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Please email me prior to placing your order - just for informational purposes and potential scheduling - I often have waiting lists! My email is heather_lagan@hotmail.com

New: Tarot by phone - see numbers 4 and 5 below


Your name(s) and numbers speak volumes about your directions, goals, events, likes and dislikes, cycles, lessons and secret desires -- and why you are here and what to do about it.

That is the aim behind Chaldean Alpha-Numerology...to reveal what the symbols and energies in your name are, and what they are really saying - this is one type of report you have not seen before, simply because it has not been readily available until now.

These readings are delivered by email. I will send you confirmation of your order and will require basic information, such as your full name as currently used and your date of birth.

All reports are done and detailed by me - no computer spit-outs are involved.

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Document =  approx. 10 full pages

  This report is the shorter version of the Complete Name Analysis: it gives you the most important details and brief summaries of their meanings.

 Aspects include: your Daily Name (first and last), your Total Name (first, middle and last), your Current Energy Phase (which energies are affecting you the most at this time), your Lifepath (what you are here to do/be/learn) and your Social, Soul and Domestic essences are fully detailed.

This report is straight-forward and to the point and provides all of your numbers while also including the major letter meanings of your names and how they can influence your life.

Information required from you is your full name (the one you are currently using, including your middle name) and your date of birth. 



$ 499.

Document = approx. 25 full pages

** The most complete Name Analysis available. **

This is the complete and full look at the all of the vibrations in your names, the 'Social' energies of your first name; the 'Inner' energies of your middle name and the 'Domestic' energies of your last name. Your Current Energy phase and personal Lifepath lessons and challenges are also detailed.

For this read, I will need your full date of birth, including the year and your current and complete name which means that if you were born as Elizabeth, but use Liz in your daily life, then that is the name you will give me...this report is based on the energy you are currently vibrating to - not what you vibrated to 20 years ago, or even five years ago. Also, if you have 2 first, middle or last names, please include them (i.e Mary-Lou or Jean-Marie or Smith-Jones).

Your first name is your 'Social Name' and it reveals your social persona...how others see you and how you choose to be seen. This is the character you are when with friends, co-workers (on a less-formal level), family, and personal connections.

Your 'Inner' or middle name reveals your core strengths or weaknesses and can point to unfulfilled dreams or goals which need to be addressed...this can be very revelatory to say the least.

Your last name is your 'Domestic' energy and does not hold all that much 'personal' importance - your assigned name or names (first and middle) are the most 'personal' to you as they are the ones assigned to you at birth. Your last name will illustrate the male hierarchy of the family, whether it is of your own family or that of a husband's family.

Your Total Name numbers (all of your names combined) reveals your overall 'potential': your greatest gift(s) and how you are seen in the 'legal and proper' sense. It sheds light on what I call your Universal gift: that one characteristic or talent you have...for everyone is talented at something. This number helps you find out what yours is or at least, the specific area in which to find it.

 Your Daily Name is most often used and is therefore of considerable importance as it is the daily reflection of you and your energies...whether you are in a job interview; hanging with friends or attending a formal sit down dinner. This name reveals how you carry and emit your energies in social situations...what your 'vibe' is and it can indicate what you should be 'doing' in this lifetime...which often references jobs, creative abilities and potential areas of success.

Your month and day of birth form your Lifepath and provide a strong message about what your karmic lesson might be (if you have any, which most of us do), but most importantly, it points you down the right road in life. It tells you what to pay attention to in order to remove roadblocks from your path and offers messages and advise regarding what exactly your incarnation this time around consists of.

Your Day of birth is important, too...this speaks to specifics...it tells you which exact energy you arrived on and as such, is a strong influence over your entire 'being' and attitude...and even your destiny.

Your Current Energy Phase is very interesting and important: it can help to explain current situations, circumstances, relationships (or lack of them), jobs or dissatifaction with them...in other words, it can explain all manner of things, why they are happening and can even dictate potential frames of mind and the events that can transpire as a result.

This report will assist you in your overall understanding of what you do and why you do it - among other things - and is indeed rare and unique - and spiritually based. Its goal is to inspire, validate, encourage, challenge and support...and I am simply the conduit for the messages that come through.


They are 100 % hand done, by me: I chart your individual vibrations and put your report together with my own two hands. It is personal and unique...just like you and your life. 

As a result, these compilations can take a 7 to 10 business days to complete (in addition to any wait time), but I will let you know when you are scheduled in and when to expect delivery, so you will have a good idea of when your Report will arrive.

Please see the bottom of this page for an idea of how this kind of read works...I have used my own Social (first) name as a brief example.

Please note there is a 20.00 surcharge for name units that contain more than three names (for example, if you have two first, middle or last names (or if your name is excessively long lol).




Fully Documented 15-20 full page Report

This read is done by me, working with your energies (from your name) and by connecting through my intuition to Universe. That might sound a touch odd, but it is similar to meditating - 'Heather ' goes on the back burner and I connect with another form of energy.

You have the choice of sharing areas of concern or allowing the wisdom of the Tarot to offer the messages you need to hear.

The layout is then done and intuitively read and documented. So this is unique in the sense that I can 'sit' with your energies and with the messages presented for a longer period of time than available during a face-to-face reading, which in turn allows deeper connections to be made.

So it is certainly different from all other reads and you will also have a record to refer back to.

My reads cover from the time of receipt to approximately 6 months from now.


The read begins with the core issue of your life: the most prominent concern you have at the moment. This center message shows your 'current' concern(s) and holds specific messages about that concern.

Possible stumbling blocks or even positive elements are also aspected, as are events of the immediate past and how they might be affecting the present.

Things that are upcoming are looked at as well as are base and supportive (or suppressive) energies. Likely future events, your own needs, how others may see the situation, positive and negative influences and potential future images and ultimate outcomes are all revealed.

It is difficult to explain exactly how a read works as there is so much more to it than categories and cards: this is an intuitive illustration which also takes things like card positioning, content, numbers, and my own connections into account.

The picture that forms is of your life at the moment (like a snapshot) and your options in terms of directions and positive actions.

These can involve love and family, job and career, money and security, health and mindset: whatever is particular to you and your life concerns.

There is always at least one very strong message that is repeated in the reading to ensure that you 'get it' and I must also add that spiritually, my readings go deeper than some - or so I've been told.

Oh, and I know you would want to know how long my reads peek into the energetic future? I work with vibrations, whether Chaldean or Tarot...so the answer to that one is 'not far' because everything is energy and you have free will, so changes can happen that can change everything in a heartbeat. However, if you do not make any significant changes (usually something impulsive), the energies projected should remain fairly even...the farthest I go is 3 to 6 months.

All of my readings are pretty direct and definitely will provide you with answers and options.


60 phone Tarot and 90 minute phone Tarot/Chaldean combination consultations (numbers 4 and 5 below)


This option covers your life in general and looks at the energies and events that start now and extend from 3 to 6 months into the future.The content covered is the same as Number 3 above, except we do it over the phone (Canada and the US only).

This option generally provides the ideal amount of time required to fully cover the read.

Bookings are available weekdays only. Please email me for information on waiting times at heather_lagan@hotmail.com.



This unique 'blended' read incorporates your major Chaldean aspects with a complete Tarot layout. Full of personal/life information from the ancient Numerology treasure trove and from the mystical and mysterious world of the Tarot..

Bookings are available weekdays only. Please email me for information on waiting times at heather_lagan@hotmail.com.


Are email reads accurate?


Tarot readings by email are just as accurate as in person readings - perhaps more so.

The reasons are simple. All things are energy; carry energy and create energy, therefore when I see and speak the energy of your name, or see your picture, I connect with you energetically.

When I focus on your individual questions or situations over distance, I am free of any energies other than my own and my 'connection' -- I have found the mail readings allow me freedom to 'sit with' your questions if so directed and to go into greater depth and explanation when I am preparing your report.

Please do email me either before or after you have placed your order...at that time, you can let me know what you would like me to focus on prior to doing the energy work for your layout of cards or if you would prefer the 'Wisdom of the Tarot' which is essentially done with the goal being your receipt of messages Universe needs you to know at this time.

Donations are welcomed and appreciated!

Thank you and Namaste, Heather

To order my book (Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing), please visit your local book store or order online through Llewellyn or Amazon (links here)....have a look at the Book Page for testimonials from people who have read it...and on Amazon USA for testimonials, as well.


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Below is a brief read on 'Heather' - it will give you a good idea of the elements a Chaldean report will cover.

What do you think all of those letters in your name are really saying? This is one of the best ways to find out! For example, my name is:

HEATHER...here are the general energies contained within this name...in the Complete Read, more detail is provided; this example is intended to give you an idea of how the read works.

THE LETTER H: The Cornerstone of this name speaks of an energy whose main issue in life involves choosing to ascend or descend a ladder -- one that will take this energy up to Heaven or down to Hell. This is the choice of spirituality over depression, having faith over having another martini, striving over giving up, accepting abuse over taking a stand...and the list is endless. Up or down, over or under...movement or stagnation. Valued by the 5 of freedom, exploration, changes, communication and the senses, the H will want to explore both ends of the ladder and will do so frequently...as there is another H and four similar 5 vibes in the name itself. The ideal outcome is choosing to go UP the ladder to Higher ground...and to stay there.

THE LETTER E: This letter is sheer energy -- and can become excessively enthusiastic when its interest is peaked -- and can easily go to extremes without even realizing it. This letter can be impulsive and act in haste only to repent at leisure. The E (E=Mc2) is very forward thinking, curious, investigative and open to other dimensions. In its position as following the H (and thereby accentuating it's meaning), a trip down the ladder and serious interest in the garbage at it's base can lead to all manner of less than desirable habits, lifestyles and relationships. On the other hand, the inevitable trip UP the ladder takes the HE to HEaven...or spiritual pursuits, interests and even careers. The HE can be unstoppable and quite unique (and is balanced by HER later in the name unit).

THE LETTERS A AND T: In this position, the A reads as a force, either from within or from without. This force can stop the enthusiasm of the E or funnel it in a certain direction. Think of the word 'heat' -- the temperature goes UP (the ladder), is extended and expanded by the E and then is forced into a certain direction: perhaps combustion or ignition or just high enough to cause the sweat glands to pop...the 'additional' nature of the T that follows, both in the word 'heat' and in the name 'Heather' -- 'adds to' or strengthens the resulting energy. Simply put, heat puts 'heat' on Heather...the holder may actually dislike heat -(true!), controlling situations or people, and will need to 'cool down' from time to time.

THE LETTERS H AND E AGAIN: The return of the letter H shows the holder once again faces a choice in the direction her life will take...and self-confidence can become an issue.This is a time of a more mature decision: yet sometimes it will involve a return trip DOWN the ladder. The repetitive cycle of the H and the E indicate that these basically negative 'run-throughs' will have to be experienced and negotiated a few times before the holder gets the idea that perhaps going UP the ladder might be an option. Fresher air up there.

THE LETTER R: This is equivalent to a test at the end of the trial runs up and down the ladder. Here is where difficult questions are asked and honest evaluation is required - usually in relationships or concerning unions of two. It is also a time of sticking the head in the sand and ignoring everything and everyone - but the test is still given. The two year transit of the R can be a difficult one and can manifest as divorces, forced change or even accidents and health issues. However! The saving grace of the R is that once experienced, it is likely the holder will take in the lessons presented during the R run and will then experience rewards, regeneration, renewal and rebirth.

The grouping of these letters creates a potential pioneer of unique interests and ideas. The Total Name Number (all the numbers as shown in the letters) is 9 and this numeric vibration will be the same for anyone who shares it: this energy experiences many lessons and hopefully learns from them...inherently sensitive and open, number 9 is naturally artistic, intuitive and compassionate...but can also be overly-sensitive, unrealistic, moody and escapist.

Since the 9 is also the end of the initial number scale and thereby the beginning of another (10-20), all manner of endings and beginnings will naturally become evident in this letter grouping and can manifest as many jobs, homes, relationships and interests until the holder is older and has had time to mature. Until then, the 9, when tied to this name energy, can be hard to pin down...due to the 'beginning and ending' theme of the 9, it can be difficult to get a committment from this name energy.

The overall vibrations here indicate an easy-going kind of person and is a blend of nurturing, intuition and intelligence but can be somewhat illusive and scattered. It's best bet is to involve itself in something (artistic) that allows independence and freedom of expression. Its main lesson is to release the past, learn to trust and embrace the reality of now.

Note: The number values ascribed to each letter also dictates the number of YEARS it takes to transit the influence of that letter. For example, H is ruled by the number 5...so it takes 5 years to pass through the phase of the H/5. The E is also ruled by the 5 and also takes 5 years to transit. To make this easier to understand: the name Sam is made up of the numbers 3, 1 and 4. Add those number together and they total to 8 - which means it will take Sam 8 years to transit through the letter vibrations in his first name, at which time he will return to the start of his name (S/3) and continue to cycle through those same energies.

Heather, on the other hand, takes 27 years to transit. If I live to be 108, that means I would have transited my social energies 4 times...but realistically, the majority of us travel our lesson energies 3 to 10 times (like an 'Ami' which totals to 6 - this 'Ami' may go through her letter phases more than a dozen times) in our lifespan - each passage is designed to perfect and ingrain both practical and spiritual lessons.

The Sum of Heather at 50

(This is an objective take based strictly on the letter and number phase  anyone named 'Heather' would find themselves in Socially at the age of 50).

"At 50 years of age, 'Heather' will be in the (5 year) 'E' phase of her name energy which means she will experience all manner of change, adventure, excitement, stimulation of the senses, communication opportunities (on a large scale) and will taste freedom and independence. The doorways to this freedom may appear out of nowhere - or there may be too many doors to choose from, so it can also be a time of confusion and anxiety.

Old patterns will be released, which may be traumatising as birthing pains lead to new and fresh outlooks. This translates into a new sense of self, change on many levels and improvement in career status, the realization of innovative ideas (taking physical form), new opportunities that expand her world and involve a certain level of bravery and risk-taking.

In plain English, this is a time of endings and beginnings in key relationships, changing domestic situations, travel and becoming involved in broader life experiences than she has thus far. This is a time of noticable and remarkable change in her personal life and career directions."

All of the above has happened...and continues to. - H.L. at 51 - and at 52! and at 53! lol...this last year totals to 8, so this is a year of gaining control and balance...very true. - Heather (2012)

Birthday 2013...this year, I am 54, so along with the theme of changes and communication and seeking the shift, I can also expect my home life to become important (changes/endings here, too) and that some toxic, potentially troublesome, or long-term negative connections will end (54=9, and 9 is Beginnings after Endings). By the same token, something new will be started during this year, as my Personal Year is 10/1...so there are definitely 'new starts' ahead.

Addition: April 15/14...And a rather sad conclusion regarding the above mentioned message:

'I can also expect my home life to become important (changes/endings here, too) and that some toxic, potentially troublesome, or long-term negative connections will end'.

  In the start of 2014, on the 4th day, my long-time partner passed quite suddenly. This was one of the most 'freeing' experiences I had known - with no disrespect intended, this was a relationship that was very difficult and lesson-filled - a time that caused me anxiety and worse - so at 55, I am indeed in the midst of major endings and new beginnings, as projected.

RIP D.L. Hill 1950 - 2014






Although you will certainly have something to think about after a read, I am obliged to add that no reading of any kind is intended as or will take the place of appropriate medical or therapeutic care from health care professionals where applicable.

I must also add that I am not legally bound by or to any advise given in any session or report and that decisions and choices made by the client are their own responsibility.

Thank you for your understanding.

Credits only will be applied where deemed appropriate. Sorry, but no refunds once work has commenced.

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Hugs from Heather...and remember, everything is exactly as it should be...relax!