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CARTOMANCY: is the forerunner to the Tarot, some say....and is what I started reading before I started reading the Tarot...this is easy, fun and accurate, so read below and give it a go! (And heed your intuition - it is never wrong!) And most of all, take the time to enjoy yourself.

There are more divination techniques like using a pendulum, scrying and even using your computer as an oracle on the Intuition: Tap In page...check them out! 

If you need an answer to a question or insight into a situation, you do not need to know the tarot -- or even own a Tarot deck -- there is an option and anyone can use it: all you will need is a (preferably) new deck of regular playing cards and some basic information, which is coming up. (You may remove the red and black jokers from the deck if you so wish - their meanings are near the end of this page - essentially, they indicate unexpected and perhaps negative events but are often unclear in terms of areas touched, so I usually leave them out).

The process is quick and easy. Sit comfortably with both feet flat on the floor (this 'grounds' you), close your eyes and hold the deck in your hands. If you are feeling stressed, take a deep breath: in through your nose and out (slowly) through your mouth -- relax and focus on what you are doing, which is opening a 'line of communication' between yourself and your oracle.

Visualize the situation or problem and ask a single and direct question that can be answered by 'yes' or 'no' (the purpose of which is to provide the strongest 'director' energy) -- again, simplicity is the key -- try not to 'layer' your query. Drawing one card at a time will provide much clearer results.

Focus your thought on the question, shuffle gently and when you feel your concentration is at its highest peak, cut the cards (just allow the deck to fall open in your hands, then lift one section up and place it behind the other section). It sounds more complicated than it is: you are simply cutting the deck in your hands as opposed to on the table (once the deck is placed down, the energy flow and connection is 'broken').

Cut the deck three times, then turn the top card. If you have an 'intuitive flash' when you see the card, this is part of the message. Then look at the colour, suit and number or face card and link their meanings as described below (and you may turn two more cards from the top of the deck for further clarity, or to read the past, present and future energies of the situation in question). And yes, you can continue to lay cards after the first one. A good layout is past, present and future (if you need more info, you can lay another card on top of the one that you require more information on).

The Colours

* Black cards indicate an uneven energy and suggest caution...the worst case scenario would be a 'no'.

* Red cards indicate a responsive or generally supportive energy...the best case scenario would be a 'yes'.

Note: if while drawing, one pulls a Jack, draw an additional card for further information as the Jack is the card of messages delivered: the additional card will help to indicate what the message concerns.

The Suits


* Spades refer to thoughts, communications and decisions -- and can also refer to authoritative, controlling or even abusive energies. Facing difficult experiences, such as health issues or shifts in relationships fall under the influence of the spade. Anxiety, worry, stress, frustration and even anger are also assigned to the spade.


* Clubs are connected to the fire and passion of the physical body, its actions, fertility, growth and the social arena. Here is where intense interests and desires reside along with the focus and drive to realize them.  This is the reality of the physical human form and all of its actions.


* Diamonds refer to logic, practicality, ambition, money, security and relate to education, careers, homes and personal motivation with an eye to personal success. A diamond may appear if money, the home or a job is the focus of the enquiry.


* Hearts point to the emotions: being in love, strong friendships, family unity and nurturing of the self. This is a warm, flowing and loving energy -- but it can also carry the heartbreak and pain of separations, depression and loss.

The Numbers

* The Ace (number 1) is an original force, a new start, a breakthrough and the will to survive. This card will show up when something new is underway, as in a relationship, domestic move or job. This energy requires that the past be left behind so that the future may be fully embraced.  The Ace is like a door - one that has finally been passed through and now presents a new scenario.


* Number 2 is the couple, the two sides, the duality and the balance (or imbalance) between them. This number will show up when there is a situation involving 2 people, places or things and refers to the state of balance between the consultant and another element.

* Number 3 is the (magical) trinity, creativity, birth and the physical activity of the body and brain. This card will show up if there are 3 aspects to the question or if it involves fertility and growth. The three also holds an element of luck or rebirth (third time's the charm!)

* Number 4 is the foundations in life: health, job, family and finances -- the elements of security and stability. This number will show up if the question surrounds basic issues and can indicate foundations that are either firm or infirm.  The four often refers to the rules and regulations of life and thus can be seen as restrictive or safe.

* Number 5 is change, the senses, independence, freedom and (the need for) open communication. This number will show up if unusual activities or events are apparent or upcoming or if there is a need to break free from a restraint of some kind. The 5 will show up when a noticable change is in the offing or if one is desperately needed.

* Number 6 is domestic and familial love, returning to the fold, care, nurturing and safety. This number will show up if the question concerns love in any of its forms -- we can love our jobs, our mates, our houses and many other things...often there will be a choice or two different elements involved.

* Number 7 is logical thought and investigation...of both the scientific and the metaphysical. This number will show up when there is a need for careful evaluation or when there is an unknown or mysterious element to the question - it can also represent heeding the voice of intuition.

* Number 8 is power, control, authority and holds the potential to entrap and overwhelm. This number will show up when potent energies are at play -- this can be feeling confined or controlled by a person, place or thing or reaching a level of tranquil balance between the spiritual and material worlds -- there are two dramatically different energies in the 8: the power of ego versus the power of serenity. Look to the other cards for additional energy hints.

* Number 9 is beginnings and endings (that are usually connected), imagination, creativity, intuition and compassion. This number will show up when subjects of a sensitive, mystical or metaphysical nature are addressed as well as ones concerning situations that are rapidly losing power over the consultant's life and must be ended or are coming to a natural conclusion. Thus the 9 stands as much for endings as it does for beginnings, although this stage is more concerned with the preparation for these beginnings. The 9 is 'getting ready' for the changing phases.

* Number 10 is the actual end, the finalization, the finish line
crossed -- it opens the door to the Ace. This number will show up when the consultant is standing at the threshold of the door and is ready to enter a new experience. This card equates to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot deck - the ongoing cycle of life. It is the finalization of endings and the actuality of new starts, which can be both positive and negative.

The Face Cards

* Jacks refer to an important message that pertains to its suit. This card will show up when the consultant is waiting for a communication of some kind, like an agreement or an offer, but can also take the form of a direct and personal message to the consultant.

For example, this Jack of spades may bear an unfortunate piece of news or warn against hasty judgments, gossip or negative self-talk.

* Queens refer to a woman who may assist or hinder, connects to the suit and can represent the consultant's state of mind or position in life. 

This Queen of Diamonds would represent a lady in a position of authority, usually through business and can show success in the career or improvement in the financial aspect of life.

* Kings refer to a man who may assist or hinder, connects to the suit and can represent the consultant's state of mind or position in life.

 This King of Hearts refers to a man who is loved: often the husband, boyfriend or father. The King of Hearts also often shows a man's love for the consultant.

The Jokers

(these may be removed prior to the reading if one so desires)

* The Red Joker refers to the the unexpected with positive overtones.
* The Black Joker refers to the unexpected with negative overtones.

As an example, if one is thinking about a new relationship and draws the 7 of Hearts, the message is one of cautious optimism...or if one is thinking about changing jobs and draws the 2 of swords, the message is one of caution, period, as there is a negative overtone in the form of imbalance between the consultant and an element of the potential job.

As a final example, if one is asking whether a move is in their future and draws the Ace of Diamonds...start packing! And know that the cash you need will be on hand. Moving is expensive!

Keep it simple and have fun! And by the way? If you choose to divine in the future using this simple system, keep the deck strictly for this purpose -- do not use it to play poker!


Hugs from Heather -- and remember, everything is exactly as it should be. Relax.