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August 21/14

I am technologically challenged and did not realize that I would not be notified when mail came in - as a result, I have many, many notes, questions and letters to answer and I will get to you, I promise. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Namaste. 


This past year has been one of loss, change, physical issues and many other distracting and even faith-testing events...here are just a few of them and what I learned along the way.

At the end of 2013, my husband, David, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We both did a lot of research (me, mostly, being the researcher in the family) and came to understand that of all cancers, this one had the largest chance of survival.

Around Christmas /13, our family doctor was no longer available to us, so we were left seeking a family doc during the two weeks covering Christmas and New Year (they both fell in the middle of the week, so pretty much everything was closed). Without his usual pain prescriptions for an old wound, my husband was not doing very well and we finally went to Emergency here in Chilliwack but were turned away (in a twist of irony, when I was seen, I was taken through the emergency room and into another area which I later learned was ICU - number 10).

On December 31, my husband felt the need to talk and I knew it was important to really hear him, so I listened while he traced his childhood, his regrets, what he had learned from life and even from me, and I remained silent but for a few questions for clarification purposes...and he spoke until the dawn creased the sky.

A few days later, Friday, January 3, I knew it was time to call the ambulance. I had had a feeling he was much worse off than he looked (he used to spend an inordinate amount of time in bed - I think it was his favorite place lol, so that in and of itself was not unusual - but I remember the lady ambulance driver being almost angry with me...like I should have seen his state earlier - what state? he was sleeping! As per normal!)

I followed him down a short time later and was escorted to, you guessed it, ICU number 10.

He had a Living Will, so when it became apparent that he was full of infection and developing pneumonia in one lung, we all knew there was no going back. He did not want to be here anymore - he did not have to tell me for me to know - but he did. And he knew he had cancer before they told him.

One by one, his organs shut down and within twelve hours (almost to the minute) from being brought in, David passed from this reality. He was only 63.

The next few months were surreal - he had also been involved with a court case, which I had to have dismissed, along with all the other duties that require attention when a family member passes.

It has also been the year of falls for me: twice down the steep and narrow stairs, once up, a number of times into sharp and potentially deadly corners and of illnesses (for the first time ever, I caught a serious N151 - type flu and I have not felt so rotten in years - I might even get a shot next year...)

Anyway, what follows is a collage of images that cover the first 6 months of 2014 - it is amazing to think it is half over when it feels it has just begun...

RIP David and find the peace that eluded you in life.

Love from Heather and Kato

My Greatest Comfort, Kato. Well, I guess it's an even call - my precious Sister Claudia got me through this year - without her, I might have jumped from the roof. I even let the gray take over.


In Memorial - my Husband (he was a Leo and had those amazing golden eyes)

DAVID LESLIE HILL B AUGUST 4, 1950 - D JAN 4, 2014...

Below is beautiful Chilliwack, B.C. David loved the mountains and the wide open spaces...and the colors. The smell, however...let's just say the fertilizer is rich and...fragrant

Also the year Facebook is reborn for Chaldean Numerology.

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I truly learned about 'my' number, 13. It is filled with the force of life (1) and the activity of both the brain and the body (3) can indeed provide or change the kinds of 'foundations' (4) one lives on or with. And that we are the designers of our houses and homes and lives.

Sometimes, we can inadvertently use the destructive powers of this number without focusing on a specific intention (another important thing I learned - that yes, everything is about energy, but that energy needs somewhere to go, something to do - so INTENTION is just as important as need and emotions). All do require careful moderation so the scales don't accidentally tip.

The other thing that I have always known is that the 13 has long been associated with 'witches' (the coven consists of 12 members; the 13th is reserved for the horned guy himself) and this is an excellent time to mention that I have pooh-poohed this notion of a witch's number, but have been forced to re-evaluate my position. However, only 'white' magick is considered here.

It is my Lifepath, my Daily Name, my Domestic Name, and among other things, even my SIN number. 13 is everywhere in my chart and life.

The SIN number is one I do rank among the more influential as it is usually the first legal recognition given to an individual and I find the 'thirds' it is broken into are also very connected to the stages of life - for a woman of spirit, this translates into Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

am now a Crone, having been an unmarried Maiden, then married and a Mother. (Not sure how I feel about the 'Crone' label yet...lol).

I learned that the power of emotion is what drives the Law of Attraction. It is possible to drum up enough desire or need to accomplish over a period of time, but there is an edge to this emotion  that can reach beyond your own control and this will occur most frequently when a sharp, intense, and potent emotion like anger or frustration repeats itself - this will often produce startling and even swift results.

This has happened a few times with me - too many times to be coincidence, which we know doesn't exist, anyway - I feel such burning in my chest and fire in my head and the words form in my mind and I know in my heart that the results are a direct result of my thoughts and how powerful they were at that given time.


I am what is commonly called an Eclectic Witch, which is simply another way of saying taking the best and leaving the rest - much knowledge from various sources.

The Eclectic works on his or her own, and is private in her practise - this is all about love and positive energy and developments. There is no room for negative or 'black' energy work here, only light and goodness, for the Earth and for the self-improvement of the worker.

This was the year in which I reclaimed my heritage...or who I really am. This came after things happened that were undeniably sourced to me...and  another oddity that kept happening, but which left me, unexplainably, unharmed, when I should have been seriously injured or even dead. 


The most awful month of my life came around 7 weeks ago. I went to the hospital to see my doctor and two days later, I was so ill, I did not think I would make it. I could not keep anything down (not even water) and became severely dehydrated.

I could not and did not eat for a good week (anything left in my stomach came out in yuk - the form of water). Nausea like none I had known had me crying...I could not get comfortable in bed, in my chair, and walking was dangerous as I had lost all balance and sense of balance - it was a serious flu. And I am also sure I picked it up at the hospital. (Use the GEL when you see it, especially at the hospital or other medical facilities!!) This illness lasted around a month - I could not, literally, leave the house.


These stairs are much more dangerous than how they appear here - very narrow stairs, very steep and something my landlady is/was constantly warning me about...makes one wonder why. I lived here for 3 years prior to any accident or fall taking place. It was after David's death that most of them took place.

I fell down these stairs (deadly and steep) twice. Once my neck snapped and I heard glass breaking. There was no glass and my neck was not broken.

Earlier, I had fallen down those same stairs and had landed on my hip over and over until I managed to stop myself. I was in insane pain for around seven months...until I cried out to Arch Angels Michael and Raphael for healing so I could go on with my own working helping others...the following days lessened the pain until it was gone. Gone. I know it was because of my prayer.

I also fell up the stairs and by rights, I should have smashed into the washing machine and the chair in front of it, but I was able to stop myself in time.

I have lost my balance so many times, I have lost count...but I do know that each individual event allowed me to 'see' how my death/injury may come about. I was not afraid, just prepared. And VERY aware of what was happening.

The last one was just days ago, and it was unexplainable as the force with which I hit the shelf by the kitchen while unpacking groceries was simply unexplainable. I shot into the painting supplies like a projectile and glass shattered all around me - this time, the glass was real as I had many candle holders on the top of the shelving unit and it was smashing all around me. I did sustain a wound on my forehead, but other than that, I was okay.

The one question left to me is how could I have survived these falls without more serious damage....it was like a guardian was protecting me. 

That is the only answer I can find that makes sense. But there is a message here for me, too - and that is that my time here is limited. I am on a mountain, without buses, stores....very far away from civilization. I am not happy when it snows up here as we are effectively cut off from others. Time for change. We shall see.


I wish you all a happy summer and lots of love, always love....Namaste.


FROM MAY 2013 - December 2013




See here for last year and up to May's 1012 ramblings, observations about numbers, spirituality, and whatever happens to catch my attention - if you would like to see something added to the RR1 - they are not regular, as you can see if you have read the first Newsletter - I am rather proud of that one..., just ask me here via the Contact box or even leave comments in my Guestbook  - I love finding treasures there...I love to share them, too, so don't be surprised if something inspiring or funny winds up on my forum or through my contact or e mail as below...

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 I will add to this Newsletter as we go, so who knows what will come up - I will just go with the flow. Hope you enjoy!

There are already several entries, so scroll on down! (the 2012 page has some interesting topics, like triple number meanings and so on).

In addition to addressing serious subjects, I do have a rather wacky sense of humour and some of my 'favorite things' are addressed here - like weird/odd traffic/other signs, funny people, beautiful photography (I think) and stuff that just tickles my funny bone for whatever reason - I hope yours is tickled along the way, too! At least once. Maybe twice. Or thrice.

~ Heather








Mail me at my regular address of heather_lagan@hotmail.com and I will be happy to answer your questions!

And now, a short word about my number, lucky number 13. Many are superstitious about this number, but I am not - which is a good thing, as it is all over my chart.

However, today was one of those 'negative' days, which I knew it would be this morning...my intuition is through the roof lately.

But I shrugged off the 'bad vibes' and attempted to follow through on developments that were fairly serious that had begun earlier in the week, and let's just say that everything that could have gone wrong, did, primarily taking the form of endings of a 'fundamental' nature (the force [1] of activities [3] that leads to changes for the positive or negative in basic areas of life [4]).

So keeping the faith that all things happen for a reason, I can say that all of us will experience the negative side of our personal numbers, but that these are meant to happen, as they lead  to better things down the line...which is the case for me.

But it was a hard day and I even lost my temper, which I truthfully rarely do - and frankly, it had been a long time coming and even felt kind of good :-) so don't worry if you lose it once in a while, too. We are all built with certain levels of control, and we are all human.

Anger is normal when it involves something that is just wrong or unfair or when we need to defend or stand up for ourselves...it releases the toxic fumes and instead of stewing, you can then begin the travel back to tranquility.

 So do not be hard on yourself if your button is pushed once too often and the top of your head comes off: it is one of the instruments on our human dashboards that does indeed serve a purpose now and then!

Happy Friday the 13th! (But thank goodness they don't come around that often *grin*).




December 3, 2013

First observation - time is most assuredly speeding up.

Seems like just yesterday that I made an entry here...the Holidays are almost upon us and the first ice and snow has made its appearance.

Not to be a party-pooper, but I do not like either. Pretty to look at, but not so much when you live here:

in the mountains, beautiful, lots of animals and peace and quiet...and wake up to this:

And don't have a four wheel drive. Hmmm. Good thing the Mayor and Fire Chief live up here. There's also an author, or so I've heard...lol

Happy December, everyone!


September 14 - Saturday, 2013

I have been away for quite some time due to Life and other things, so I thought I would post a few comments on the numbers coming up this week and what kind of energies they hold and the potential affects they may have on you (keep in mind that no matter what time of year it is, the numbers will still mean the same thing):

14 - Saturday the force (1) of foundations (4) and CHANGE (5)...14 is the number of the media and can draw attention your way for something you have done, which can lead to the foundations changing: meaning you may decide today that your surroundings or your job or your mate is truly beginning to...irk you in one or more ways. It is a day of using common sense, too - so no rash or hasty actions are advised. But changes will likely be on your mind in some way.

15 - Sunday - this is looking change in the eye and loving it. Today is the day of the unexpected (5) - meaning anything can happen - and don't be surprised if you run into or meet someone you immediately 'connect with'. Should be a good day, as its number is 6, the number of love and warmth and happiness.

16 - Monday - here we have an unusual blend of love, logic and the esoteric. The force of love (1 and 6) total to 7, which is the number of the brain and thus, thought. So there is a theme running here, as some may look at the domestic situation and take joy in it, while others may realize that what they thought was love was nothing more than a controlling and sometimes abusive kind of energy. 7 is the number of intense thinking and decisions that involve both the practical and spiritual aspects of any domestic or close relationship.

17 - Tuesday - A brilliant day for starting projects or dealing with anything legal or contractual - even divorce agreements can be at issue today. As above, the brain is the highlight here, so this points to a final result that you must make sure is good for YOU - the 17 totals to 8, which is about taking control of your life: 8 is personal power and the ability to set your life back into balance.

18 - Wednesday - the force of control...so onc may find oneself in a power struggle of some kind - this can range from bickering co-workers to signing that divorce paper (but only as it benefits you). Control and direct confrontation can be the order of the day...but it is a short spell, so if there is something you need done, do it today, for this also totals to 9, which is endings and new beginnings. So today is the day to finalize whatever is still hanging...

19 - Thursday - the number of the Sun in the Tarot - this is one of the most intense energies of endings followed by new beginnings - and it totals to 10/1, which is a new start in and of itself. So it is safe to say that this may be a day of remembering and releasing and also of beginning something that will bring you rewards down the road. Enjoy!

20 - Friday - A great day for get-togethers, family, friends - 20 is groups of 2 that are emphasized by the 0 - to the extent of addressing the Family of Man. This could bring negative developments for larger groups of people, but the singular ability of humankind to find something positive in every negative is the challenge of the day.

Enjoy your week!




June 15, 2013 Saturday (15 - 'the force of freedom and changes that leads to or involves the love [6] of a person, place or thing')...do something you LOVE today! Maybe with someone you love :-)

I believe we all (well, most of us) start out our lives or even our day with good intentions.

Sometimes, those good intentions go sideways and we are left shaking our heads later, wondering at ourselves and our words or actions.

Hindsight is 20:20 as they say - it is always easier to look back and spot the point you began to slip. Why is not important. Who you might have unintenionally hurt, is.

Sometimes, we have to be brave and not allow past actions to screw up a good thing. And saying you are sorry and meaning it (whether it is accepted or not) will lift the weight from your heart, and hopefully, from the other person's heart, as well. We all make mistakes at some points in our lives that we DO need to acknowledge and try to fix or at least bandage properly.

Everyone needs forgiveness at some time and I know we are all here to learn; to fail; to take a poorly thought-out short cut, or to think we know better than someone else. The truth is that sometimes we do and sometimes we don't and being able to define that line is the trick. It's like that line down the middle of the road - it is best if you stay 'in line' and on the right side of the road, for crossovers can result in head-on collisions that can be deadly for relationships of any kind - friends, spouses, kids...

So I am inspired by my own experiences to say to you: if there is someone in your life that you think about and know you owe an apology to but have let it slide...take action. Even a short note or a phone call can heal wounds and even hearts.

At the very least, you will have done the right thing for the person involved and also for yourself and you will be able to release that person with love, if necessary or if Universally planned. And at the very most, you might get lucky and find yourself enjoying a new level of understanding and care with that person. My hope is usually for the latter.

But sometimes, things happen because it is time for you to let that person go or for that person to let you go - especially if there are negative or toxic energies involved - and the important thing here is to know the difference: trust your intuition. Your inner voice will tell you: you will know inside if this is the case.

Many (if not all) people come into our lives to test us; to teach us, and to learn from us, and from our interactions. And often, people who work in the spiritual/lightworkers/metaphysical fields try to 'rise above' human folly (it's the spirit playing with our human ego) and forget that they, too, are spirits having a human experience. (And humans can make some whoppers in terms of boo-boos, right? All it takes is a half-hour of CNN to find dozens of them, all over the world. And boo-boos, these aren't. But I digress).

I have always likened life to being tossed into a rather wide and meandering River (of Life), and thought that while we are heading inexorabley down that river toward the Sea of Life, there are certain 'rocks' and 'logs' and 'overhanging branches' that we will use as resting spots or travel mates, but that ultimately, we are on our own in that river and we must go to the Sea eventually...so the 'rocks, logs, and over-hanging branches' are temporary connections at best.

We meet logs (a solid friend or mate) and ride with them for a long time down the river, but at a fork in the waters, we are separated.

This happens throughout the ride: friendships you had as a child are rarely the same ones you have as an adult - and even those change, as do husbands and wives (people grow and change and sometimes in opposite directions) and sometimes, connections between family members can be damaged beyond repair - that is the log you have hung on to for years and finally come to realize that it is stuck in the muck along the bank and that it's surface has become a slippery slope. And that you have not made any progress down the River.

That is often what happens with family members and mothers, fathers, siblings...some of the most poisonous connections are exactly there and for a reason: you chose these parents/siblings to teach you something. When you wake up one morning and finally see how gross and wrong that family log is, that is when you will dive into the water and swim on your way...to continue your journey.

So I wish you clean and warm and smooth 'rocks' to rest on and strong, supportive and reliable 'logs' to travel with and thick, rope-like 'swings' to play and have fun with along the way. And a fresh-water mermaid, perhaps...or merman.

Sounds strange, yes? Well, welcome to the Reading Room...and to the inner workings of my rather strange brain.

xox ~ Heather ~

~ Author unknown ~


So today I feel like sharing more shots...of whatever grabs my fancy and yours, too, hopefully.

More shots coming up...

But first, the weekly forecast for May 20 - 27, 2013

This week is all about family and community and whatever is going on within them. Family, as you all know, can be blood or it can be your circle of friends or even co-workers.

Issues may well be brought up and discussed until the negative is released; on the other hand, other events like marriages and graduations will come to the forefront; domesticity is highlighted, so don't be surprised if you are invited to a family gathering or some such event. This can also swing into the negative, meaning losses and destruction are also possible.

But the general atmosphere this week is around family, as the scale of 2 (and specifically, 20) refers to close connections which are normally found within homes, marriages, family and communities and most especially, between lovers and other intimates.

Monday May 20: this is the number of family and the family of man, so it is about appreciating your home, community, and friends. This can bring celebrations or is a good time to reach out to a family member. There is an elevated level of thought and/or unusual activity around this day.

Combined energy: 7 - events that can appear as though from nowhere and somehow become widely or locally on the mind of all.

(added at 8 pm - Universe help those who are victims of the Tornado damage today - a poor example of how the message above can manifest).

Universe bring aid and heart-felt support.

Tuesday May 21: This is another energetic day, one in which you may accomplish things put off until now. It is also one of taking control of things/events and of getting organized and 'gettin' 'er done'.            

Combined Energy: 8 taking control in some way.

Wednesday May 22: An interesting energy combo - the 22 is the Master Builder who is capable of constructing a variety of things, from a miniature house to a 30 floor sky scraper. This can also be starting a business, finishing your taxes and tending to things to do with the house - check the basement and foundations...make sure you are settled on fine and firm land, which can be applied to your relationships, jobs, and life in general.

Combined Energy: 17/9 extended thought that leads to beginnings and endings.

Thursday May 23: Expect changes today - this is a double 5, so this is a good possibility. Changes can be positive or negative and large or small, but there will be some manner of shift that is usually not expected; an unexpected communication, challenge, risk...something out of the ordinary that begins something new or opens or closes a chapter or experience - and can lead to a new beginning by choice or by chance.

Combined Energy: 10/1 doors that open or close leading to new starts and fresh energy.

Friday May 24: Another odd day - love and hate can walk a fine line. The home and family are highlighted again - which is true of the entire week but here, the love is shown in the 24/6. This is helping others, being kind, forgiving those who have harmed you, being vulnerable and enjoying what you have rather than what you don't.

Combined Energy: 11 is a Master number and is one of those days upon which anything can happen. On a positive front, the minds of many can force positive energy, while the opposite is also true. The two 1 energies stand for you plus one other energy, which can be creative imagination that brings a project to life or mankind and another energy that can be positive or negative.

Saturday May 25: Magick and mystery is the order of this day...unusual adventures with one or more people, and again, changes abound since there are two 5 values here...so this should be an interesting weekend. You may find closures or completions take place, as well. Release, let go and move on, for more experiences await you.

Combined Energy: 12/3 the completion of a dozen leads to new activity and even new birth...12 means you have finished something (like graduating) and are on to the next activity (like college).

Sunday May 26: This may be a day of conflicts between family members or close friends...a bit of a power play may occur and the best bet is to be the more loving energy and to just let it go...life is too short and too unpredictable to hold onto grudges or anger.

Combined Energy: 13/4 this is karmic and may have something to do with the above mentioned conflict. However, it can also manifest as something good that is unexpected - like a karmic reward. Watch your actions and words, for as you know, actions do indeed speak louder than words, although words on paper can do the same (words = swords).









Thursday, May 10th

DAY NUMBER: 10 Number is the day of starting over, getting a second chance - in the Tarot, this is the Wheel of Fortune, which offers us the potential and motivation to grab for that brass bell a very good chance of reaching it.

A day of 'going over things' and starting new endeavours.