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'Chaldean Numerology: How Your Name and Birthday  Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path'  can be ordered here - in French, Polish and English. Order online or from any major book retailer: this is a unique gift for yourself or someone you love.  For your convenience,  all order links are provided below.  Enjoy!      



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Chaldean Numerology for Beginners: How Your Name and Birthday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path by Heather Alicia Lagan

This ancient, mystical and eerily accurate alpha-numerology system was the first of its kind and was born thousands of years ago during the Babylonian age. Applying its template to your own name and date of birth reveals a completely different picture than you have ever seen in a numerology system: this is the most personal and original of them all. Thanks to a few dedicated students who guarded this secret over the years, this system was not lost to history - almost, but not quite, thankfully.

Here, I have simplified and streamlined both the meanings of the symbols and energies (letters and numbers) and have made the process of discovering the true content your name and DOB fun and easy...just for your own information, Chaldean was one of the most complex systems ever created and that was the main reason for its close call with becoming a lost art: even at the time, it was (and still is) acknowledged as the most accurate of all systems...but it was impossible to memorize and folks back then did not carry pens or notepads, nor was it recommended to openly speak of or write about anything that smacked of the metaphysical.

So if you really want to gain insight into your gifts and challenges with this simple and empowering divinatory system, get ready for a completely different kind of reading - one that paints a clear picture of you and your personal "blueprint" - your essence, talents, desires, lessons, and ideal directions for this lifetime. This introductory guide presents highly effective techniques for decoding the energetic vibrations and information held in names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, and much more.

Topic description:

 'Master numerologist Heather Alicia Lagan has simplified Chaldean numerology, making it both accessible and practical. She offers detailed sample readings of three celebrities - Apolo Anton Ohno, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Drew Barrymore - which are aimed at assisting readers in understanding, sharing, and benefiting from this treasury of ancient knowledge. Chaldean numerology, the original form of numerology upon which many later systems were based, offers guidance, inspirational and enlightening messages, and a framework for setting or achieving goals'.

This book is truly ALL ABOUT YOU! But it also comes in handy in terms of gaining insights to anyone else at any time: for example, let's just say you have just begun dating someone new and want to know a bit more about his/her 'vibe'. This book is where you will find it. So I suppose this book is really about all of us.

Following is a mail I just received from a beautiful soul in Canada...I wanted to share it with you and she graciously agreed. I have done Chaldean and Tarot Reports for her, so this Testimonial covers both of the Main Reads I offer - and I put everything I have into whatever I am focused on, so this is very special to me.  (There are more reviews on the book, on reports, and on this site on the Testimonial page and further down on this one.)

(...) it confirmed so many things I have felt deep within myself for some time now. Everything really made sense to me - amazing. I am just so pleased and indeed deeply blessed to have had the good fortune to have been guided to your lovely website.

 From the bottom of my heart let me simply say 'thank you'.

You do have a lovely way of expressing yourself [and] it was a joy to read your book and now my report...I have been extremely happy with the time, energy, and kindness you have expressed. Truly you have a powerful, uplifting, [and] positive, loving energy!

~ Judy Wheadon, Mississauga, Ontario ~

I am proud to be associated with Llewellyn Worldwide (Publishing) and must give credit where it is due: special thanks goes to Amy Glaser at Llewellyn as well as to all the wonderful people who helped to give this ancient and accurate oracle a voice.


(One of the first reviews...another special one to me...)

This is an excerpt from a customer review...from Mr. Charles S. Amazon, U.S.A. *used with Mr. Charles' kind permission.

This book is a must have for beginning Chaldean Numerology, and I have been working through the book with my wife since it came out [...]. The amount of information contained is amazing, and well worth the price for priceless knowledge.

 I memorized the chart within 24 hours. Her "Quirky Phrases" are used to great effect to help memorize the chart quickly.

The info and method she teaches [...] and her writing style draws you in, she is definitely a communicator! Her website: [...] is also an excellent source of information.

 I have been using Pythagorian Numerology until now, and this system is much more mystic, delves deeper into the inner self, and helps to create an awakening of our Spiritual essence.

Highly recommended to those seeking higher knowledge of themselves, those around them, and to help give our lives Purpose.

 It had my wife and me laughing, crying, and nodding our heads in agreement. Top notch writing and accurate information from beginning to end. She made me a true believer in Chaldean Numerology, and I've been doing nothing but number crunching everywhere I go now.

She also makes references to some of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and they transition flawlessly.

If this is the beginner's book, it's the most complete book on Numerology I have, and I have quite a few, none as descriptive and in depth as this one is! I'm awaiting an Intermediate, and an Advanced one down the road! (hint hint!)

If everyone in the world used this book and applied the teachings of our numbers and the significance of the letters in names, we would all be living in a brighter, understanding world.

Amazing work Heather!

 Thank you, Mr. S.! Namaste, Heather



A recent review from Amazon:

'This is a great book on Chaldean numerology.

 It's a breath of fresh air. What I especially like, is how the interpretation of each number is tied to the corresponding tarot card. It gives a deeper more profound meaning to each number.

My understanding of numerology is more snbstantial now. She gives several examples of several famous people, which I think is a MUST for author of numerology technique. Otherwise, it's just theory.

 I haven't read a lot of other Chaldean numerology books aside from Milikian and Leeya Thompson.

Both provide no examples. Though, to be fair, they may have books where they do. But I'm not impressed enough to seek them out. I will be doing charts of friends and family for a while with this interesting book. Thank you, Ms Lagan'.

You are more than welcome, blupthr16!


 'A brilliant contribution to Chaldean numerology...Heather has taken Chaldean Numerology to the next level...'

 Leeya Brooke Thompson, author of The Wisdom of Sound and Number...see more of her review under 'Testimonials'

'I love Heather's book. I've read a lot of books on this and similar subjects over the years and hers is one of the clearest, most usable. Plus, even though I have been doing Tarot for years, including some professionally, she has given me some new insights. Please give her my congratulations.'

Wynne Thursby, Los Angeles, CA

'I just got your book and have to say 'It's Awesome'. You're absolutely right in saying that Chaldean numerology is more accurate, it hit the nail right on the head.

Thank you so much for writing it.
 In love and light of the 1 (one) we share,'

Russell Olsen, U.S.A.

'Last week I purchased your book from Llewellyn, I had been looking for information on Chaldean Numerology, thank you so much for the book. I have not been able to put it down.'

 Sophia, Professional Astrologer (Astrosophia), U.S.A.

 'I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your book . I was looking at the number for a guy who I used to fly with and who I run into last week. I looked up his first name because I can't remember his last name (and) I really enjoyed being able to see what (he is all) about because the guy seems very guarded but nice and calm. Fitted the name Gary quite well I thought!' 

Sylvaine Lelong, Vancouver, B.C.

Posted to FB by Maria of Sweden:

'To: Colette (Baron Reid)! Just wanted to recommend Canadian Chaldean Numerologist (and much more) Heather Alicia Lagan to you! The Chaldean system really gets into the soul-depth and I was really blown away by it! She just recently came out with a book on this topic and her website is packed with information about it. I know you are probably the busiest person on the planet...but just sending something that you might find interesting :-)

Blessings to you all!'

 Maria of Sweden 

'I recently read your book and enjoyed it very much -  what you have written shows that you know your field very well.'

Habibah L., Mumbai




Cosmic Hugs to All and Namaste...and even when you are stressed, take a moment to remember this: all is as it should be.

Even negative events have their reasons, even though you may not see them immediately. So try to RELAX - everything is perfectly intended. 


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