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Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits? Hauntings?  Reincarnation? Check out the types of hauntings and some examples, eerie reincarnation stories and some spooky old cemetaries...and a story of my own.

The house I grew up in was located in a normal residential community, however, we had some odd neighbours. Which is to say that our house was directly across from a rather large graveyard and at the foot of a rather large prison. I thought that if the boogie man didn't get me, an escaped prisoner would. I wasn't sure which I'd have preferred...

This is the actual prison...Oakalla Prison sat up on a nearby hill, above our house. Not to mention that our house sat at a T-junction: more bad Feng Shui).In the sunshine, Forest Lawn hardly looks spooky, but trust me,  statues like this one sure looked different at night, floating in the fog and lit by tiny candles.



The view from our kitchen window looked out over the graveyard, which was dotted with white statues of Mary and Angels...I did not understand until much later that the flowing, misty white forms I used to see at night were actually just these white statues lit by remembrance candles...Spooky? Yup!

If you have read any of my other pages, you will likely have already ascertained that I have always loved eerie, spooky and mysterious subjects.

I used to walk in that graveyard (sometimes with my sister, Claudia - it was much more fun with her) and study the headstones, wondering about the people they represented, the lives they had lead, what they had looked like and felt and how they had experienced life and how they had died. And where they had 'gone'. Which leads me to the subject of ghosts and goblins.


In my spiritual and metaphysical journey, I have experienced many 'odd' things...and generally, only one of each.

I once lived with a ghost; had an unforgettable out-of-body experience, experienced the realization of a precognitive dream, and went through one specific incident of 'deja vu' that was so intense, it remains with me like it was yesterday.

My theory on these 'one time' events (which does not necessarily mean literally only one experience will occur, just that they are rare), is that they happened to convince me, beyond doubt, of the validity of each  'occult' legend or claim.

But the scariest thing that has ever happened to me was when I was visited by evil and thank God, it also only happened once.

This visitation most definitely fits into the goblin category.


       This happened when I was in my early 20's. (Many moons ago.)

Or perhaps I was dreaming? You decide...

My boyfriend at the time had purchased a tiny old house and was in the process of ripping out its innards. The main bedroom had been completed but the rest of the house was dismantled. Plastic sheets hung everywhere: plaster dust covered everything...it was eerie. Like the house was dying before being reborn.

One night, I awoke up to the sound of sawing in the living room and immediately felt offended and confused -- who on Earth would be working in the middle of the night? I remember looking over to the slightly open door and realizing a number of things in a single, instantaneous flash:

The bedroom door was always kept closed due to the chalky dust. Period. It now stood around 6 inches open.

My boyfriend could not be the one sawing -- he lay still as death beside me -- and I could hardly hear him breathing. He had not woken up despite the noise.

I could only move my eyes and my head: the rest of my body seemed frozen in place and felt extraordinarily heavy as though covered by a lead sheet - the kind they cover you with when taking xrays.

The full moon was centered in the window at the base of our bed and shone directly upon us, washing the entire bed in rectangle of pale blue moonlight.

No one else was in the house, let alone someone working.

All of this flew through my mind and my consciousness in a mere instant. As I stared at the slightly open door, the sawing stopped. I heard footsteps approaching the bedroom. A sudden flush of hot dread spread through my chest and I tried to speak/cry out but failed.

I knew that I was, indeed, awake and not dreaming, yet not in a normal state of reality. The door began to open, slowly...as though being gently pushed by a wayward breeze. It was at that moment that I felt the dread fan into outright terror, for I was 'trapped' in the bed - and powerless. No one was within shouting distance - and my boyfriend seemed dead tired. No pun intended.

A figure entered the room. It appeared as a large, shadowy, dark skinned man with dreadlocks or perhaps just bad hair. He began to speak and his voice was deep: his tone dismissive, derisive, confident and condemning. He talked of women who thought they were special: above the rest...'trash', he called us. I knew he was speaking to me and about me, even though I was most definitely did not think of myself in those terms.

I still could not move and my boyfriend remained motionless. The figure drifted (it did not walk - it...glided) to the foot of the bed and looked out at the moonlight. He was still speaking, but to be honest, over the years, I have either deliberately blocked out the specifics, or my mind has done it for me. He turned back to me and moved up my side of the bed.

Needless to say, by that time, I was truly 'scared senseless' - it is surprising that I didn't pass out. But that did not happen, even as I watched the thing come up my side of the bed (which seemed impossible, as that side of the bed was mere inches from the wall) and slowly lean close. I did not know what it was planning to do, but I knew it wasn't good. Or 'of God'. It continued its slow but steady progress toward my mid-section and finally laid its head, ear down, on my lower abdomen.

I cannot describe the emotion that simple action caused, other than to say I truly understood the meanings of helplessness and sheer disgust: I tried to recoil from his touch: it felt repulsive and rotten...but I could not move.

And I had the feeling this thing was smiling as he rested his head there, upon my womb. With mastery and deliberate intent and smug certainty that he had me...that he had all but won.

Without lifting his head from my stomach, he reached up and covered my face with his large and leathery hand...I thought now I shall die; my heart was trying to tear its way out of my chest and the air seemed to become a vacuum, meaning I could not breathe.

All that was left to me at that point was my logic: my intellect, my brain and my faith. I began to repeat in my head (and perhaps out loud? I don't know - I felt as though I were speaking in a low but steady  monotone) 'You are not real, you are not real, you are not real...'

I closed my eyes and hung on to that mantra and I believe he heard me and laughed, but very gently. His laughter seemed to challenge me; it was as though he heard my thoughts and was laughing at the absurdity of my efforts - so I did the only other thing I could think of.

This is the part I always felt reluctant to speak of -- it just sounds too crazy, but here goes: his little finger (one on the outside of his hand) entered my mouth.

Somewhere in my psyche, I knew this was the 'moment of truth' - somehow his finger in my mouth was symbolic of something else: something unimaginable. Something I could not name but that my subconscious and intuition already knew...that was all I needed.

Still repeating my mantra (or prayer to God), I bit down as hard as I could on that finger. And yes, I did feel something, but it was more like the fat tail of a rat than a finger. It also had seemed to grow, to become longer...and furrier at the tip.

I felt the tickle of it at the back of my throat. I knew that if I did not succeed at banishing this thing right at that moment, I was doomed to something worse than I wanted, then or now, to even consider. That certainty is what saved me, I think. That and my belief in God. So I bit, hard, repeated my mantra and hung on for dear life. Quite literally.

And he disappeared. There one second and gone the next. Poof. This thing had been as real as the bed upon which I lay and when it vanished, it left a sort of vacuum - an emptiness. To say that relief flooded my being would be the understatement of the century.

My body gradually 'came back to itself' and when I found myself able to move and talk, I quite naturally turned to the still form of my boyfriend and began to shake him, quite vigorously, out of his inertia. He seemed to take forever to wake up, so I kept shaking him, and as I did, the reality of what had just happened hit me.

I am not one for screaming, I assure you...but I screamed. It was the first time in my life that I became hysterical. My boyfriend finally responded to my shrieks but his movements were slow and sluggish - not unlike someone who had been drugged. Almost immediately, I asked him if he had heard or seen anything and he told me that he felt weird -- like he had been drugged or something. And it had been extraordinarily hard to wake him...

Now, my boyfriend was an extremely level headed kind of man...very grounded and logical. For him to even say such a thing was a strong confirmation for me that what had happened was not only real, but had effected him as well.

I did not feel comfortable there for a very long time...until, in fact, the house was finished.

I believe that the combination of the destruction of the old house, the construction of an extension that used to be the garage, the planetary alignment at the time, my own 'openness' to the unseen, my youth and fertility, the full moon and the odd occurrence of the bed being perfectly lit by that moon all contributed to allow this entity entry into my 'world'. That it was evil, I have no doubt. That it meant me harm, I have no doubt. That my faith and my spirit saved me, I also have no doubt.

At the risk of sounding rather odd - I also believe that this thing was an Incubus, which is the male equivalent to the Succubus, beings recognized by the Church Fathers of old as 'demons'.

My suspicion (or gut feeling) which was even difficult for ME to swallow, was cemented when after doing further research on the subject, I discovered that one of the things an Incubus is known for is its ability to put everyone else in the house (especially men - even one lying right beside a woman) into a very deep sleep, similar to a coma.

I remember feeling chills run up my arms when I read that.

Further, the subject herself becomes unable to move and experiences a heavy paralysis throughout the body, but is capable of limited head and eye movement.

The woman is invariably young, fertile and sensitive to other people's energies - and is therefore a perfect target. For what, you ask? Well, it's the oldest game in town and is connected to babies.


Good story for around the campfire, right? Was it a dream, or was it real? It happened to me and I am still not 100 percent sure...but I can tell you that my intuition says it was as real as you or I. 

And as an odd aside, many years later, I 'grew' a baby-sized mass of abnormally large cysts (filled with blood) in my womb, which actually made me look pregnant.

I had to go into hospital to have this growth removed - and by her own admission, there was a moment when the surgeon thought I might not make it, as she could not find the source of the flooding blood that pooled in my open womb.

Post op, the nurses had difficulty waking me - I honestly did not even care if I came back and willingly surrendered to unconsciousness every time the recovery nurses did manage to wake me.

The operation took twice as long as it should have (a total of 6 hours) and my surgeon later called it, again oddly enough, 'the hysterectomy from Hell'.

Neither she, nor her partner had ever seen anything like what they took out of me - it actually is up in the University of British Columbia for scientific and medical study for students.

I can't explain or understand why this happened, but perhaps it was connected to the thwarted attempt of the Incubus to impregnate me...impossible, right?


The Residual Ghost

This refers to ghostly energies that are attached to a residence/building and who do not interact in any particular way with mortals. He or she just appears, either in a see-through kind of way, or as a misty shadow form that seems unaware that you are there. This is known as a 'residual haunting' and is the most common.

Actions of the ghost seem to follow a pattern, for example, one such spirit may always be seen descending a stairwell, or another, passing through the same door.

Sometimes these apparitions are acting out a scene from their lives (perhaps immediately preceding their deaths) and do so over and over. One theory says that the material of the building itself, the wood, nails, bricks, etc. actually have 'memory cells' that absorb energy, especially violent, sudden and extremely negative energy and play these recurring energy cycles over and over, similar to the way a damaged record will skip back and replay a song over and over.

Other ghostly forms may appear almost solid and can be attired in the dress of the time period in which they lived. Occasional interaction with those still living is possible and the sounds these ghosts make as they move about can be clearly heard in the form of doors closing, music playing, footsteps overhead and voices, usually distant and undistinguishable. When their 'space' is invaded by us, these activities usually stop, or move to another area of the house or building. These apparitions are not usually dangerous or even aware of us.

I am sure you have seen the shots below: they represent the photos that are believed to be genuine shots and the images, genuine ghosts. 

                                                                                            This pic was taken in Shropshire, England (a place of many magickal and mysterious events, I might add) in 1995. The building itself (Wem Town Hall) had been built in the early 1900's and a town dweller (Tony O'Rahilly) took this shot as a historical memento.

Obviously, the girl in the doorway to the right was not visible at that time and indeed, the fire was in full rage and would not have allowed any human being to withstand its destructive heat. 

After developing the pic and seeing the little girl, the photographer had the negative studied by a professional, who found no evidence of tampering.

Back in 1677, most of the town of Shropshire was burned to the ground and a little girl named Jane was suspected to have accidentally started it. It is now believed that this is the little girl's ghost. (Unfortunately, this shot is still being questioned - some think it is indeed, a hoax). Still a spooky shot, though!

This photo was taken, ironically, by a group of 'ghost hunters' (J. Huff-Felz) in Bachelors Grove, Chicago, Ill. in August of 1991.

This cemetary already had the reputation of being majorly haunted...and its use went back to 1864. It was often the 'dumping grounds' for various gangster victims of the times, both male and female.

There was no one else in the cemetary at the time the photo was taken, other than the group. This lady pulls at the heart as her posture seems quite dejected and resigned...she is also dressed in a fashion long since passed.   


Perhaps the most famous ghost photo is the Brown Lady (so called for the brown coloured brocade dress she has been repeatedly seen wearing) of Raynham Hall.

This pic was taken in 1936 by Captain Provand and his assistant, Indre Shira, while photographing historic Raynham Hall for Country Life Magazine in England.

Both claim to have seen the mist like image before beginning to photograph it and its validity has never been proven nor disproven. It is, however, noted that these two professionals had good names and reputations and it is questioned why either would risk ridicule and the ends of their respective careers by producing a fake photograph.

The lady pictured in Dorothy Walpole, sister to the first British Prime Minister. She lived in Raynham with her father and had long been in love with a man her father disapproved of. Forbidden to marry him, she became involved with another man who was deeply in debt: quite the scandal at the time.

However, she did eventually marry the love of her life, but when he discovered her dalliances with the other man, it is said that he locked her in her rooms at Raynham Hall, where she 'officially' died of smallpox at the age of 40. The 'unofficial' story is that she died of a broken neck after being pushed down the grand staircase, as pictured.

She has been seen by many people, all reputable, and has been the reason for many servants leaving the employ of the Hall and many others who, after seeing her in the halls or in their rooms, have left the mansion, never to return.

 In 1959, Mabel Chinnery went to visit her Mom's grave.

Before leaving, she took a picture of her mother's grave and of her husband waiting in the car.

When the pictures were developed, Mabel could clearly see her mother in the backseat, right behind the image of her hubby. So can I.

The elderly lady pictured here was in her 90's and in the early stages of dementia when her daughter took this picture. The old lady had been talking to her dead husband for days (look right above her head - and for comparison, check out the shot to the right where her husband smokes his pipe - the two images are startlingly alike)...upon development of the shot, the daughter was quite shocked to see an image of a man standing right behind her mother...there had been no one there when the pic was taken. Could it have been her late husband waiting on her?

The Intelligent Ghost

There is also the intelligent ghost. Though similar to the above description, these ghosts try to get your attention: they are aware of you and want to connect with you. The reason is usually unfinished business...something they left undone, or something they wish us to know.

Perhaps they were murdered and are trying to pass on this information. Perhaps they have no clue they have passed (if death was sudden and unexpected) and need you to tell them that they are no longer a part of this realm and need to release and move on: some seek permission to leave, to go, to be free of this Earthly ether. These intelligent ghosts can be responsible for the feeling of being 'touched' very lightly, but not in a threatening manner.

Telling these kinds of presences to 'go to the light' is usually effective.

The Poltergeist  

There is the poltergeist, ('noisy spirit/ghost' - German) who is generally believed to be motivated or even channeled by prepubescent children living in the home.

Typical manifestations include objects flying, things falling, doors opening or closing, appliances turning on and off, great thundering noises in the walls or ceilings - movement, noise or activation of inanimate objects are the key ingredients in this type of a 'haunting'.

There are two possibilities here: one is that a psychically gifted or open child can unconsciously react to not getting what they want or being angry or resentful by throwing/moving/banging things with the sheer power of their will/mind, but this activity usually subsides when the child reaches their teen years.

Another possibility is that a sensitive child could be very open to the senses and alternate realities and thus could be 'used' by a spirit to create all manner of strife and trouble in a family.

This is closer to the scary label of 'possession' and while the energy that plays through the youngster is often childish itself (perhaps another child or immature adult died nearby in a sudden or painful way), and this will present a home that is not 'safe' as this one prefers to play hardball by throwing objects at people - objects that can do serious damage - so this type of manifestation can indeed be dangerous to anyone living with it.

The Hitchhiker


Then there is the fellow by the side of the road who thumbs a ride with you to the next town.

Conversation is friendly, or does not occur at all. You let the person out a few miles down the road, wonder about your odd passenger for a moment, then carry on your way.

You stop at a nearby diner and after telling your tale to a fellow diner, you find out that this person died some time ago in a sudden accident on the very spot you picked him up - and the day you picked him up was the anniversary of his death.

He is known to catch a ride every year on that date and on the same stretch of road upon which he died. Although very real, unless this hitchhiker was a serial killer when alive, chances are there is no danger attached to this lifelike ghost.

The Family Visit

A fairly commonly reported phenomenon involves relatives or friends who have passed over appearing to those they love. These manifestations are generally of a reassuring nature: to let the one left behind that they, the deceased, are okay. Such sightings are connected closely to the time of death and rarely occur months and years later.

Spirit Orbs, Mists and Lights

Spirits are also believed to be manifested in mist striations, streaks of light and orb forms.

This is true in video as well: the orbs can be followed by the camera as they dance and dart around. 


Good examples of clear orbs...notice the one near the gate on the left on the ground.

These orbs feel like free spirits, if you will excuse the pun...they are not Earthbound and feel uninhibited in their movements. The energies in these orbs is generally not negative.

An interesting aside here: I remember seeing orb formations and other unexplained steaks of light in photos taken when I was young -- I always thought they were simply light reflections...maybe not?

 What's THAT?

Below are some mist or 'electoplasm' pics...the one on the left looks to me like a group of kids dancing a ring-around-the-rosie...and if you really use your imagination, you can see forms and faces in the mist images over the house.

In the next shot, the electric looking streaks of light are most unusual...and are more mysterious as no one sees these streaks when similar photos are taken...








Photographic Spirits

Below is a famous shot of the crew of HMS Daedulus, taken in 1919. In the back row, fourth from the left, BEHIND the sailor pictured in the circle shot is the ghostly image of someone all the men immediately recognized as Freddie Jackson, who had died two days earlier and was actually being buried that same day. (You may need a magnifying glass to see his face clearly - focus on the man in the circled image, then look beyond his left shoulder and you will see a man without a hat peeking from behind him).

This 1949 shot was taken at the Royal Hotel, Bungendore, NSW, Australia, by a journalist for use in a feature on the pub in a local newspaper.

Between two men is the faded image of a man wearing a hat, glasses and perhaps sporting a white mustache and beard. He may well have dropped by his old watering hole for a brewski with his old buds.


Above is the famous 'Toys R Us' shot, taken at the Sunnyvale, California, outlet in 1991. The fellow seen leaning against the wall of toys in the background was not there when the photo was taken...in fact, this one was taken with infrared (extra sensitivity to light) film while other shots, taken with normal film, revealed nothing, other than the people seated on the floor.

Paranormal activity in this store is well known and ranges from toys flying many feet in the air, to toys falling off the shelves by themselves, to skateboards rolling down the aisles and crashing into walls. Employees are leary about entering certain parts of the store by themselves, however, no customers have reported being bothered while shopping. 

As with the examples above, ghosts can be solid enough to be noticed while other manifestations will appear as shadow shapes and suggestions of faces or figures.

               This picture was taken in Indianapolis by a Star reporter. The Nicholson mansion was in the midst of being moved and no one was in the house at the time. The figure in the lower pane of the upper window is believed to be the ghost of a little girl who died in or around the house years before.

Buried but not Gone

Some etheric remains are bound to their burial sites and will pop up now and then as mist shapes, light streaks or orbs. These apparitions do not stray too far...they stay near their resting place. The worst they might do is scare the living daylights out of you.

An unexplained mist hovers in this old cemetary shot...while a flash of light angles over another. In the third shot, careful observation of the tree in the background reveals an orb against its trunk.


The Dreaded Demon 


And there is also the dreaded 'demon' haunting. The demon is not simply replaying an old scene, or throwing things about, in fact, it is thought that 'demons' have no history as human beings: these are not ghosts. 

Demons are nasty, greatly feared and usually gain entry through a 'portal' of sorts. In the case of possession, or personal hauntings (the entity seems to follow a person around - they cannot move away from it), it is usually found that someone bothered or attacked in some way has played with a doorway of some kind: perhaps an Ouija board or a black magic ritual and has unintentionally invited the  energy into their domain.

Another possibility is the presence of instability of the mind and/or will or body, or a combination of elements such as youth, innocence, full moons, ley lines (geographic energy grid points) and other esoteric occurences: these 'demons' prey on the vulnerable, most especially younger folk. 

For instance, a young and pure child can inadvertantly attract such energies just as easily as someone who constantly talks to them, plays demon games, fiddles with black magic rituals and dresses the part (Goth with intention).  This all but issuing an invitation to negative energies.

Needless to say, these bad boys are bad news and can cause great damage, if not physically, then to the very soul of the attacked.

Please do not play with Ouija boards or hold seances for fun or with a lack of knowledge and respect: you just might be issuing an invitation to beings you really won't want in your life.

Do a Tarot reading or use a Pendulum instead. But respect still stands: these are tools of the intuitive and spiritual, so ridicule or disbelief can invite that which you do not want to attract. 

Toxic Evil or Demons in the Smoke

There is another category, an odd one to be sure and it connects back to photography, demons and mist or smoke. The pictures speak for themselves, I think...and the circumstances in which these pictures were taken was most definitely destructive and negative (think: 'toxic fumes'); the energy surrounding the events could 'feed' manifestations of this kind. 

Below are two images that are freaky in their similarities, right down to the fangs in the demon's mouth.    



 Another example of this type of imagery really needs no introduction, other than to say that the carving is by Rudolph Steiner and is of the demon god, Ahriman (below, upper right).



Other Connections

Objects or places have also been considered haunted or cursed: consider the Valley of the Kings (King Tut's tomb: many who were involved with the opening of the tomb died shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances) and the Hope Diamond, both of which were rumoured to have a curses attached to them. Looking at the history of both, one could certainly make a case for it!

Scents can also indicate the presence of someone unseen. Have you ever smelled a particular scent in a room that has no visible cause but that reminded you of someone who had passed? You could be smelling a ghost!  (Common reports involve smelling 'Aunt So-and-So' in the parlour she used to love, or Dad's cigar smoke in his library).

EVPs, or the recording of voice phenomenon is possible when using specialized equipment to capture sounds that are beyond normal hearing capacities. Noises that have been recorded include glass breaking, music, voices, laughter and the sounds of footsteps.


Do you believe in reincaration? Have you ever said to yourself 'I have been here before' when in a strange town? Or had the feeling that you already 'knew' someone that you had just met?

Some call this 'deja vu'...it is an odd sensation, to be sure. Movies have been made ('The Reincarnation of Peter Proud', 1975, among others - a classic - watch it if you have the chance), songs sung and books written on the subject and it still holds an incredible fascination for most of us.


Christians and Muslims denounce the idea of reincarnation as an endrun attempt to avoid the final judgment of God...and thus a possible eternity in hell.

Jewish beliefs on the subject are rather unusual: while a soul who has left unfinished business may be reincarnated to settle matters, or an exceptionally righteous soul may be brought back to continue their good works, not everyone is reincarnated. Even upon the return of the Messiah, only the righteous souls will be resurrected. So here we have a limited version of reincarnation.

Those of the Buddist faith seek to break the hold of this so called reality by understanding that it is but an illusion and therefore, we are as well. We are not ourselves, nor our souls and have no connection to anything. Such a state of being attained is called Nirvana, which is Sanskrit for 'to extinguish'. So Buddhists believe there is no self to reincarnate...and that only if there is a significant amount of 'karma' left to be 'paid' or 'cleared' will enough of the 'self' remain to form a new incarnation, but this is called 'rebirth', not reincarnation. Semantics, I say.

Those of the Hindu faith strive to avoid reincarnation again ...which means this time! They understand that the spirit must evolve through various stages of growth and learning before achieving the final stage of Moska, or, reunion wth their God, Brahma. The only way they can achieve this plateau is by creating good Karma as good and bad deeds in this lifetime will dictate their next incarnation, which can be as base as a rock or as advanced as Sansara (reunion).

Daily concentration is on overcoming human weakness and attaining self-realization and spiritual truth and balance...only then can reincarnation be avoided and Sansara, or Moska, take place. Since the Hindu and Buddhist faiths are connected (Buddhism sprang from Hinduism), it is not surprising that the end result of Nirvana and Moska are alike: they both suggest giving up the self or the soul and becoming one with a greater being or power - the individual is gone.

The cores of both of these faiths are similar to my own: that we are all 'students' in a giant 'classroom' and must study very hard and pass many tests before being advanced to the next 'grade'. Each grade, or individual lifetime, holds specific lessons that we must absorb and master and that, like school, one can 'fail' a grade and be made to repeat it until the lessons are learned.

However, I do not believe that we go through all the difficulties and hardships just to poof! vanish, albeit into the wonder of our God. I believe that when we graduate, after successfully completing all the levels of school, we 'go home'...that we still exist as ourselves, or as our souls, merely in a purer form: perhaps one of consciousness rather than matter. After all, thermodynamics specify that energy cannot be destroyed - it can only shift into another form, much like water, which shifts into steam when heated - and we are undeniably made up of energy...so the case for reincarnation is not one I believe can be totally dismissed.

So, you see...reincarnation exists in all religions and belief systems in one form or another. Some dismiss it, while others are governed by it, even by their attempts to break its cycle.

Many people have 'past life readings' and find that odd fixations, phobias or intense interests that seem out of keeping with their current lives suddenly make sense.

Past life readings can be performed by using traditional tarot cards and confirmed or expanded upon with the additional use of the pendulum.


For example, I am half German and half Irish. While I am very proud of my Irish heritage, I have always felt a certain distance from my German one.

When I was young, I wrote several essays concerning the War and (condemning, albeit as impartially as I could) the parts the Germans played in it. Further, I disliked (I am ashamed to say) certain other things that I connected with the nationality, while understanding that my own attitude was off balance and exaggerated.

I was inordinately fascinated and yet horrified by the Death camps of Germany -- I remember watching a documentary in which actual footage was used. My eyes locked with one of the emaciated Jewish prisoners, long since dead, and I felt I knew this person - stranger still, I felt that this person was looking back at me. 

I cried from my soul in sorrow and empathy and something else...an absolute connection that I cannot explain to this day.

Further, I had often found myself using Yiddish slang, (still do) without any idea of where this tendency came from and later in life, I immersed myself in the study of Chaldean numerology, which is of Hebrew origin.

When in my early 30's, I had my own past life reading done and it suggested that I had been a female Jewish spiritual leader who had landed in one of these camps with several others. I was told that I ministered to the others as best I could, but that none of us made it out alive.

This reading touched a very deep part of my being and I could not stop my emotional reaction but I also felt a sense of comprehension, of explanation that had been hidden and was no longer. A feeling of enlightenment followed that reading, to put it mildly!

So as far as my own belief in hauntings, reincarnation, and other arcane topics, it is as strong as my belief in Universe. How about you? What do you believe...?

People who look eerily alike

The resemblance between the following photos gives one pause, don't you think? Is it a case of reincarnation, or just look-a-likes?  It is said that we all have a double somewhere. Sometime. The Germans call it 'doppelgangers' (double goers).                                                                                                                                                    

        J. Keene is a modern time fellow: an assistant Fire Chief in Westport, CT. He is convinced that he is the reincarnation of John B. Gordon, confederate General, who died in 1904. (I must add that Blake Shelton looks remarkably similar to Mr. Gordon, as well).                             

        On the left is Daniel Morgan (1736-1802), an American soldier who, among other things, suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion. He was noted for his ability to work hard, drink hard and it was said he was not an effective public speaker. Mr. Bush is pictured on the right - he had a 'hard' job as President; was rumored to enjoy his 'whiskey', and was also known for his sometimes awkward public speaking foibles.    

And here we have one of the more well known shots - below on the left is Edgar Cayce, otherwise known as the 'sleeping prophet' as he gave his predictions while in a state of meditative sleep or trance. He was born March 18, 1877 and died January 3, 1945.

The photo on the right is of David Wilcock, also a prophet of some reknown, who was born on March 8, 1973. Both were born under the highly intuitive and otherwordly sign of Pisces...and look strikingly similar.

What is it that we are supposed to 'learn' through all of these incarnations, you ask? Well, I think it is a fairly simple answer that is one of the most insanely difficult lessons to actually wrap the brain and the heart around. It is all about learning how to love unconditionally. Not so hard, right? Umm...maybe not, considering the origin of that unconditional love has to be for yourself.

Favourite Shots of Old Cemetaries

I have a thing for old cemetaries: the older, the better. There is something about the ambiance that pulls me in and keeps me there. I feel very respectful when in a graveyard: I avoid stepping on graves and feel the need to keep my voice down. It is respect for those who have lived, I guess.

The thing that hits me over and over again is that these people were as real as you or I: they had good times and bad, happiness and heartache, emotions and needs and desires and weaknesses. They had pimples on their chins on the night of the dance; bad hair days and stomach aches. 

On particularly old dates of death, the passage of time is also fascinating to me...these people stood upon this Earth so very long ago. And yet that tree over there - the big one with the thick trunk, that was there when most of these people, now dead and buried, were born.

And now I stand looking at their graves. Time has passed. Things are different, yet things are the same. And the wheel just keeps turning...    


The two shots below are my idea of the perfect cemetary...eerie, moss covered, off-kilter, very old, very haunted and very scary in the dead of night...


 This is like the city of the City of the Blue Dead...apartments on either side of the street... (far right)                            Imagine  stumbling across this during your walk in the woods...then imagine it is getting dark very fast. And you don't know where you are...

                            I guess space was at a minimum...

                      A friendly looking place, I think. If cemetaries can be considered friendly.

                                                       Dust to dust...




 I love this one...very scenic...the rock in the background looks like a profile.


  Needs some TLC, I think...or, at least, some visitors.

And finally, a proper resting place...in the back yard of your local church!

And an end note: enjoy each day as though you were heading into one of these parking spaces tomorrow.

Which is not to say you should jump up and down and do cartwheels - rather, smile at least 3 times a day, laugh at least twice, make a face at yourself in the mirror, eat an apple and count your blessings, even if you can only think of one: the fact that you are alive. And, of course, keep the faith...'cause

everything is exactly as it should be...

  Hugs from Heather