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You have heard of the theory about alien visitors way back when, right? These guys supposedly came from the sky, deposited their knowledge and left again...never to return? There are some reasons to believe...have a read for yourself.

For many years, I have heard stories about an alien race descending to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as I am sure you have...and I was of mixed opinion on the subject. In fact, I might have even rolled my eyes a little. But I was younger then, and rather ambiguous on the subject of aliens. Having said that, I now wonder myself if this is true - and wanted to share it with you so that you might wonder, too.

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4

As the story goes, approximately 450,000 years ago, a planet outside of our own solar system known as Nibiru or Planet X, 'died' or suffered a grave misfortune which forced its inhabitants to flee for their very lives. One might feel some empathy for these guys, until the following is revealed: this was a race of supremely intelligent 'super-beings' who dabbled in bio-medical, genetic and technological mysteries and who, despite their physical "golden Nordic' beauty and impressive (giant) height, were reputed to have been excessively arrogant, tyrannical, cannibalistic and sexually perverted. Their eventual reputation could be described in one word: evil.

Cave drawing found in Africa

Due to their advanced technological knowledge, these beings were successful in escaping their doomed planet aboard several spacecrafts and set out to establish colonies on suitable planets, including our own and Mars (which is supposedly evidenced by the D&M pyramid).

In the event, the Anunnaki overpowered the existing earthlings, or apemen, enslaved them and used them as subjects in their ongoing genetic experiments...thus altering the state of man while also creating more slaves.

At some point, this race was forced to flee Earth as well -- the reasons cited vary -- but they came back, albeit many years later, at which time they were appalled at the advanced stage of culture and society and the success of the 'Remnants': the 'lesser', half-breed Anunnaki who had been left behind.

Determined to re-establish their supremacy and hold over Earth and her inhabitants, it is suggested that by using sound technology, the Anunnaki caused massive flooding, thereby destroying many developed cities and towns and leaving only massive architectural monuments like the Sphinx and the pyramids relatively intact.

Fearful that pockets of Remnant rebellions (like the Maya, Inca, Aztec and Egyptian cultures) would grow into overwhelming opposition, the Anunnaki quickly chose a new stronghold into which they poured all of their knowledge and technology. This chosen place was Sumeria (ironically, the birthplace of my own study of the ancient art of Chaldean numerology), which, when translated, refers to the 'land of the (local, noble) lords'. The 'lords'? How curious is that?

Ancient Sumeria...the same place Chaldean numerology originates from...


This theory may seem outlandish to some, but it does seem to explain a lot. If it is simply a bunch of malarkey, we are left with the same old questions and a few new ones. Can you see the helicopters below?

Why is it that ancient people had such a fixation on those who descended from the heavens, or the stars...and viewed them as gods?

Why do many ancient inscriptions depict helicopter-type spacecraft and large males with wings or helmets?

Does the genetic manipulation of the Anunnaki explain the half-man, half-beast monstrosities of old mythology?

And how the heck DID they move those tonnes of rock to build the pyramids? Stonehedge? Easter Island? Why can we not duplicate the process even TODAY?

Exactly how were the Nazca Lines formed when humans were not yet airborne and could not even see what they were doing? And what was the point of it all?

How is it that the Sumerians, while being recognized as the first 'civilization', were so advanced? Aren't first civilizations usually fairly simple and only progress after many hundreds of years? Why is it, then, that Sumeria is acknowledged as the rather sudden and unexpected birthplace of advanced language, numbers, geometry, mathematics, astrology, law, usury/monetary, culinary, medical, homeopathy, art and social structures? How'd that happen?

Why is the name, Anunnaki, of Sumerian origin? And does anyone else find it odd that the translation is of 'Anunnaki' is 'those who came down from heaven to earth'?

And why is a derivative of the word, along with a description, mentioned in the bible?

"And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come out of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so we were in their sight." Numbers 13:33. (Which means the Anak were so large that by comparison, humans were the size of insects).

If we accept this story as true, then the next conclusion would have to be that there are direct and indirect Anunnaki descendants all over the Earth. And that some would be in positions of ultimate control.

 Are they related?

Perhaps they are awaiting the return of their masters while facilitating the introduction of the 'New World Order' as some believe...I do find it curious and slightly ominous that many presidents, including Bush and Obama, as well as high powered politicians the world over now use the term casually and often: how did what was once viewed as a threat; a conspiracy theory, gradually become 'normal' and even integrated into the human psyche?

Is it true that the secret hand signal indicates sworn allegiance to this New World Order - and suggests our origins may be from the stars and ancient civilizations?

If it is true, you might be an alien. Heck, I might be an alien! Hmm. That might explain a lot, too.