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 Have you ever wondered how your voice sounds to others? You are not alone...everyone is affected and you are no different. Sounds 'vibrate' to a certain pitch that is represented by a corresponding number. That said, have you ever been curious about what the numbers really mean? Have a look here...your Lifepath is here and Master numbers are below.


How to find your Lifepath: add the number of your month of birth to your day of birth and reduce - so December 12 would be reduced to the 12th month, plus the 12th day - ie: 12/3 + 12/3 = 24/6.

Masters like 11, 22, 33 etc. are not reduced further, so if you total to a Master, that is your number: do not reduce. Do, however, take note your Quiet Number (11 is 2, 22 is 4 and so on), as Masters are just higher vibrations of the core number and are not usually operative for long periods.

In order to understand how Chaldean Numerology works, it is necessary to understand how numbers work as well. Below is a straight-forward summary of the number energies that form the chart of Chaldean Numerology...look up your date of birth (day and date only, combined and reduced) and see what your Lifepath energy says to you...what messages it holds.


By the way, one of the most-often asked of me regards why my method of reaching calculating a Lifepath does not include the year of birth.

The answer is simple: years are man-made while the seasons are not.

In Chaldean numerology, seasons are more important than years because there is a fundamental difference between someone born in the dead of winter and one born in heat of summer: it is just...natural.

So the only time the year of birth comes into play when is when calculating your Current Energy Phase, which is based on your current age. Otherwise, it is not a major player.

To my way of thinking, the almighty buck is responsible for the existence of the 'year' and calendar - it was created for business reasons, so two traders could be in the same area of the country to accommodate trading and thus, make...money. (Did you know that one of the earliest forms of 'money' used in trading or purchase came in the form of sea shells?)

For the traditional meanings of each letter in the alphabet, go to the Home page.


Numbers make the world go 'round! Everything and anything existing in this earth plane cores down to numbers, whether it be the construction of atoms, human beings or anything else you can think of.

The meanings of numbers is as progressive and sequential as they are and makes sense once the pattern is discovered. Following is a brief description of the main numbers, 1 through 9 (although the Chaldean system does not use the 9 in additions, it can still show up as a subtotal or total number energy) and what the energy says about each.

MASTER NUMBERS: numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 and so on are exempt from the reduction rule. These are energies that hold higher than normal potency and should be left as they are...which means that if any of your names total to a double number anywhere alomg the line of reducing, leave them. Do not reduce further and count them as the 11 or 22 or 33 etc., when adding all your numbers or when looking up the meanings of your numbers. (For more information on Masters, just read through the numbers below and they follow at the end).

Find more info on the phenomenon that is being experienced by so many on the NEVER-ENDING NEWLETTER - 2012 - Master Numbers that are repeated amp the energy they are cored to, so a 1111 translates into a massive force (11) that may mirror our own collective subconsciousness (11)...thus 11:11 points to dual power sources that core down to (and even shake) our foundational and fundamental roots (1+1+1+1=4).

Some say these are messages from somewhere to prepare those who are 'awake' for an upcoming change, shift...and it is the most often reported number combo seen and asked about. Check out the link.

Back to your your Lifepath number: it is calculated by adding your day of birth to your month of birth...for example, my birthday is March 10, so I would look at the number (10) 1 and the number (March = 3).

So my addition would look like this: 3 + 10 = 13 = 4. The most directly powerful number here is the day of birth and the final Sub (13) and finally, the 4. (The Sub numbers, as I call them, reflect the inner workings of your outer appearances...so the 13 would be my inner lessons and the 4 would be the outer manifestations, or results, of them in this physical Earth plane). However, I have written a piece on the number 13 - and it is nowhere near as negative and scary as most believe: it is actually quite progressive and magickal. (ON SUPERSTITIONS).

Master numbers are relatively common, but few will use their potential unless they are gifted with strong, spiritual messages in their Daily Name, Inner Soul or elsewhere in their chart, especially when it is repeated in a variety of ways. I have included the other Master numbers as well as they do show how the repetition of energies can intensify the gift of the core number.


Imagine a caveman, all alone. He has to survive and will do almost anything to this end. He must move forward and achieve and this sometimes means he will do things rather forcefully and even selfishly in order to maintain or improve his position...his life revolves around the 'survival of the fittest'.


This is the start of it all. It is the beginning, the big bang, the conception and the alpha. Translated into a person, this refers to someone who is a go-getter, a loner, ambitious, self-sufficient and focused. These people make great leaders and motivators and inventors or pioneers in unusual fields.The number 1 is sometimes ego bound as it is, after all, first, and that often leaves it single, or alone. If you want something done and done right, give it to a number 1.


Someone with a plethora of 1 values in their charts may not be suited to a domestic white picket fence scenario: they may be too focused on their own process and progress - in fact, the 1 is often chosen to create a legacy of sorts - they can become very successful in their career or create something of note...in some way, they can become well regarded and respected by others, which requires much hard work along the way - something that generally requires solitude.

The nature of the 1 can present challenging relationships...best mates would understand the 1's need to be alone and its dislike of feeling obliged or expected to do certain things or to act in certain ways. The 1 is nothing if not independent.

An overbearing A can be judgmental, superior, forceful, impatient, sociopathic and even abusive.

Challenge for the number 1: to overcome the ego: to learn to share with others and to open up emotionally. Focusing on one project, following through and accepting that not everyone is as driven or as 'strong willed' as they are...compassion for others falls into this category.

Now imagine cavewoman showing up at caveman's campsite. Hmmm. Interesting? This number is all about relationships and interactions between two people, places or things. Intimacy and all of its attendant characteristics, from loving to fighting are part of the 2 energy. This number also refers to ANY connections of two people, places or things.


This is the addition to the number 1 and forms a pair. The number 2 refers to anything that comes in pairs and primarily points to relationships of the human kind.

Number 2 is a nurturer, a domestic care-giver and a peacemaker. One might say this is the perfect picture of yin and yang. The number 2 is primarily concerned with relationships and the growth, security and contentment of those relationships, be they business or pleasure based.

The 2 is gentle, kind, romantic, generous, nurturing and soothing. It is happiest in warm and serene surroundings, again, whether this be work or home. The most important thing to the 2 is balance: between themselves and all other people, places and things...the unhappy, off-balance 2 can become moody, overly sensitive, manipulative, accusing and withdrawn...and is not above passive aggressive behaviour.

Challenge for Number 2: to understand that love is not found without, it is found within -- nor can it be supplied by outside sources. The 2 needs to learn to be alone and happy. It also needs to learn how to stand up for itself and also to fight the good fight. The peacemaker must learn that sometimes reaching a peaceful state requires a bit of work which can involve anger and expression of same...but in a calm and productive manner. In other words, the 2 needs to learn that it is ok to be angry and to express this to loved ones without fear of loss.

Back to our caveman and cavewoman...they have (magickally?) created a baby caveperson ('tri-mesters'). This baby is their main focus and their physical activity/thought levels rise dramatically...they must feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby, walk the baby, entertain the baby, educate the baby...and then try to find the time to sleep.


Let's suppose the 'pair' of the 2 got together and created some sparks...well, just think of a pregnant lady. That is the energy of the 3.

It is the third party, the baby and all of the activity that comes along with such an addition. The 3 is sheer activity of the body and mind and is also ruled by luck or magic (third time lucky, three wishes, Holy Trinity, body/mind/soul, click your heels, etc.).

Number 3 is always on the go - there is always something more to do! The average 3 is cheerful, helpful, social and entertaining and is always thinking - the brain never seems to stop. This can manifest as excessive and misplaced worrying, obsession over details and anxiety over almost anything. At this point, the 3 will usually take off running or head to the gym...but the 3 cannot outrun the potential for stressing or burning out and needs to learn to take time for itself in which to relax and unwind. As mentioned, 3 is normally very active, energetic, inspirational, humourous, charming, adaptable and artistic (and is the number of the Entertainer: meaning the actor/ress, musician, artist and so on)...but when this energy becomes negative, it can also become unpredictable, secretive, vain, wasteful, inconsistant, prone to gossip, dictatatorial, draining and untrustworthy.

Challenge for number 3: to learn to slow down and relax...and to learn to channel their energies in more focused ways. Also, to understand the nature of the 3 is magickal in many ways...investigating the unusual and odd can provide many avenues to explore and doors to open. The 3 also needs to pick its focus points and stick to them...too many interests can pull its energies in too many different directions, resulting in exhaustion and confusion...hence the warning about slowing down and getting enough rest. Read a good book! The 3 has to understand that it is ok to do NOTHING.

It also needs to understand that the goal of the 3 is to unify: body/mind/soul...which means they need to stop running around long enough to ponder life itself and why we are here...metaphysical knowledge is a must for this number and though this might sound like a heavy burden to pick up, it is not, for a book is where you start and the rest is from Universe, so you will never be weighted down - you are only given what you can handle at any given moment.

Imagine cavedaddy is now building a house for his family. He works diligently until a strong and solid foundation becomes a strong and solid house. He feels responsible for them and wants to offer protection to them: here is a secure, safe and dependable structure that fits the bill.


This is the number of the 4 corners of a house, the 4 directions, the 4 seasons...it is the number of firm foundations and routine and stability.

Here is a grounded energy which carries a feeling of firmness and safety. After the 1 has gotten together with the 2 and formed the 3 (baby), the 4 is the house Dad builds...with four corners, posts, walls and a solid foundation. This is where the child and family will feel safe and 'at home'.

The four is very responsible, faithful, patriotic, patient and dependable: this is the 'square' who does things properly and with respect and courtesy. Strong family traditions and loyalty are important to the 4, as is a good job, steady mate and unchanging stability - which actually brings to mind the biggest challenge for the 4, and that is boredom -- even as in becoming boring or being bored! The 4 must learn to play a little! (Put a pool in the backyard and buy that fancy BBQ!).

If the four becomes heavy and toxic, it can become rebellious, opinionated, stern, controlling, dry, humourless, hurtful, boring and even abusive. If the 4's bills are not paid, the house is in an uproar and there's no gas in the car, expect a very unhappy camper. Health is also an issue with this number: it will either eat right and exercise or stubbornly refuse both and grow, well...too big for its britches, shall we say?

Challenge for the 4: depending on the final energies of the 4, it will need to learn either to lighten up and have some fun, or, it will need to learn to take responsibility for itself in foundational ways.

The first 4 can be too set in its ways and often expects this from others...which can cause conflict. Rules and restrictions are by definition binding and personal relationships often do not respond well to these types of restrictions. Again, the 4 needs to lighten up, loosen the rules, have some fun and accept others as they are.

The other type of 4 (especially 13/4) will have to learn to accept the day to day responsibilities of living. This kind of 4 will often show other energies in their charts which offer reasons why this may occur...especially when 9 or Master numbers appear in the chart in key positions. Holding jobs, maintaining relationships/friendships will be affected as will the connected financial picture, which can cause more stress for this vibration. A spiritually open 4 will often, at some point, 'snap to' and understand this and do something about it.

Imagine cavebaby is now a caveteenager. Teenager being the operative word. This mini-adult will be getting into all kinds of mischief due to a newfound sense of self and a curiousity that needs to be fed. This teen begins to investigate, to experiment, to experience all in its search for absolute freedom.

Number 5 - CHANGE & SENSES

Now we are bored with the firm foundations and being stuck in the house, as safe as it is, and want a change. That is where the number 5 comes in...it is all about changes and the senses.

This is craving excitement, stimulation and new experiences. Number 5 is seeking to fly free from the 'groundedness' of the 4 and as such, can be unpredictable and flighty. Number 5 is independant, wants to be in charge of the self and choose for itself what it wishes to do, try or be.

The 5 is curious, brave, clever, adventurous, enticing, sensual and charming...and particularly attractive to others. This is a character who will do exactly as he or she sees fit: the number 5 dislikes committments and obligations: they interfer with the 'freedom' of life - even though this 'freedom' can land the 5 in some pretty uncomfortable situations. Ideally, the 5 should work for him/herself and only marry if the love is deep and true and abiding...the 5 is also known as affair-prone, or at the very least, not overly willing to allow deep vulnerabilities to dictate their life decisions. 

The potential for dabbling and getting stuck in the world of drugs and alcohol is also there - the five rules the 'senses' and that includes altering any of them. Oddly enough, the number 5 is also fairly balanced...it is the middle of the number scale (1-10). This middle aspect keeps the change involved from tipping the boat. A final note here: the 5 is the number of fame - the more 5 values in a name, the higher the chance of international or domestic recognition.

Challenge for the number 5: To focus on the 6th sense, the one of intuition. This will guide their forays into the other 5: the goal is to rise above their own senses and to understand the existence of a 'higher' power. This is why the 5 is the seeker: the one who challenges each of his or her senses to provide that extra 'something' - which is already inside them. They only need to understand that knowing something greater than them does indeed exist and that their inner 'knowing' is another of their senses and is the one that will guide and protect them throughout their lives...so the sense of security is not found on the outside, it is found right there under their noses.

The 5 may, at some point in their lives, want to 'settle' down...but that may not occur until later years. In the meanwhile, accepting who they are by nature is key to the happiness of a 5...the instinct to not be 'tied down' is something the 5 can not change and thus, any partner must be open and trusting enough to allow the 5 this freedom. The 5 also needs to learn to share the truth about who they really are with others so there are no misunderstandings looming when subjects like commitment come up. A 5 is the kind who will live with another for 30 years but feel no need to marry. 

Imagine caveteenager after a few nights of partying and crazy stuff. Caveteenager just wants to go home where it is safe and warm and that cozy bed awaits - where no one will judge or condemn, but will welcome with love and concern. Many folk with plenty of 6 values in their names will have to be aware of losing their own sense of identity as their commitment is complete and unerring.


From the excitement of the number 5, the 6 represents the desire to go home...after all, one can only feed the senses for so long and then one loses interest. It's like being on vacation for too long (and yes, there is such a thing!)...there comes a point when the novelty has worn off and one longs only for the comforts of home. Some may call this 'homesickness'. And that is what the 6 is all about - home, security, Mom and Dad, returning to the fold and the comfort and reassurance and acceptance traditionally found there. The number 6 person is community and home oriented, tender, indulgent, eloquent, kind, emotional, sensitive and loyal...the main concerns of the 6 are love and caring and unconditional support. If this number energy feels deceived or thwarted or cut off from the interior workings of a 'family' unit, it can become withdrawn, manipulative, blaming, secretive, passive-aggressive, smothering and needy.

Challenge for the 6: to see themselves as separate from a 'unit' - to become individual and powerful in their own right. To not become so immersed in the family unit that they lose their own identity. The other type of 6 may need to learn to trust...a situation often begun in childhood may have destroyed or seriously damaged their natural ability to do so. Becoming and remaining an 'individual' within a group is key to spiritual understanding and growth.

Imagine caveteenager is now a grown up, if young, caveperson. Maturity has set in and logic and pragmatism seem to be the order of the day. Which crops to grow and finding a home and wife of his own are subjects to be mulled over and thought about...his imagination kicks in and he explores possibilities - and all of this takes place in his brain. The brain holds many unused parts so it is no surprise then that there are two sides to the brain - one is ruled by logic while the other deals with the metaphysical and spiritual. The point is that the strong 7 is to learn ALL there is to know about this existence and to learn of all the capacities held in this mystical number - both logically and esoterically.


Once home and snuggled into the safety (bed) of the number 6, there is now time to think about all that has been done and experienced. The number 7 is all about the brain and the reflection that goes on there. This is a thought-provoking energy which is generally serious and silent. Number 7 is also known as the 'occult' number and thus, holds secrets of a metaphysical and mystical nature. The challenge for the reserved 7 is to apply all excess thought to spiritual and mysterious realms and the 'unknown' in addition to the natural logic of the intellect.

The typical 7 is studious, intelligent, imaginative, distant, dignified, analytical and logical - and does not display emotions easily. This 7 is calculating, cunning, intellectual to the point of brilliance and can turn on the charm when it so chooses or when it will benefit them in some way. This kind of 7 energy (which is the most common), is sometimes hard to get a handle on as they are very good actors as well. And unusual essence to be sure.

The flip side of this brain ruled (two halves) number can also produce someone who is fairly independent and who chooses to live their lives in ways that may appear odd and eccentric - and will be diametrically different from the standard 7, in that its interests will go beyond the scientific and into the unknown: the world of the metaphysical, unusual, unexplained and even occult will hold the interest of the more developed 7. This type of 7 can be highly intuitive, spiritual and even psychic.

Either way, the 7 is the thinker - all energies of this type will be investigative, curious, intelligent and dignified. The prime 7 is one who has developed beyond the standards set by 'modern' society and who is aware of and works with the mystical and logical: together, as one.

Challenge for the logical 7: to release the constraints of logic and to trust enough to embrace metaphysical research as a valid branch of the sciences. In other words: to explore the spiritual and unseen. Also needs to learn to allow emotional intimacy with others.

The metaphysical 7 needs to understand that they must also operate within the parameters of this 'reality' and that includes financial obligations and other 'normal' day-to-day issues: this type of spiritual 7 needs to incorporate the logical aspects of the 7...so whether one is the logical 7 or the mystical one, they both need to learn and incorporate the 'opposite' side of this enigmatic vibration...it can only lead to improvement in the life and even to a better understanding of this 'reality' and what might lay beyond its parameters. For the overly spiritual 7, an injection of logic and practicality could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Imagine this young caveperson suddenly finds himself accepting a job at an incredible wage (building all the village homes, let's say), in charge of 20 people (some much older than him) where he has a high level of power and authority. Does he respond from a place of wisdom and compassion, or does the position go to his head? 


Now is the time to take all that has been experienced and thought about and put it into action. The Number 8 is all about power and how it is used. The number 8 is often found among presidents, CEO's, lawyers, bankers and such...and/or the accumilation of material wealth.

The number 8 needs to be in balance spiritually as well as materially in order to maintain their position: if not, great loss is possible. Hopefully, the passages from numbers 1 through 7 have given the 8 the wisdom, kindness, spiritual base and compassion (important for the development of the 8) to strike a balance between the material world and the spiritual one.

Since the average 8 is all about control and power, many are goal-oriented, self-confident, determined, tenacious, inventive and persistent. Normally concerned with personal advancement and status, the 8 is usually materialistic and Earth-bound...in fact, it is common to find 8s who haven't a clue about spiritual matters...and they are usually very wealthy and sometimes, rather arrogant. In these cases, a financial or a personal crisis will often occur, forcing the 8 to re-evaluate their life and what is truly important. 

Negative manifestations of the 8 are unemotional, controlling, arrogant, loud, superior, judgmental, cruel, tactless, duplicitous and egomaniacal.

Challenge for the 8 - to understand that they are not in ultimate 'control' of their lives and to develop compassion for others and a belief in a being greater than themselves.

If spiritual awareness is cultivated, the 8 can do wonderful things and attract material and emotional success: the equation for on-going and perpetual success for the 8 is this: the upper loop (spirituality/Higher Levels) must be afforded as much regard and respect and belief as the lower loop (materialism/Earth)...it is the blend of 'as above, so below' which holds the power of eternal flow as indicated in the Lemniscate (this is the figure 8 on its side which I am sure you have all seen and probably spent considerable time doodling in your schoolbooks).

And finally, imagine this same caveperson nearing the end of his life, which has been a series of beginnings and endings. He now approaches he end of his physical existence and the start of something unknown. He is at peace with himself and content to move on. A developed (meaning spiritually aware) 9 will be serene and appear to live in another world.

This is not a number which is assigned any letters, but it can appear as a final name number.


This is the beginning of the end, but not just yet...the 9 says it is time to tie up loose ends, prepare for endings and new beginnings and realizations or ways of existing. Something is approaching that both ends and starts, such as a death begins a new level of existence, and as a pregnancy begins 9 months of gestation which leads to birth.

The 9 has soaked up all of the knowledge of the energies 1 through 8 and is spiritually more aware than at any time previous.

The 9 is considered a sacred number in some circles and refers to the completion of a cycle. The 9, ideally, will hold all of the positive aspects of all of the numbers and will embody a higher spiritual essence as well - this number energy will be highly intuitive, empathic, wise, humble and compassionate. They will function as healers, lightworkers, teachers or leaders of some kind and are inevitabley very talented, either through the arts, music or any other form of creative expression.

The 9 successful has learned (usually through severe trials that can take the form of abuse or mistreatment in the childhood years and even continuation of this theme as young adults) to live on its own and is happy there - it is independent, social, successful, reliable and sincere in its ongoing search for true understanding and in its desire to help others along the path.

The confused 9 will present a lack of self-esteem: appear lack-luster, be withdrawn, irresponsible, addictive, and aimless. This type of negative energy can also succumb to injuries of the past and waste both their time and their talents and drift into the bottle or worse. These kinds of 9 vibes need to really 'get it' - that they are here for a reason and that they are not an 'accident' and that all of the bad stuff that happened when they were young also happened for a reason and that was to teach them how others feel who have been through the same thing.

Training of the 9 is not easy, but it does have incredible rewards for those who pursue spirituality and helping others who have been through the same kinds of things. Everything happens for a reason and the 9 is the most potentially spiritually aware and intuitively talented, so once this is understood, this energy can really make something of their lives.

Challenge for the 9 - to not succumb to inertia and hopelessness - the 9 feels intensely and needs to learn to place absolute trust in their intuition and faith. Understanding that everything happened as it was intended to is perhaps the most important lesson for this vibration.

Should a 9 become materially successful, they must release a large portion of this for materialism can easily destroy their spiritual connection.


Some consider this a number and others don't. Well, I do. The cypher is one of the most maleable and multi-dimensional figures in the number scale. It holds everything and stands for nothing.

It is the circular shape of creation...when placed within the number scale, it will either strengthen or weaken, depending on where it is placed. As an example, think about this. Say this is the balance in your bankbook: 1.00. Sucks, right? Right, now let me add another couple of zeros. Now it is at 100.00. Better? Let's just go ahead and add a couple more! Is 10,000.00 more up your alley?

Okay, now reverse the process. Let's say you have 10% of a very good stock. Ooops - sorry, I meant .01%. Big difference, right?

So you can see how the 0 plays an important role in birthdays as well. If you were born on the 10th, 20th, or 30th...the individual meanings of 1, 2 and 3 will be highlighted and intensified during your lifepath. 

NUMBERS 10, 12 AND 13

Number 10 is completion on a technical level: this manifests as projects beginning again, but on a higher level and with a different attitude. This is a 'second chance' which mostly occurs later in life for the simple reason that there will have been many stops and starts along the Lifepath 10: it is the Survivor, remember? This number introduces the next phase of 11-20, so it can be seen as a doorway of sorts. Leave the old behind and bring in the new.

This intimates the NEED to survive...therefore challenges are not unusual and failures are there to teach us about keeping on - like the middle aged salesman who goes from door to door (although I don't think they do that so much anymore - in my day, it was 'Ding Dong, Avon calling' - how exciting for the ladies), and while our salesman puts his power into it, he sells absolutely nothing.

He feels he has lost his touch...and it occurs to him that he was actually considering quiting and walking away. He could take early retirement and play golf and hang with his buddies. But that house on the corner was the last on the street and he decided to make this huge manor house his last stop. But first, he went to his car and dumped all the materials he held into the trunk and closed it. He pulled two large suitcases from the back seat and took a deep breath.

He had been a salesman his entire life, but always for someone else's products. Well, he had created a top-of-the-line cosmetic and skin care program that had been tested and approved by all government and health agencies - he knows the products are good, but he has always felt doubt and even fear when he thought of introducing his own products, so he took the easy route and just sold what he was given.

He set the suitcases down on the porch and knocked on the door - he thought he heard the laughter of women - turns out our salesman was finally at the right place at the right time. (Which was actually arranged by Universe, unknown to our salesman). He had happened upon a group of women who were enjoying a game of some kind and who were very welcoming when he shyly followed the lady of the house into the living room.

The women showed genuine appreciation and admiration for his products and then they started buying - and buying - and buying, until both giant suitcases were empty and he had a clipboard filled with orders to be filled AND he had three solid bookings made by other women who would host their own parties...his own will to survive and his curious nature has lead him to the stairway of wealth. And he climbed, slowly, but steadily, to the top.

So if you have a Day of Birth 10 or an Inner Soul 10 (and maybe a key 9 somewhere in your chart, like moi), know that you have the ability to create something unique or to 're-start' your life again at a more mature age - the 9 usually demands repayment of karmic debt (in the form of unhappy childhoods and young adulthood - experience and years have taught the typical 9 wisdom and patience).

(Yes, I have both 10 placements along with the 9, so I am a good example - I always wanted to leave something behind when I left but I had no clear what on Earth what that might be - something that could possibly be of assistance to others...and although I had always written in one form or another I was a contributor to Ezine Articles and my submissions earned me the highest level one could reach: Diamond Level. And after only 29 articles...and then the Visionary of the 11 kicked my butt and I began to transcribe what I knew about Chaldean and the rest, as they say, is history. I got my second chance once I hit my 50s...and the journey is fascinating, to say the least.)

Number 12 is also interesting in that it signifies completion, as 12 months in a year; 12 inches in a foot, 12 hours of night lead to 12 hours of light.

The disciples numbered 12, as do the grades we go through school. 

So 12 represents completion of one level and the introduction to another - like graduation leads to a job and 12 months finish out the year.

This is the number of completions, whether that concerns a relationship, job, school...completions follow us all our lives, but anyone with a plethora of 12 energies in their name are definitely going to experience more than the normal in terms of changes, moving forward, attaining successful positions, rising in terms of spiritual knowledge and beliefs and so on.

Ahh, the ever-fascinating 13...this is my number and it is known as a 'bad luck' number (which is absolute nonsense - the energies are read as the force (1) of activity (3) that leads to new foundations, which can be used in a positive or a negative way...please read all about the superstitions of number 13 here.

MASTER NUMBERS LIKE 11, 22, 33, 44

Master numbers are comprised of double digits as in 11, 22, 33 and so on. The chances of running across a Master 55 (as a final name number) or up are very low. (I have only come across a handful of 44s and 55's...higher Masters can become so developed in the spiritual sense that they will have ascended...however, if a negative version of either is still here on this Earth plane, expect havoc...run for the hills!)

I do need to point out here that having Master numbers in your chart does not necessarily mean that you will pursue the energies contained therein...many Masters do not recognize their inherent talents and function as the base energy of their particular Master, for example, an 11 can often function as a 2: a 22 can function as a 4 and so on. Having a Master number in your chart simply points to the energies that are available to you if you should seek to use them, but it is your own personal decision whether you wish to pursue those energies or not.

The Challenges for all Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44 etc)

Here the negatives are fairly easy to spot and to identify: Masters are powerhouse numbers that, when active, can bring plenty of negatives like the infliction of pain, (mental, physical, psychological, emotional), irresponsibility, lack of focus, lack of goals, anger, selfishness, and most importantly, these energies do not see the lines of ethic and moral actions as applying to him and therefore the boundaries are carelessly crossed and blurred (especially vulnerable are double 22 energies). 

One must remember that the higher the number, the stronger the elements/characteristics that can flip to the shadow side - if they are negative, they can become quite dangerous. Master Number energies are linked far too often to criminals, sex offenders, bullies, and to those who are borderline crazy.

But if someone around you - say at work - is giving you the heebie-jeebies, you can now 'do' his or her name and understand what is happening for them and perhaps this understanding can help you and your intuition and to translate what the feeling into logical thought, which might just scream 'get outta there!' One of the main lessons of Chaldean is to learn to work with your intuition and the first step is recognizing when it is talking to you.

(Check out the Masters (Michael Jackson's Masters) for fascinating revelations about his name - ALL of his names total to Master Numbers. I have written several articles about this phenomenon for Ezine Articles, the most recent on the negative effects the Master Numbers had on his life...all of these articles are reprinted there).


11  Master Psychic/Intuitive

The 11 is formed by an Original Force times two. If the number 1 by itself is the pioneer, the leader, the starter and the survivor, then this Original Force becomes a different kind of Original Force. Thought of that way, it makes sense that someone with an 11 anywhere in their chart will be open to 'other senses' and ways of thinking.

The Master 11 is highly imaginative, intuitive, creative, thoughtful, romantic and charismatic. A true 11 (someone with a birthpath 11,  a total name energy of an 11 or with more than 1 set of 11s in their chart) will be capable of tapping into unseen levels of reality and would make a good tarot reader, or psychic, for example. The 11 will also be very talented creatively: imaginative, prophetic and even slightly hypnotic...at the very least, there will be something mystically attractive about them.

These fragile and slightly magickal beings make wonderful entertainers, magicians, actors or writers...all forms of artistic expression are the natural home of the 11.

All Master numbers vibrate to a higher energy level than normal and as such, need down time during which they will function as a 2 energy. This is also true of 11s who choose not to investigate those mysterious and mystical subjects they feel drawn to...they will  function as regular 2s.

Negative 11s will be darkly destructive and antagonistic (think 911 and even the number 11 formed by the two buildings)...according to them, their true value will not have been acknowledged and the result will be frustration and irritation and all manner of other negative energies. (The higher the number, the harsher the negative side/characteristics will be).

Challenge for the Master 11: To acknowledge their interest in occult, unseen and mystical forces and to accept this energy as inherent to their growth. The Master 11 must learn to live effectively in this reality -- to deal with fundamental issues involved with daily living.

22 Master Architect

The 22 is formed by a double 11. While the 11 is the great thinker and imager, the 22 is able to take all of this wonderful brain storming and fantasy to the next level, and that is the one we call 'reality'.

The Master 22 (also known as the 'Builder') can create, or manifest the dreams of the 11 upon the Earth. They can be actual architects, or they can be preachers who build a world-wide audience and give their sermons from within a massive glass encased structure that is built by them or for them. The last scenario can obviously be, potentially, a  negative one, and I included it for two reasons. First, it is the perfect example of the 22 energy and second, it embodies the warning that is attached to the 22: it may amass and attract such material wealth and personal power that it can easily fall prey to overstepping the boundaries of ethical and moral behaviour.

Similar to all other Masters, the 22 will act as a 4 when it is not 'on'. Negative 22s can bring the house down on their own heads - the term 'self-destructive' comes to mind....this can manifest as acting without regard to laws - an almost sociopathic tendency to fulfill fantasies or stretch the boundaries of normal life - however, the 22 rarely sees their own behaviour as questionable.

Challenge for the number 22: to not succumb to immoral and unethical behaviour, or to cross that 'line in the sand' -- this can be connected to the personal or business life. (The power of this number energy is considerable: it can grant success along with temptations that can challenge the boundaries of greed and sheer determination.) The quality of the 22's foundations will dictate the degree of success achieved.

33 Master Sacrificial Healer

The 33 is all about thoughts and activities whose common denominator is love -- the inherent need is to assist and heal. This Master will give up a personal life in the pursuit of administering to the less fortunate, the needy and the seekers. Although I mentioned a preacher in reference to the 22, this Master is the true Healer: the 22 will build the empire, but the 33 will preach the message, the motivation for which is genuine and based on spiritual love for all.

There is little or no material consideration present in the 33 incarnation.

The 33 will function as a 6 when not 'on'.

Negative 33s will tend to display extreme neediness, a massive lack of self esteem and can easily become depressed and morose if they feel their gift to humanity is underappreciated or is losing effectiveness. The negative 33 will turn inward, or towards a private world and this world often includes methods aimed at relieving tension and stress -- such as drugs and alcohol.

Challenge for the number 33: to not succumb to self-pity and the 'poor me' syndrome - accepting the 33 energy requires sacrifice of a personal nature - one cannot 'have it all' under this influence. The choice must be made and committed to.

44 Master Healer - (green for healing)

Here we have a very rare energy that can reach out and touch humanity as a whole. Where the 22 can build and continue to build and the 33 will work until they drop to accomplish as much as one person can, the 44 has the ability to reach millions of people. As such, the power they hold and control is substantial and can effect the world in either an incredibly positive or negative way.

This is the start of Master Numbers you will not often encounter. (Note: Michael Jackson was a double 22 and a Master 44 -- the truth is that he had the ability to reach out and touch and even heal millions with his music).

Unfortunately, another aspect of the 44, being of a foundational nature, is that it can cause massive metaphorical earthquakes (or actual, although not in the way we normally think of earthquakes), which can bring everything that has been built crashing down. Mother Nature is generally fairly patient with humankind, but even She has her limits...

Master Numbers are potent and awe inspiring energies that can bring incredible positive manifestations -- and equally incredible negative ones. The 44 is one of the most destructive as it refers to FOUNDATIONS - the earth, air, fire and water: the east, west, north and south...the spring, summer, fall and winter. This number energy is one that can bring tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, eruptions and earthquakes - or the complete and utter demolition of a life.

The 44 will act as an 8 when not 'on'.

Negative 44s can cause destruction, much like an earthquake, as mentioned, which can effect not only the 44 in question, but also the lives of many other people. What I am trying to say is that an earthquake rarely hits one square inch of ground...it tends to spread out in waves.

Challenge for the number 44: to use their impressive power to aid in the spiritual growth of mankind and not to succumb to the temptation to 'color outside of the lines.'

Whole Name or Daily Name total Masters above 44 are very rare and they will generally be recognizable, as they usually live...different lifestyles than the rest of us...again, Michael Jackson is a good example of these extremities - and his numbers even go up to Master 55 - very unusual. So even if you were not a fan of his music or of the man himself, the descriptives here are quite revealing in terms of the potentialities of the Masters.

Use the above descriptions when calculating your name number energies.

CHECK THE ENERGIES IN YOUR PHONE NUMBERS, YOUR ADDRESSES AT HOME AND WORK, YOUR SNN/SIN NUMBERS...you might be surprised at the 'connections' that you find!

Your address is 4405. Just add the individual numbers together: 4405 becomes 13 becomes 4. Your home number address is a 4.

Your phone number is 531-1132.

531 is ignored as it is an exchange shared by many others. Look only to the last 4 numbers as they are the ones that lead directly to you. So, 1132 becomes 7. Your phone number energy is a 7.

Your SNN number is      312           845           887

Add each 3 digits              6              17             23

Add the doubles                                 8               5

Totals                                6               8               5          

Add the 6 to the 8 to the 5 and you have 19.  1 + 9 = 10.  1 + 0 = 1.  

Your SIN/SNN number is a 1 energy. Do this with any number that is personal to you (driver's license number, phone numbers [do not include your area code or switcher station...just the last 4 numbers are involved], other people's names...it can be a lot of fun and very revealing, as well...

You can order your own report here.  

 Everything is exactly as is should be...relax!


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