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Your own blend of numbers and letters speak to your main strengths, talents,  characteristics, interests, and explains cycles, challenges, lessons, and the main energies you carry in this incarnation. How you project or 'carry' yourself is how others will pick up your 'vibe' - and first impressions are often crucial in this world - so here is knowledge from the ancients that can help you ascertain just which energies you do have so that you may use them to your best advantage...it's revealing, fascinating, and fun...dare.




We are all curious about who we truly are; why we do the things we do and what the future might hold for us - it's our nature. Numbers fill all corners of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

As far as numerology goes - let's pretend that you visited one numerologist in Timbuktwo and another in Timbukthree, used the same name and birthdate and yet came away with two entirely different sets of numbers and descriptions of your name energy and lifepath...I'm guessing you'd be more confused coming out than you were going in. Right?

So here's the thing. There are many systems of numerology, but two of the most commonly sought out and used are Pythagorian and Chaldean, the latter only recently becoming quite popular as its authenticity and accuracy are once again being confirmed in numbers too great to ignore. No pun intended. 

This the so-called 'complicated' system (which is why it fell into disuse in the first place, not due to inaccuracy) which is really not so hard to understand once simplified. After over two thousand years, Chaldean numerology is finally getting the attention it deserves.

An amazing lady whom I am proud to call a friend, Leeya Brooke Thompson, wrote about the ancient art of Chaldean Numerology. Hers is one of the books I read many moons ago in my own search for knowledge on the subject.

One important fact that I want to establish beyond doubt is that the energy of both numbers and letters are scientifically recognized as holding essences that can and do emit vibrational rays and that can and do affect us.

We all began with numbers (2 cells joined) and letters (X and Y chromosomes) so the idea that we project our own energies or vibrations is not so crazy as some once thought it was: modern science now suggests that sound can indeed move faster than the speed of light, which means that sound is an energy and we all know that certain sounds will annoy us (repeated tapping of a foot, nails down the blackboard, someone chewing gum in your ear - or someone yelling at you!), so it is not a stretch to understand that sound affects all of us, whether we understand it logically or not. (Even the planets have their own individual 'sound' - Gaia being once of the noisiest - check it out online under 'planet sounds').

In fact, it was once believed that to know someone's real name and to say it out loud would give you power over that person - and while it is not only through sound, this is true even in today's world...we give our names out liberally to almost anyone who asks and once our name is known, anyone can research it, a prospect made so much easier by the internet.

Once this happens, whoever is researching our name does indeed have power over us...identity theft comes to mind.

So, if we are willing to give the power of our names away so freely, why on Earth would we not look closely into that personal power ourselves? It is ours, after all, and likely the most precious thing we have, though this is often not realized until ownership is held in potential question.

There is so much more to a name than is commonly recognized and that is what Chaldean numerology is all about: revealing the truth about the power in your name and offering tools with which to utilize that power. These tools are letters and numbers and the patterns they make and the messages they deliver.


I should explain that the 'story' is a linear kind of story that I have put together so that you might see the pattern the numbers follow...yes, there is a plotted course to the meanings and to understand these characters from a 'story' kind of pov can really help when it comes to remembering what each number represents. (I hope you don't mind a caveman kind of guy as a leading man.)

A short note here: following the rule of existence, all numbers have two sides, the dark and the light. All numbers and letters have positive and negative sides or energies, just like us (our 'social/visible' face vs. our 'private/hidden' selves: our bright' side and our 'shadow')...so we are linked to numbers from the get-go and throughout our lives.

EVERYTHING CAN BE CORED DOWN TO ENERGY AND ENERGY IS COMPOSED OF NUMBERS (think about numbers 1 and nought 0 - and that they are the core of computer programs).


Once upon a time, a caveman woke up in the midst of the forest. He has a bump on his head and hasn't a clue who he is. All he knows is that he is alone. By himself. The only one (1). And that he is hungry and cold. He has no thoughts of seeking help for, as far as he knows, there are no others (theoretically). He has no memory and therefore no point of reference.

So, he follows his (natural) instinct to survive and collects some berries to eat and some large, leafy branches which he uses to construct a temporary shelter of sorts.

Somewhere in the back of his mind is the notion that smashing two stones together over a loose pile of twigs and brush will bring heat. He flounders and hisses over his attempts for a few minutes, but perseveres until he achieves his goal.

As he sits before the warmth of the fire and eats more berries, he pats the large stick at his side, a comfort to him in case he needs to protect himself from unwelcome intruders.

He feels strong, in control and is busy making plans for the next day - this caveman is not one to sit still and do nothing - he is a Survivor! He intends to investigate his surroundings, learn what he can, collect more food, track one of those creatures whose eyes he sees reflected by the firelight and perhaps fashion himself a coat...but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new presence he senses in the darkness beyond his circle of fire and he rises to his feet, his hand reaching instinctively for his large stick.

He is unprepared for company and thus does not know how to react.

Number 1 begins the numerical scale and as such, it is the pioneer, the brave adventurer, the risk-taker...and is generally ambitious, impulsive and original in thought and deed.

The number 1 is okay being alone: they often do not marry or do not need to marry in order to 'complete' their world. The number 1 is strong on their own and may find it difficult to make intimate and longterm connections with others. This is not to say that a 1 will not marry...of course many will.

However, if your chart, for example, is filled with this number in key positions, you would do best to choose someone who is harmonious and in agreement with your need to experiment, chase projects and even to be inattentive. The tendency of the ever-curious number 1 can also lead to unfaithfulness...which is not so easy to forgive or forget.

The number 1 may need to lighten up, open up and learn to share life and responsibilities and trust with others. The number 1 may have a destiny that involves introducing new ideas or methods...original ways of approaching or handling old ideas or methods.

Number 1 is the number of inventions, creative and original methodologies and forceful convictions...this is an interior number in that it lives pretty much in the head...that is how all these inventions and so on come to pass...via ideas in the brain. (There is also the 1 who becomes involved in every project that comes along -- but who rarely finishes any of them as there are so many more coming down the pike.)

The challenge for the number 1 is to open up emotionally to another...this usually refers to communication levels within intimate and/or family relationships. This is, remember, an ALONE number, so it is no surprise, really, that difficulties may occur around personal and sharing kinds of relationships. The more key number 1 values found in a chart, the more intense these meanings will become.


There is another like him standing just beyond the circle. This one has longer hair than he does, which is quite amazing, but the shape of this lovely human fascinates him even more...and before long, he has coaxed this delicate but wary creature from the darkness into the light and has settled her next to him at the fire. Now he is no longer alone: now there are two (2). In the days that follow, they grow to care for one another. Each nurtures the other and over time, they become inseparable.

She seems especially happy: she tidies around the camp and helps to prepare the food he goes out to collect. She seems to like to be close to him; touch him and hug him. He feels peaceful with her company and enjoys the gentleness of her voice, her eyes and her touch. He feels at home and safe with her there and they express their mutual joy together in the dark of night in the oldest dance in history. It is almost as though they have each searched for the other their entire lives. There is domestic bliss going on! Little do they know that with time, this mutual joy will hit some bumps, from that first conflict to that first baby. So they 'Blend' and 'Bond' and 'Battle' for 'Bliss'. If you notice the B words, that's because B/2 refers directly to relationships and how they Begin and how the two 'halves' Balance one another.

The number 2 is all about safety, domestic roots, pairs, community ties, unions of 2 in work, rest and play, and relationships.

Often a chart heavy in 2 values (especially R values), has experienced traumatic, dramatic or abusive relations in the past and needs to learn how to live and love on their own (meaning to love the self first) before they will overcome negative formative patterns in early relationships enough to allow themselves the vulnerability required to enter into a healthy, intimate relationship.

Number two is about emotions, caring, trust, love, companionship, integrity, sex -- and contrasts, opposition, distrust, fights...it is the two halves of the whole that don't necessarily fit. The number 2 is all about joining or not joining.

This number vibration may have a destiny that involves a successful pairing - of virtually anything. So overall, this is a loving, warm, secure and home-based energy -- and/or one who can have dozens and dozens of friends or dozens and dozens of interests or hobbies or projects that change over time.

The challenge for the number 2 is to understand that they are individuals with their own identity and interests...and to stick to them even after their 'true love' has walked into their lives. The possibility of losing their sense of self is high, so the 2 really needs to keep in touch with their friends and other people who know them as they are...not as part of a 'couple'.

This can also mean that the need for sacrifices or compromises will be needed before an intimate relationship will work -- the 2 often needs to look beyond the behaviour of a partner and to the behaviour of themselves.

The dichotomy of number 2 covers a wide area of 'loves': from loving/hating a job/career, loving/hating a place - such as being unfulfilled in a particular city/town, loving/hating a person, such as a life-long and troublesome relationship with a parent or other influential person in the life.

So the union (or lack thereof) between any other person, place, or thing is stressed with this vibration - and it all boils down to the two sides of our own 'selves' and how we deal with conflict. If we are at peace in our own hearts, conflict will not manifest, for we will not desire not respond to negativity; we will not 'feed' it. That is the lesson of the 2: to reconcile the two sides of our personalities and to accept the self as 'whole' and 'complete' - which will defuse the need to 'fight'.


A few months later, they are surprised and amazed when almost like magic, a miniature replica of themselves pops out from her tummy. (They had wondered why she'd gotten so fat!...these are cavepeople, remember.)

Their euphoria quickly wears off, however, when they realize the exhausting work involved in caring for this magickal little bundle of joy. With the birth, the two of them have now become three (3) and the constant activity centers around the child, a little version of the woman, who needs to be fed, changed, entertained, burped and comforted in an endless, ongoing loop.

Their only respite is when the child sleeps. And that seems to come in very short intervals. This is a brand new experience for both of them and their brains are never still...there is so much to think about and do. They are exhausted from all of the endless physical and mental activity...they each learn to allow the other time to be still and quiet: to rest and reflect...this becomes a necessity or they both will burn out.

The number 3 is all about fertile activity -- in both the body and the brain -- this is one active life!

The number 3 needs to slow down, sit down, lay down -- whatever: it needs to stop running long enough to appreciate the beauty of life. The number 3 needs to contemplate why they run and what they are running from and then turn and face that fear. They will find the truth of Fear Everything And Run amounts to what their own imaginations have created and not what is really there, at which time, they become free of said fear.

Number 3s often have a specific talent for entertaining and should explore any unpursued dreams of artistic expression for they are natural artists, actors and communicators.

Another type of 3 needs to learn to embrace life: to honour the many opportunities of life and to get out and explore!

The natural ability of this number to entertain means it may have a destiny that involves notoriety as an entertainer...singer, dancer, artist or actor...or even as a lawyer.

The challenge for the 3 is, as mentioned, to stop. To do nothing...to sit quietly on the sand; to listen to soothing music...anything that calms the frenetic pace of daily life.

The 3 needs to learn how to relax (and methods that are aimed at attaining this are common in metaphysical communities: reiki, massage, meditation classes -- if you look, you will find). The 3 is high strung and needs to (often) turn and confront that which makes them feel as though they must always stay 'one step ahead'.

A final warning for the strong 3 (many in your chart) is that never-ending activity of the brain and body can lead to dis-ease or issues around the heart...so REST and meditation or just reading a good book on a regular basis is a MUST.


A short time later, by mutual decision, they begin to clear a space in the woods next to a large rock.

Using strong branches as spines, they begin to design a hut, or home, using the rock and three strong lengths of wood buried deep in foundational holes as the four (4) corners of the base.

After bracing a series of smaller pieces of wood against this base, they then cover the entire structure with large leafs, mud, moss and branches. This process takes much time and effort, but they are satisfied with the results, for they had realized that they needed a proper, safe place in which to live and raise their child and had understood that this was their duty to provide.

Now the family will become more grounded and a routine can be established. Each parent assumes duties and chores and takes personal responsibility to ensure that the basic elements of existence are maintained and sustained. Over time, a routine falls into place and a feeling of security is born.

The number 4 needs to either shake loose from rigidity or accept responsibility: one type of 4 is the most reliable, stable, predictable and honest person imaginable -- and needs to break with routine, live a little and take some risks! Have some fun!

This 4 can be so set in place that its health may suffer from stagnation - it needs some excitement...or, to put it another way -- it needs to get out of the house or the office.

The 4 can be too demanding of itself and can fall into depressions that can be due to a feeling of failure (not doing enough or doing enough the 'right' way or up to the expectations of others...trying to please everyone but themselves, essentially).

The essence of this number is of staying in one place (the 4 corners of a house) and following routines and fulfilling commitments...living a 'proper' life. Staying in the town one is raised in, staying in the same job for 30 years, having 2.5 kids, a couple of SUVs in the drive and a white picket fence around the house, which boasts a swimming pool and and ice arena (kidding)...but truly, the 4 is a creature of habit and is also very logical and reliable.

Four dislikes change or any upheaval in their daily lives. These 4 energies need to learn how to drop everything and to go on that horseback ride a friend offers or a cruise another friend offers...you get the idea.

The need to lighten up and to have some fun is strong and can make all the difference in the overall health of the 4 as this is one of its main messages: if an energy is too focused on work and family and survival, they will often ignore their own twitches and aches and pains, so this is a rather important message for the 4 - especially someone with a heavy load of these vibes.

The other type of 4 needs to stop relying on others to take care of their own personal responsibilities. This kind of 4 tends to be irresponsible in early adulthood, which manifests as a variety of jobs, 'borrowing' money to pay bills/rent etc, changes in boy/girl friends, domestic abodes, interests, hobbies...and the list goes on.

Normally, this kind of irresponsible 4 (commonly with a 13 Main Sub or Lifepath number will experience the karmic kickback such lack will inevitably deliver to their butts, and will grow to understand that no one will pay their bills for them and that they will have to either create their own job (they dislike authority figures and are best suited to self-employment), or find one they really like and stick to it.

The biggest challenge for the irresponsible type of 4 is first to actually assume the reliable cape of the 4 and to ground themselves, thus becoming more stable and dependable. These kinds of 4 energies need to understand that responsibility for their life (and sometimes financial woes) is controlled by them, and their actions or lack of them.

The serious and practical type of 4 needs to learn to have more FUN in life -- and to not take things so darned seriously all the time -- themselves included. They may have a destiny that involves creating foundational new ideas or methodologies, but that does not mean they can not have a good time along the way.


Now we will fast forward a few years and focus on the child, who is now fourteen (14/5), a teenager.

Both parents notice that their child seems to be spending more time away from the home (which has been remodeled and expanded, by the way) than in it, which is actually true.

What the parents don't know is that the teen has been exploring the area, visiting with neighbouring communities (yes, the parents did discover others like them and became part of a scattered community) and has even kissed a caveboy. Her friends (5 of them!) have provided her with funny stuff to smoke and liquid to drink, both of which have affected her body and mind in different ways.

She finds herself curious about everything and her senses seem to have heightened: she is responsive to anything that promises excitement and adventure. She is bored with home and routine and seeks change, freedom and challenges.

Our Cave girl needs to experience many different situations and circumstances before she will understand the need for balance in her life - for now, changes, stimulation, interaction and freedom will motivate her life.

The number 5 is also twofold -- this lifepath will either need to honour the built-in desire for freedom and independence...or they will need to learn to stay put for 6 months or so. At least!

The first type of 5 will stay in a long term situation that will stifle, restrict and depress their true nature and they will eventually take the risk required to break free. These 5s need to be free to travel, to explore, to communicate and experiment -- they dislike committment and routine and do not respond well to any type of control or authority figure that tries to keep them down or in one place...their challenge is to escape from a dull and unrewarding existence.

The other type of 5 is the one who has always been hard to track or pin down: this 5 is the one who avoids all manner of responsibility or confinement: has never married or has married 5 times; rarely stays in one place for too long, has many jobs; many interests...and dislikes commitments of any kind (the strong 5 will often remain single until later in life due to the need to experiment with the possibilities out there - or they may never marry).

This 5 will have to understand what it is to settle down and live quietly -- with themselves, if not with anyone else. The number 5 may have a destiny that involves fame or infamy...the more 5 key numbers in a chart, the higher this potential becomes.

The Challenge for the number 5 is to acknowledge that this life, as busy as it is and as filled with adventures as it is...is not really the point of existence. The 5 will need to learn to committ and mean it; to learn to listen to their additional 6th sense (intuition) and that physical and bodily pleasures are temporary and that life is fleeting...and that there is much more to learn beyond chasing after their own satisfactions.

The lesson of the 5 is perhaps one of the most spiritual...to rise above the desires of the flesh to the desires of the spirit and to embrace and investigate the aspects of this life that have nothing to do with the physical and everything to do with the meta-physical.


Fast forward again, this time, only a few months. We are still focused on the tween, who has been 'running wild' and has, indeed, experienced all manner of things, some good and some not so good. She has noticed lately that she is tired of it all and that she feels lonely, despite the people she surrounds herself with.

When she turns 15 (the force 1 of changes 5 = domestic love), she realizes, in the midst of a party given in her honour and far from her home, that her heart feels empty and hungry at the same time. She longs for nurturing, unconditional and for the only place and people who can satisfy her longing.

She leaves the party and heads for home, where she is received with smiles, joy, acceptance, and genuine love. She feels at peace for the first time in a long while. She sleeps like an angel.

Home is where she is truly valued and she knows it and appreciates it in a brand new way. Her family is her strength. It is the stronghold: the place of nurturing support and unconditional love.

The number 6 involves two options. The first involves distancing one's self from domestic ties until the distance and silence has become a wall that is too high to scale (one can even build a wall around one's self that discourages personal happiness in the form of having one's own family or even intimate friends).

The second involves becoming overly involved in family ties, risking the loss of a sense of individuality: this type needs to pull away long enough to understand that they are unique and alone, even within the unit: to survive happily without others holding them up is the core of their lesson.

The ideal 6 may have walls - most do to some degree which go back to childhood years - but they are willing to drop defences in the name of understanding, forgiveness, and love.

As long as a lack of trust (the emotional wall) still stands, this number cannot experience the love of family, spouse, friends, and domestic peace...which is something humanity is built on.

The challenge for the 6 is either to allow love and community ties to grow and to willingly and happily become a part of the 'bigger picture'...which mean becoming vulnerable to emotional ties as well.The 6 may have a destiny as a community leader, respected counsellor or spiritual worker.

On the other hand, the 6 who is already bound by family, community and other connections may need to learn to not lose their own sense of self in the process. They must learn to maintain their 'own' interests and outside activities. That is where to start - outside of the home and done alone, like taking a painting class or going swimming at the community center once a week. Connections made outside of the home will introduce an individual and 'personal' life - new friends, activities, and interests will balance the involvement with family.


In the aftermath of the troubled teen's adventures, parents and child settle into a quiet, more thoughtful phase. Although the teen is young and still faces much of life's lessons, her parents have been through many situations and have been thrown many curve balls. They are growing older and are spending more time in their heads, thinking about all that has been and all that is yet to be...including their passage from this life. The need to think logically (which was necessary while providing for and teaching their child) is minimizing, so their thoughts are free to explore other realms.

In this natural progression, their thoughts turn to contemplation of spirit: of the 'other side', of the possible existence of something more to this life than they can see. They acknowledge the odd sense of 'knowing' that each has experienced on various occasions (like the time they stayed home instead of venturing on a planned picnic -- and a massive storm burst and flooded the area they had chosen for said picnic) and wonder at its source (known these days as the intuition). 

On the 7th Sunrise, they sit on the log bench they have constructed and contemplate and ruminate. They are both logical thinkers, but find themselves opening to the mystical, metaphysical and unseen.

New ideas are thought and spoken and exchanged and the parents understand that they must be open to a new way of thinking. Which they are actually quite intrigued by and continue to discuss and wonder about.

The number 7 also holds two directions: one is to logical and scientific intellect and emotional distance from others, the other leads to metaphysical and spiritual intellect and insight and aims to bring others closer to the mysteries of life.

The scientist needs to open the mind enough to allow alternate ways of thinking and seeing to become part of the picture, while the metaphysician needs to be wary of getting caught up in the world of the unseen - one foot needs to remain on the ground.

So they need to learn from one another: the Metaphysician needs to learn how to think and act logically when appropriate, while the Scientist needs to learn that not everything is as it appears and that there is another 'side to life'.

The ideal 7 is a blend of the two. The number 7 destiny may include success in the scientific, medical, legal or judicial fields just as readily as in the intuitive, spiritual or even artistic fields.

The challenge for the 7 is to expand from one way of thinking to include another -- one that may be hard for some 7s to swallow. Since this number represents both the logical thinker and the metaphysical thinker, each must learn to incorporate its opposite into the brain and therefore into their actions in the present.

For example, one 7 (let's say a doctor) is ruled and strictly governed by logic and rational thinking...he thinks the world of spirit and 'weird stuff' is just that...weird stuff.

Until the day one of his patients who had been innundated with cancer suddenly shows no cancer. Like it had never been there. This will kick-start his contemplation of what exactly this life is made of...because what he just saw was nothing less than a miracle. To his way of thinking, such a thing is just not possible. So his mind, even unwillingly, will stray into contemplation of foreign notions.

On the other hand, we might have an intuitive, sensitive, artistic and rather illusive metaphysical worker who doesn't seem to get that bills and rent and things of that nature are all realities that need addressing on a regular basis. They may have to get serious and take a part-time job to suppliment their love of working in the metaphysical world (which tends to fluctuate) in order to have the money to pay earthly bills. This 7 has to learn to get their heads out of the clouds long enough to take care of business on terra firma.

Either way, the 7 is often looked at as a lucky number (777 - jackpot!) and since it does rule the brain, chances are good that anyone with a 7 as a key total will be smart, logical, informed and artistic...whether they are spiritually awake is another story...but chances are, that since they are so educated, it is not something they are not aware of on some level. All they need is something or someone that will cause them to investigate and to become intrigued, just enough to hook them.


After this period of deep thinking, the parents feel a new connection that goes beyond that of the material earth plane.

Each sees a balance in their lives which was absent until now and endeavours to improve themselves and assist others. It is as though they have undergone a transformation of sorts which has resulted in the birth of personal power.

They feel more in control of their lives and are able to focus and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. They feel compassion for the plights of others and begin to help their neighbours and community in areas of need, however, they do so with no expectation of reward.

As a result, their own lives improve: they benefit both materially and emotionally in ways neither had expected. Within their community, a distinct respect grows for the family and thereby creates a powerful authority and influence that they are aware of but are careful never to abuse.

The compassion they have learned to feel is the required element in controlling the results of power assigned to the phase of the 8. They are, however, the rare example of developed 8s...many remain stuck in the material success and authority that power often affords those who are influenced by the controlling aspect of this number.

Unfortunately, these types of 8 (non-spiritual) usually crash and burn several times until they 'get' the message that involves feeling more compassion for mankind - even those who are down and out - like they have been. There is no stronger teacher than undergoing the exact experiences the less fortunate go through on a daily basis.

The number 8 is a powerful one: the natural attraction of material wealth and monetary success is strong and many 8s are destined for positions of authority...as lawyers, bankers, judges, CEOs and even presidents.

This type of power 8 needs to learn that power goes beyond money and position: it also includes compassion and empathy for others who are less fortunate than they are.

The truly important fact here is that very successful people who do NOT learn this lesson are bound to run into problems of major importance...if compassion does not develop, the 8 runs the risk of losing all they have accumulated and accomplished. And not just once: the 8 who stays in form as a controlling, authoritarian, and unemotional figure will often lose everything more than once...until they finally understand that those at the top are no different than those at the bottom. Everyone is human.

We are all connected...and the truly powerful 8 will know this and will be giving and kind...because that is how they really feel, not because it is expected of them.

Usually, we only truly learn lessons by going through the lesson ourselves. (I know a few 8 energies who have lost everything what with the current economic situation...they are different now. They have learned what it is to be at the bottom of the ladder...but I have no doubt they will pull themselves up and succeed again...it is the nature of the 8.

Hopefully their own circumstances will affect how they react to those who have nothing...true compassion and true desire to help must be born before the 8 will again reach the top - except this time, they will keep their position, but will also become involved in helping those less fortunate, often anonymously. They have developed the key to success: compassion and sharing).

The fully developed 8 (spiritually aware and not attached to material possessions) is a rare breed who has long ago understood that the spiritual world is just as real as the material one and with that understanding comes unimaginable manifestation abilities -- since the world of material things will not hold power over this type of energy, it will attract abundance but will be serene whether that fancy car is in the drive or not. The destiny of the number 8 can include well regarded and public positions of power.

The challenge for the 8 is to find balance between their belief and acceptance of the world of power, status, authority and effectiveness and the world of spirituality, faith, metaphysical topics and practices...the 8 is two circles that represent the O of the Earth (lower circle) and the O of the spiritual world (upper circle - linked together and creating a flow from one circle to the other is called the Lemniscate and represents perfect balance and infinity).

The key here is balance: as above, so below. Once this is honestly understood and absorbed, the 8 can amass a fortune and experience immense success and achievements...which will not mean what they may have before to the person involved. After all, we can't take any of it with us...


And now, we reach the conclusion of the normal number scale.

The parents are now near the end of their earthly incarnations and are gentle, kind, thoughtful and genuine in their approach to all humanity and earthly creatures.

They have learned the lessons set before them and have absorbed knowledge that only years of experience can afford. They have looked inside themselves and are at peace with what they have found. They honor the voice of 'intuition' and spend time creatively and with good intent. (Their daughter has long since joined with a man of a nearby village and moved away, busy on her own life path.)

They find joy in allowing their imagination free reign and often pick up on the subtle energies of others and gladly share their love and support when appropriate to do so.

They are preparing for and even anticipating their own departure from this 'reality'...for deep in their souls, they know they are but returning 'home'.

As such, these energies are true 9s...sympathetic, humble, wise, intuitive, and sincere. In the ultimate lesson, they have understood that everything happens for a reason, that all reasons are part of the lesson and that this 'reality' is really a classroom - a place of learning, releasing and loving: first, the self, and then, naturally, others.

The true number 9 is the best of all elements in all previous number phases and this is one of the main reasons it is not assigned letters in the Chaldean method, but it most certainly show as a total for a name or as part of a Lifepath and if it does, this is not necessarily a good thing.

The number 9 presents a difficult number to have as a total name, especially if found as the first name (Social), middle name (Inner/Soul), or anywhere in the Lifepath.

Depending on the placement and in what capacity the 9 is found, it can speak of abuse and difficult experiences, especially while young - reason being that the spiritual and esoteric lessons for this, the highest vibration on the regular scale, are much harder than for the other frequencies.

Depending on the other numbers in the chart (1 and 8 would help), this vibe will either succeed or fail. There is no in-between - this is a sensitive and seeking energy who is drawn to all things mystical, mysterious, esoteric, arcane...they know there is 'something more' out there (and sometimes believe they shouldn't be here - there can be a feeling of being...different), so the tests are designed to  deepen their faith...but sometimes, it destroys their ability to allow anyone to get close to them, thus making it equally hard to form friendships, relationships, or even a family of their own.

It can also cost them jobs, social connections, and a serious slide into addictions, depression, and other significant problems, particularly financial ones

This does not mean the 9 cannot function in society; it can and does, but it is an act - no one really knows the truth about 'who' they are.  In fact, they make good actors when they have grown a bit - it offers another form of 'escape'.

Why does this number have such heavy responsibilities? Well, for a variety of reasons, the first is the higher-level essence, and the trials and tribulations attached to the development if this essence, and perhaps most importantly, of being naturally empathic, sensitive, highly intuitive, and even psychic. This is the most open to the unseen and the magickal side of life. This is the gift from Universe and it must be used in some way in the life of the 9.

The 9 energy is one of the most sensitive and gentle frequencies in the scale, so any abuse will affect the child in a deep and lasting way...one area that may offer escape for this energy is their natural talent in a variety of areas.

They are highly creative and artistic and thrive when expressing themselves through painting, writing, and anything that is solitary: they may be excellent actors or singers, but being put on a stage or at the front of the class can freeze them like an ice cube when they are young. They usually love to read as this offers an avenue of escape - this is the theme for the abused 9: escape.

If problems are not addressed and corrected early in life (it is said that a child's character is formed by the age of 7), the 9 will have to deal with the urge to escape anything or anyone who is seen either as a threat or as someone they need to become vulnerable with...a cycle that will repeat until the 9 is well into maturity or until assistance is given in the form of therapy.

So you can see how the early youth/adulthood can be difficult for this essence. (If you are a 9 who has not experienced any of this, you are one of the lucky ones - and you likely have many other powerful counter-active numbers in your chart - consider yourself blessed and protected by the Angels or Guides).

This number is naturally open to alternate energies - they are empathic and even psychic: sensitive and nurturing. They need only follow their intuition and instincts to fulfill their lifepaths. The number 9 destiny can include honoured regard as talented artists of all kinds or as 'leaders' of humanity in a wide variety of forms.

So the answer for the 9 is to follow their natural urges, which would take them into another world - one of genuine 'escape' into the mystical realm of the meta-physical: this is likely where they will find their destiny in terms of jobs; there are many more people who are hungering for the knowledge the strong 9 amasses - which translates into wisdom. Learn the Tarot or another methodology and go to work!

The challenge for the 9 is a rather intense one: most strong 9 energies (meaning one or two found in key positions in the chart) will have experienced some manner of mistreatment, from outright abuse to traumatic events that were never dealt with at the time.

The 9 is the highest number on the regular number scale and as such, it has a high price to pay for its insight and soft heart...and as mentioned, one can only truly relate to others who have experienced trauma through having been through it or something similar themselves.

So the lesson or challenge for the 9 is to accept that all things happen as they are intended. Those events caused them to become the people they are: the 9 in denial (evidenced especially by addictions of all kinds -- food, drugs, alcohol, etc) will need to deal with their past and release it if they wish to be free to be who they are and to find happiness while pursuing doing so. 

The 0 is the all and nothing - it can take away or weaken (01) by being placed prior to another energy.

It can also emphasize and increase (10) and offer a new start regarding whichever energy it falls after. So it is the empty stage, waiting for the first act, but it is also the final curtain.

Its symbolism is vast and beyond expression: it is first and foremost regarded as the womb from whence all life emerges. So it is the entire Cosmos and our Earth.

It did not come along at the same time as the Chaldean Chart or the Pythagorean, it was added by the Romans at some point for addition purposes, but it has been around for as long as our planet has and perhaps longer.


If you happen to hit an 11, 22 or 33 as your FINAL sub number...well, consider yourself a Master!

Double digits hold a higher vibration than single digits, or, in other words, double numbers hold double power or an additional 'level' of the energy involved.

If the regular number scale of 1 through 9 can be looked at as grammar and high school, then Master numbers can be regarded as the equivalent to college or university...to put it simply, a Master number presents an opportunity for 'higher learning'.

Imagine you as the first 1 and another force afforded you in the second 1 - the 11 offers powerful imagination - and that is where the Master 22 comes in - this is the Master Builder: it can take the ideas of the 11 and make them real. 


(No Masters can function in the 'on' position 24/7, so during their 'down times', they will function as their core number...like 11 will function as a 2; 22 will function as a 4; 33 will function as a 6 and so on - in fact, the Master energies will only rise when required for a project, or an emergency or special circumstances.)

The Master Intuitive 11 represents a higher vibration of the original force (1) along with their own energy vibrations (1), which translates into the ability to tap into the (out-Sourced)intuition and also into their own imagination in an incredibley creative and profound way (1+1=2). All Master numbers present a choice for the name holder...to honour the calling of these Masters or to ignore or suppress this calling. 

The Lifepath of an 11 is twofold as mentioned above: the positive 11 is usually very imaginative and esoteric - and interested in the unseen; the metaphysical; the spiritual and is artistic and talented in one way or another within the fields of creative communication...the 11 can become a talented artist, intuitive consultant, musician and even scientist: the key is that whatever is pursued will be done with a spiritual approach. The 'other' form of the 11 'pushes down' all metaphysical inclinations and can become a fustrated and rather unfriendly type of energy. Unfortunate but true. The inactive 11 will function as a 2.

Challenge for  the Master 11 is to not allow their heads to remain stuck in the clouds or buried in the sand: some 11 energies need to learn to take responsibility for personal provisions, like money to pay the bills (Masters are not suited for just any kind of employment - working a boring job can seriously depress and frustrate an 11...the trick here is to do what you love and the money will follow - big risk, big payoff. If the Master in question sticks to it, that is). 

This Master has an amazing and ever-active imagination and is loaded with creativity and skills of all kinds...but it can get caught unawares when something from this 'reality' pulls them out of the clouds in a rather rude way (9 is similar here and no surprise -- the 11 is the next 'class' the 9 would attend, so similar energies or experiences are bound to be present). So this kind of 11 needs to keep one foot on the ground at all times.

The other part of the challenge of the 11 is also tied to the 9 --- basically, the higher one goes up the number scale, the more involved and difficult life lessons will be. So here, too, there is a very high chance of having traumatic events occur while still young. Again, the 11 needs to actually look at those events and accept them as inherant to their spiritual growth.

The Master Builder 22, the Master Architect or Builder, is capable of tapping into the imagination and creativity of the 11 as well, but can take it to the next level: physical manifestation here in this Earth plane.

The Lifepath of the 22 is to buiild or create - it can take the 'images' from the imagination of the 11 and manifest those on the Earth plane as 'real' objects whether this be in the form of actual structures or programs...constructing or implementing anything that aids their fellow man is the goal of the 22. The alternate choice is similar to the above: nothing much is built and potential projects and ideas remain undone. The inactive 22 will function as a 4.

Challenge for the 22 involves the boundaries laid down by the 4: crossing those boundaries can translate as ethical and moral behavior...with disastrous results. (The reason this may occur is connected to a 22 who has amassed a great fortune and can have almost anything desired: the problem is that boredom can set in when one has everything one desires...and that is the moment moral guidelines can be ignored. This is not, by any means, a general description of a Master 22, it is just a warning for those whose 22 takes them over the top in terms of achievements, financial gain and overall success: never ignore moral and ethical guidelines...have a look at Michael Jackson's Master Energies:


The normal challenge for the 22 is to be sure to never step on fingers while climbing the ladder of success...which refers to retaining a sense of humility and humbleness...and to always check the foundations (upon which their success sits) to be sure they are all in good working order and not shifting out of allignment. Translated, that means be good to people (employees, for instance) and they will be good to you and care for your 'building' as though it were their own. Another lesson is one of knowing when to not cross a line: it is an instinctual and intuitive reaction to an idea or a project or anything that lots of money might allow one to do: do not ignore your own intuition, for doing so can and will result in the collapse of all you have built. And worse.

The Master (Sacrificial) Teacher 33 is the higher vibration of love and self-sacrifice and would likely be found in a position of administering to those in need, to the detriment of their own personal lives. The Lifepath of the 33 is one of giving and sharing...often a developed 33 will sacrifice a family life so that they may devote themselves to a 'higher calling'...which can take any form of assisting others in an on-going and potent manner...kind of like an intern/on-call doctor might.

The alternate 33 (one who is not using this energy but can nevertheless 'feel' it) will sense that there is something they should be doing, but will not know what it is or why they feel the 'pull' that they do (they will not know it is the 33 power energy).  Calling on Arch Angel Michael will help you - and no, I am not nuts, and yes, it has worked for me, in two dramatic occasions I would swear to.

Challenge for the Master 33 is to know when  and what  to sacrifice. Most of us prefer a partner or spouse with whom to share our lives...and most aware (awake) Master 33 energies no longer need to sacrifice their personal lives in order to follow the lead of the 33.

However, this is a strong and sometimes overwhelming urge that can create a miserable and confused kind of life: the urge to sacrifice is often there and results in all manner of sacrifices made for which the client may not even have a reason: (I did a CN report not that long ago where this was an issue and finding out about this energy sitting smack-dab in the Inner Soul explained a LOT to my client!). 

The Master Healer 44 administers as well, although the reach of the 44 is of a global nature which can sometimes offer major healing potential to humanity itself. The Lifepath of a 44 is large - it is likely to involve massive amount of people and can take the shape of a motivator, singer (think Michael Jackson - his name is entirely shaped by Masters, including 44), priest, therapist, healer...the list is endless but the goal is the same: spread healing (in whatever form) throughout the land to as many people as possible.

The negative 44 will likely experience dramatic and traumatic experiences which are attempts to awaken the dormant healer within.

Challenge for the aware 44 is to follow the lead of Universe: this kind of energy is 'close to God' one might say...and a Master 44 is all about helping and assisting and aiding our fellow man. So if on a small scale, this could translate into someone who hosts an art class for the elderly or who leads a local church or who is a political leader...the point is that this kind of healer comes in all shapes and sizes. Its goal is to help mankind in some way: large or small. Should the 44 not become aware of the energy carried, it will function as an 8.

The information presented herein is but the surface of the treasure chest, which, of course, is yours to find. And you need look no further than your very own name. 

Hugs, Heather



and remember - everything is exactly as it should be. Relax.