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And now for a little reading. I have had a love affair with books for many years and here are some I have read and would highly recommend...and one of them is mine! :-)

First up is a new book on a long-lost art known as Chaldean Numerology. This alpha-numerology system is based on sound vibrations (numbers) and the initial carvings/symbols that served to communicate specific meanings thousands of years ago (not unlike Egyptian hieroghyphics), while also providing the building blocks for our own modern alphabet. 

Published by Llewellyn Worldwide in December of 2011, this book will take you through an 'inner soul journey' that begins and ends with the letters and the numbers in your name and date of birth. In other words, this book is all about YOU.

However, it also comes in mighty handy if you need to know the energies surrounding someone else, or the number energies connected to new houses, business store fronts, or the best dates for different undertakings, from business meetings to weddings.

We all know that everything holds energy, so it makes sense to use the right 'tool' when planning our lives, dealing with particular people, buying new property and even when considering your soon-to-be husband's surname and how it will affect you. Or when naming your child: this book will guide you in that area, too. 

This, I must stress, is NOT the system most commonly thought of when someone mentions 'numerology': this is the original Chaldean system, which is one of the oldest numerology systems in the world (and is believed to have originated from the 'Cradle of Civilization/Mesopotamia' and a small group of rather mysterious people: the Chaldeans - they actually took the throne of Babylon for around 75 years and then disappeared, leaving this knowledge behind).

After being simplified and re-written for today's readers, this is one of the most accurate systems out there...it is easy to follow and use and I am willing to bet that this is one book that will be shared with family and friends. Enjoy!

Below is the link to Amazon and to Llewellyn and remember, you can also find it in many larger and smaller retail chains. Oh, and yes, I wrote it!





 A few years ago, I was lucky and blessed enough to have met Leeya Brooke Thompson online -- in an almost unbelievable sequence of events, which I won't go into just now.

Well, yes, actually I will. It is just too funny not to...the hand of Universe was behind this one, to be sure.

It all started when a business man from Singapore sent me an email proposing a business arrangement in which his clients (he is in real estate) would be offered a numerological report with the sale of a house...rather like having an engineer in to check the foundations prior to purchase.

After communicating with him for a bit, I noticed that a few times, he addressed me as 'Leeya'. Something about that name grabbed me and I wondered...was this another Chaldean numerologist? It took but a moment to pull up Leeya Brooke Thompson and to recognize not only her name, but one of her books on the Chaldean system that I had read many years prior.

Long story short, I emailed her and unknown to him, this gentleman gave me a great gift: Leeya and I struck up a friendship which continues to this day.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to call this marvelous, funny, high-spirited, tenacious and spiritually dedicated woman 'friend'...and she is one of the most talented and 'seeker of truth' energies I have ever known.

That said, I am very happy to recommend her new trilogy of e-books...all available through Amazon...links below. Her website is


Buy Kindle edition now at Amazon.com

(Volume 2: The Staff of Ptah)

Buy Kindle edition now at Amazon.com

Buy Kindle edition now at Amazon.com




THE THREE BOOKS ABOVE ARE BY ESTHER AND JERRY HICKS...and focus on the Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts...The Law of Attraction is the one I would suggest for those who are just beginning to research the subject.

THE SECRET, BY RHONDA BURNE, is, in my view, the modern day interpretation of the idea that our thoughts dictate our reality and that what you focus on, or your belief system, will produce direct results in your life. So, simply put, if your thoughts are negative and you worry about this, that and the next thing happening, that is the 'signal' you send out and that is what the Universe will respond to, or send you. The Law of Attraction, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent and Ask and it is Given delve deeper into the Law and channel Abraham, an energy who provides clear and concise answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to harness and focus thoughts and intentions. (Please see further down the page at James Allen...an original in terms of this subject.)

The Moses Code is similar in subject matter, however, this information sources backwards in time...by James Twyman.

This next one is a perfect example of one that has been around for over 100 years -- a man by the name of James Allen wrote an enormous amount of short treatices, without recognition or pay. Like many others, his fame only came after he had passed...and before you go out to buy the book, you can read the original here: http://jamesallen.wwwhubs.com/think.htm

Here are a few books on developing the intuition and divination methods that I have found helpful and inspiring along my road of growth...some of them have been around for years: others are relatively new.

Ray Buckland has written a variety of books on a variety of metaphysical subjects. Any book by Mr. Buckland is a good bet.


Although Mr. Cunningham passed quite a few years ago, his teachings are still full of life and vitality. Anything by this author is also a good bet.

I am honoured to join Llewellyn's For Beginners series.

 Another author I quite like is Ms. Echo Bodine: I have read several of her books...the one in the center, 'A Still, Small Voice' is directed at people who use their intuition or psychic senses in their work...so it was one I particularly enjoyed!

M. Emoto's book, THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER is an absolutely amazing read. If you have not seen this, you simply must...the revelations and scientific experiments conducted on the functions and responses of H20 made me look at water in a whole new way...truly fascinating.

M. Emoto

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and the Divine Matrix are both brilliant  brain-teasers that lead to different levels of thought and to the considering and questioning of our beliefs regarding what is 'real' and 'normal'...and what all of this 'reality' might really be...


Words and concepts to ponder by Gregg Braden. These you may need to read a bit at a time (especially Fractal Time) for brain-teasers they most definitely are.


YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE was written over 20 years ago and has literally saved quite a few lives and healed and transformed countless others. Ms. Hay speaks to your heart and as such, can touch the deepest part of a person and thus, the healing begins. She is the matriarch of healing affirmations that give us the tools to affect change in our physical bodies. She herself is a survivor of cancer.

A must read for anyone searching for something more; for meaning and self-acceptance and forgiveness. Ms. Hay can show you the way to finding out who you are.        

 Wayne Dyer          M. Scott Peck    TAROT BIBLE: S. BARTLETT CRYSTAL BIBLE: J. HALL




The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I read this years ago and its message underscored my belief system...it is a wonderful book.

This is a (WeMoon) daily planner, but with a spiritual twist. It is compiled every year by a special group of ladies and contains native stories, astrological forecasts, moon schedules and a host of other metaphysical and magickal information. I have one...and each day  brings another message or validation or simple inspiration.

Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian: "The Book of Stones"

Love this one...it sits right beside my work space

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everything is exactly as it should be...relax!