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Candles have been used in ceremonies of all kinds since the dawn of time...when focused intent is combined with wax and flame, anything is possible.


The Magick and Mystery of Candles

"Do as you will, as long as it harms none."

There are many different books available on the subject of working with candles, however, I am of the belief that the simpler, the better. Hence, the header of Simple Candle Magick.

The use of candles goes back thousands of years, both in religious and spiritual ceremonies and in basic ways such as the need for light in the darkness. 

The only requirements in performing candle magick are belief, respect and genuine need.

This is not recommended for trying to win the lottery, gain the love of a certain person, or any other pursuit which would involve bending or interfering with the free will of another or that would provide personal benefit based on want rather than need.

 This ritual is to be honored and treated with respect, and used only in the circumstance of honest need (you need $400. for rent in 4 days or need more love in your life or need inspiration to attract a better job or to attempt something new...the reasons are many, but there must be an element of honest need behind any workings you do) or when a genuine desire for self improvement is present.

Specially designed rituals can be done to attract specific results but these must be approached with extra  attention and respect for the powers you are entreating.

 Otherwise, if your intent and need is a simple and straight-forward one - go for it! Just read up on the meanings below and pick the matching phase of the moon if you have the luxury of time...if not, just go ahead and be sure to mention this in your actual working.

I would suggest reading this entire page (past the color meanings is more info) before beginning, as there are extra tips and steps you can take to increase the power of your burn and/or additions that back your request in some way - these are often personal choices, but they are here for your perusal and consideration.

I prefer taper candles and I say that after having experimented with different shapes and sizes. I find these work the best.

     They come in a variety of shades and burn anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.  However, there are also candles which are designed specifically for ritual energy work...these are much shorter (4 inches or so) and thinner (about the thickness of a felt marker). You can find these in any metaphysical store and in a variety of colours...ultimately it is your choice which you feel more comfortable using.The first step is to decide what it is you need and then to match the colour of the candle to that need.



Is it love?                  Or money?      are you running on empty?

If it is money, or love, or health, or passion (careful with this one...passion can be too hot to handle!) or more confidence, the ability to move forward (release the past) or to communicate more readily, or to banish negative thoughts or energies or to attract a fresh start...whatever form your need takes, write it down. (The idea behind writing it down goes beyond the obvious - remembering what you want to say - this step embeds your need into your subconscious and conscious mind...it increases clarity and keeps your need on focus).

First, pick your colour. (More information follows - please read all the information before beginning).


If it is someone to share your life with, what does s/he look like? What are his/her characteristics? Interests? Likes? Habits? Write it down. Be clear on why you feel the need for this (no specific names/particulars) person in your life.

It is very important NOT to have anyone particular in mind...that is a no-no and falls under the realm of 'dark' magick, as it interferes with another's free will.

To attract love, to encourage it in your own heart and to open the door to gentle and kind thoughts and deeds USE A PINK CANDLE.


If you need emergency cash, do the same thing. Write it down. Why do you need this money? What is your goal? What have you done to try and access the required money prior to trying candle magick?

If your health needs a boost of green earth energy, in what way? What do you need specifically?

To attract money, promote growth, expansion, better health and all types of healing and fertility vibrations, USE A GREEN CANDLE.


If you need to speak your truth (a difficult meeting is coming up, or you need to tell your boy/girl friend it isn't working),  here it is  really important to write it down, as communication begins within you...and writing is a powerful way of manifesting.

What is it you need to say? How are you feeling about saying it? How do you want to feel while saying it? To bring in a sense of calm, serenity and ease and to promote flowing and clear communication, USE A LIGHT BLUE CANDLE.   


TO INCREASE PERSONAL POWER - or to add a punch to another candle energy: this is the power of the Sun and as such, it is the most energetic and raw of all vibrations.

If you are lacking the courage to follow through on something, or need an extra boost, this intensifies the work. 

Does something scare you? Frighten you in terms of dealing with it? What is it that scares you and why? Pinpoint the issue...and put it into words.

If you wish to attract something to yourself...what is it that you wish to attract? Is it self-confidence and esteem? Personal power and pride in yourself? The ability to prevail and persevere? The right to be angry if done wrong without feeling fear of reprisal?

To attract and strengthen personal confidence and fortitude, or to attract something (golden yellow is an attracting energy) USE A YELLOW CANDLE.


If you need to put the spark of passion back into an existing relationship, or back into your career or any other connection...ask yourself why you feel you need this.

Passion is a very dangerous thing and can backfire quite easily. It is red-hot and fiery and can create negative passion if not handled carefully.

Write down why and how you want this need to be filled. (A lady I knew used a red candle to enhance love instead of the pink one recommended and wound up having a fiery, crazy night of passion with a fellow she felt she could really fall for. But because she had a WANT that was stronger than a NEED, she never saw him again. The fire flared bright and fast, JUST LIKE HER CANDLE DID and then burned itself out.)

If there is a situation in your life which needs the fire of passion and this potent fire can be respected and controlled (you've been warned!), USE A RED CANDLE.


Do you need to ground yourself? Are you feeling 'floaty' and lack the ability to concentrate? Are you low in energy, listless and unable to make decisions effectively? What do you need?

To facilitate the sense of grounding; to focus your energies and to connect with Mother Earth energy, USE A BROWN CANDLE.


Perhaps your need is a more social one: to attract more people, activities, community connections. What would you like to see happen in this area?

To create more positive energy in the life and increase stamina, activity, self-confidence, and courage, USE AN ORANGE CANDLE.


Do you feel the need to listen to yourself more? To hear that inner voice? To hear your intuition? Or to connect to that deeper part of yourself that you know is there but have difficulty accepting and believing? Are you hungry for the spiritual and metaphysical knowledge that is right there, in front of you, but just out of reach? What do you need?

To connect to your 'sixth' sense, or intuition, or to open the self to other senses and levels of 'reality', USE A PURPLE/VIOLET CANDLE 


Perhaps your need runs deeper than just listening to your intuition. Perhaps you sense that there is an aspect of your existence that you need to access, to plumb.

Maybe you have 'visions' or 'glimpses' of future events, or know things that you have no visible way of knowing. What is it that you need to open up or connect to? Is it trust?

To activate and access the 'psychic' level of existence, to open the 'third eye' and allow the blossoming of alternate knowledge, use a DARK BLUE CANDLE. 


Toxic energy is, obviously, very negative. Do you feel a blanket of doubt, nervous energy, addictive behaviour or general oppression? Are you involved with something or someone that is carrying this negative energy? Are you around this negativity and drawing it into yourself? What do you want? Is there someone/thing that you need to release in order to move forward?

Ideally, you would desire to eliminate the cause of this negativity and to banish same.

To banish negative connections, thoughts, energies or behaviours and to close the door on lingering memories or experiences, USE A BLACK CANDLE. (If you cannot find one, use white, as this can stand in for all other colors).


Do you feel the need for clarity, a new start, freshness, new faces, new places, new experiences?

Is your desire to be pure of heart, despite transgressions of the past? Write it down. How do you need this new start to manifest? Do you need peace and tranquility?

To attract a new stage in life, a clean slate, a novel experience and to surround the self with pure, positive, clear and white light, USE A WHITE CANDLE.

Okay, so now you have picked the candle colour that is right for you, have spent time thinking about your intent and written it down. Right? The rest is simple.

If you so desire, you may oil and enscribe your candle...you will need paper towels, a bowl to catch wax, and a new pin or even a newly sharpened pencil to print with - or if you already have an athame, you will use that. (An Athame is a designated and special - previously unused for any other purpose and kept for use only in magickal work - knife which can be used for inscribing a candle or opening a circle...it can be a simple kitchen knife or one purchased in a metaphysical shoppe).

 Before beginning to inscribe, note your key words on paper and choose the words that are most relevant and powerful from your list...reason being that candle space runs out much faster than a sheet of paper.

From the base up, write into the side of the candle those key words that represent what your need is and use virgin olive oil or one made for you by a metaphysical shop to dress your candle.

Just pour a goodly amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Then grasp the candle from each end in the palms of your hands and draw them together until they meet in the middle of the candle.

 Do this several times to ensure the candle is covered. (If you wish to push something AWAY from you, start in the middle and rub outwards; if you wish to draw something TO YOU, then follow the first example).

It is adviseable to say a prayer of protection before you begin the actual lighting of your candle - something along the lines of requesting that only Christ-consciousness be present and that all concerned be protected in love and light and harm falls to none, including you.

Never attempt to interfere with the free will of another, for the Law of Three (what you put out will return to you three-fold) will come around to bite your butt.


Secure the candle into a non-flamable holder and place it somewhere safe...if you have to, put it in the sink (ideally, though, you should have a corner set up that is private - it can be on a round rock in your garden or a low wooden table in your bedroom or anywhere else you feel comfortable - and try to use as many natural materials as possible). And of course, don't leave it unattended...that goes without saying.

But if you can, place it somewhere where you can sit in front of it and just be quiet with your intent. Close your eyes. Focus on your need. Direct all of your thought energy into that candle and when your specific thoughts are the strongest and most focused, light the candle.


 You may also want to include incense with your burn as this has long been thought to carry projected energies high enough into the sky (and to the Gods) that they may be 'worked with' by Universal energies.

 Just pick your favorite scent and light just after lighting your core candle.

(Just for your information, you can add two framing white candles at the back and side of your main candle, a small bell for summoning, a chalice of fresh water, a bowl of sea salt, crystals, fresh flowers, pictures - anything that you love and that ties in with your request can be included - it is your burn and you can add whatever you want: fancy or plain, the intent is the same - it is your own personal burn, so do what you like).

You can also combine candles...for example, if it is love you are thinking about, you may use an additional white candle to attach purity and peace to your request. If it is an urgent request for money or a job...you may place a yellow or gold candle nearby as an attractor.

That's it. Thank Universe and just sit for a bit and feel that smile coming...you just did something empowering!



There are follow-up burnings, as well. If you burn a black candle to end negativity, you will want to fill that space now voided with something pleasant, such as love (pink) or serenity (white or light blue).

Remember that the key to this venture is belief. If you do not believe it will work, it won't. It is the Law of Attraction in action...and I know it works: I've done it many times and I have seen the results with my own eyes.

Another thing: once you have completed the burn (over a series of nights, if necessary: do not blow the flame out as your intentions will be blown away and do not pinch the flame as you will pinch the flow of energy: just use a candle snuffer or even an upside down cup to extinguish the candle between lightings), try to forget about it.

Just go about your business as normal and truly attempt to release your ritual to the Universe...if you hold onto it, the Universe cannot get a hold of it and do something with it...you have to let it go! (Imagine holding a helium balloon that you want to see fly high into the sky - holding onto it will not accomplish this...you have to release it...same idea here).

As far as lighting the candle, different sources say different things - I used to use matches but then discovered they were filled with man made chemicals...and the idea here is to be as natural as possible with all elements. So I now use a regular lighter, which only uses a flint and gas.

But whatever you are comfortable with is what you should use. If there are any remnants after the burn, either bury them in a bit of dirt in your yard or throw them into the ocean or a stream...failing any of these options, throw them in the trash.

Do not drink or smoke funny stuff before performing this ritual. It is better to enter with clear intent, rather than a foggy one.

Also, the moon and its position is of considerable import, as well. If the situation or request is an urgent one, go ahead and do what you have to do, despite the moon.

However, if you have the luxury of time, try to plan your burning with the ebb and flow of the moon: if you want to draw something to you, do it in the two weeks prior to the full moon (waxing moon).

If you want to push something away, do it in the two weeks following the full moon (waning moon). In other words, when the moon is coming into her full presence, she brings light with her. When she is fading away, she is pulling her presence away. Go with her flow!

Happy Candle Burning!



        And remember - relax. Everything is as it should be...