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I included the above poster because I am still a lousy typist and tech-chalaged, tooso I just a 'thanks' for coming my a page will from current to past, so it will run fr will add to this Newsletter as we go, so who knows what will come up - I will just go with the flow - and if you have an idea, drop your suggestion by my Contact Box. (Or in my Guestbook - both are linked to my email). Hope you enjoy! There are already several entries, so scroll on down!

In addition to addressing serious subjects, I do have a rather wacky sense of humour and some of my 'favorite things' are addressed here - like weird/odd traffic/other signs, funny people, beautiful photography (I think) and stuff that just tickles my funny bone for whatever reason - I hope yours is tickled along the way, too! At least once. Maybe twice. Or thrice.

This is my my edited version of one of my pencil scribblings that kind of found its way into full colour...I think I would like to live there, providing it had modern facilities. I hate outdoor plumbing.

Otherwise, give me some candles, a full fridge and pantry and I'm set. Oh, and a laptop or typewriter and paper. And some good movies...scary ones. Pychological, mind-bending ones.

And a good cat and popcorn. Oh, and a boat, that's it. Really. Maybe a pilot.

Remember to smile each day - as many times as your cheeks will allow, anyway. It's natural, enriches those who receive it and costs you nothing. And it might make you feel good, too.


Heather - xox


May 3, 2012

CARD OF THE PAST WEEK (April 29 - May 3) 8 of Wands

Under the 8 come conditions of control against less powerful energies: this can manifest as disagreements with bosses, families and landlords: anyone with a higher pecking order than you may seek to make your life more difficult in some way. The best way to respond is calmly, for nothing will change the Passion the Wands represents - and passion covers anything from romance to anger and even to 'crimes of passion'.

This is a social suit - Wands seek to interact with others and this last week has been profoundly negative vibes that leave a feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. This can also refer to messages/mail being waited on - decisions, court affairs - all of these areas can be impacted. Most of all, this card points to delays in communications, mixed messages and misunderstandings that can ruin an otherwise great outlook on life. But that was last week, thank you, Universe.

Oddly enough, the Lifepath number here is an 8 also, so this was a double whammy week.

And yup, that's exactly how it was for me...how about you?


This week (May 3 through 10) will likely call upon some of you to hold your tongue, to do your best not to get 'sucked into' someone else's drama and/or circumstances and to remain balanced emotionally and spiritually - even those who are 'awake' may find this a trying time...on the other hand, the previous energy of frozen communications is lifted, so you may find that communication you have been waiting for turn up in your mail or inbox.

Fundamental elements and aspects of your life are up for change - that is lasting and that will change the way you look at life - it could be that your point of view shifts, and that can be a great thing. Change is life, but this is noticeable and lasting, so its power level is high. You may be walking a bit of a tightrope, but know there is a safety net below you - if you have faith it is there, it will be. 

Number 14 refers to foundations, and totals to 5, the number of changes. So you may find yourself engaged in something to do with the home: moving, building, buying, selling, painting, all manner of changes around the normal routine is being shifted or changed somehow and this is the highlight of regaining, slowly but surely, your balance in life. Do not allow the dispositions of others to rub off on you. Remember to 'turn on' your protective layer/shield before even starting your day. You may also find yourself truly considering what you do want your future to look like...ala the Power in the Law of Attraction.

Number 5 is the sense of wanting to fly; to be free to do and be whatever you want to and not have to answer to anyone who thinks they have a say in how your life should work. Follow you own gut and you will do fine.

Number 5 is about communication above all - this is listening to the radio and singing along; it is musicians in a studio; it is the guy on the beach or streetcorner literally singing for his or her supper (from an old Don Ho song - 'give 'em, give 'em...while you got 'em to give')...this is part of the lesson of the 8 we just looked at: compassion for all man, so if you have a loonie in your pocket - 'give 'em!'

You may also find something this week that thrills you - it could become a new hobby or a new boyfriend or girlfriend or just a friend: do remember that lovers are easy to find, but a true friend is harder so don't forget your friends during this rather spastic time.

March 21, 2013 SPRING EQUINOX!

Today the daylight is exactly 12 hours long and the night time is exactly 12 hours long. Why? Well because the Sun is aimed straight at the Equator. Ceremonies worldwide celebrate this day, for it is the time for resurrection: this theme goes back to the beginning of time, for this is when trees and flowers long thought dead (think Caveman) miraculously poked their little heads out from stems and from (are you good with these 12 points? If not, quit worrying about it: # 7...lol)beneath dirt: they came back to life.

And the Light of Awakening can spread quite easily and overtake the darkness. We have never needed love and light like we do now. And it began with one and has spread to millions...and it will continue until love encompasses the Earth...yes, I am optimistic. Always have been and always will be. When one dwells on the fact that we are only here for a very short period of time, it makes sense to let the past go, live for now and love even your enemy ('Go with God, but please go'...).

Light and Dark are part of the Whole, but by definition, one is clear and easy to negotiate while the other is black and dangerous to negotiate, for you never know when you are walking into a trap - or off the edge of a cliff.

So too is treachery connected to this day: when one thinks of how Jesus was betrayed or how Osiris was tricked into a coffin by his own brother (and welded therein), it is easy to understand why the forces of positive and negative are potent now, too. They are 'even' on this day and the dark will try to overtake the light...but we are stronger than the forces of evil: we can come together, even in the smallest of symbolic ways to think and speak of love and to pray for our beautiful Gaia, whose future lies in the hands of a few people...I am lighting a white candle this evening, for peace and compassion and understanding to fill the hearts of love and also the hearts of darkness that dwell upon Earth.

CHALLENGE: Any time between now and the full moon on the 27th, light a white taper candle for Mother Earth and for her people. Focus on love and peaceful endings to political games and power struggles. Burn somewhere safe, snuff it out between lightings and yes, that means you can burn it over a series of days - until it is burned down. For more information on Simple Candle Magick, go here .

So while Spring is a wonderous time of beauty, falling in love and all kinds of other lovely things, remember also, particularly now, that the force of good must outweigh the force of evil, if we are to survive.

We need to all remember that and spread light and smiles and kindness to others...it is like looking in a mirror: make a face and a frown stares back at you. We are what we give out...and we as a race need to come together and promote genuine caring and concern for our fellow man.

When celestial or certain dates/events take place, we gather and admire them...but the feeling of awe is soon replaced by the tediousness of everyday life and the awe is soon forgotten. Same with any other celebration - it is built up, celebrated and then...filed away into memory storage, to be taken out from time to time to bring back the feeling, before being replaced again. And forgotten again.

I guess what I am trying to say is that each day we are here and alive is another day to celebrate love.

Namaste and love to you all...Heather


March 10, 03/3 + 10/1 = 4

Day Energy today is Number 4, which is the most 'grounded' type of energy there is and includes taking care of responsibilities and cleaning your 'house', which can refer to your actual house or your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

This is also the number of boredom and rigidity (feeling strained) and calls for an easy remedy: a gigantic cake-pie in the face. Or having some fun for a while. Lean into the wind today and relax, for truly, all events, positive or negative, were meant to be so for you: it is part of your Lifepath

This is the foundation that all else 'lives on', so you want to be sure that your pilings are holding up and that bills are paid and your ducks are all in a tidy little row and so on. A bit of a boring or blah kind of day, but yup, I am happy to see my birthday return (as in 'many happy returns'), and hopefully will next year, too. Anyway, Hubby gets to clean house and I get to watch him do it! Woo! Good birthday so far!

A beautiful shot of a love energy burning.


On your birthday, you can do pretty much anything and no one bats an eyelid. Birthdays are like free passes to act like a goober or even to dress to the 9's and go out and paint the town red. Or pink...or blue...so to all the other water people out there, Happy Birthday and many happy returns. (I always wondered what that meant  - like wow, we made it one more year! - 'Course now I understand it very well. :-)

Words are important, don't you think? Whoever put this sign together (let's call him Bob) didn't understand that concept. Like WHAT?

I think that means there is only one type of goverment approved container and if you use another type of container, you will be arrested and charged with Failing to Gasoline to Dispense into Unapproved Containers. Huh. Go figure. Back to the government.

This is Bob's board. He likes it and plays with it every day. His house is kind of odd: everything is slanted - or it could be he walks funny. Or maybe he lives in a crooked house. Or both. Oh, and he doesn't drive. Anymore. Look what happened the last time he went to the supermarket.

Poor Bob. But at least he is happy...and carefree. Like we all should be.

But I do not use the Oujai board and never will - it is a door to other dimensions and once you play around and accidentally open it, it will be hard to close again - and you might think something happened, like someone called you from beyond the grave, but the truth is that it is more likely that negative and dark energies crept through when you weren't looking...so NO!

In all seriousness, if you are playing around with a board like this, be prepared for the forces that might play with you...and get it out of your house.

I am not saying run screaming from your job to get home and get rid of the thing: then your car might look like his (how the heck did he get up there, anyway?). No, just whenever you are relaxed and calm, destroy the thing - don't just pass it on to someone else; that's like sending a chain letter, except much worse. Allthough it might be a good gift for someone you can't stand...ah, but we are adults here, right? Can't do those impulsive things anymore...can we? ;-\

I'll get back to you - I am going to see if I can catch him...kidding. Or not.


Friday, March 8 = Day energy: 11 Master Intuitive

This Master number is all about magick, mystery and mystical levels of intuition, esoteric investigations, strange events and is the higher frequency of number 1, which is the Original Force.

Therefore, pay special mind to your gut feelings and trust yourself to make the right decisions based on your intuition. Today is artistic, creative, relaxing and is a great day to get together with a good friend or to go for a walk near the ocean or in the forest...11 is two 'forces' side by side that total to one 'unit' - in other words, this is all about units of two, whether they be lovers or friends or even hobbies: the point is that they should make you feel good about life.

Pic of the day:

Candles are so eloquent...and their magick is individual, personal - you can burn matching colours to your needs or form a 'sentence' that expresses your 'needs' (wants are entirely different as they connect to rewarding the senses).

As long as what you do is true and pure, you are free to follow the moon and burn when she is where you need her to be...then release.

If you would like to know more about Candle Magick, go here.


Tuesday, March 6, 2013

Just a reminder that when leaving a mail through the Contact Box, remember to leave your email if you want me to contact you...the following was just left, so Nichole, I will do this report if it is requested, so let me know if you are interested - I hope you see this!!

CONTACT ME *WITH YOUR EMAIL! = Hello, Heather. Do you ever offer the Compact Chaldean Analysis anymore? Thanks so much - Nichole

March 6 - 3 + 6 = 9 Energy

The 9 is all about endings and beginnings...negative or stressful endings always bring new beginnings - similar to when one door closes, another opens, so be prepared for cycles to end and changes to begin. This is the highest level on the spiritual number scale and also can bring artistic and creative talents to the forefront and tickle your imagination - moving home and decorating it to your liking would fit right in here - to my Carol, my Songbird, happy house decorating!

Day 6 is tightly connected to 9 as they are reversals of one another - and 6, ruled by Venus, is the number of home, of nurturing and tender emotions and obviously, love. The home is where (traditionally) one feels the safest and happiest...and the beauty of the home reflects the beauty of the owner.

If your day of birth is a 6, and you live in a family-type atmosphere, do be aware that you must maintain your own individuality and not become overshadowed by the energies of that family. Everyone is here to learn specific sets of lessons and becoming side-tracked by the family needs can throw you off of your own Lifepath. Loving is good, but everything has a time of 'happy mediums'. So don't forget to live your own life, independent of family. And do what you LOVE!


Monday, March 5, 2013

Here are a few more of my energy (moving) shots...if you would like to see more, just log in or register (quick and easy) and go to the Photo Gallery.

This one is called Profile...I can see the suggestion of a profile and long, flowing hair...the colours in this shot just amaze me...I never know how these 'energy' shots are going to turn out, so this is among my favourites, as is the one below.

This one reminds me of coloured ice, and makes me want to look over the rail...and I am not one for heights. So this one is called 'Ice Heights'...



























March 5 = energy 8 (3 + 5 = 8)                                         



This is the day to take control of those things you have been putting off...doing something rather than pushing it back will give you a sense of freedom and of getting out from under.

You may also have to deal with a 'controlling' or 'bossy' person or conversations that may not be pleasant...but again, the message of this day is attaining freedom in some way, whether via open communication or treating your senses to something unusual, pretty, or yummy.

Just remember that 8 is all about balance. 


January 20, Sunday

Today's number is representative of the Family of Man...and in the spirit of sharing, below are more of my photos - photography is a growing interest, as you might have guessed - just wanted to share a little of myself with you on this Family themed day...and my hope is that I don't go too off topic, but then I wouldn't be...me, right?

Maybe you can share something with someone today. Sharing should be a daily process anyway, as long as it isn't gossip...Share Today!

My wee faery...he is around when I do ritual burnings or just when a bit of magick is afoot.

He over looks all of my magickal workings... 





Minutes before the shot to the right

Above is a triple heart candle burn with Amethyst, Carnelian, Clear and Rose Quartz, Jet, Aventurine, Quartz Pyramid (right top corner), and Small Orgone Generator (top left corner - see Links and below for more information on these beauties and their creator). Notice the tiny purple flame...it is the final moments for this burn.

These are shots of my crystal pyramid and Orgone Generator.

The Quartz pyramid can be included in almost any burn or can just be placed in a sunny area, which will reveal inner rainbows, like this one does (for obvious reasons, be sure to keep it out of direct and prolonged sunlight :-).

The latter holds my own resonating crystals like amethyst, rose and clear quartz, and has a pearl on the top - this is my very own personal OG gifted to me by Mr. Stanjec, the gentleman who makes these amazing works of energetic art for both fundamental and artistic reasons...they can be of any size, from a small, wearable pendant to a large, more spectacular display-sized piece...pretty and practical. Further descriptions below, but I must say that I have had the opportunity to be around many of these elegant pyramids/cylinders and have experienced the peace these lovely works of art inspire.

Below are a few crystals: (center and moving clockwise from the bottom) Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, Banded Agate, Lapis,  Honey Calcite, Tiger's Eye, and Carnelian.

The generators themselves should (ideally) include silver or gold dust, copper, lead, crystals and colour, although this, too, is optional.

These 'energy filters' actually absorb negative frequencies (human or otherwise and most especially, Electro Magnetic Forces or EMF) which it may surprise you to know is commonly found in your computer, mobile devices, microwave and other areas or devices in the home and office.

Single burn with rose petals and banded agate slices, sodalite, smokey quartz, and some of the crystals mentioned above...you can arrange your own energy working area (altar) however you like...there are no hard and fast rules for this lovely and inspiring practise - you can just light a white candle to say thank you to Universe for all of the good things in your life...have a look here for more info on Simple CandleMagick.                                       

Here is how the final burn lighting looked...and when the lights went out...this and all burns look simply marvelous.

 And I cannot resist adding a few shots of yours truly..some a bit off-colour. And yes, on purpose. 

Below are a few shots of my most beloved familiar. His name is Kato and he is my love and my baby...bet a lot of you out there can identify?                

And here are a few more of my own artsy ones:



Namaste. Love and light to you and yours.




December 23/12

My book, translated into French!!...unsure of availability, but I will let you know when I do...

I am proud to 'be translated' - and less than a year into publication. Wow!

Also, there will be another printing of the English version - and all of this in less than a year after publication...thank you, Universe! and my thanks to those involved.

'Chaldean Numerology for Beginners: How Your Name and Birthday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path' (English version lol) is available in stores and online. Go to My Book for links to Amazon or Llewellyn, and thanks to ALL of you who have already purchased it and written lovely notes to me - I am humbled and again, I thank you for your support. If anyone has questions regarding the Chaldean method, just email me directly at heather_lagan@hotmail.com .




Llewellyn Worldwide/ADA-inc.com



 Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Rest in Peace

November 14th, 2012 

May you all find peace and eternal love.


And to the survivors: my greatest sympathy and empathy, though nothing can be said or done to make things 'right' again, perhaps knowing that millions of souls are thinking of you and sending you love might help in some small way.

 May you all find the strength and endurance to see you through the next few days, weeks, months...and years. My thoughts are filled with love and serenity for Newtown and I wish you all love and support in the New Year.

~ Namaste ~


A word for all of us.

Warning Signs are all around us, yet we still fail to see them.

Humanity has been walking a fine line; testing the limits; pushing the envelope and treading ever closer to that slippery slope...

When Children become involved in adult evil-doings, we know the slippery slope is upon us and we must, individually and collectively DO something rather than just talk about it: this is the moment of truth. It is evident in the choked voices of announcers and in the emotional reactions of the President, among many others, myself included.

No more talking, now is the time for action. These 20 little kids (a number which ironically refers to the 'Family of Man' and 6 women (a number that represents the home, family, safety and love and the community - and is also the average age of the children who died and in a sick kind of way, also ties in with the women who traditionally care for those in a 'safe' place -similar to 'home'), will never say another word and will never have the chance to experience the joy and excitement of living, demand it.

Unfortunately, we cannot 'see' into the minds of psychopaths, but we do have a built-in natural defense system that you can't see: it is deep inside you and speaks through 'funny feelings' and instincts to do something at a specific time and more often than not, can stop us from entering questionable relationships or from going to a particular party or from getting into that car - even if you know the driver. 

That something is our Intuition.

It is a gift from Universe...some make it an integral part of their jobs and lives in general while others spend the majority of time talking it down, ignoring it, suppressing it when in fact, it is a weapon of self-defense that warns of approaching personal or situational danger, so not heeding a natural sense that is as real as any other of our senses (like taste and touch) can wind up haunting us if we look back and say to ourselves 'I knew there was something off about __________ or weird about __________________.' And as we all know, those phrases are often considered after something bad has happened that we had 'sensed' beforehand but had not shared with anyone else.

I know someone must have had a clue here and in other disasters like Aurora's movie theatre...there are NO MORE EXCUSES for not reporting someone who gives us the heebie jeebies: take the bull (...bully?) by the horns and pick up the phone.

When the signs of danger are near - you will see/know them and it is up to you whether you listen to them or not. Take action or not. Get involved or not.

Come in all shapes and sizes and can appear as human as you or I...and sometimes, they are. It was just a part of their Lifepaths to be there when you or someone else needed their specific help.

Sometimes, they really are Angels...like the time many years ago when I was lost in my own life and one day near Christmas, I began the long walk over a bridge and heading home and while crossing the street at the base of the bridge, I had noticed a little old woman a good long distance behind me.

I stopped in the middle of the bridge a few minutes later (long legs will do that) as was my habit and nearly jumped over the freaking railing when this little old woman suddenly appeared beside me - there was NO WAY she could have caught up with me. No way. Unless she flew.

She looked like Mrs. Claus: white hair, red rosy cheeks, a little red hat and a long coat. She looked at me and began talking about her sister and how she had lost her way in life and had ultimately lost her very life at her own hands.

We began walking - part of me wanted to get away from her words which were hitting too close for comfort and another part of me knew she was an Angel and wanted to hug her and never let go.

At the base of the long bridge, we parted company as I was crossing the road and she was not. When I reached the other side, I looked back to wave to her and of course, she was gone. Impossible to do as there was no where to go. She was just not there.

But she stayed with me all these years and her message got through, even though it took a while longer until my life began to stay on course. So that is one example of an angel...but there are others, too. Bear with me for one more short story.

There was a young lady who worked in a photo development outlet and who often felt something 'off' about a regular customer who came in a few times a month, but who had never taken or processed his orders.

One day, this lady did take his order and also processed his photos and what she saw confirmed that her intuition: something was off.

But to call the police because of a feeling? Over a few 'naked' shots that were taken under situations that seemed 'off'? Even though the pictures featured a wee girl and full grown adults? 

But what if the feeling was wrong and these pics were innocent playing-around shots?

But what if they weren't?

The young lady phoned the police and they came to the shop where she worked and it turned out this man was not only known to them, he had been on their radar for quite some time for exactly this kind of thing and they had been praying for something they could nail him with and when the young lady asked if these photos would do it, they said yes. Without a doubt.

They told the young lady that she was brave and that she had done the right thing and congratulated her for acting when most would not have 'gotten involved' due to fear of retribution or loss of jobs, that kind of thing.

The little girl was safe...and the police later told her that the 'man' had been sent to prison.

The young lady later heard an unbelievable tirade about the privacy agreements between customers and the company: that they trusted the company to not reveal the contents of their photos to anyone.

The company was 'trusted' by clients to not reveal pics - which 99.9 percent of the time, was not necessary - 99.9 percent of them didn't show the potential for sexual abuse and this little girl was in trouble (as it turned out) and the young lady wanted to help her - in fact, she felt it was her moral duty - she did not mention her 'feeling' for it would have made no difference and may have invited more tirades...he wouldn't have been able to describe 'intuition' if his life depended on it.

 He just did not care - how cold and angry this man was.

He was the owner of the shop.

And yes, the young lady was me and yes, I lost my job over it, but given the same situation, I wouldn't change a thing. I hope that little girl is now a happy and well-adjusted woman.

We all need to do the same: if you KNOW something is wrong,


Addition: January 24th: today on the news, it was revealed that a young fellow [11-13?] shot his mother and his little brother and his father and then packed ammunition for two guns and headed toward Walmart (he said because there would be a lot of people there - to shoot, he meant) and the pastor of his church (who used to be a police officer) drove him (somewhere) from the park later...and he 'sensed' something 'evil' in the car. Remember, this man had known the young man in his car for years, which makes his actions so much more admirable - he knew and he acted.

 He stopped under some pretense, got out of the car and phoned the police. He heard his intuition and he acted on it - risking his own life in the process - and undoubtedly saved the lives of others.

He DID something about it!

Do what you need to do to bring it to the attention of the right people. Follow up - has anything changed? Get involved because you might just be saving lives.

Annonymous tips can be made to any police station.

The truly sad thing is that we will likely see more of these kinds of things...in fact, we turned on the telly last night and it showed more shootings and other horrific events...so things are STILL ramping up...(this is the negative ramping up until something 'gives' - it has to). To live is also to experience evil (ironic and a bit spooky is that 'evil' is the reversal of 'live'). This is a taste of evil for all of us and the incidents are occuring at a rate that is so fast that we can barely 'get over' one horrific scene before another takes its place.

May Universe protect us from the stupidity, ignorance and evil that walks this Earth and may the year 2013 be the number of the opening of the Golden Age as prophesized by the Mayans (we have been in a long cycle of preparation for this grand gate to open, so these are the actual times of the opening, which takes a while).

Those who are open will notice their own energies and those surrounding them changing: maybe a higher knowledge will be released into the atmosphere, or perhaps another strand of our DNA will activate and stimulate another part of our barely-used brain (2/3rds of that massive organ is not used for anything significant), anything that has the power to improve, sensitize, un-sheeple-the-people is prayed for and would be more than welcomed: it would be the only way we could stop our own destruction...at our own hands.

That said, do not expect the projected date of the 21st to usher anything noticeable: the following months and what happens during that time will be more important.

That includes 'laws' that are snuck through and the current gun situation in the States, North Korea and their leader and what he will do...and on and on. The problem is that the States are not longer on top and the American Dream has died...for now...but the grander scheme of things involves the 'domino effect' - what will happen when one country acts out in a destructive way that kicks the first domino.

 Not every country admires the States like they used to. And civil unrest spreads - it started in the middle east and has indeed spread to other countries...and eventually, the other shoe will drop. While my motto is 'everything happens for a reason', I also know that includes sometimes required negatives which will clear out toxic energies on a large scale.

So try to keep your thoughts loving and compassionate and keep your eye on Heaven/spirituality and you will do just fine.

Addition: today is Dec. 24th, so we made it through the projected 'end date' - a reassuring thing for most, who then carry on their lives as though nothing has changed, but it is until the Gate is completely opened, we will not know what the bigger picture looks like. These things take time...sometimes lots of time. The galactic gate has only begun to open, so we are not yet in the true Golden Age.

As mentioned, the next little while will indicate how humanity will respond to primarily loving energies. Some exist on evil and they will fight the good and the light and the positive with everything they have...it is truly a meeting of good and evil and who will win out.

In the meanwhile, love as much as you can.


December, 2012

Here is an interesting look at the number we have been so focused on lately - the numbers 1 and 2. Or 12. You'll be surprised what this number is connected to and what it really means. Might just help to explain all the other things that are going on in the world...and in Mother Earth...

NUMBER 12:Many prophesy dates have come and gone, the most recent being 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. Both of these number sequences are filled with numbers 2 and number 1, which are like what is found in a Binary Code (1 and 0), and which repeat several times. The 1 and 0 energies are like 'on' and 'off' switches...and any two numbers can act in the same way - like the 1 and 2.So something will come to an end (life as we know it - which is not necessarily a bad thing), and something else will be 'turned on'...I think of it as light and dark, or good and evil. The endless battle seems to never end...but this time, it might.



If you would like to read more about 2012 and what the numbers might mean for us, have a look here - very interesting.But a bit about the number 12:

We attend 12 years of school until we graduate; and 12 months equal each year. There must be 12 inches to become a foot (which is fast becoming an obsolete method of measurement) and the 12 disciples helped establish one of the most common religious systems in the world today...which is also on very shaky ground and Popes resigning is indicative of this inner turmoil...this number says we have passed a certain deadline and finished one phase in our existance as a race...and this sets the stage for the mass awareness of the Mayan/Nostradamus/Hopi/etc prophesies to manifest.

Some say there were no prophesies - I suppose time will tell, for the changes spoken of will happen: Mother Earth does go through changes as we have seen in the past with the Ice Age and Great Flood, so it would be no big surprise if she 'shook her mantle' (which might explain the 'torquing' sounds heard all over the world - check out You Tube for many examples of these chilling sounds), and released some of the stress humans have caused her...and this is just a general time frame - so just because we may survive the 21st with no obvious problems, this is just an approximate 'time' (which is manmade, so it really is not what Universe consults when it makes changes, although there is a cycle that is followed - like moving from the 'Age of Pisces' to the 'Age of Aquarius'.)

We are more than ready for something better, something loving and kind...energy that is sadly lacking in this reality as it stands. Something must change. And sometimes, the only time change really does happen is when humanity is forced to do so.



Monday, November 19, 2012

11, 22, 33, 44, 55 MASTER NUMBERS


One of the questions I ask when someone chooses to join is along the lines of 'what do you want to see more of, here in the Reading Room, and why...I want to answer anywhat do you like and what would you like to see more of and the number one answer was...numerology. Go figure.

I did some thinking and a few things stood out: the double and triple numbers folks the world 'round have been seeing (including me) - they include what are called Master Numbers that are sometimes doubled, like: 11:11, 22:22, or are triples like or 222 or 999 or simple Master doubles such as 11, 22, 33, 44 etc) are increasing in frequencies, so these will be addressed...an interesting story.

Master numbers accentuate the meanings of the single digits, and for that reason they are considered to be the most powerful vibrations. They symbolize the expansion of consciousness through a series of steps or illuminations as growth takes place, until the ultimate level of the Visionary is culminated by the Master 22, the actual architect, who then turns the images into reality, or tangible objects. From the brain, through the body and into matter.

Another involves compatibility: which numbers are the most suited in business, love, home and health...in other words, I am going deeper into the study of the numbers/symbols in an effort to provide you with as much information my brain will allow me to download.

We all pass through phases in our lives and when you see any double, triple or quad numbers, there is a message there for you, (some say double, triple or quadruple numbers are messages from Angels and confirm what you might be working on, or push you to investigate why you keep seeing said numbers), so knowing the meanings of the base numbers will help you to figure out what these numbers are trying to convey to you - we all go through phases in our lives, so the number you see is directly connected to your personal life and to what you need to know and that message comes from divinity (as 'Angel Messages'). The first thing you think of is generally the 'right' answer or direction.

So, let's say you keep seeing 11:11, like so many million others are. One number 1 represents a single entity, a single 'force', while a second number1 is indicative of another energy (for example, the number 11 is considered a Master Number that speaks to psychic/intuitive/empathic energies - so you as one force and intuitive abilities as the second number 1 = Master energies. The 11 is a Visionary who is able to 'see' more than the average person: another level of imagination is present and the mind is naturally progressive and as such is very open to other energies and could be struggling with the intuition and whether it is real or if this is a sign of oncoming insanity. Which, of course, is not the case.

Seriously. You are just one of the chosen and should feel quite honoured.

When you see double numbers like this 11, it 'adds' another level or element to the first number, so here, awareness of the person who sees the Master 11 increases, usually in an esoteric way.

When those numbers are reflected in 11:11, this is indicative of another reality, if you like. This 'reality' is mirrored and that can only speak to another level or development that is preparing to introduce itself to humanity...we could be going back to the beginnings to start over or a new spiritual awareness will be introduced into our DNA (*this is represented by 11 as it is two ladder-like twirling rods that are connected like the rungs on that ladder*).

And finally, add the numbers together (4 times 1 = 4). Four is the number of the family; of foundational and stable grounding.

So think about the number in question...say it's 22 (this is not going to be sequential - I am going to go with the flow). You keep seeing it every time you turn around: on clocks, license plates, gas signs, prices in windows, dates, etc.

The base meaning of the 2 is joining with another in a significant or important way and 'becoming one' through marriage, for instance...this 'joining' will produce yet another entity/thing through partnerships or one becoming 2 (as in the birth of a child or a company).

The number 2 is often connected to relationships and those can occur between anyone and anything, but the most important connections FOR YOU personally are the ones at play here.

Remember 2 is pairs and couples in the first place, so seeing another 'set' of them indicates the mirror affect again - and indicates the possibility of higher energies or friendly entities or guides or angels...who are there to assist in some area of your life that cores down to the base number 2, so if you keep seeing 8888, for instance, have a look around and see who might be trying to control your life or keep you 'locked' into something you feel trapped and contained by.

The 8 is all about power and control, so there may be an issue at work or home that involves friendly (or not so friendly) power struggles that may have a serious undertones. The typical 8 is not usually spiritually developed (which is not to say all are) and will have superiority complexes, control and anger issues, and the main focus will be on material wealth and building the bank account. These types will often experience several falls from power or grace or both before they clue in that there is more to this life than fast cars, fur coats and pretentious and arrogant attitudes.

On the other hand, you may be one of the rare folks who gets the chance to experience true spiritually based success: a compassionate and understanding person who does not judge nor do evil but rather good deeds that are aimed at assisting those less fortunate - and this means without expectation of recognition or reward...'done under the cover of darkness' might be an appropriate phrase.

But back to the double 2 energies...If you have wanted to 'pitch' an idea and have been waiting for the right time, this would be it.

Being under the influence of the Builder 22 and seeing either the double Master or the reflected 22 (22:22) means that there is a 'mirror' energy present that will assist you in your endeavours. Call it an Angel or a force of some kind - or even someone who has passed but who knows you require assistance and is there to help you 'get 'er done'.

The main thing to remember is that any number repeated strengthens the meaning of the original number - so a higher manifestation of repeat numbers and of the 2 is 4, so 4444 is the elemental 4 taken to the fouth power: this is the Master Healer - four is foundational and as such, it refers to the bases and basics of life: health, home, career, financial, spiritual beliefs.

If these are shaken up as in 4444 - too much force shaking the foundations of beliefs or a house or a career can bring it all crashing in on you (Michael Jackson was a Multi Master, meaning every name and total of his names were Master Numbers and his Daily Name was a 44...his life DID succumb to the ethical warnings of the Master 22 and to the earthquake energies of the 44), so when you see too many 4 energies in a repetitive manner, it might not be a bad idea to pay good mind to the fundamental aspects of your life and make sure they are all solid and positive and in good stead.

So doubled numbers are Master Numbers and hold the potential for higher achievements/results that connect to the number in question and if the Master in question is doubled (33:33), there is definitely something around that is assisting you in some manner of spreading the word or teaching something important to others (monks and priests and nuns might see these sets...but so might a spiritual person who just wants to help people) - like that Tarot reader down the street who has something extra going on - she is so accurate, it freaks you out...she may be connected to a 33 herself (or a developed 9 or Masters 11 or 22, but most likely, 11 - this is the sign of the open mind; the intuitive and empathic person who is also the Visionary: seeing things both here in this reality and also in another that is beyond our own depth of vision is common among good readers).

So there is a bit on the Masters and what they mean...more will come - I had not really intended to get into it here, but where better?

Obviously, these will not all appear at once (I type r e a l l y slowly), but maybe 'favourite' this page and check back. I am constantly upgrading and editing and adding anyway, so there is usually something new up.

You can also leave suggestions for me in my contact box and if you would like me to mail you back, don't forget to include your email address.

Happy Week!

Namaste.If you took the time to read this mini poster, then you are on your way to seeing the light...



To all who took the time to enter the contest, I thank you...and I will be running them again, so keep your eye on this page!

Winner of the Complete Etarot Spread: Lilly Anne P., Sudbury, Ontario

Second place winner of the 6 card Spread: Robert H., Florida, U.S.

Third place winner of the 6 card Spread: Aileen S., LA, U.S.

From Lilly Anne:

Thank you so much, Heather! This was one of the most accurate readings I have had in a long while, but what really surprises and perplexes me a bit is how you do these reads without even having met the person involved.

That just blows my mind even more than what you told me about [snip]. [snip] is only known about by two people in the entire world (well, three now, I guess :-)...amazing. I will pass your name to my friends and thank you so much again, Heather, because you are the only one who was able to help me with this situation. From the botttom of my heart, thank you. What a gift, indeed.


You are more than welcome, Lilly....Namaste. Heather


November 4, 2012

My friend sent me this poem and something about it just spoke to me and I wanted to share that message with you...so here it is.Oh, and the number 4 is all about the basic elements the 4 represents, like being born, living safely in a home, being cared for, and the state of basic issues like work, health, living, eating, shelter...and being born and dying. All part of the natural cycle of mankind. Please forgive any spacing issues - I am working on it...tech challenged I am.

The Egg" by Andy Weir     



Please forgive any spacing issue - working on it!

            You were on your way home when you died.

 It was a car accident. 

Nothing particularly                                                                   remarkable, but fatal, nonetheless.

You left behind a wife and two children.

It was a painless death. The EMTs tried their best to save you, but to no avail.

Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, trust me.

And that’s when you met me.What… what happened?” you asked. “Where am I?”"You died,” I said, matter-of-factly. No point in mincing words.                                              

“There was a… a truck and it was skidding…”  

“Yup,” I said.               

“I… I died?”

"Yup. But don’t feel bad about it. Everyone dies,” I said.

You looked around. There was nothingness. Just you and me.

“What is this place?” You asked. “Is this the afterlife?”                                                                                                             “More or less,” I said.

 “Are you God?” You asked. 

“Yup,” I replied. “I’m God.”

“My kids… my wife,” You said.

“What about them?” 

“Will they be all right?”

“That’s what I like to see,” I said. “You just died and your main concern is for your family. That’s good stuff right there."

You looked at me with fascination. To you, I didn’t look like God. I just looked like some man. Or possibly a woman. Some vague authority figure, maybe. More of a grammar school teacher than the almighty. “Don’t worry,” I said. “They’ll be fine. Your kids will remember you as perfect in every way. They didn’t have time to grow contempt for you.

Your wife will cry on the outside, but will be secretly relieved. To be fair, your marriage was falling apart. If it’s any consolation, she’ll feel very guilty for feeling relieved.”

“Oh,” you said. “So what happens now? Do I go to heaven or hell or something?”

“Neither,” I said. “You’ll be reincarnated."                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Ah,” you said. “So the Hindus were right.” “All religions are right in their own way,” I said. “Walk with me.”

You followed along as we strode through the void. “Where are we going?”

“Nowhere in particular,” I said. “It’s just nice to walk while we talk.”

“So what’s the point, then?” You asked. “When I get reborn, I’ll just be a blank slate, right? A baby. So all my experiences and everything I did in this life won’t matter.”

“Not so!” I said. “You have within you all the knowledge and experiences of all your past lives. You just don’t remember them right now.”I stopped walking and took you by the shoulders. 

“Your soul is more magnificent, beautiful, and gigantic than you can draw, let alone imagine.

A human mind can only contain a tiny fraction of what you are. It’s like sticking your finger in a glass of water to see if it’s hot or cold. You put a tiny part of yourself into the vessel, and when you bring it back out, you’ve gained all the experiences it had.

“You’ve been in a human for the last 48 years, so you haven’t stretched out yet and felt the rest of your immense consciousness. If we hung out here for long enough, you’d start remembering everything. But there’s no point to doing that between each life.”

“How many times have I been reincarnated, then?”

“Oh lots. Lots and lots. An in to lots of different lives.” I said. “This time around, you’ll be a Chinese peasant girl in 540 AD.”

“Wait, what?” You stammered. “You’re sending me back in time?”

“Well, I guess technically. Time, as you know it, only exists in your universe. Things are different where I come from.”

“Where you come from?” You said.

“Oh sure,” I explained “I come from somewhere. Somewhere else. And there are others like me. I know you’ll want to know what it’s like there, but honestly you wouldn’t understand.”





“Oh,” you said, a little let down. “But wait. If I get reincarnated to other places in time, I could have interacted with myself at some point?”

“Sure. Happens all the time. And with both lives only aware of their own lifespan you don’t even know it’s happening.”

“So what’s the point of it all?”

“Seriously?” I asked. “Seriously? You’re asking me for the meaning of life? Isn’t that a little stereotypical?”

“Well it’s a reasonable question,” you persisted.
I looked you in the eye. “The meaning of life, the reason I made this whole universe, is for you to mature.”

 “You mean mankind? You want us to mature?”

“No, just you. I made this whole Universe for you. With each new life you grow and mature and become a larger and greater intellect.”

“Just me? What about everyone else?” 

“There is no one else,” I said. “In this Universe, there’s just you and me.”

You stared blankly at me. “But all the people on earth…”

“All you. Different incarnations of you.”

“Wait. I’m everyone!?”

“Now you’re getting it,” I said, with a congratulatory slap on the back.

“I’m every human being who ever lived?”

“Or who will ever live, yes.”

“I’m Abraham Lincoln?”

“And you’re John Wilkes Booth, too,” I added.

“I’m Hitler?” You said, appalled.

“And you’re the millions he killed.”

“I’m Jesus?” 

 “And you’re everyone who followed him.”

  You fell silent.

“Every time you victimized someone,” I said, “you were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was, or will be, experienced by you.”

You thought for a long time.
“Why?” You asked me. “Why do all this?”

“Because someday, you will become like me. Because that’s what you are. You’re one of my kind. You’re my child.”

“Whoa,” you said, incredulous. “You mean I’m a god?”

“No. Not yet. You’re a fetus. You’re still growing. Once you’ve lived every human life throughout all time, you will have grown enough to be born.”

“So the whole Universe,” you said, “it’s just…”

 “An egg.” I answered. “Now it’s time for you to move on to your next life.”

 And I sent you on your way.


Cosmic Hugs to all of you and all of me...lol...Namaste, H.L


August 25th/12 Saturday

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have added a new Tarot Spread...an exciting one that holds surprises and information that can explain so much about our own feelings, connections, questions and odd ideas...via a  PAST LIFE READING.

These readings follow the strongest energy (incarnation) that comes through for you and includes your birth surroundings (what kind of family you were born into), your young years and education and how you interacted with your family and friends and how your intimate relationships looked.

Further, it tracks your chosen profession, accomplishments, and the highlights (good and bad) of your life. How you died is addressed as are the main lessons you were to learn during that incarnation and how those same lessons affect you in this lifetime. And finally, it even reveals how your next incarnation will look.

In one word, this reading is fascinating. It can even explain some of the events/occurences/situations/cycles you are dealing with in this life.

Do yourself a huge favour and have a read yourself or gift someone you love with a Past Life Read: this is one unique and inspiring travel backwards in time.

You can find it on my Order Page at the very bottom of the Tarot offers.


June 7/12 Thursday

Gotta start somewhere, so I'll open with this: I have just recently issued my first Newsletter and not only was it fun and informative, I even got some rave (well, happy, at least) reviews...I am an old fashioned girl, as I said in the newsletter, and I am still a completely self-taught techie student: I learn something new every day.

Some funny stuff for you. Did you know:

That M&M's candies were named after their creators, Mars and Murrie?

Or that BOOKKEEPER is the only word that contains 3 sets of double letters?

And this should be included on all computers...especially after a hard day at the office.

Now, I do have some serious news, which is about my book...it has been reviewed by an independent book...reviewer, I guess. You can find it here:


 CHALDEAN NUMEROLOGY: How Your Name and Birthday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path

by Heather A. Lagan


 Very much appreciated...thank you, Sheri!


I have been working on setting up my YouTube channel and hope to be able to post a vid that is already completed...it is, appropriately, a reading on the name of my Publishing House, 'Llewellyn' and does it ever trace the patterns in a publishing house! And we have success! Check out the report on my wonderful publisher (some of the information might be of interest to you if you share any of the letters discussed: L, E, W, Y and N, or if you have a 7 anywhere in your own handle). There may be an issue with the sound...you will hear it better with earpieces.

A special thank you to Amy Glaser of Llewellyn Worldwide for authorizing its use.


Okay...I just had to. More coming!

Quote of the Day: 'That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.' ~ Anon

Thought of the Day: Attitudes are contageous: are yours worth catching? ~ Anon

Have anything to say? Send me a note via my Guestbook...or Contact Box or just mail me at heather_lagan@hotmail.com - I do try to answer all mail within 24/48 hrs.

Just a quick Update: In the June newsletter, my own Personal Energy Vibration came to the number 1, which represents new starts, fresh challenges, original and creative thinking, and the beginnings of all kinds of things, from jobs to relationships.

Since publishing my first Newsletter (which actually went out a few days into June and took around 2 weeks to put together), I have also managed to set up my YouTube channel and even to upload a video. Both were firsts for me and definitely fit the number 1 energy! Please let me know what you think - I value everyone's opinions and suggestions, so the floor's yours! :-) ps I shall also try to figure out how to download the June newsletter here so you may all have a chance to read it...another challenge, for it is double columns and they are hard to work with. But I shall try!

~Namaste~ til next time...Hugs from Heather


June 12th, Tuesday (CLOSED - but I might run another one, so keep checking!)

Surprise! The following is the only place you will find the following offer. It is kind of a reward for having come this far and for showing some interest in the subjects covered.

Of course, you might have wound up here by accident, but then again, I don't believe in accidents - not that kind, anyway. However you got here was just meant, so take the time to enter: takes two seconds and you stand as good a chance of winning as anyone else. Go for it. You never know what you might discover that you need to know about yourself or someone else. Or both.

I am running a contest for one Complete Etarot Reading (valued at $145.00) and two runner-up prizes of one each 6 card Draw Reads (valued at $89.00 ea with the option of discounted expansion to Complete).

Enter by visiting the contact page and noting the following in the white contact box.

1) Your email address

2) The word 'contest'

3) If you would also like to be included on the Newsletter list, also include the word 'Newsletter'...or even 'NL' will do.

Since I am still that old-fashioned girl who lives by the KISS rule, each entry will be written on a piece of paper, placed in an enclosed receptacle and drawn the old-fashioned way, with a witness to the proceedings. It might even be recorded for posterity! I just uploaded my first YouTube thingie, so why not, right? Makes it even more official.

The draw will take place atã pm, September 5TH, 2012 PST (by me) and all entries from today (June 12) until the last day, the 5th day of September (my dear sister's birthday).

If possible, I will try to keep the month following the draw free so that I may complete the winning reports in a timely manner, but in case this is not possible, winners agree to allow their reads to be scheduled as time allows but within 2 months following the draw. This will likely not be an issue, but just in case.

Winners will be announced here and must agree to providing feedback on their read -- I do like receiving feedback!

...oh, and you have to sign my Guestbook.

They remind me of hearts...

Reminds me of LOVE...


Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:

 If you’re alive, it isn’t.

- Richard Bach

Namaste ~ Heather ~

remember that life is short...and you always have a choice, even if it is only the choice of your attitude.

And that everything is exactly as it should be...so take a deep breath and relax...


July 26, Friday

Happy weekend, everyone!

Here is something that has been bothering me...the seasons seem to be changing...have you noticed? The summer seems rather reluctant here, and we are near the end of July. Very odd - I remember growing up and it was usually hot by the time we got out of school - and that was in the early part of June. Now, the summer seems to have moved - it tends to come later in these parts...more into the fall (last year on the west coast, we had lovely weather into October)...we have seen a few days of warm weather, but the rain and darkness keeps coming back.

I am by far not the only one who has noticed this: reports from all over the world confirm odd and sometimes, intense and deadly weather behaviors...just a few are Katrina in 2005, Fukishima's earthquake/tsunami in 2011 and more recently, record heat in Russia, a 4 day blasting heat wave in Iceland that began to melt even the coldest of areas over 97% of its icesheet (July 8 - 12), and continues to experience odd weather: the comment below is courtesy NASA/JPL:

Summer in Greenland has been freakishly warm so far. That’s because of frequent high pressure systems that have parked over the island, bringing warm clear weather that melts ice and snow, explained University of Georgia climatologist Thomas Mote.

Further, the drought in Texas and Oklahoma is massive and affects all of us as a great majority of farming goods will not be available for the world market, which will drive prices up even more than they are already. And floods in the Mississippi River Valley, and record high temperatures across much of the U.S, along with strange occurrences of odd animal behaviors, undeniable patterns in the sky, like a grid...this 'reality' is on the verge of change, the likes of which have been seen before, but never in living memory...Namaste, Gods and Goddesses. Keep your heart pure and your thoughts positive and you should come out a better person. If nothing else, people do need to start 'thinking' differently and on a massive scale.

So what am I saying here? Well, what you expect, you get. Be careful, therefore, what you wish for...something we all need to be very aware of during the next 5 months. Positive, loving, forgiving and unconditional love are what will assist all of us on Mother Earth, so remember to do your part, for every iota of positivity enters the mass consciousness and energy matrix.



Saturday, August 4, 2012


(In the Fraser Valley - on the Canada/United States border - so if you want to pop over the border to join us, it is a short drive from Blaine, Bellingham, and other towns in Washington.)

Author of 'Chaldean Numerology: How Your Name and Birthday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path' (published by Llewellyn Worldwide) in Chilliwack, B.C. at the cozy and metaphysically blessed 'Amethyst Bookstore and Metaphysical Shop'...the treasures this shop has will please you as they carry some very special items, along with the staples, like crystals (oh, to have them ALL), tumbled or raw, incense, oils, books, spiritual jewelry and much more. If you live in this area, this is one shop well worth visiting.

Dates to be announced, but likely in September or October, 2012 or in early 2013 - I will let you know as soon as dates are confirmed. (Limited seating, so reserve your spot ahead of time with me at heather_lagan@hotmail.com)

Addition: I have recently sustained serious damage to my right hip, so walking and standing have become very difficult, so the above dates will be changed according to how this mends - which hopefully will be soon! 

Quote of the Day"Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind, considerate, forgiving, and compassionate at all times, in all places, and under all conditions, with everyone as well as yourself. This is the greatest gift anyone can give."

- David R. Hawkings

Thought of the Day: " Self scrutiny and relentless observations of one's thoughts is a stark and a shattering experience. It pulverizes the stoutest ego. Struggles of the battlefield pale into insignificance when man first contends with inner enemies."

And things just would not be right if I did not add a 'funny', so here you go!

Love to all!













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