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This knowledge comes to you from thousands of years ago and is as accurate as it is ancient. Find out what this oracle says about your name and your Lifepath...enjoy!


The aim of Chaldean is to offer you unique insights into your own personality, talents, challenges, special traits, and much more...it is all about you and although you know yourself now, this journey might just help you to understand yourself even better - it is inspiring, supportive, surprising, and spiritually and esoterically based, so take your time and enjoy. (Since this is not to be rushed, maybe 'favorite' this page so you may return at your leisure to look deeper...at yourself and even other significant people in your life).

This system uses only your current names: your first, middle (if you have one), and last. These 'current' names are the ones you are most commonly known by and are also how you think of yourself - so if your full name is Catherine, but you are known primarily as Cathy, then that is the name you would use.

If you are divorced and have reverted to primarily using your maiden name but have not changed it legally, then your maiden name is the one you will use. Basically, the rule never changes: calculate the names you are most commonly known by as Chaldean measures the energies you are currently carrying and projecting.

Further down is more information about your names: but too much info is overload...


You will need a full blank sheet of paper, pen/pencil. Across the top of the page, write your FULL NAME in BLOCK LETTERS (including your middle name).

H E A T H E R    A L I C I A    L A G A N  - TOTAL NAME

H E A T H E R    L A G A N - DAILY NAME - this is the most important name as it is the most commonly used energy (your first and last names).

Once you have laid out your names, each one should be totalled as follows, then all names should be carried to the right for further addition - in my case, LAGAN is 13, so the Sub of Heather (27) should be added to 13 (40/4) and then the single digits (9 and 4) should be added - which totals to 13/4.

So my Daily Name is all about 13 and 4. (The numbering of each of your names should look like this: and it is not as hard as it might sound - just keep adding your numbers until you have a single digit with the exceptions of Master numbers like 11, 22, 33 - just treat those as single digits).

5   5  1   4   5   5   2

H  E  A  T  H   E  R


The 27 is the total of the name and is also the Main Sub for this name (Main Subs appears in all totals of individual and combination names, with the exception of Direct numbers - like AMY - which is 1+4+1=6 - the total of this name has no Sub and is a Direct expression of the 6  vibration).

The Main Sub refers to the energies that reside beneath your 'outer' appearance or aura - it can also suggest which fields you would be happiest in and the final digit describes you and the kind of energy, personal traits, and...'vibe' you project.

Using this chart, mark the number value of each letter in each of your names above each letter.

Then total each name separately down to a final digit, as shown above. 

*Leave double digits like 11, 22, 33 as is - they are MASTER NUMBERS and are not reduced, so just add as a regular number - say your numbers are 3 + 11 + 9 = 23/5, then the last set of numbers is how your calculation will look, including the 11.

As we go, I will guide you through further categories that will give you your Current Energy Phase, your Social, Inner, and Domestic names as well as how to calculate your Lifepath.

(All Names) TOTAL NAME

This is the 'legal' recognition of who you are and how 'authorities' view you. It is not the most important total, as few of us introduce ourselves  by including our middle names, but it can point to specific areas of talent you have been gifted with on this Earth plane. This often reveals a specific one that you must incorporate at some point in your life (your intuition will tell you if you are willing to listen and take action).

The Main Sub carries a message as well - it is what lies beneath the surface number and can indicate what you might find yourself wanting to do or try or be. This is like taking a test that focuses in on your 'best subjects' and the results are up to you to act on or not - but the advise offered is always something you should pay attention to - it is that thing you used to love doing as a kid or something connected to it and is what you should, ideally, be using in your career or at the very least, as a hobby.

(First + Last Names) DAILY NAME

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ENERGY NUMBER in your Chart, for the simple reason that it is the most common energy that you project to others and is the one they will pick up and respond to.

The Main Sub here shows what your career or hobbies should entail - it can be the 7 of the brain/investigation of the esoteric or the 6 of the heart/love of community/home: all numbers hold personal messages for you.

This number and Sub should connect in some way to your Lifepath. If it does not match, small spelling changes can often place you in energetic line with your Lifepath.

(First Name) SOCIAL NAME 

THIS IS YOUR MAIN SOCIAL ENERGY - again, because it is used daily, this is one of the key frequencies, for it is used with friends, co-workers/bosses, aquaintenances, while 'socializing', and with a host of others. So this is an important vibe. For me, it is 9 - which does cover my interactions and intentions

The Main Sub will comment on what you would enjoy doing on a daily basis - if you enjoy interacting with others or if you prefer to work on your own - this is the kind of information the Social name can show. It also shows how you feel about the world in general and your place in it.

(Middle Name) INNER SOUL

This is where the secrets of the heart can be found as well as the true nature of your core energy - if you appear as a soft and domestic and loving 6 on the outside, your Inner Soul may show you as a 1 - which would be where your ability to SURVIVE would show (which could indicate tough times in the past, which is where INNER strength would be necessary).

This often shows dreams and hobbies - things you love to do or follow - and reveals or suggests what would make you happy in terms of what you do for a living. It is usuallly a challenge to do what you love and to trust that 'the money will follow' - and it will give you many chances to start fresh - if it is based on a 10, you will have a major opportunity to begin over during middle years - like publishing your first book at 50.

The Main Sub will confirm in some way, or expand upon the above.

(Last Name) DOMESTIC

The least important *PERSONAL energy in a name per se as it refers to one of two things, both of which were already in existence when you 'joined' them, either by being 'born' into an existing energy or marrying into one...of course, you may have changed your name, in which case, this name would be a wee bit more important, as you would be taking on new vibrations in this area. (*Your first two names are the ones that were 'assigned' to you upon arrival and are therefore the most personal to you).

But normally, this is a template you are exposed to as a child (viewing and taking in the world around you) which solidify into adult patterns in various departments of life - most of which will need adjusting or even a complete overhaul during your lifetime...which is just another part of our lessons while here.

Marrying and taking on another name will expose you to new energies altogether, but they will take a few years to become embedded in your psyche and identity...it is beneficial to do your numbers prior to taking on another vibration, for it can change things in a way that is not positive. 

The Main Sub will comment on the most powerful energies in this family hierarchy and how they have or should be used or softened. Again, each person is unique and all of these categories will fall under different Lifepaths and vibrations.



Say your date of birth is June 9.

The month is 6.

The Day is 9.

Add the two: 9 + 6 = 15/6. Your LIFEPATH is 6 with a Sub of 15. Your DAY of birth is also 6, so this is a powerful number for you. 

(The Sub number 15 would show how you will reach and learn your lessons - this is the need for freedom [5] in order to be independently able to pursue the areas you feel the need to help the most...6 is LOVE and the desire to assist, to help and to make better).

Note: the year of birth is not used as it only reflects which phase the Earth was in when you joined it. The SEASONS, however, are much more revealing in terms of the kind of energy you were born under. In this case, June is fortuitous as it is a time of growth, fertility, beauty, warmth that leads to the heat of summer.


If Your Day of Birth consists of two numbers, simply add them together until you have a single digit - keep in mind that MASTER NUMBERS are not reduced - so 11, or 22 will be counted as such - so January 22 would become 1 + 22 = 23/5, with the 22 left as is.This is your main energy, your power, your abilities. This vibration suppliments the Lifepath with further information.


This involves each of your names and counting through EACH ONE as individual units.Each name is composed of letters and numbers - and aside from individual meanings, they also refer to the number of years it takes to energetically travel through the lessons and challenges of each name.

To make this easier to follow, let's use my name, HEATHER.

The total of the name is 27. That means it takes 27 years to transit the energies of 'Heather'. 'Alicia' takes 10 years and Lagan takes 13 years. Each count is done separately for each name.

Let's say I am 20. Just count through the year values (numbers) for each name...Heather Alicia Lagan would mean I am in the Energy Phase of:

H (last year of the H). Then A (last year of the A). And finally G (last year of this phase). 

Hence: HAG (5, 1, 3 = 9 Energy Phase).

Read the individual meanings for the letters and numbers to figure out what type of event and energetic phase your phase translates into.


Okay, back to the Energy Phase. Each of your names will provide you with the number of years each name takes (individually) to travel. (The idea here is that you rotate through each of your names depending on your age - if you were only just born, you would be under the influence of your first 3 Cornerstones [first letters in each name]).

Do this for each name and note the letter your current age brings you to. After doing this for each name, you will wind up with a three letter code which will pinpoint the kinds of vibrations and connected events or developments that are not only attached to both the individual numbers and letters in the code, but also in the final additions and final result.

*My current code is HIL (which is rather eerie, as these letters form the first part of my deceased partner's name)...the numbers involved here are 5, 1 and 3, which total to 9 - which matches my Social Name. I am realizing some basic things about who I am (read about this on the Newsletter), so the 9 is very appropriate.

Number 9 is all about Endings and New Beginnings, so I would say this is exactly what is happening in my life right now. There is much more to this number, but for purposes of illustrations, this works perfectly.

So you can see how knowledge of your own phase could come in handy, right? Even just thinking about things can cause a pause...remember, you are the most important person in your life.

More info...just for your consideration


The Cornerstone is the first letter of each of your names and reveals the main, over-riding energy or vibration that rules the different parts of your life/character.

So your Inner Soul Cornerstone is the most interesting, as to me, this is where most of the truth about you can be found, from natural talents to dreams to abilities...and much more.

You might want to spend some time there - and if you have two middle names, you may want to drop one as too many middle names can make for a confused and confusing mind (or thought patterns) and lifestyle. It would be like living with two different 'people' inside you, so you can imagine what I mean.

Back to your first (Social) name - if your name is Amy, then your Cornerstone is A/1.

If your name is Heather, then your Cornerstone is H/5.

Both the letter meaning and the number meaning will describe your overall character and sometimes, represent your greatest challenge on this Earth plane.

Each name covers a specific area of your lifestyle and character, and your Domestic (last name) is either the template of your youth and the patterns found therein, or is the name you have taken on for whatever reasons (marriage is the most common) and the patterns found therein - all hold challenges, good energies, negative energies, and will describe your home life and the frequencies you have or have not aligned with your own.


If your name totals to a double number, like mine, which is 27, just keep adding until you reach a single digit, which in my case is 9.

But the 27 is important here, as it is the Main Sub Number (the final set of double digit numbers before you reach your final single digit).

The last set of Sub numbers are important in Chaldean, as they reveal what is going on beneath the 'surface' layer - emotions, desires, needs, and secret goals can all show here - as can what a person is naturally good at - something each should consider prior to choosing a career or mate or lifestyle.

So the Social number reveals the outside, but the Main Sub also offers glimpses into the real center; the heart of the matter, sometimes by accident - but it is not normally intended for casual viewing.

(Tip: read all numbers and letters from left to right - for example, 17 would be read as the 'original force/start' [1] of brain-oriented activity [7] that leads to newfound balance and control [8] - this could refer to becoming interested in another way of thinking: either more logical or more spiritual - or combining both into a cohesive, powerful, yet spiritually balanced mind, which is what the 8 represents - it is the Lemniscate or symbol for eternity which must be perfectly balanced).

As mentioned, the Sub number can show what your ideal job might be or reveal a specific talent or desire you will find yourself seeking to fulfil during your adult years.

(Hint: look to your Lifepath and Inner Soul name numbers when you get there for guidance regarding what you would really like to do with your life - for example, if you are an accountant who has always longed to write a book, what's stopping you? You may have something to say that will be of value to mankind...or perhaps you have always longed to act - join a local acting troop. You see what I mean, right?)

And just in case you wondered, my 27 indicates an odd path through life - the 2 says I am good with people, specifically one-on-one situations. (It also says I may have 'issues' with family and intimate relationships - both true but becoming more mellow and loving as I age...family is important and the healing power of love is unstoppable). 

The 7 is magickal and rules the brain and what it focuses on - there are two sides to the brain: one is concerned with logic and practicality while the other is concerned with all things metaphysical and arcane...and even disturbing, as it is particularly vulnerable to the imagination and to illusions (remember the musicians we have lost at this age: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and more recently, Amy Winehouse)...but the aim of the 7 is to use both sides of the brain to assist or inspire others.

As some of you might already know, I am an author and a Spiritual Consultant and Chaldean Numerologist, so my work is indeed around inspiring and helping others, and usually on a one-to-one basis. Each contact with my clients have a distinct Beginning and Ending...are sensitive and empathic/intuitive in nature and impart chanelled wisdom from Universe. It 'fits'.


Any number or letter that is repeated in your entire name (Total Name)will accentuate its meaning and the other connecting final numbers elsewhere on the page (Daily, Social, Inner, Domestic, and Lifepath/Day) tie into the total, too. So these letter or number quantities will reveal your strongest abilities...or challenges.

(Further connections can be found in all kinds of areas in your life: your address, phone numbers, license plate, license, SNN/SIN, work address...try it, you may find areas that are diametrically opposed to your own energy and others that may explain conflicts or connective/supportive energies...everything in our lives is connected to numbers, right down to the two cells that joined to create a 3rd entity - YOU).

So if you see eight number 4 values, there is an above average amount of 4 energy in your life, which can mean you may experience boredom, lethargy, negative outlooks and an overall lack of enthusiasm in your life - but if your Lifepath is also a 4, there is something for you to learn around the meaning of the 4 - perhaps taking personal responsibility for work or family, or even lightening up on expectations of yourself and others - no one is perfect. We are not meant to be - not in this incarnation, anyway. We are HERE TO LEARN!


Quantities of letter and number energies are also revealing: for instance, the example below shows the highest number values as four number 1 values, with the 2 and 5 running close seconds at 3 each.

The highest letter count in the name below is A/1 (3), plus an additional 1 value (Y, for a total of four 1 energies).

This tells me that this A ruled person would be highly motivated, determined, original, inventive, curious, logical, brave, adventurous, a risk-taker, impulsive, action-oriented, non-emotional/affectionate, set in their ways/opinions, pragmatic, methodical...and sometimes thoughtless, reckless, careless, controlling, rude, arrogant and even abusive in worse case scenarios.

The A/1 is the first symbol and the first energy in both scales, so this is equivalent to the starting gate of mankind - anything is possible under this powerful and sometimes Aggressive combo - wealth and success are within reach for this energy, providing it opens the heart chakra to welcome emotions like love and compassion.

A  M  Y     A  N  N     B  A  K  E  R

1   4    1     1   5   5      2   1  2   5  2

     6              11               12/3       

Note: when calculating your Current Energy Phase, use the first number reached for each name and count through each name (separately).

Let's say Amy is 18 (with a birthday of Jan 1).

She would be past her date of birth, which means you would also need to take the year she was born (this is only used to count out her years on this Earth) and month of birth into account when counting through her numbers.


Her first name (Social) takes 6 years to transit, so at 18, she would have traveled through the energy phases of AMY 3 times. She would be in a new A/1 name phase in her Social arena.

Her middle name (Inner Soul) takes 11 years to transit, therefore she is in the middle of a 10 year 5 phase - more specifically, she is entering the first year of the second N/5, which leaves 4 more years in the N/5 phase.

Her last name (Domestic) takes 12 years to transit, so at 18, she is in another 5 energy, except this time, it is under the Extraordinary E, and is in the first of 5 years.

So her Current Energy Phase would be A/1, N/5 and E/5. She would likely be starting something new (like living on her own; enrolling in college; getting married...this is the age of new beginnings that will last one year - so if Amy wanted to start something new, now would be the time).

It is also the 11 Master number her entire name totals to, so the meanings of this Master may come into play, as well.

The N shows changes and more changes; independence, adventures, taking risks, exploring the 'senses' and because the next code is the same numeric value, the 5 energy is still in effect, but it is ramped up due to the E, which is the most forward-reaching letter of the Alpha structure and this is where the imagination can birth all kinds of wondrous things.  

This is the time for 'Amy' to try what she has always wanted to do, for the E moves into the future with body, mind, and soul (the structure shows this: all three 'arms' reach forward and into the future, as pictured left), the E is Energetic, Excited, Enthusiastic, Eager, Extraordinary...and many more powerful and Earth moving Energies, so it is an Extremely supportive vibration.

The 5 is also the Entertainer and the Escape artist, so the feeding of the 'senses' would need to be watched: many 5 energies wind up seeking Escape via drugs, food, work, reckless adventures/risks, or alcohol.

The letter code (ANE) highlights the determination spoken of earlier, and the 5 doubled suggests lifestyle or personal changes that can be dramatic, but since the N is also the natural Energy Filter...it soothes chaos and filters it into Normal, Natural and Neutral energies.

That means that even if Amy's life is topsy-turvy, she takes it all in with a sense of calm.

The 155 number code shows the same determination of the 1, and the two 5 energies show changes, freedom, independence, and communication among other things: this number sequence also holds another Master, subtle though it is...number 55 is one of the most meaningful in the Alpha structure: 55 is the Master Genius, the one who can create anything the mind is determined to create, provided it is of benefit to the seeker.

So it would be an understatement to say that Amy is in a very active and exciting time in her life, one that may lay down new foundations in her life.


These number vibrations represent energies that are elevated beyond the base energy of the single number; 1 is singular, and it is a force unto itself.

It is the self, the instinct to survive which means there is also a high level of intuitive abilities (which can be seen as an 'additional' sense).  So this is one alone but not necessarily lonely person who is the pioneer and the brave adventurer and the one who is curious and funny and even outrageous at times. Number 1 is singular and operates under its own steam. It is very creative and can imagine and build all manner of things.

Now add another of these 1 energies: a mirror and an accentuated number 1 energy - it represents a higher level of the number 1...which means the senses are emphasized to the point of becoming almost psychic. At the very least, the 11 enhances the intuition and the imagination.

The Master 11 is a visionary: it can see further than average energies. So this  represents another force that is added to the base number - an 11 can be representative of an esoteric force or sense or ability: like I said, double numbers always accentuate the core number and its meanings.

The 11 is often suited for metaphysical, healing, or other holistic practices. Reason being that another 'sense' is being accessed - the intuition - so this is not a regular 1 energy - it is joined by an additional force.

(The triple and quad numbers people have been seeing is reflective of a rising and different energy that can bring incredible good or incredible bad...it depends on the circumstances and people involved - and their thoughts - or the collective ENERGY put out, which is commonly called 'mass consciousness' - this energy will have an effect on the outcome or foundational results of major events).

However, most people do not operate at these levels 24/7, so all of the Masters will revert to their natural reductions: in this case, number 2. 

So while the 11 commonly acts as the friendly and helpful couple-based 2, the most important energy here is the 11 as Masters are always challenged to rise to their inner potentials. The same is true for all Masters.

I hope this run through has helped you in organizing and reading your results...don't forget to have a look through the rest of the site, as there are a variety of arcane and metaphysical topics in the Reading Room. 

Namaste. Remember that everything happens for a reason...and it is 1:11 as I sign off.