unknown at this time', the pendulum will either not move at all, or will swing in a direction that is neither yes, nor no.

You are ready. (I usually close my eyes so that I am not by chance influencing the outcome by directing my energy toward the pendulum).

Simply focus on your question, allow time to pass while your energy grows around your issue. Then frame and ask your question - keep it simple and designed so it may be answered by 'yes' or 'no' or 'unknown at this time'.

Approach this with respect and try not to influence the pendulum by allowing your hand to move and you will be surprised and intrigued, for while you may not see immediate results, persistence will pay off.

If you ask a question and receive no answer (no movement), this is either not the right time to ask or all of the information is not available at this time to answer the question. Wait a few days and ask again.

You can test your pendulum by asking a question to which the answer is already known, for example, you may ask 'is my mother's name Mary'? Again, approach this seriously or the Pendulum will mess with you and you will lose the connection.

Many readers and spiritual folks that I know carry their pendulums with them as a matter of course. It can be used when choosing an herbal medicine (is this a good medicine for me?), deciding on which shop to take your car, or to gain clarity about any person, place or thing.

The more you work with your pendulum, the more attuned it will be with you and answers and guidance will come with amazing accuracy.

Try not to ask more than 3 questions in one sitting and do not ask the same question again or in a different form – the pendulum will 'play with you' if you 'play with it'.

It's simple and it works - try it. You can pick up one up at any spiritual/metaphysical shop, or, like I said, make your own. (If you buy one, follow the question structure above and ask if this is 'your' pendulum. You will receive some 'no' answers...and then a 'yes' when you choose the right one for you.)

If the pendulums are displayed in a hanging row, don't be surprised if one or two of them begin to move towards you without being touched...there is an 'energy connection' happening and you should pay special attention to them. I have seen this happen quite frequently.


Another way of tapping in is by holding a favorite book (I sometimes even use the Bible for this and some of the answers are so exact, they seem almost eerie) in the palm of your right hand while covering the top with your left. (If you are left-handed, reverse the process.)

Try to pick a book that is not technical in nature, but rather one that is spiritual or is about love or positive ideas or storylines...the idea here is that you are seeking an answer or guidance, therefore the content or theme of the book is important.

Close your eyes, let your mind gentle, and calmly flip the book's pages with your thumb while concentrating on a question or situation. When the spirit moves you, open the book and allow your gaze to fall where it naturally wants to upon the pages and passages of the open book.

Read the first words you see and ponder their meaning as related to your question or situation. Sometimes you will need to ponder for awhile; other times the answer will hit you right between the eyes!


You do not have to be a tarot reader, or even that familiar with the Tarot, or any other type of deck for that matter, to gain invaluable messages from this method of divination.

Simply hold a deck in your hands, shuffle the deck while focusing on your question or situation and cut the deck 3 times (optional), then pull the top card.

Study the image on the card, taking into account the feeling it invokes in you and your immediate take on its meaning. It simply does not matter what the 'proper' meaning of the card is...your interpretation is the correct one for you.

Make sure to note everything about the card, i.e., if it has a number, title or anything else that stands out. The primary feeling you have about the card is your answer or holds the core of the message.

By the way, if you feel motivated to pull the next card, do so...often there are additional energies that are connected to the initial query. The maximum cards I would suggest pulling is 4. (Subject, History, Current Energy and Future Energy or Past, Present and Future).

An interesting, fun and easy way to learn the tarot is to pull a 'card a day'.

The most effective time to do this is at the end of the day rather than the beginning (the energy of which can sometimes affect your consciousness and even reactions during daily events).

After working with a deck for a few months, you will become familiar with the meanings of the cards for YOU and those meanings should never be changed or adjusted.

A case in point: if you gave the same tarot deck to 12 different readers, each one would have slightly different takes on many of the cards.

This is the way it is done: each reader understands the meanings of the cards in their own way and each one reads the layouts in their own ways.

However, if all 12 readers are reputable, the readings, although different in style and interpretation, will generally deliver the same message.


And why not? Most of us use this technology every day, so why not take advantage of it? I have often gone 'surfing' when in search of a message, often when I really didn't know what I was looking for, although I knew there was something waiting to be found.

To access this limitless energy field, I simply type in something related to my query or concern or feeling and follow the links that appear.

Invariably, this random ambling takes me exactly where I wanted or needed to go and gives me the exact message I needed to see.

This process requires an open mind and heart and the willingness to let your fingers do the walking. You just never know what or who you will find...try it!


Lay on your back and look at the sky...you never know what you might see...

We have all heard of 'crystal gazing' - well, you do not need a crystal ball or even a crystal in order to have a look into the mists of time...just grab a clear glass (no etchings or designs of any kind on the outside or inside), fill it with water and set it against a dark (preferably black) background.

This should be done in a dimly lit room and somewhere you will not be interrupted. You may have a candle burning (behind you is best so you are not distracted by the flame) and incense is helpful as well as it is traditionally regarded as an appeal to the spirits to be present.

Sit quietly in front of the clear glass of H20, but do not STARE...just gaze, blink when you need to and breath fully and slowly. Allow your eyes to 'soften' - like when they almost cross and blur out. Sounds funny, but that's the best way to describe it.

The first few times you do this, it is likely that one of two things will happen: first, nothing, and second, you might begin to see a 'haze' or 'mist'. If you are lucky enough to see the haze beginning to form, be aware of what shapes or images you might perceive during the mist formation or as it begins to fade.

 Clear glass of water without embellishmentSomething like this mist is what you are looking for.

Do not do this for more than 10 minutes at a time...you want to be fresh and clear and sitting any longer puts a strain on both your eyes and your level of receptivity.

Remember that any images you might see are personal to you...they might be difficult to get a handle on at first, but your first instinct about what the shape is and what it means is generally the right one.


This is really good for yes or no answers. Simply go to your garden, to the beach or for a walk...wherever you might find small, relatively round shaped pebbles.

Pick a white one and a dark gray or black one. Take them home, clean them under cool water and place them under the Sun or under the moon for awhile to dry and cleanse.

Hold the white and black pebble in your hands, ask a question and toss the stones. If the white one falls close to you, the answer is yes.

 If the black one falls close to you, the answer is no. You might want to find a small bag to hold these pebbles in when not in use...this implicates and assigns special energy to your answer pebbles.


All you need is a plain, round cup (no illustrations or shapes on the inside) with a handle and some loose tea, preferably with larger leafs. Failing that, you can do what I do and open a teabag, empty the contents into the cup and add boiling water.

A saucer covered in paper towel or a napkin should be nearby. You should drink all the tea, leaving only enough at the bottom to move the dregs around a bit. (If you can't stand tea, drink 3 sips, tip out the rest and proceed.)

Turn the cup in your hands (traditionally this means counterclockwise for females or clockwise for males) three times and be sure to tip the cup at the same time so that the leafs can reach the rim and the sides of the cup itself.

You may ask questions or make a wish at this time. When the 3 circles are complete, tip the cup on its head and rest in on the napkin or paper towel for a moment or two to catch the excess water.

Turn the cup over and study the shapes you find therein. The handle of the cup is you, the drinker. The rim of the cup is the closest to you and therefore represents now – current time.

The further down into the cup you go, the further the events or messages found there are...the very bottom is usually around one year from the day of the read.

If a symbol is facing the handle, or is directly across from the handle, it is important and will have an impact in your life: if it is facing away from the handle, it is a passing influence.

Similar to the symbols in dreams, or mist gazing or cloud watching, each one means different things to different people.

Go by your initial reaction and intuition when reading your symbols...and don't forget to turn the cup so that you can view all of the symbols from different angles. Keep your mind open: what you don't see the first time 'round, may jump up and bite your nose the second time 'round.

The last reading I did for myself showed me fish – all kinds of fish and in many sizes. To me, fish are all important as I am a water sign (Pisces), which is ruled by fish.

I also know that the fish was the ancient sign for Christianity and that Jesus was a fisherman (while I am not religious, I do honour the spiritual messages of this knowledge). I could connect with his attempts at uplifting man and spreading good energy.

I used to have a pool full of carp, whom I adored and used to feed and talk to on a regular basis (they are really smart and very affectionate...true!). So, to me, fish are good symbols that speak of my own development and progress, since fish rarely stay still.

But that is just me. What if YOU don't like fish? As I said, not all symbols mean the same things to different people. If you dislike fish, it could be a strong message that something is 'fishy' about something or someone in your life. Count any symbols which repeat themselves and again, look up the number meaning for additional clues.


You may want to purchase a dream book, or go online for the basic guidelines to symbols as these can be helpful when you are trying to figure out the messages, whether in your teacup or in last night's dream.

Dreams are 80 percent regurgitated images or events or things seen on the tv or around you as you travel each day - so knowing this ahead of time can explain many dreams up front - often if they connect to something in your own life.

You can ask Universe to send you a message about something specific before you go to sleep or ask to remember your dreams upon waking...we lose the majority of dream recall by the time we make it to the bathroom, which is all the time you need to remember the MAIN DETAIL in the dream or the MAIN EMOTION, for those things are the most important.

If you have a recurring dream, there is definitely a message there for you...and if you do not address whatever your subconscious is trying to tell you or bring to your attention, the dream may well ramp up into nightmare energy - it is how to gain your attention.

Precog dreams are the ones that 'feel so real' - like you were really there. Many of these we can do nothing about, for while we may know what the warning is, we often have no idea where something might take place or when...these are usually recognized after the fact...for instance, I dreamed of two tall buildings, ones I had never seen before, and there was fire and worse...you know what I am referring to.

Many people dreamed of this event years before the event, like me at 3 years, but again...it was just one of those vivid dreams that we don't know what to do about. All they do is tell us that we are capable of lucid or precognitive dreaming.

So go ahead, expand your energies and tap into your own abilities – it's enlightening, fun and I promise you, it will offer surprising insight to your situations or questions...answers are all around you; and you need to do is listen at a new level and see with new eyes.

Hugs from     

And of course, it goes without saying that all divinational information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only!! Please see disclaimers under Ethics & Policies.



everything is exactly as it should be...relax